How Much Of This Male Enhancement Supplement Is Enough?

Male UltraCore is one of the leaders in male enhancement supplements. It promises awesome results without any negative side effects that will harm users.

With powerful science and natural ingredients, Male UltraCore has become the preferred enhancement supplement for thousands of men.

What does Male UltraCore do?

By combining two unique technologies researched and created specifically for Male UltraCore, STEM Technology, and VI-PEX Technology, it can give men an intense boost in sexual performance. Male UltraCore users can also expect larger erections, higher libido levels, and more stamina.

How much Male UltraCore should a man take?

Unlike many enhancement supplements that come in powder form, Male UltraCore comes in pill form and one serving per day will be enough to keep the body supplied with the necessary boosts to last the whole day.

One serving of Male UltraCore is four pills. It is not recommended to take more than four pills because this enhancement is loaded and the dose of 4 is sufficient. Taking more pills won’t speed up its effects.

Male UltraCore can be used for as long as a man feels the need to perform great in bed. The effects do wear off, so refilling your bottle is necessary. There is no need to stop using Male UltraCore.

Can immediate results be expected?

Because of the way Male UltraCore works from inside the body in a natural and non-invasive way, immediate results are unrealistic.

male supplement choice

It differs from user to user, but an average of four to five weeks should be given before effects can be expected.

However, it is worth the wait. Male UltraCore’s effects are mind-blowing. Intense erections that are larger, better orgasms and sexual pleasure, and a higher sex drive is worth waiting a few weeks for.

Compared to other supplements that claim to work quickly but don’t, Male UltraCore is indeed superior.

Instant results are a myth

There is no natural, effective male enhancement supplement that will work overnight. There are pills that will aid in achieving an erection, but the effects aren’t lasting, and Male UltraCore does so much more than that.

All good things take time. Fortunately, once Male UltraCore started kicking in, the effects remain constant for as long as the daily dosage is taken.

The added benefits that Male UltraCore offer:

Increased semen volume

With increased semen volume comes more intense orgasms. An increase in semen volume has a very attractive benefit: better sexual pleasure. More semen also means a prolonged orgasm can be expected.

ZMA, one of Male UltraCore’s ingredients can increase semen volume by more than 60% when the body is hydrated and proper nutrition taken.

With increased semen volume comes another benefit: improved semen motility.

Improved sperm motility

Better semen motility means better chances of fertilizing a female egg. Better motility results in healthier and more nourished sperm that will be able to ‘tough it out’ and be more fertile. Men who are having trouble impregnating their women will benefit greatly from Male UltraCore.

Enhanced production of pheromones

Thanks to the technology that is used to make Male UltraCore, enhanced pheromone production can be expected.

Pheromones are odorless and are secreted through the sweat glands. Pheromones make a woman feel more sexually attracted to a man and are triggered by high testosterone levels, which are boosted by Male UltraCore.

When this attraction is added to bigger erections, better sexual performance and enhanced libido, Male UltraCore is one powerfully-packed male enhancement.

A quick look at the technology behind Male UltraCore

VI-PEX and STEM Technology

The combination of VI-PEX (Vasodilator Ingredients with Penile Expansion) and STEM (Sustained Testosterone Enhancement Method) Technology is a unique method that only Male UltraCore does and it sets it apart from the rest. The two technologies work perfectly together to give men the best results.

VI-PEX results in better blood flow and this gives bigger erections. Part of VI-PEX’s job is to dilate blood vessels and give the body prolonged vasodilation effects that give longer lasting erections.

STEM helps the body to boost testosterone levels, which is important for sexual performance. 

With these technologies combined, Male UltraCore is superior to other male enhancement supplements.

A brief overview of Male UltraCore ingredients

  • L-Arginine

This aids blood flow and the quality of erections.

  • Damiana Root

Damiana helps to boost testosterone production.

bute superba bark
  • Butea Superba

This is a potent herb from Asia was primarily used as a cure for impotence before enhancement supplements made their appearances.

  • ZMA (Zinc and Magnesium Aspartate)

This ingredient is useful for supporting testosterone levels during sexual intercourse.

  • Horny Goat Weed

Another aphrodisiac that is used by the Chinese as an impotence cure.

  • Maca Root

This herb is used as a natural aphrodisiac and helps erections to remain for a longer time.

  • KSM-66

This ingredient helps improve the body’s testosterone production.

  • Muira Puama

Yet another aphrodisiac that is useful for improving libido and better erections.

  • Xanthoparmelia Scabrosa

This herb helps improve sexual performance and is also yet another aphrodisiac.


Male UltraCare is an intense male enhancement supplement that not only gives better libido levels, stronger and bigger erections, but it also improves semen volume that results in longer orgasms and improves sexual performance. It truly is a power-packed male enhancement supplement.

By combining unique technologies and natural ingredients, the perfect balance is found and results in an effective male enhancement supplement that is safe to use every day.

A dose of 4 pills per day is enough to maintain a healthy sexual performance every day for the rest of your life.

When using Male UltraCore, a man will have a better sexual experience in anything between four to six weeks and will not suffer any severe side effects. Better, bigger erections and an intense libido are to be expected when using Male UltraCore. In addition, this male enhancement supplement will also result in healthier and increased semen volume, which in turn results in prolonged orgasms.

In short, Male UltraCore will give mind-blowing results when taking only four pills a day for as long as desired.

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Does This Male Enhancement Supplement Actually Work And Enhance A Man’s Performance?

There are literally thousands of male enhancement supplements available worldwide, and new ones are made almost every month, if not every week. With so many products to choose from it is difficult to know which products actually work and which of them are just fake.

