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There will come a time when you feel like you can’t give your 100% in bed with your partner. Don’t stress — this is a perfectly normal occurrence that may happen occasionally.

However, if your poor performance in bed is due to low testosterone levels, you might feel like your mojo has gone. Most of the time, it takes along with it the confidence you need to have in bed for better sexual performance.

Testosterone has a massive impact on sexual performance and overall health. However, despite being an essential hormone, the levels of these tend to decrease as men age. As you reach around the age of 30, testosterone levels begin to diminish.



Testosterone is known as the male sexual hormone. This hormone is produced in the testicles and is very important in developing boys into adult men. With this hormone peaking at puberty, boys develop more muscle mass, deeper voices and even grow their body hair. All these are signs that they are entering manhood.

In adulthood, testosterone is still required. Testosterone maintains a man’s sexual features, red blood cell levels, bone density, and muscle mass.

However, there is also a condition where testosterone levels become low because the testes fail to produce the levels needed by the body. This is called male hypogonadism. In this condition, men experience difficulty producing testosterone since their testes cannot do it or their pituitary gland hinders their body from making testosterone.

The testosterone levels can also lessen due to various medical reasons. For instance, it may be due to hypertension, high cholesterol levels, obesity, or HIV.

Both of these mechanisms give men fewer testosterone levels than what their bodies can initially produce. So, there are several effects of this on their body.



Now that you know the various causes of low testosterone levels, there will still be the same manifestations in your body. As mentioned previously, testosterone affects your sex drive and can give you high libido.

If you have low testosterone levels, you can feel low libido, moodiness, more fatigue, less mental acuity, and erectile dysfunction. You might also feel fewer erections and will occur less spontaneously. Moreover, you might feel very uninterested in sex, and your performance with your partner will be significantly affected. On the severe side, it can even lead to infertility.

Low testosterone levels can make you feel generally lacking energy. Moreover, your uninterest in sexual desires and more unsatisfactory performance in bed can indeed affect your social relationship with your partner.



The short answer to this question would be yes. Your confidence will be negatively affected when you have low testosterone. A more severe manifestation to you can even be depression.

Furthermore, note that low levels of testosterone can reduce your overall strength. Some men reported that they could not lift weights as they used to since their testosterone levels declined. When your muscle mass declines, you will start to notice sagging on some parts of your body. Moreover, weight gain can even be apparent.

Sexual problems are one of the most concerning aspects of low testosterone levels. This negatively affects your confidence, especially with your partner. You might find it embarrassing when you cannot satisfy your partner in bed, or you just do not have the interest in having sex with them anymore.

In general, the loss of energy and interest, even in physical activity, can lead to less self-esteem. Feeling tired constantly since you have low testosterone levels can affect your ability to socialize with people.



When you have low testosterone, do not worry. We now have lots of methods to help you recover the level that your body needs. Consequently, you once lost confidence can be back even better than before.

Since hormone level is the root cause of the problem, hormone replacement therapy is one way to boost it. You can ask your medical doctor for a possible prescription for hormone replacement therapy. Hormone replacement therapy is known to greatly help you recover your sexual libido and mood, increase muscle mass, and make you energized.

If you have erectile dysfunction associated with low testosterone levels, having hormone replacement therapy can help address both problems. Other potential treatments include injecting penile implants, or testosterone therapy.

Other than these medical choices, you also have the option to use the natural way of boosting your testosterone. This includes losing weight, regular exercise, and eating healthy food choices. With the combination of this three, your testosterone levels can naturally boost themselves. Hence, you can notice your mood, libido, and confidence come back better than before.

Another helpful tip for recovering would be getting adequate sleep. A nice quality sleep can help your body recover. Of course, our body has its limits, and sometimes, resting is a way to let it heal and perform better afterward. This may sound simple. However, note that low testosterone levels can make you have difficulties in getting sleep. If you feel like you need more help in getting a good night’s sleep, you can ask your doctor for help.

With any of these options, you will surely recover your confidence. The different method works for other men. This is because your body functions differently from them. Just remember to consult your doctor when you feel the need to since they will assess your problem and give you the best treatment plan.

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Increasing your testosterone levels is critical to helping build more mass, strength, and energy. The key is to be vigilant, consult your doctor and get checked up regularly, keep a healthy diet, exercise, and sleep well — which are all things you can do without having to undergo potentially invasive, expensive, and ineffective testosterone treatment options.


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