What Foods Can Help Me Perform Better in Bed?

Many men suffer from sexual health problems that leave them unable to perform satisfactorily in the bedroom. As a result, they experience frustration, disappointment, and a decline in self-esteem. What is erectile dysfunction? Erectile dysfunction is a medical condition characterized by the inability to achieve and sustain an erection for sexual intercourse. If you have […]

What Should I Do to Boost My Sperm Count?

If you want to have kids in the future, your sperm should be in great condition. Around the world, a lot of men are dealing with poor sperm health that make getting their female partners pregnant difficult, and they face many frustrating and disappointing moments that lead to relationship problems and conflicts. So, for optimal […]

How Can I Prevent Erectile Dysfunction?

Sexual health problems bring awkwardness, frustration, and embarrassment in the bedroom. One of the most prevalent of these issues is erectile dysfunction, which is a condition in which a man loses the ability to achieve and maintain an erection for sex. While it can strike any man, it is most common in older men, especially […]

Can Varicoceles Make You Infertile?

If you’re seeing enlarged veins in your scrotum, you may want to see your urologist. Enlarged scrotal veins that look similar to varicose veins are medically called varicoceles. Most of the time, varicoceles are painless and harmless. However, there have been many cases wherein varicoceles caused fertility problems. Infertility among men with varicoceles has become […]

Understanding the Leading Causes of Erectile Dysfunction

Affecting millions of men, erectile dysfunction can happen due to a variety of reasons. When numerous risk factors are present, their combined effects can make you impotent even if you’re still young. Many people believe that erectile dysfunction is just natural if you’re already advancing in years. In truth, however, your lifestyle, the food you […]

Does Ashwagandha Improve Sexual Performance?

More and more men are suffering from reduced sex drive and impaired fertility these days. In fact, researchers have found that the sperm counts of men from all over the globe are very much lower than in the past. An increasingly unhealthy lifestyle and higher stress levels contribute to both poor sexual health and reduced […]

Is Zinc Good for Men with Erectile Dysfunction?

Whether it’s for your immune system, reproductive system, growth, or maintaining the integrity of your skin, you need zinc. This necessary trace mineral is important for producing and regulating numerous hormones including your primary sex hormone. Not only is zinc important for you to be able to synthesize testosterone, but you also need the trace […]

Can Physical Exercise Really Improve Erectile Function?

Arterial dysfunction is considered the leading cause of impaired erectile function, while cardiovascular diseases are the most common risk factors. Because erectile function and cardiovascular health are so closely related, several factors that can increase your risks of cardiovascular diseases can also make you vulnerable to impotence. On the one hand, things that can help […]

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