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how it works

With unmatched scientific accuracy and powerful ingredients, Male Ultracore works to quickly reduce impotence and other male sexual performance issues, to give every man the ability to fully satisfy in the bedroom.




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Increased sexual performance is not a simple matter that can easily be fixed by a random combination of aphrodisiac ingredients. Only a meticulous formula containing aphrodisiac ingredients in combination with hormone regulators and vasodilation enhancers is capable of transforming male sexual health and performance.

Male Ultracore facilitates a rapid increase in frequency, hardness and quality of erections through a revolutionary 4 step process. Each of the ingredients in Male Ultracore was carefully formulated to work together to promote powerful sexual health while reducing impotence and other male performance issues.

step 1
Male Ultracore facilitates a fast acting chain of events in your body by containing aphrodisiacs and hormone balancers. The aphrodisiacs and hormone balancers in Male Ultracore contract the blood vessels and increasing blood flow to the penis to begin calculating dramatic penile tissue expansion. Step One of Male Ultracore is enough to increase the frequency and hardness of your erections.
step 2
The second function of Male Ultracore is to dramatically increase the dilation of blood vessels and eliminate any blockages in the narrow arteries carrying blood to the penis. Increase blood flow to the penis also significantly increases the intensity and pleasure of erections.
step 3
The third powerful function of Male Ultracore involves utilizing high-quality PDE-5 ingredients. PDE-5 ingredients prevent the blockage of free calcium inhibitors. Preventing the blockage of free calcium is one of the important preliminary actions needed to be completed in your body for supporting penile tissue growth exceeding 3 inches. The blockage of free calcium is also one of the components in Male Ultracore that works to increase quality and frequency of erections.
step 4
Step four of Male Ultracore is completed through the consistent use of our formula over a set duration of time. Increased blood flow over a set duration of time to the corpora cavernosa also called the penile chambers cause the chambers to expand and grow new tissue to accommodate the increased blood flow.

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