For any man in need of an enhancement pill, it is important to find a reliable, trusted and effective product that doesn’t have a dozen adverse effects.

Fortunately, Male UltraCore is one of the few products that really work and has science to back up all of its claims. Thanks to its success as an enhancement product, Male UltraCore became famous almost overnight.

It went from an unknown product to one of the most talked about enhancements because it really changed the lives of thousands of men. And these men were so happy and satisfied that they just had to spread the word.

What exactly is Male UltraCore?

Male UltraCore is a male enhancement supplement that makes rather bold promises. It promises to improve not only a man’s sexual performance but also his erections size. This doesn’t mean it enlarges the penis but rather results in bigger erections.

Male UltraCore promises long-lasting, high-impact results within in three months (or less), better stamina and an improved sex drive. The manufacturers behind Male UltraCore are so confident in their product that they give a 100% guarantee that it works.

By combining scientific research and the latest technology, Male UltraCore gets right to fixing the ‘wrongs’ within the male body to give the best results possible.

Majority of the ingredients in Male UltraCore are natural extracts that can be trusted not to harm the body.

How does Male UltraCore work?

Male UltraCore combines two very powerful technologies that were specifically for the product. It was researched extensively to give the best results. Male UltraCore combines VI-PEX Technology with STEM Technology to create an effective enhancement supplement.

intimate moment in tub

What are these technologies?

VI-PEX Technology

VI-PEX is short for Vasodilator Ingredients for Penile Expansion and is the science behind why Male UltraCore gives men bigger erections.

The vasodilator ingredients in Male UltraCore can effectively lead to increased blood flow that triggers better penile expansion. By helping blood vessels to be optimally dilated, erections are more powerful.

Male UltraCore also combines these very useful vasodilators with N.O (Nitric Oxide) with PDE-5 inhibitors. What this means is that the Nitric Oxide allows blood vessels to dilate and the inhibitors help to intensify it and last much longer. This results in better and longer-lasting erections.

STEM Technology

STEM Technology is another technology utilized by Male UltraCore. It’s a complex formula that is focused on testosterone and helps to increase testosterone levels and keep it.

The body naturally produces testosterone, but then it also uses most of it for a lot of other things and leaves men with not enough to make a difference in their sexual performance.

By adding nutrients that improve the production of testosterone and enzyme inhibitors that prevent the conversion of testosterone, the body will have higher levels that will notably make a difference in sexual performance.

Testosterone is important for a healthy sex life. Medical trials have found that it increases sexual activity, desire, and erectile function.

Male UltraCore also supplements the body with some of its other ingredients in a natural way that leads to enhanced erections and intense ejaculations. Furthermore, there are men who experience a boost in energy which obviously leads to better sexual performance and enhanced stamina.

The need to perform better sexually is quite intense for men, thanks to adverts and films portraying men as sex gods and stallions in bed. Sexual performance does decrease over age and it is a natural thing, but that does not mean men have to settle for it. According to statistics, about 33% of men 50 and older experience sexual performance issues, compared to the more than 8% of men 40-49 years old.

What is in Male UltraCore that makes it so powerful?

Male UltraCore is a complex fusion of many ingredients that naturally enhances the male body. By combining so many effective, natural ingredients, Male UltraCore ensures that everyone who uses it gets amazing results.

  • L-Arginine

L-Arginine becomes Nitric Oxide inside the body, and this helps to dilate blood vessels more efficiently

  • Muira Puama

This is a natural extract that boosts the production of testosterone and is believed to start working rather quickly.

  • Maca Root

Another natural extract that acts on neurotransmitters in the brain that are related to sexual stimuli and signals. It is believed to give men better control over their erections.

  • Horny Goat Weed

This is a popular ingredient in male enhancement supplements. When combined with other ingredients, Horny Goat Weed boosts the blood flow to the penis significantly.

  • Tribulus Terrestris

This ingredient is used to produce testosterone that will be free to enhance the body’s performance.

  • Damiana Extract
damiana extract and flower

Another ingredient in Male UltraCore that helps to produce testosterone in the body that can be used to generate new penile tissue.

  • Butea Superba

This ingredient is added to help the body generate the sexual hormones it needs for better performance.

  • Tongkat Ali

Tongkat Ali is believed to be a natural aphrodisiac and is also a common ingredient in enhancement products.

  • Xanthoparmelia Scabrosa Extract

This difficult to pronounce ingredient is a wonder-product of nature that’s believed to treat a huge number of sexual impotence symptoms.


Male UltraCore is definitely considered a great choice for anyone who needs a male enhancement supplement that is reliable and safe. Continuous use results in bigger erections and better sexual performance.

By combining multiple products into one supplement, Male UltraCore is an all-in-one enhancement that is deserving of its popularity. It has become one of the top brands in the male enhancement supplement world because it is trusted and effective.

The people behind Male UltraCore is so certain that everyone who uses it will benefit and experience a better sex life that the product comes with a 3-month money-back guarantee.

Risk Free 100 Percent Money Back Guaranteed Testosterone Booster Enhancement Supplements

How Can I Boost My Testosterone Fast?

Among all the male hormones, testosterone is regarded as the primary, the supreme one. It facilitates many important bodily functions, such as muscle growth and development, sleep cycle, energy levels, libido and sex drive, and reproduction and fertility, which all contribute to the quality of a man’s life.

Alas, as men grow older, they tend to experience a decrease in their testosterone levels, making them at high risk of various illnesses, diseases, and complications that can negatively impact their physical, emotional, and mental dispositions. Fortunately, there are ways to slow down these effects, and maintain the kind of life that you want as you age.

Why is testosterone important?

