Do you want to impress your new woman in bed? Well, everyone wants sex. But there are times when you have to do something in order to make your partner want it more.

Usually, men would complain that women lack communication and interest in bed, while women complain that men usually perform too short foreplay.

If you want to shock your new woman in bed, without compromising your inner freakiness, try to do the following:

Educate yourself

If you want your woman to feel more pleasure, you should know what it means. Well, you already know how to give yourself pleasure. In fact, you have been practicing it for many years.

And remember that men can experience orgasm in just a few minutes, as compared to women who achieve orgasm longer and sometimes none at all. According to a study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, orgasm is less predictable in women, and they less likely experience it.

Turn her on

Although some women act demure, women love sex as much as men do. According to Men’s Health, most of the time, women don’t want to initiate sex. But, do you know that 66 percent of men want women to make the first move?

You can do something like tempting her, teasing her, or chasing her. You can give her a few kisses. Or maybe, you can bring her closer to you. Let her know that you want intimate pleasure. If you make her comfortable with making the first move and if you give her the drive to do that, then you will most likely get her attention to make love with you.

Learn her unique points for pleasure

satisfying sex on top of table

Since women are less likely to experience orgasm, it is a plus if your new woman can experience it with you. In fact, according to Psychology Today, many men aim to provide women with earth-shattering orgasms. If you can make an erotic scene that’s relaxed, arousing, and comfortable, your woman will most likely reach the climax.

Moreover, you need to learn the unique points of women, including her breasts, legs, and the clit in order to stimulate them. If you reach different areas of her body, for instance, by giving a massage or oral sex, she will most likely appreciate it.

Know various sexual techniques

According to a study published in NCBI, women will less frequently experience orgasm, and it will not be aggravated by practicing masturbation or by having sex with different partners during their lifetime. The key to giving her orgasm depends mainly on relationship and mental factors.

But then, women give importance to their partner’s orgasm than their own. Since you want to give her the sexual pleasure that she always wanted, you should learn the ability to have concentrate, initiate, and perform various sexual techniques.

Realize what pleasure means to her

What is pleasurable to men may not be pleasurable to women and vice versa. Remember that all women are unique. Your previous partner may want you to do this or that, but it doesn’t mean that your new partner likes it too. It’s not always the same for different kinds of women.

According to Fit Yourself Club, you will be able to know what your woman likes based on her reactions. You will probably know what your new woman enjoys depending on her response to a certain act. Take your time and learn what she wants.

Inform her what you want

If you are only concerned about your orgasm, then maybe you don’t need to have a partner. It is a two-way street, so you should know what she wants and in return, let her know what you want. Although you can feel pleasure alone, as you can masturbate by yourself, having a partner can be more pleasurable and satisfying.

According to Elite Daily, you are actually responsible for letting your partner know what you want in bed. Of course, it’s better to show her what you want, instead of just telling it to her. Besides, not all women can read minds.

Communication is the key

sharing a romantic sensual morning

The key to a happy sex life is communication. In fact, sexual communication and sexual satisfaction are linked. It shows that if you are not that sensitive about sexual topics, you are most likely comfortable talking about it even while having sex.

Aside from that, communication when having sex is very crucial when it comes to public health. For instance, if you are uncomfortable asking whether she likes having a condom or not, you will probably be at higher risk of sexually transmitted infections.  


If you want to shock your new woman in bed, you should not let her feel that she is forgotten in bed. In the first place, giving pleasure is a two-way street. She gives you what you want, and you give her the utmost sexual pleasure.

Besides, making her become satisfied in bed is not only for her, but it is also for you. Make your new woman experience something that is worth remembering. Just come to think about this, 75 percent of men have an orgasm, but only 25 percent of women have an orgasm.

Although there is a high difference between men and women when it comes to achieving orgasm, women do not necessarily need to reach orgasm to become satisfied in sex. Learn a few tips on how to make her enjoy sex with you. Turn her on, determine her sexual points, and know how to make her satisfied in bed. Perhaps, sexual satisfaction is the key to make her become happy in bed.

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