Do Beta-blockers Help Anxiety?

Beta-blockers are commonly used to treat heart failure, high blood pressure, and an irregular heartbeat. Do you know that aside from these, beta-blockers can also help in treating symptoms of anxiety? But these are usually prescribed off-label. In this article, we will determine whether or not beta-blockers can help anxiety by understanding how beta-blockers work […]

What Happens When I Stop Taking Beta-blockers?

Beta-blockers are very useful nowadays, especially that millions of people depend on these drugs. These drugs are known to treat numbers of diseases including acute coronary syndrome, arrhythmias, stable angina pectoris, heart failure, hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, and many more. Beta-blockers can help maintain your cardiovascular system healthy. But you might experience unwanted effects if you stop […]

Do Aphrodisiacs Work?

There’s a reason why prescription medications for erectile dysfunction earn billions of dollars every year. Men all over the world feel the need to boost their sexual performance. And it’s not just about overcoming erectile dysfunction or simply being able to experience harder erections. It’s also about increasing one’s sexual enjoyment and overall sexual experience. […]

Herbal Aphrodisiacs for Males

Even if generic sildenafil is already available, a lot of men are still looking for natural aphrodisiacs. For one, there are those who need to boost their sexual stamina but don’t really need help with achieving an erection. While sildenafil and other prescription PDE5 inhibitors can enable you to achieve erections faster, herbal aphrodisiacs can […]

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