Produced in the testicles, testosterone is the key male hormone in charge of numerous functions that are essential in the development of a man. It is responsible for the following:

shower sex
  • The production of sperm with good quality and motility for reproduction
  • Meeting the normal sperm count, which is around 15 million to 200 million sperm per milliliter of semen
  • High sex drive for easy, firm, and long-lasting erections
  • Proper distribution of fat around the body
  • Growth and development of strong and healthy muscles
  • Maintain normal bone mass and density

What happens if your testosterone levels are low?

Having low testosterone levels in the body can cause problems that can greatly affect your appearance, sexual performance, and fertility. Also called hypogonadism, it has the following effects:

  • Hair loss in the different parts of the body
  • Muscle loss
  • Weight gain
  • Becoming easily tired or exhausted despite not doing anything physically demanding
  • Loss of stamina, strength, and endurance
  • Difficulty getting an erection and/or keeping an erection long enough for a pleasurable sexual intercourse
  • Decreased libido or sex drive
  • Swollen or enlarged breast tissue
  • Low sperm count
  • Sperm that is deformed or has poor motility

What should you do to boost your testosterone levels fast?

There are several ways to naturally boost your testosterone levels. They should be integrated into your normal lifestyle so as to achieve the best results. The sooner you start, the better. Here they are:

1. Lose the fat

Getting rid of your belly fat is not only about looking better but also about keeping your testosterone levels up. In case you did not know, having excess fat in the body has no health benefits whatsoever, and it actually just increases your risk of heart disease, hypertension, diabetes, high cholesterol, colon cancer, and other serious medical problems. For your sake, you should start dieting and exercising to be in better shape.

2. Eat more healthy cholesterol

Good cholesterol is integral in the production of testosterone. It also helps keep the hormone levels in your body balanced, preventing the risk of sexual and reproductive dysfunctions. It is found in many foods, including olive oil, flax seeds, chia seeds, beans, legumes, peanuts, brown rice, bran, pears, apples, mackerel, salmon, sardines, almonds, and Brazil nuts.

3. Add cruciferous vegetables to your diet

Cruciferous vegetables are a type of vegetables that are overflowing with essential vitamins and minerals. They include cauliflower, broccoli, cabbage, kale, Brussels sprouts, collard greens, and many other green and leafy veggies. They contain high levels of glucobrassicin, which is a compound that has the ability to suppress estrogen, and to lower body fat in men.

4. Eat more foods rich in zinc

Zinc is an essential nutrient in making testosterone. With enough amounts of it in the body, you can enjoy normal testosterone levels that promote the proper functioning of your sexual and reproductive parts. Some good examples of foods that are loaded with zinc are legumes, nuts, shellfish, avocados, raspberries, peaches, blueberries, apricots, blackberries, kiwifruit, pomegranates, whole grains, and eggs.

5. Increase vitamin D intake

vitamin D rich foods

According to health professionals, an adult man should take 1,000 to 2,000 international units of vitamin D on a daily basis for good health. To achieve this, you should add more vitamin D rich foods in your diet, such as salmon, tuna, beef liver, egg yolks, cheese, mushrooms, oysters, and shrimps. You should also go outdoors more, at least 15 minutes a day, to soak up some of that vitamin D the sun has to offer.

6. Start getting into high-intensity interval training

High-intensity interval training, or HIIT, is a cardiovascular exercise that alternates between short periods of intense workout and recovery periods. It is done by doing a particular high-intensity exercise for as long as you can, and then just rest once you are too exhausted or out of breath to continue. Ideally, a session should be at least 30 minutes long and done two to three times a week to see positive results over time. According to studies, it can cause your body to produce more testosterone than the other less intense exercises.

7. Get enough sleep

While you are asleep, your body continues to carry out many of its functions, preparing you for the next day. It also makes use of that time to make testosterone. One study found that men who slept a solid eight hours every night had 10% to 15% more testosterone than those who got only five hours of sleep. So, it is important that you enjoy a comfortable and uninterrupted eight hours of sleep every night to boost your testosterone levels.

When should you see a doctor?

You should go to your doctor regularly to not only make sure that your testosterone levels are fine, but also to check if your heart, kidneys, brain, lungs, and other vital body parts are working right and in good condition.

And, any moment you experience any of the common symptoms of low testosterone levels enumerated earlier, you should not delay paying your doctor a visit any longer. It is crucial that the problem is diagnosed as early as possible to be able to treat it right away and minimize the damage it can do to your body.

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What Can I Eat To Produce More Sperm?

Not all men are blessed with healthy sperm. There are many who are dealing with low sperm count, poor sperm motility, abnormal sperm morphology, and various troubles in their sexual and reproductive functions, leaving them negatively impacted not only physically but emotionally and mentally as well.

What are the characteristics of a healthy sperm?

There are three major factors that make a sperm healthy. They are the following:

Sperm count

A man who has excellent sperm health has enough sperm per ejaculate. According to sexual health experts, to be considered in good sexual health condition, you should have at least 15 million sperm cells per milliliter of semen or ejaculate. Having less than that amount will give you a lot of difficulties in getting your partner pregnant, as you only have a limited number of sperm available for successful egg fertilization.

Sperm morphology

A normal and healthy sperm has an oval head and a long tail, two features that allow them to move from your testicles to your penis for ejaculation. The more sperm cells that possess good sperm morphology structure you have, the more likely your erectile, fertility, and reproductive functions will go well.

Sperm motility

damaged sperm cell

In order to fertilize a woman’s egg, a man’s sperm cell should be active enough, and be able to move and swim from his testicles then to his penis, and get to his partner’s vagina during ejaculation, swim through her cervix, uterus, and finally fallopian tubes. Men who have a lot of sperm with good motility have higher fertility rates than those who only have less than 40% of their sperm moving.

