Is My Lower Sexual Activity Causing a Drop on My Testosterone Level?

Is My Lower Sexual Activity Causing a Drop on My Testosterone Level?

You may find yourself less interested in sex from time to time. Don't worry, and it's common. There will come a time when you will not be sexually a

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You may find yourself less interested in sex from time to time. Don’t worry, and it’s common. There will come a time when you will not be sexually aroused with your partner. Maybe, you just have low libido at that time.

According to Healthline, decreased interest in sexual activity for a long period of time may be a serious concern, especially that there are cases when it is an indicator of various health problems. Why do you think you are losing interest in sex?

Low Testosterone causes low sexual interest

Testosterone is a vital hormone that is responsible for various functions in your body, such as to stimulate sperm production and to build muscles and bone mass. The level of testosterone in your body also affects your sex drive.

In fact, the sexual desires of men are typically higher compared to women according to a study published in NCBI. The reason for this is that the testosterone level of men is higher than women. Studies usually show that the higher the level of testosterone, the greater the sexual desire.

boredom in the bedroom

The level of testosterone of every individual varies. According to guidelines from the AUA, the normal testosterone level is 300 ng/dL and above. If your testosterone level is below the mentioned number standard, then you probably have low testosterone.

It is worth understanding that your testosterone will most likely decrease as you age. That’s why your interest in sex also decreases. It’s just a normal part of aging. But, if the decrease is so drastic, you need to seek help from your doctor.

Low sexual interest causes low testosterone

There are already a lot of studies that suggest that low testosterone causes low sexual interest.  New results suggest that lower sexual activity can actually decrease your testosterone level.

According to Dr. David Handelsman of the ANZAC Research Institute, the decrease in testosterone level is the result, instead of the cause of low sexual desire in men. He also said that this widely known interpretation is the major reason why people tend to overuse testosterone over the last decade.

According to WebMD, you can have better testosterone levels if you engage in more sex.  It was discussed that if you stay sexually active, you will most likely have other good habits such as exercising more and eating better. In fact, it described that sexual activity is a sign of good healthy habits.

Probably, if you maintain good health and remain physically active, you will achieve a normal testosterone level, which will eventually lead to good sex lives. So, yes, lower sexual activity can cause a drop in your testosterone level!

Side effects of low testosterone

Since it was found out that lower sexual activity can actually decrease your testosterone level, you should understand its side effects:

Sexual function

You already know what testosterone can do in your sex drives and libidos. According to Healthline, you will most likely experience fewer erections, infertility, and reduced sexual desire.

Perhaps, one of the most well-known conditions related to sexual function is erectile dysfunction. According to a study published in NCBI, although erectile dysfunction is not mainly caused by a low level of testosterone, deficiency in testosterone is linked with a decline in erectile function. 

Physical changes

Since testosterone is a very crucial hormone in increasing bone and muscle mass, growing body hair, and maintaining masculinity, its decrease can actually lead to a few physical changes in your body. You may likely experience increased body fat and fatigue and decreased muscle mass and body hair.

Sleep disturbances

Do you know that your sleeping pattern is actually affected by low testosterone? According to a study published in NCBI, your testosterone level is actually reduced when you are suffering from various sleeping disorders such as abnormalities of sleep duration, quality, and disruption. 

snoring, sleep apnea

Perhaps, one of the most serious sleeping conditions is sleep apnea. It stops and starts your breathing while you are sleeping. This can disrupt your sleep and can increase your risk of various complications, like stroke.

According to a study published in NCBI, sleep apnea can decrease testosterone secretion, as well as increase the risk of aging and obesity. But, even if you are not suffering from sleep apnea, your testosterone level is still affected by the hours of sleep.

Emotional changes

Do you know that low levels of testosterone can actually result in emotional changes? It has the capacity of changing your mood that it can lead to feelings of depression or sadness. Some people feel less motivated and low self-confidence due to a low level of testosterone.


Studies may confuse us as to the relationship between sexual activity and testosterone levels. Studies ascertain that a low level of testosterone lowers sexual interest. On the other hand, there are also studies that show that sexual interest results in a low level of testosterone.

But there is one thing in common: both are tested and proven by experts. Although the level of testosterone normally decreases as we age, we should make sure that this decrease does not involve various health complications.

Indeed, low sexual activity can cause a drop in your testosterone level. If that’s the case, then you should know why you need to boost your sexual desire. And if you are still discouraged from having sexual activity with your partner, learn the side effects of low testosterone levels. You will probably realize how crucial sexual activity in your testosterone is.

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