There’s a lot of on-screen sex these days that it seems a movie or TV series seems incomplete without it. As viewers, we often see actors and actresses passionately enjoying sex.

If they’re really good at acting the scene out, they can make us want to have wild and passionate sex too. But we all know it’s just acting. Nevertheless, movies like Fifty Shades of Grey make us curious about how they actually shoot a sex scene. Here’s what you should know.

Props for Faking It

The one thing that we really have to remember about movie and TV sets is that everything that you find in there is contrived. The set is designed to depict a certain mood or ambiance. The lighting is controlled and various props are put in place for specific reasons.

In fact, actors and actresses who are shooting sex scenes almost always use props. They’re acting, and they’re not supposed to have real sex with actual penetration, which is why they need to use props to protect themselves. Plus, they’re shooting the scene in front of so many people, so they also need to protect themselves from being completely exposed.

  • Merkins

Sometimes a sex scene calls for the actress or actor to show some pubic hair. Understandably, not all movie stars are comfortable with showing the world their pubic hair. Instead, they use merkins which are basically pubic wigs.

  • Modesty Patches

For actresses, the modesty patch is one of the most common props for shooting sex scenes. The patch covers the pubic area and prevents accidental penetration. It also helps protect the modesty of the actress, considering that the sex scene is being shot in a room full of production staff and crew.

  • Modesty Pouch

When shooting sex scenes, actors usually wear a modesty pouch to conceal their private parts. But back when modesty pouches weren’t used yet, actors actually used tube socks to cover their penis.

naked woman with nipple pasties
  • Pasties

The pasty basically works as a nipple patch. It’s worn over the nipples when shooting a scene that depicts breast nudity.

  • Flesh-Colored Underwear

In scenes where actors and actresses have to bare a lot of skin, flesh-toned underwear help protect the movie stars from being completely naked in front of the camera.

  • Prosthetic Genitalia

For very explicit sex scenes, prosthetic genitalia comes in handy. These props are usually made of silicone, and it can take hours to put the prosthetic on. The plastic genitals do look real, but the actors don’t really feel anything because their private parts are completely covered in plastic.

  • Exercise Balls

You’d probably be disappointed if you found out that those steamy woman-on-top sex scenes that look so real on-screen are actually filmed while the actress is doing her best acting while sitting on top of an exercise ball. 

  • Menstrual Pads

If you think using an exercise ball as a prop for shooting a sex scene is weird, that’s nothing compared to menstrual pads. In HBO’s Girls, there’s a hot but controversial anilingus scene. The actress actually had a menstrual pad taped over her backside.

What About When Filming Porn?

couple porn

Because it’s porn, shooting it is obviously completely different compared to when sex scenes are filmed for movies. The main difference is that porn stars actually have physical sex, regardless of whether it’s vaginal, anal, or oral.

Hence, you’ll see real genitals and real penetration in porn. But that doesn’t mean that porn stars don’t need to make any other preparations before they shoot a sex scene. In reality, the sex marathon that you see when you watch porn takes several hours of filming and there are numerous breaks in between.

Porn actresses who are required to shoot an anal sex scene have to go through a lot of preparations. For one, they have to perform an enema just to make sure they’re clean. And they have to starve themselves before a shoot or at least limit their food consumption so that they won’t have to go to the bathroom.

When male porn stars are cast, the size of their penis is usually taken into consideration. True, most male porn stars are well-endowed, but in truth, a lot of them take male enhancement pills and even penis injections before shooting a scene.

It’s not really natural that a man would be able to maintain an erection for hours on end. And filming a porn movie does take several hours or days. It’s not easy to get an erection on demand, thus the need for sex enhancement supplements.

Male Enhancement Supplements for Bigger Erections

With so many male enhancement pills available today, it isn’t impossible anymore for a man to achieve bigger erections. The problem, however, lies in choosing the most effective sex enhancement supplement that can actually help you achieve a bigger hard-on.

For those who aren’t sure which male enhancement pill to buy, it’s important that you should check out the manufacturer and ingredients first. Because it’s such a huge market, there are many manufacturers that produce low-quality sex enhancement pills.

If you’re going to pop a pill to enhance your erection anyway, you might as well choose the best product. That being said, there are certain herbal ingredients that have been scientifically studied and proven effective in treating erectile dysfunction and improving erection quality.

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