Why do some men have low sperm count?

Low sperm count is caused by a variety of factors, such as:

Drug abuse

Certain prohibited drugs and prescription medications contain substances that cause the testicles to shrink and decrease sperm production. If you use marijuana, cocaine, anabolic steroids, and the likes, you should quit now to not endanger your sperm and fertility even more.

Excessive alcohol consumption

Drinking too much alcohol is already known to cause problems in the heart, liver, kidneys, and other vital body parts. However, not a lot of people know that it can also affect a man’s sperm count, testosterone levels, and other sexual functions. For your sake, limit your drinking to a maximum of two drinks per day to minimize your risk of these health problems.


Nicotine and other substances present in cigarettes are hazardous not only to the cardiovascular, respiratory, digestive, and nervous systems, but also to the reproductive parts. Many studies have found that men who smoke a lot showed significantly lower sperm count than men who do not smoke.


Being in stressful situations and feeling stressed out often can contribute to poor fertility. Every time you are stressed, your body experiences a hormonal change that can cause low sex drive and sperm count.

X-rays and radiation

If you are exposed to x-ray or radiation frequently or for prolonged time periods, your sperm production can permanently decrease, and leave you unable to perform satisfactorily in the bedroom and get your partner pregnant.


Whether cancerous or nonmalignant, tumors can have negative effects to your male reproductive system. They can mess up your hormones, and reduce your sperm count and quality, libido, erectile functions, and fertility.

Are there foods that can help you produce more sperm?

To protect your sperm count, you should include natural sperm-boosting foods to your daily diet. Below are excellent healthy and organic options that you can eat to produce more sperm:

1. Ginseng

Ginseng is a type of root that has been used for medicinal purposes for centuries now. Common in Korea and China, it is known for its many health benefits, including its aphrodisiac powers. With regular intake of ginseng, you can boost blood flow to your penis, and avoid suffering from erectile dysfunction, low testosterone levels, and low sperm count.

2. Broccoli

Broccoli is a green, leafy vegetable loaded with essential vitamins and minerals. It is an excellent source of folic acid, fiber, potassium, vitamin C, and vitamin K. It can help you grow and develop healthy tissues, bones, and muscles, and it can enhance your immune system abilities to be able to effectively fight off infections, diseases, and free radicals. In addition, it is rich in vitamin A, which is a nutrient that plays an integral role in keeping your sperm count normal and your sexual health in good shape.

3. Oysters

Oysters are not only delicious, but they are also very nutritious. They are overflowing with zinc, which is a mineral that helps a man produce enough testosterone for the proper regulation of his sex drive, sperm production, fertility, and reproductive functions. Everyday, you can eat about 50 grams of oyster to ensure that your swimmers are healthy and moving.

4. Bananas

banana dripping with cream

Bananas are a popular food for losing and maintaining weight. They contain high concentrations of fiber, potassium, and many other vitamins and minerals, which aid in digestion, heart health, and immune functions. They are also loaded with vitamin A, vitamin B1, vitamin C, and the enzyme bromelain, which all contribute to the production of healthy sex hormones and sperm cells.

5. Asparagus

Asparagus is a vegetable that contains impressive amounts of vitamin A, vitamin E, vitamin K, folate, chromium, and fiber, which help in the regulation of your body’s blood glucose levels, in healthy and effective weight loss, and in better digestive and cardiovascular functions. Moreover, it has vitamin C, which protects your sperm from injuries and damages, and boosts their volume and movement.

Are there other ways to naturally increase your sperm production?

To effectively increase your sperm count, in addition to eating naturally sperm-boosting foods, you should also start living healthily and make smart lifestyle choices.

You should make sure to get seven to nine hours of sleep every night, get into a regular exercise routine, and quit smoking and other harmful habits. Do not forget to go see your doctor regularly to be able to detect any problems that involve your sexual health early on, and receive treatment for it as soon as possible.

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How Do I Test My Testosterone Level?

Testosterone is the main male sex hormone that is in charge of various important sexual and reproductive functions. It is essential in bone and muscle growth and development, sexual desire or libido regulation, fat distribution, sperm production, and red blood cell formation.

Unfortunately, as men age, they tend to produce less testosterone. As a result, they become at great risk of different diseases and disorders that stem from low testosterone levels. They lose bone and muscle mass, become weaker, have a diminished sex drive, produce poor quality sperm, and experience various penile and erectile issues.

Because of how important testosterone is in men, keeping it at the right level at all times is a must. Your testosterone levels should often be checked to make sure that any abnormality is detected and treated right away, before your condition gets any worse.

What causes low testosterone levels in men?

There are several things that can lower a man’s testosterone levels. If you are:

  • Suffering from any injury to your testicles
  • Having testicular cancer
  • Undergoing treatment for testicular cancer
  • Battling kidney disease or chronic liver disease
  • Diagnosed with type 2 diabetes
  • Are overweight or obese
  • Are afflicted with certain types of infections
  • Dealing with hormonal imbalances and disorders
  • Taking medications that can negatively impact your testosterone

your testosterone levels are likely to suffer a decrease.

How do you know if your testosterone levels are low?

Men whose testosterone levels are low manifest a number of noticeable symptoms. Some common examples are:

middle age hair loss
  • Hair loss
  • Weight gain
  • Increased body fat
  • Weak muscles
  • Reduced bone and muscle mass
  • Exhaustion
  • Having trouble getting an erection
  • Cannot keep erection long enough
  • Decreased sex drive
  • Poor sperm quality
  • Low sperm count
  • Infertility

Aside from watching out for these warning signs to know if your testosterone levels are low, you should also get a testosterone levels test.

What is a testosterone levels test?

