How Do You Keep Your Testosterone Levels Up After Taking Test Boosters?

How Do You Keep Your Testosterone Levels Up After Taking Test Boosters?

Anabolic-androgenic steroids and supplemental testosterone are quite popular, especially among athletes and bodybuilders. If you're looking to build

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Anabolic-androgenic steroids and supplemental testosterone are quite popular, especially among athletes and bodybuilders. If you’re looking to build some muscles or simply improve your gym performance, you may benefit from testosterone boosters too.

If you are planning to take supplemental testosterone, you should know that synthetic testosterone or any other externally sourced testosterone can impair your ability to produce testosterone naturally. Find out how you can maintain high testosterone levels after you take synthetic testosterone boosters.

Side Effects of Testosterone Boosters

The number one adverse effect of endogenous testosterone is that it inhibits your testicular production of the hormone. When you’re taking an anabolic-androgenic steroid or you’re undergoing testosterone replacement therapy, you’re basically supplying your body with testosterone produced somewhere else.

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Because of the external supply of testosterone, your body thinks that it doesn’t have to synthesize the hormone anymore since your testosterone needs are apparently being sufficiently met. Thus, your hormone feedback mechanism stops sending signals to the Leydig cells in your testicles which are responsible for producing testosterone.

Another side effect of synthetic testosterone boosters is that they can make your testicles atrophy and shrink. Since your Leydig cells are no longer performing their android synthesis function, they end up wasting away and dying, causing your testicles to become smaller.

One other side effect that you should be wary of when you’re taking testosterone boosters is that they can damage your liver and kidneys. Testosterone supplements vary in quality and efficacy depending on the manufacturer, and you cannot really be too sure about their safety either.

Erroneous product administration such as taking excessive dosages of testosterone supplements or taking them for longer than recommended can also lead to adverse effects such as heart attacks. Personality changes such as increased aggression is also a known side effect. On top of that, testosterone boosters can even result in infertility.

In short, if you really have to use synthetic testosterone, you should only use it for a short duration to avoid the side effects caused by long-term usage. You should also avoid taking testosterone supplements in excessive dosages.

So, how can you sustain high levels of testosterone if you’re only going to use synthetic testosterone boosters for a short period of time? There are actually many natural ways to keep your androgen levels up, even if you’re no longer using supplemental testosterone.

Modify Your Diet

You can’t afford to ignore your diet if your goal is to maintain high levels of testosterone. Numerous foods and beverages, such as junk foods and alcohol, can cause your androgen levels to drop. If you eat more of foods that are rich in testosterone-boosting nutrients, you promote your body’s ability to produce testosterone efficiently.

You may think that you’re eating well because you’ve incorporated a lot of plant-based foods in your diet. You could be eating a lot of estrogen-rich foods and not be aware of it. That can have negative effects on your testosterone levels and overall hormonal balance.

For instance, a lot of men eat flax seeds because they’re rich in omega-3 fatty acids. However, they’re also extremely rich in estrogen, which is why they’re good for women but bad for your testosterone levels.

And if you like snacking on nuts, thinking they’re healthier than potato chips, you should also know that there are certain nuts which may not be so good for boosting your testosterone levels. For instance, peanuts and pistachios are known to contain high concentrations of phytoestrogens.

Almonds and walnuts, for example, are known to increase sex hormone-binding globulin (SHBG) levels. Although both are indeed healthy snacks, overindulging in almonds and walnuts can raise your SHBG levels by more than 10%. And that’s bad news because SHBG binds to your free testosterone, meaning it lowers your free testosterone levels.

For boosting testosterone, try Brazil nuts and macadamia nuts instead. The former is rich in magnesium, selenium, boron, and zinc, all of which are testosterone-boosting nutrients. Macadamia nuts, on the one hand, are rich in monounsaturated fats which can help during testosterone synthesis.

Exercise in Moderation

Even if the reason why you’re taking testosterone boosters is that you want to increase your bulk, you still should avoid overtraining yourself. Numerous studies have established the fact that excessive exercise only results in body stress. And you know that stress only lowers your testosterone levels.

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Whenever your body is exposed to stress, whether it’s physical, mental, or psychological, you start producing more cortisol. Over time, elevated cortisol levels lead to inhibited testosterone synthesis, making your androgen levels drop.

There’s a good reason why fitness professionals recommend that you give your body a rest after a training session. You need to give your muscles time to rest and recover from exertion, and it helps you avoid excessive stress. In short, if you really want to maintain high testosterone levels, you should avoid over-exercising.

Take Natural Testosterone Boosters

The difference between synthetic supplemental testosterone and natural testosterone boosters is that the latter promotes your body’s natural production of the primary male sex hormone while the former inhibits it.

With natural testosterone boosters, your testicular cells get stimulated, allowing them to perform their functions better. For example, Tongkat Ali contains antioxidants that stimulate and protect your testicular cells. This is why Tongkat Ali is widely popular as a natural testosterone booster.

Eurycomanone, one of the major antioxidants found in Tongkat Ali root extracts, helps your testicular cells produce more testosterone and sperm. Plus, the added antioxidant protection also helps keep your spermatozoa healthy, resulting in better sperm quality.

Moreover, research also shows that the herb is good for men with erectile dysfunction. In fact, Tongkat Ali is often used in scientific studies that test the effects of natural supplements on male sexual performance, and the results are generally always positive.

On top of that, Tongkat Ali has also been shown to help increase energy levels, lower cortisol levels, and reduce stress, as well as facilitate faster muscle recovery. This makes Tongkat Ali a perfect natural supplement for boosting testosterone levels and enhancing athletic and sexual performance.

Increase Your Testosterone Levels with Testosterone Boosters

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