Can Low Testosterone Cause Foggy Brain?

It’s common knowledge that testosterone is mainly produced in the testes. But did you know that testosterone is also synthesized in the brain? It’s no wonder then that low testosterone levels can affect cognitive function. In fact, many studies have already shown that when men with low T are treated with testosterone replacement therapy, the […]

How to Deal with Low Testosterone?

Not having enough testosterone can be very problematic. For one, it will certainly affect your sex drive and sexual performance, which means your relationship may suffer. On top of that, low testosterone can pose risks to your mental and physical health. Having abnormally low testosterone levels is actually associated with depression. It’s also linked to […]

Can It Be Dangerous to Have Low Testosterone?

If you’re worried about your relationship, then you can consider having low testosterone as dangerous. It can kill your sex life by causing you to become impotent. On the one hand, if you’re concerned about your overall health, having low testosterone levels isn’t life-threatening by itself. Nevertheless, when your testosterone levels are below normal, it […]

What are Reasons for Low Testosterone?

You’re worried about your testosterone levels declining. You think it might be because of your age. In truth, however, low testosterone may be due to a variety of reasons. Some of these causes may be lifestyle-related. In many cases, declining testosterone levels are related to medical conditions. Affecting more than 5 million men in the […]

Low Testosterone In Men (And What You Can Do About It)

We all know how important a role testosterone plays in men’s health and development. Put it this way – testosterone is the sex hormone that is responsible for the development of physical, reproductive, and sexual traits that are associated with being a man. Functions of Testosterone in Men: Sperm production Penile and testicular development Sex […]

Instant Aphrodisiacs

An aphrodisiac can be anything, a food or drug, that can enhance your sexual arousal, increase your sexual enjoyment, or improve your sexual performance. Numerous foods, including oysters and chocolates, are touted to exhibit aphrodisiac effects. Realistically speaking, however, you’ll have to eat several servings of these foods in order to experience a small boost […]

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