A testosterone levels test is a type of test that determines the amount of testosterone in your body. Also known as serum testosterone test, it requires your blood sample to measure if your testosterone levels fall within the ideal nanograms per deciliter (ng/dL) range.

In men, a testosterone level is considered healthy and good if it is between 270 ng/dL and 1070 ng/dL, or somewhere close to the average level of 679 ng/dL. Usually, those in their early 20s, who are at the peaks of their sexual and fertility functions, have levels that are right up there.

What are the steps involved in a testosterone levels test?

If you want to undergo a testosterone levels test, and are curious about what happens, the process typically goes as follows:

  1. First, a health worker will clean the spot where a sample of your blood will be drawn. Usually, it is the inside of your elbow or the back of your hand.
  2. They will try to create a blood pool in your vein by tying an elastic band around your upper arm.
  3. Then, using a sterile needle, they will draw your blood specimen into a tube.
  4. Once your blood sample is collected, they will untie the elastic band around your arm and remove the needle from your vein.
  5. To prevent bleeding and bruising, they will apply pressure onto the insertion area, and then apply a bandage.
  6. Your blood sample will be forwarded to the laboratory for closer examination.

Experiencing some discomfort, throbbing, or pain after the procedure is normal, and you should feel better in no time. Try to keep your arm relaxed, and avoid subjecting it to strain or pressure so soon after.

What should you do after receiving your testosterone levels test results?

If your testosterone levels test results show that your testosterone levels are normal, meaning they are between 270 ng/dL and 1070 ng/dL, then you are fine. You should stop worrying, and continue living a healthy lifestyle that keeps you in tip-top sexual shape.

testosterone hormone therapy

If your testosterone levels test results are low, meaning they are below 270 ng/dL, you should talk to your doctor right away. Low testosterone may be a sign of some underlying disease that may genetic or chronic in nature. There is also a possibility that it is caused by certain issues with your pituitary gland, which is an important organ in your brain that facilitates growth, fertility, and other essential bodily functions.

If your testosterone levels are high, meaning they are over 1070 ng/dL, you should pay your doctor a visit too, as high testosterone is typically associated with tumor in the adrenal glands, which are necessary in the management of your body’s blood pressure, heart rate, and other functions; or testicles, which is where your sperm is produced.

What can you do to boost your testosterone levels?

There are different methods that can help increase your testosterone. Some examples are:

Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT)

This is a form of treatment that is administered through injections, gels, or patches. It offers several benefits, including improving your sex drive, enhancing your energy levels, boosting your mood, and promoting better sperm count, quality, and motility. However, if not properly supervised by a health professional, you can become at risk of various negative side effects, such as stroke, blood clots, heart attack, liver problems, enlarged prostate, and tumors.

Weight loss

This is a natural way to boost your testosterone levels. According to a study, men who are overweight or obese do not only have higher risk of diabetes and cardiovascular disease, but they also exhibit low testosterone levels. By losing those extra pounds, your body will be able to perform its different functions more efficiently, and allow you to live a long and healthy life.

Increased zinc intake

This is another natural testosterone boosting method that should help with your testosterone levels. The mineral zinc is essential in regulating your body’s testosterone levels, protecting you against hypogonadism, erectile dysfunction, and other sexual health concerns. Examples of good zinc sources are beans, whole grains, nuts, lobster, and crab.

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How Can I Fix My Erectile Dysfunction?

Has getting an erection become more difficult for some reason? Are you and your partner starting to have relationship problems due to unsatisfying intimate moments? What should you do to get your penis to perform at its best and improve your sex life?

What is erectile dysfunction?

Having difficulty getting an erection is a common problem in a lot of men. If it happens only from time to time, it is not something that you should worry or panic so much about. However, if it is a recurring issue that has started to seriously negatively impact your sex life, it should be paid more attention to. It needs to be checked by a medical professional in order to find out what is going on.

Erectile dysfunction is a medical condition that is characterized by the inability to get and/or maintain and erection for sex. It can strike men of all ages, but is most common in older men. Once you reach the age of 40, your likelihood of developing erectile dysfunction spikes up to 40%, and once you turn 70, your odds get close to 70%.

What are the common causes of erectile dysfunction?

The common causes of erectile dysfunction can be physical or psychological.

Examples of physical causes include:

smoking causes erectile dysfunction
  • High cholesterol levels
  • High blood sugar levels
  • High blood pressure levels
  • Heart disease
  • Obesity
  • Diabetes
  • Alcohol and/or drug abuse
  • Smoking
  • Sleep disorders

And, examples of psychological causes are as follows:

  • Anxiety
  • Stress
  • Depression

How do you know if you have erectile dysfunction?

You have erectile dysfunction if you manifest the following warning signs:

  • If you are having trouble getting an erection
  • If you cannot maintain your erection long enough
  • If you experience a decrease in your libido or sexual desire

How do you cure your erectile dysfunction?

There are many natural cures and treatment solutions for erectile dysfunction. As this health problem is usually brought about by bad habits and lifestyle choices, simply living cleaner and healthier can make a big difference.

1. Quit smoking

Did you know that cigarettes contain several harmful and hazardous elements that can severely damage your lungs and other vital body parts? If you are a smoker, you should quit as soon as possible to minimize the negative effects of smoking. The more nicotine there is in your body, the higher your risks of lung cancer, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, stroke, esophageal cancer, oropharyngeal cancer, aortic aneurysm, and other diseases are.

2. Lose weight

Are you aware that being overweight or obese can hurt not only your heart but also your penis? For a pleasurable sexual experience, your penis has to receive the right amount of blood during sexual encounters. But, if you are out of shape, making that happen can be difficult. People who are dealing with excess pounds and fats are prone to various heart problems that impair their cardiovascular functions. As a result of that, pumping enough blood to be distributed to the different parts of your body, including your penis, can be difficult. For the good of your sexual health, you should start your weight loss journey as soon as possible.

