How Often Should You Check Your Testosterone Level?

Produced by the Leydig cells present in testicles, testosterone is a male sex hormone that regulates a number of important body functions. Some important attributes in males, such as body shape, size, and strength, are mainly regulated by this hormone. Testosterone is not exclusive to men; it is also produced in female bodies in small […]

How Sex Drive and Exercise are Directly Related

We all know that regular exercise can combat us from various chronic conditions such as osteoporosis, diabetes, and heart disease. Surprisingly, sex can actually improve our sex life. Although sex can be a form of exercise, exercise can make us experience better sex. Regular exercise serves as a natural Viagra for men. Exercise helps decrease […]

Is My Lower Sexual Activity Causing a Drop on My Testosterone Level?

You may find yourself less interested in sex from time to time. Don’t worry, and it’s common. There will come a time when you will not be sexually aroused with your partner. Maybe, you just have low libido at that time. According to Healthline, decreased interest in sexual activity for a long period of time […]

FDA Recalls on Male Enhancement Pills

When it comes to purchasing male enhancement pills, it can’t be stressed enough that men really need to be both discerning and careful. Just this year alone, the US Food and Drug Administration has issued more than 10 public notifications regarding tainted sexual enhancement products. In May of this year alone, at least three male […]

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