As a neophyte, it can be hard for you to tell if you’re really having an orgasm or not. Orgasm is a sign that you feel an intense physical pleasure due to the discharge of tension during sexual stimulation. According to Medical News Today, orgasm is felt during the peak of the sexual performance. It is a great feeling of sensation and pleasure, which results in the release of accumulated erotic tension.

According to a study published in NCBI, orgasm is a unique feature of human sexuality. The female orgasm is said to be only from sexual intercourse. But, orgasm from sexual intercourse is more experienced by men than women. And men experience orgasm not only during sexual stimulation, but there are more ways for them to feel such.

There’s no doubt that you love it when your partner has an orgasm. You are confident that you are making your partner become more satisfied with the sex. But there may be times when you feel like she is faking it. Anyway, orgasm doesn’t really mean that she manifests noise. Not all orgasms are the same. It may be different from day to day.

If you are not sure about her having an orgasm, you can ask her directly. But, if you are not comfortable doing it, then maybe you have to know if she’s really having an orgasm. 

A common sign of orgasm

moaning with pleasure

Most of us think that moaning or loud screaming is an accurate sign that she experiences an orgasm. Yes, it may be a good sign, but there are really some women who know how to fake it.

An article published on CNN explained that women moan not really because they are having an orgasm. Instead, they make noise in order to hasten the climax of their partner and to boost his self-esteem.

According to a study published in NCBI, female orgasm is mostly felt during foreplay, but vocalizations are made before and during male ejaculation. Moreover, women moan in order to be relieved from fatigue, pain, discomfort, and boredom during sexual intercourse. It only means that copulatory vocalizations do not necessarily reflect female orgasm. 

If you just heard her make noise for the first time and if she suddenly becomes quiet, while shaking or breathing deeply, then maybe it’s more of a sign of orgasm. According to Rising Master, indeed, making a noise could mean that she is on her peak, but it may also mean that she wants you to believe that she is having an orgasm.

Best signs of orgasm

There are two simple ways when you are sure about her having an orgasm. When you both have an open and honest sexual relationship, your partner will probably tell you that she had just an orgasm. She is supposed to tell you whether or not she has climaxed.

According to WebMD, you experience emotional and physical changes when you are sexually aroused, and when you directly engage in sexual stimulations such as intercourse or at least masturbation.

You can tell if your girl has an orgasm, even if she doesn’t tell you directly, based on her reactions such as laughing, shaking, and tensing her stomach. If you are very familiar with her, you will identify whether she is faking it or not.

Anyway, don’t expect a lot of orgasm in women because according to Psychology Today, there is only 29 percent of women who experience orgasm during sexual intercourse as compared to the 79 percent of men who experience the same.

Around 1/3 of women have orgasms if the intercourse involves extra stimulation such as vibrators. Still, another 1/3 of women don’t feel any orgasm at all. In fact, 10 percent of women never experienced orgasm in their entire lives.

Biological signs of orgasm

Pupil dilation

According to Live Science, if you look at erotic images and become sexually aroused, your pupil will unconsciously react. The dilation of your pupils is an indication of your sexual orientation. It is a sign that you are turned on with the other person. 

Flushed face and chest

giving her pleasure

If you are wondering why you have that rosy flushed look during sex, it is actually because of the increased blood flow through your body. According to Healthline, sex can make your blood vessels dilate. The blood cells which carry oxygen can reach your face, which gives you that glowing look.

More lubricated vagina

A study published in NCBI ascertained the perception of women about vaginal wetness during sexual activities. Women prefer vaginal-penile intercourse in order to feel vaginal wetness, compared to lubricant use.

On the other hand, another study published in NCBI explained that women orgasm resembles male ejaculation as the external genitalia releases fluid during orgasm. But then, female ejaculation is rare, and it deserves great attention, although it is just a normal part of the female reaction when it comes to sex.


You have to know if your partner is really having an orgasm or not. Yes, it can hurt your ego if you found out that she is just faking it. But remember that women rarely experience orgasm. In the first place, orgasm doesn’t really equate to sexual satisfaction.

You will probably know if she has an orgasm based on her reactions. You may think that moaning or making noise in bed means that she already has an orgasm. But it’s not true all the time. Maybe, the best sign to determine orgasm is her biological reactions as it is an involuntary response of her body, which cannot be faked.

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