3. Have a regular exercise routine

Do you detest exercise and prefer to spend your time just sitting on the couch, watching television, or sleeping? Because of the long list of benefits that exercises can offer the body, it is necessary for good health — physically, mentally, and sexually. Even for just 30 minutes three times a week, you can improve various aspects of your conditioning, including having a more efficient weight loss journey, reduced stress and anxiety, and better blood flow. So, why not try going out for a run around your neighborhood at night or walking your dog in the morning to get your heart and other muscles working?

4. Minimize your alcohol intake

Do you follow the recommended amount for moderate alcohol consumption released by the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention? According to it, men should not exceed two drinks per day and women one drink per day. Failing to do so makes you at risk of the harms and dangers that alcohol can cause, such as liver disease, cancer, pancreatitis, ulcer, brain damage, high blood pressure, heart attack, and stroke.

5. See a therapist

visiting a shrink

Are you struggling with your mental health so much that it impacts your sexual relationships and encounters? Sometimes, erectile dysfunction can be a result of dealing with stress, anxiety, depression, and other mental problems. To fix that, you should go find a therapist who can address these concerns. Be honest and do not hesitate to share with them your struggles and hardships that may be contributing to your erectile problems.

How do you stay away from erectile dysfunction?

To not put yourself in danger of erectile dysfunction, you should commit to making healthy lifestyle choices and eliminating all terrible habits.

You can start by consulting a doctor and undergoing a medical examination to find out what the root cause of your penile problem is. You may have heart disease, diabetes, or some other chronic health problem that is making getting and keeping an erection impossible during sex.

You should also make a major overhaul of your day-to-day routines. Take a look at your usual diet, and determine which ones are healthy and which ones are junk. Make fruits, vegetables, lean meat, and other healthy foods a constant in your daily meals. Avoid or at least minimize your consumption of soda, chips, burgers, fries, beer, and other foods high in sugar, fats, salt, and preservatives.

If you smoke or use drugs, quit immediately. Cigarettes, tobacco, and illegal drugs have nothing beneficial to give you, and they can only bring harm and damage to your heart, lungs, liver, brain, and other important body parts. Do not forget to get your mental health checked too, and find a mental health professional who can help you get through your mental health issues.

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Is Banana Good For Erectile Dysfunction?

What a lot of people may not know is that bananas are not only good for physical health but also for sexual health. This fruit is a natural erectile and sexual booster that every man should have in their daily diets to enjoy many satisfying and pleasurable moments in the bedroom.

Bananas contain many essential nutrients that are greatly beneficial to the brain, heart, skin, penis, testicles, and other vital parts. For good health, experts recommend eating two bananas a day, probably after a meal, as a snack, or added as an ingredient to your favorite dishes.

Read further to learn more about the benefits of bananas.

What nutrients are found in bananas?

Wherever you are, finding bananas at a local market or grocery store is not that hard. This fruit is one of the most commonly eaten in the world, and that is for several good reasons. Below are the important nutrients that you can avail of if you eat bananas:

  • Potassium

This nutrient can help lower your stress and anxiety levels, and reduce your risk of kidney disorders, heart disease, high blood pressure, and stroke. It can also enhance your nervous and muscular systems, and boost your metabolism.

  • Magnesium

This nutrient is essential in bone health. It facilitates efficient calcium absorption, and protects you against anxiety, headaches, heart complications, and diabetes.

  • Vitamin C

This nutrient can help keep your immune system in great condition to fight off various infections and diseases. It also plays an integral role in lowering your risk of cardiovascular problems, eye disease, and skin disorders.

  • Fiber
man enjoying a banana

This substance can help promote better digestion of the foods that you eat, and absorption of all the vitamins and minerals that you feed your body with. It is valuable in healthy and effective weight loss, and regular bowel movement.

  • Vitamin A

This vitamin takes on a big role in developing and keeping your bones, teeth, white blood cells, and soft tissue strong. It can also protect your immune system from free radicals.

  • Protein

This nutrient is vital to the building and repairing of muscles. It serves as the building block of skin, cartilage, blood, muscles, and bones, and facilitates the production of hormones, enzymes, and other essential chemicals in the body.

  • Vitamin B6

This vitamin can promote good brain development and function. It is also crucial to the creation of certain body hormones, such as serotonin and norepinephrine, which are important in regulating your mood and stress levels.

  • Niacin

This nutrient is also called vitamin B3, and it is needed by your body for lowering your risk of brain dysfunction, arthritis, and high cholesterol.

  • Manganese

This mineral possesses very potent antioxidant properties that can help in the development of bones, sex hormones, and connective tissues. It also enhances your body’s calcium absorption, metabolism, blood glucose, and nerve and brain functions.

  • Iron

This mineral is necessary for the proper transport of oxygen in your blood. It also helps prevent anemia and other blood-related problems.

What is erectile dysfunction and how is it treated?

Erectile dysfunction is a widespread health problem in men. Also called impotence, it is the inability to get and/or maintain an erection for sexual intercourse. Around the world, there are an estimated 150 million men who have it. It usually strikes men who are older, but can also afflict those who are in their 20s.

A study found that once you reach the age of 50 years, your likelihood of getting erectile dysfunction is around 33.5%, and, when you turn 60 and then 70, the odds rise to 51.5% and 69.2%, respectively. And, if you get to your 80s, your risk increases even more to 76.2%.

