How Do You Keep Your Testosterone Levels Up After Taking Test Boosters?

Anabolic-androgenic steroids and supplemental testosterone are quite popular, especially among athletes and bodybuilders. If you’re looking to build some muscles or simply improve your gym performance, you may benefit from testosterone boosters too. If you are planning to take supplemental testosterone, you should know that synthetic testosterone or any other externally sourced testosterone can impair […]

How Low Should I Let My Testosterone Levels Get Before Taking A Testosterone Supplement?

Most men know that testosterone is definitely needed in order to have a healthy libido. Unfortunately, some men wait until their sexual performance is already badly affected before they get their testosterone levels tested. You don’t have to wait until you’re already experiencing fewer morning erections before you start taking steps to increase your testosterone […]

Is My Daily Routine Causing Low Testosterone Levels?

Most people nowadays know that old age can cause your testosterone levels to go down. But what if you’re not even 30 yet and you’re already seeing signs of low testosterone? You may be wondering if your daily habits are causing your androgen levels to decline. Just as there are many health conditions and genetic […]

Can A Male’s Low Testosterone Levels Cause Infertility?

When a man’s sex drive starts to falter, testosterone is usually the number one suspect. But what about when you’re facing difficulties getting your partner pregnant? Could low testosterone also be the reason behind it? A number of bodily processes and functions are regulated by the primary male sex hormone, testosterone. Just as testosterone is […]

How Does the Amount of Sleep I Am Getting Affect My Testosterone Levels?

Ever wonder whether not getting enough sleep can affect your testosterone levels? If you’re not sleeping well, you’re bound to notice changes in your energy levels and mood. Your cognitive functions will most likely be affected, so you won’t be able to concentrate well or remember things correctly. You could say that’s just because you […]

How Often Should I Be Checking My Testosterone Levels?

It was back in the 70s when people first began to be aware of age-related decline in testosterone levels and the health risks it posed. Since then, awareness about the importance of testosterone has risen significantly, and most men are now aware that when their testosterone levels drop, their sex life and quality of life […]

What Time of The Day Is My Testosterone the Highest?

When it comes to hormonal cycles, men seem to have gotten the short end of the stick. Whereas women go through a monthly hormonal cycle, men, on the other hand, have a daily cycle. The circadian rhythm of testosterone levels is what scientists usually call this phenomenon. Simply put, it means that your testosterone levels […]

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