How Does Hypogonadism Affect Your Sex Life?

When your body’s ability to produce sperm or testosterone is impaired, that condition is generally referred to as hypogonadism. It can affect males of all ages, even infants. However, when the condition manifests in your advanced years, the condition is then referred to as late-onset hypogonadism. Whether you’re still young or already an elderly adult, […]

What Should You Pay to Raise Your Testosterone?

Testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) has shown some great improvements in the testosterone production that has declined due to the normal aging process, or because of other factors such as stress, smoking, obesity, high blood pressure etc. In fact, TRT is one of the most popular medical methods used to treat low testosterone levels. But TRT […]

What Happens If I Have Low Human Growth Hormone?

Produced by the pituitary gland, the human growth hormone or HGH is a hormone that plays a major role in various bodily functions, most particularly in processes that involve growth and development. It is essential in: Cell repair Muscle and bone growth and development Increase in height Sexual function Reproduction HGH levels – The normal […]

What Does Testosterone Treatment Do?

Men with low testosterone are often advised by their doctors to undergo testosterone treatment to increase their testosterone levels. If not treated right away, low testosterone can cause several symptoms and complications that can profoundly lower your quality of life. What is testosterone? Produced in the testes, testosterone is the primary male sex hormone. It […]

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