It is important to consult your doctor the moment you experience the warning signs. To properly diagnose you, your doctor may do a physical exam on you by carefully examining your testicles and penis to check for your nerve sensations; or require you to undergo a urine test, a blood test, an ultrasound, or a psychological exam to figure out the cause of the problem, which can be due to diabetes, heart disease, low testosterone, depression, or some other underlying health conditions.

For treatment, you may be prescribed oral medications, such as avanafil and sildenafil, and asked to make a serious lifestyle change, such as eating a healthy and balanced diet.

How can bananas help treat erectile dysfunction?

banana as flaccid penis

Because bananas are a great source of many essential nutrients, you should make sure to include it to your diet. This fruit’s potassium content is high, so it can keep your heart in perfect condition for good blood flow and circulation.

Men who are fit and have healthy hearts have no trouble getting hard and long-lasting erections every time they have sex. Because their hearts are working right, their blood pressure levels are normal, and the blood flow to the different parts of their bodies, including their penises, are guaranteed.

With enough blood in the penis, your sex drive is heightened, and your erection should be stronger and firmer than ever. Your penile performance should improve, and you and your partner will have many great intimate moments together.

What are some simple yet healthy banana recipes that you can prepare at home for improved erectile function?

1. Healthy banana smoothie

This healthy banana smoothie recipe will only need three ingredients: frozen bananas, non-dairy milk, and almond or cashew butter.

To make it, slice frozen bananas into smaller pieces for easier blending. Get your blender out, and add in all three ingredients. Then, blend until you achieve your desired consistency. Serve.

2. Healthy banana split

For this healthy banana split recipe, you will need bananas, granola, Greek yogurt, pineapple, strawberries, and a cherry.

To make it, dice the bananas, pineapple, and strawberries. In a cup, add in yogurt first, followed by granola, and diced fruits. Place another layer of yogurt, then top the mixture with a cherry.

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Why You Shouldn’t Worry About Impotence When You Take Male UltraCore

Impotence or erectile dysfunction can be very troublesome and frustrating. It can make you feel less sure of yourself and impair your sense of manliness. It may also have negative impacts on your relationship and social interactions.

It’s a good thing that Male UltraCore, the latest and most revolutionary supplement for male sexual performance enhancement, can help you with your erection problems. Find out how Male UltraCore can dramatically boost your erectile function.

Amazing Pro-Erectile Herbal Ingredients

One thing that sets Male UltraCore apart from other male enhancement pills is its unique combination of pro-erectile and pro-sexual herbal ingredients. There are many other sex enhancement supplements that make use of a polyherbal formula, but none of them makes use of the same potent pro-sexual herbs found in Male UltraCore.

For one, the sheer number of herbs used in the Male UltraCore formula already guarantees amazing effectiveness in boosting your erectile function and sexual performance. Male UltraCore contains Long Jack, also known as Tongkat Ali, KSM-66 Ashwagandha, fenugreek, Horny Goat Weed, Tribulus terrestris, maca, and the list goes on.

And the makers of Male UltraCore didn’t just randomly pick these herbs. All of them  are highly effective and have been scientifically proven to exhibit pro-sexual and pro-fertility properties.

all good down there

For instance, Tribulus terrestris was tested on men with mild to moderate erectile dysfunction. The results of the study, published in 2017, showed that men who took Tribulus terrestris supplements for three months experienced significantly greater improvements in their erectile function scores.

On top of that, the men treated with Tribulus terrestris supplements also showed higher scores for sexual desire, intercourse satisfaction, orgasmic function, and overall function. This is only one of the numerous studies that prove the effectiveness and safety of Tribulus terrestris in treating erectile dysfunction.

Tongkat Ali, Ashwagandha, maca, and Horny Goat Weed have been subjected to similar studies wherein their effects on erectile dysfunction were tested. Numerous studies have already established that these herbs are all very helpful in treating erection problems.

What’s even more amazing than the fact that the herbal ingredients used in Male UltraCore are effective in treating erectile dysfunction is that these herbs work in various ways.

It’s as if these herbal ingredients are attacking the problem of erectile dysfunction from different angles, the combined effects of which result in a dramatically enhanced erectile function. What this means for you is that you can be assured of the effectiveness of Male UltraCore in improving your erection and enhancing your sexual performance.

Incredible Sexual Health Benefits

These herbs allow Male UltraCore to offer a vast number of sexual health benefits. You’ll experience not only improvements in your erectile function but also increases in your testosterone levels, libido, erection quality, erection frequency, and sexual stamina. And that doesn’t even include the pro-fertility effects of Male UltraCore.

Because many of the herbs in Male UltraCore helps to raise your testosterone levels, you can expect to see huge improvements in your sex drive when you take Male UltraCore. And an increase in your testosterone levels will also contribute to improvements in your erection.

Fenugreek is one of the reasons why Male UltraCore is able to effectively raise your free testosterone levels. The herb actually helps you maintain high free testosterone levels by preventing aromatase and 5-alpha reductase from taking your circulating testosterone molecules and converting them to other hormones.

Fenugreek is particularly helpful for obese men with erectile dysfunction. Obesity in men is usually accompanied by low testosterone levels because belly fat contributes to the increased production and activity of aromatase.

On top of inhibiting aromatase activities, fenugreek also helps you manage your weight. And when you lose weight, it will have downstream positive effects on your sexual function and performance, including increasing your testosterone levels and enhancing your erection.

However, fenugreek isn’t the only testosterone-boosting herbal ingredient found in Male UltraCore. Tongkat Ali, Ashwagandha, Tribulus terrestris, and Horny Goat Weed also help raise your testosterone levels.

