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Here’s How Boosting Testosterone Can Help Boost your Confidence

by Mark Griffin

Do you feel unusually weak when you lift your typical weight in the gym? Have you lost interest in getting intimate with your partner that it gets you into frequent lovers’ quarrels? Have you been feeling that you are just out of energy when doing your daily activities?

All your dismal experiences and poor performance in the different roles you play in life can strip off your confidence in yourself, apart from affecting your relationships. Overall, these can make you lead an unhappy life.

If you find yourself becoming lousy and timid at work, at the gym, or even in bed, it may be that your testosterone levels are too low. So get your testosterone levels checked and see if it needs some boosting.

Do not let low testosterone levels get in the way of your performance. There are various possible ways to treat low testosterone levels to get back your energy in life as well as your confidence in yourself.


Testosterone replacement therapy

Testosterone levels are expected to naturally and gradually decline as men grow older, usually beginning at around 30. However, cases of low testosterone levels in men who are younger than 30 years old have been increasing in recent years.

Though the decline of this hormone is natural, you can fight it off both through medical interventions as well as natural ways.

The most common medical treatment done for low testosterone levels is testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) or androgen replacement therapy (ART) which can be taken through several methods.

Testosterone can be taken orally in the form of capsules or tablets. The hormone can also be applied topically or through transdermal treatments such as creams, gels, or patches. Testosterone therapy can also be intranasal (inserted inside the nose) or buccal (attached inside the mouth specifically to the upper gums in the form of patches). Testosterone replacement therapy can also be administered through intramuscular injections or even pellet implants inserted under the skin. TRT comes in myriad options you can choose from depending on your budget and what you find the most convenient or comfortable.

There are various potential outcomes that testosterone replacement therapy can bring about in just six months. Here are some of these positive effects of getting higher testosterone levels from therapy that you should consider for you to get back your confidence and energy levels.


Improves your physical functioning

Do you want to earn that coveted promotion at work? Do you want to be able to lift more weights in the gym? Do you want to run multiple errands for your family without getting tired easily? All these goals that require proper physical functioning require ample energy. With higher testosterone levels, you will get high energy levels that fight fatigue and allow your body to function properly. More energy means you can do and accomplish more activities in your various roles in life without getting tired easily. In addition, getting more things done in your checklist will make you feel productive, useful to other people, and confident.

Aside from being able to do more, higher testosterone promotes a healthier body. If you want to build muscles you can flex and be confident of, improving testosterone levels can help you achieve that. Studies have shown that high levels of testosterone increase muscle protein synthesis or muscle-building process in the body, which then increases muscle mass and strength. More muscles mean lower fat which is one indication of a healthy body.

Aside from growing and strengthening muscles, higher testosterone can also improve overall endurance. For example, one research study showed that male subjects who took testosterone improved walking speed and distance versus those who just took a placebo.


Boosts your social energy

High energy levels pertain to better and improved physical functioning and a stronger drive, motivation, or tolerance to participate in social contexts such as work, family life, school, social circles, or romantic relationships.

High social energy due to high testosterone levels can drive you to engage in healthy competitions in the workplace that can advance your career and get you a better job position. In addition, it can motivate you to be a better father and do more for the benefit of your children. High energy levels can also drive you to take your partner on more romantic dates. With that, testosterone therapy treatment can boost energy levels, giving you that pumped-up feeling to do more and do better not only for yourself but the people in your various social contexts.


Improves your sexual performance

Low testosterone in itself is not a life-threatening situation. However, this can lead to low self-confidence, making it difficult for men to seek partners to date or mate with. In addition, testosterone deficiency is also associated with decreased libido and poor sexual performance that manifests in low sperm count or erectile dysfunction. These adverse effects on men’s sexual health and performance can profoundly impact men’s psychological well-being and confidence level since they cannot fulfill the expectations in their romantic or sexual relationships. This, in turn, can consequently affect the well-being of their sexual or romantic partners as well.

Through testosterone replacement therapy, you can regain your confidence in finding romantic or sexual relationships. One study shows that men with higher testosterone levels are more likely to reach out to attractive women to initiate sexual activity. This indicates that men who have high testosterone levels have higher self-esteem and a higher self-perception of their value as a qualified sexual mate or romantic partner.

If you are already in a relationship, TRT can help you be confident in your performance in bed and avoid disappointing your partners’ sexual needs. Studies show that TRT patients, specifically older men who have significantly low testosterone levels, have improved overall sexual activity, sexual desire, and erectile function.


TRT side effects

Depending on the method administered, you should still be wary of the possible adverse effects of TRT, such as swelling or irritation of the part of the skin or the area where testosterone was applied, acne breakouts and oily skin, and sleep problems like insomnia and apnea. Moreover, there are possibly more severe adverse effects from taking testosterone replacement therapy, such as decreased sperm count and increased risk of cardiovascular problems like cardiovascular disease, heart attacks, or strokes.

While some research studies suggest no sufficient evidence that attributes TRT as a risk factor to heart problems, it is good to practice your discretion and extra caution when deciding to take testosterone replacement therapy. For instance, suppose you are uncomfortable knowing about the potential side effects. In that case, you can opt for natural ways of increasing testosterone, such as leading an active lifestyle, eating a healthy, balanced diet, and having proper supplementation of vitamins and nutrients known to help boost testosterone like vitamin D and zinc — or take a natural, scientifically-proven testosterone booster supplement (Male UltraCore ranks as one of the best in this category of supplements).

Testosterone boosters are a much less invasive, affordable, and just as effective way to increase your T levels so you can get more out of life. Male UltraCore has consistently ranked as one of the top natural testosterone boosters out in the market today.


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Whichever treatment you choose, just keep in mind that boosting your testosterone levels will boost your confidence and overall well-being.

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