How Can I Train My Mind to Last Longer in Bed?

It could be frustrating if you always have premature ejaculation. Instead of getting or giving satisfaction from sex with your partner, it might lead to disappointment. If you don’t want to mess things just because you cannot stay longer in bed, you should train your mind how. Premature ejaculation is pretty common and is embarrassing […]

Why Do Guys Get Boners While They Are Sleeping?

It is normal for men to experience erection, even without psychological or physical stimulation. Erections, sometimes referred to as boners, are not usually a major concern, but some people tend to feel embarrassed. And yes, random erections are normal for men, especially in adolescents and adults. One thing that is pointed out to be responsible […]

At What Age Does A Man Stop Being Sexually Active?

Sex and aging go together in the life of a man. A higher percentage of a man’s sexual ability and drive comes from the hormones he generates, mostly testosterone. When he is younger, the hormone is highly available. But as he grows older, the hormonal count decreases gradually with age. Age alone is not a […]

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