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5 Essential Testosterone Booster Herbs for Men

by Mark Griffin

By the time you’re reading this, you’re most probably aware of what low testosterone does to an individual’s health. Low testosterone in men may lead to erectile dysfunction (or ED), as well as a low sex drive, diminished metabolism, hair loss, anxiety, and depression. The same is true for women with the same problem, even if they fundamentally possess lower testosterone than men.


The right balance of hormones is what makes our bodies work at peak levels, which is why herbal testosterone booster supplements are a thing. Some of the leading testosterone boosters in the market (such as Male UltraCore) contain extracts of herbs known for their ability to help the body achieve hormonal equilibrium — and here are five essential ones that are commonly found in testosterone booster supplements.


1 Tongkat Ali

Tongkat Ali is an herb native to the Indochina peninsula, Indonesia, and the Philippines. Tongkat Ali extracts are derived from the plant’s root, which has been known as a natural aphrodisiac which has shown promise in studies conducted on animal subjects. Not surprisingly, Tongkat Ali has been used in traditional medicinal systems as a treatment for low libido in men and women, without having to experience the myriad side effects of taking erectile dysfunction medications (such as sildenafil and its related pharmaceuticals) or testosterone replacement therapy.


Male UltraCore contains an industry-leading Tongkat Ali extract as part of its VI-PEX Proprietary Blend.


2 Fenugreek

Fenugreek is an herb that has shown massive promise as a sexual tonic. In a 2011 study, men between ages 25 to 52 were given a 600 mg fenugreek supplement, while some were given a placebo. Men that took the fenugreek supplement reported improvements in sexual function and quality of life.


In addition, a recent 2020 review noted that fenugreek herb extracts may improve testosterone levels immensely. Therefore, it was found that taking around 500 mg of fenugreek may help promote testosterone production and improved sexual performance in men with testosterone levels ranging from low to normal. Male UltraCore contains 600 mg of a 50% standardized fenugreek extract that’s guaranteed for potency and purity as part of the supplement’s STEM Free Testosterone complex.


3 Ashwagandha

Current research on ashwagandha (an herb also known as Withania somnifera) has determined that it may help boost testosterone levels, apart from increases in muscle size and improvements on sexual function. Ashwagandha’s roots and berries have long been used in traditional Indian Ayurvedic medicine to treat a vast catalog of ailments as an adaptogen that helps the body manage stress.


Ashwagandha has been shown to deliver a substantial increase in testosterone levels in men diagnosed with clinical infertility.


Apart from its potential ability to increase testosterone levels (thanks to its cortisol-reducing capabilities), ashwagandha also reduces inflammation, boosts muscle growth and strength, and improves overall health.


Male UltraCore contains 300 mg of KSM-66, a proprietary ashwagandha extract proven to reduce cortisol, as part of its STEM Free Testosterone Complex.


4 Shilajit 

Shilajit is a sticky, tar-like substance originally sourced from rocks in the Himalayan mountain ranges of India and Tibet. Shilajit is known for its high concentrations of testosterone-boosting fulvic acid, apart from a wide array of essential trace minerals for improved brain function, aging, chronic fatigue, male fertility and testosterone, and a host of other conditions. It’s available as a supplement, and it comes in doses of 300 to 500 mg per day, as well as a powder that can be mixed with water or milk.


Male UltraCore’s complementary testosterone booster supplement called Ultra PRime contains a purified shilajit extract of 500 mg as part of its InstaTest Complex formula.


5 Tribulus terrestris (TT)

Tribulus terrestris is a botanical whose root and fruit have been used in traditional Chinese and Indian medicinal systems. It’s a popular ingredient found in testosterone booster supplements as well as general dietary supplements. Tribulus terrestris is endemic to parts of Europe, the Middle East, Asia, and Africa, seeing traditional use as a treatment for low libido, inflammation, and urinary problems.


Recent research has demonstrated how tribulus terrestris may increase sex drive in men and women struggling with low libido. Furthermore, tribulus terrestris may be a potential treatment for erectile dysfunction.


While the jury is out and most of the studies on the herb were conducted on animal or test tube subjects, there is some evidence that supports its claims as a traditional aphrodisiac and its ability to regulate blood sugar and cholesterol levels in diabetic patients.



There’s not much you can do to influence and naturally increase your testosterone apart from making healthier lifestyle decisions and effectively addressing the side effects of maintenance medication or underlying health problems.


Here’s the bottom line: there is variance in testosterone levels among men. While older men tend to have lower T levels than younger adults, it is known that many men will start to experience a decline in testosterone levels by the time they hit age 30, at a rate of 1% decline every year past that.


The only way to determine whether you have low testosterone levels is by way of a blood test. Other men may register a lower than average testosterone level without any discernible symptoms or negative effects — therefore, most men don’t require treatment. In other men, however, low testosterone might cause osteoporosis, or changes in sleep patterns, moods, and sexual function.


Consult your doctor if you are concerned of low testosterone levels. They will help you best determine whether the symptoms you are experiencing are caused by other factors or underlying illnesses that are impacting your T levels. Once your doctor identifies such conditions, in most cases, testosterone levels will return to normal serum levels.


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