In addition, Tongkat Ali, Horny Goat Weed, and Ashwagandha also have pro-erectile and pro-fertility properties. For instance, the pro-erectile properties of Horny Goat Weed are largely due to the actions of icariin which exhibits phosphodiesterase-5 (PDE5) inhibitory effects.

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Just like other synthetic PDE5 inhibitors such as sildenafil and tadalafil, icariin also makes it possible for impotent men to achieve erections again. However, unlike those prescription medications for impotence, Horny Goat Weed offers other health benefits, thanks to its antioxidant properties.

If you’ve got atherosclerosis, that’s another reason why you should take Male UltraCore. Atherosclerosis causes your blood vessels to become damaged because of the plaque build-up inside the walls of your arteries. This leads to blood vessel dysfunction which, in turn, can contribute to erectile dysfunction.

However, icariin in Horny Goat Weed actually exhibits several anti-atherosclerosis functions such as correcting endothelial dysfunction and preventing DNA damage. Thus, on top of the direct positive effects of Horny Goat Weed on your penis, this amazing herb also helps prevent erectile dysfunction caused by atherosclerosis.

Many of the herbs used in the formulation of Male UltraCore offer amazing health benefits. Tribulus terrestris, for instance, has protective effects against diabetes, and so does fenugreek.

This is excellent news for men with diabetes-related erectile dysfunction. Diabetes is actually one of the most prevalent types of medical conditions that cause impotence. That’s because the disease causes damage to the nerves and blood vessels in your penis.

And when your penile nerves and arteries are not functioning well, your erectile function, unfortunately, becomes impaired. Your penile arteries won’t be able to deliver sufficient blood to your penile erectile tissues, so you’ll have erection problems.

And your penile nerves won’t be able to transmit signals of sexual stimulation to and from your brain. Fortunately, Tribulus terrestris and fenugreek can help lessen the negative impact of diabetes on your sexual performance.

The Bottom Line

Taking Male UltraCore can help you get rid of your erection problems. Plus, you also get to enjoy a lot of other health benefits, thanks to the numerous herbal ingredients found in Male UltraCore.

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5 Signs That Say Your Testosterone Levels Are Dangerously Low

Low testosterone levels are bad for your overall health, not to mention the fact that it will definitely ruin your sex life. You may not know it, but your levels of testosterone may already be dropping and causing changes in your mood, physical well-being, and sexual health.

If you haven’t had your testosterone levels tested recently, there are several signs that can warn you of a possible hormonal problem. If you notice any of the five signs discussed below, you’ll need to do something about your testosterone levels. You should take Male UltraCore to raise your levels of testosterone back to normal.

#1 Difficulties in Getting a Hard-On or Maintaining One

By itself, testosterone does not cause an erection. But it does help you maintain normal erectile function by facilitating the production of nitric oxide in your penis. You need a lot of nitric oxide because it’s the one that triggers the production and secretion of cGMP.

Sometimes referred to as the molecular trigger of erections, cGMP is the compound that makes it possible for your penis to start receiving an inflow of blood, which, in turn, is necessary in order for your penis to grow big and stand erect.

Low testosterone levels are not the only cause of erection problems. But you can be sure that if your levels of testosterone are way below the normal range, you will start experiencing difficulties in achieving erections. In fact, men with extremely low testosterone levels almost always develop erectile dysfunction.

#2 Loss of Interest in Sex

man refusing naked woman in bed

Since testosterone is crucial for the regulation of your sex drive, you’ll most likely experience a drastic drop in your libido when your testosterone levels drop below normal. This is also a common factor why elderly men with decreasing testosterone levels suffer from declining libido.

However, the kind of decrease in your libido that you experience when your testosterone levels suddenly and drastically drop is different from the loss of libido caused by aging.

Aging-related decreases in sex drive often happen gradually. On the other hand, a sudden and extreme drop in your testosterone levels will cause a drastic change in your libido.

#3 Extremely Low Sperm Count and Semen Volume

Your body uses testosterone not only for your sexual function and performance but also for your fertility and reproductive health. You actually need testosterone in order for you to normally and efficiently produce sperm. And your developing sperm cells also need testosterone so that they can mature normally.

This means that if your testosterone production is insufficient, your sperm production will be negatively affected. The lower your sperm production goes, the less your semen volume would be. The quality of your sperm will also decline. In short, your fertility will definitely suffer if your testosterone levels drop abnormally low.

#4 Reduced Muscle Mass and Strength

The reason why many bodybuilders and athletes take testosterone supplements is that this all-important male hormone plays a crucial role in building muscle mass. Conversely, a reduction in your muscle mass and strength usually happen when your testosterone levels drop.

Men with hypogonadism, a condition characterized by extremely low production of sperm, testosterone, or both, tend to have low muscle protein synthesis. In fact, a 2017 study notes that hypogonadism is highly associated with low physical activity, as well as reduced muscle mass.

Sarcopenia or cachexia is a condition that’s commonly described as muscle loss due to aging. Elderly people who are over the age of 70 are highly vulnerable to this condition. According to a 2018 paper published in The World Journal of Men’s Health, testosterone therapy may be beneficial in treating sarcopenia.

#5 Increased Body Fat

man gaining weight

If you’re starting to develop some bulk in your midsection, the increase in your body fat could be a sign that your testosterone levels are dropping. In fact, even if you don’t consider yourself obese, your fatty midsection could already be doing great damage to your testosterone levels.

Your belly fat is a source of aromatase, the enzyme that makes estradiol from testosterone. The bulkier your abdominal fat gets, the more aromatase you produce. And an increase in aromatase activity will surely cause your free testosterone levels to nosedive.

This actually helps explain why obese men often have extremely low testosterone levels. They usually have high levels of aromatase activity, which then results in a reduction in their free and total testosterone levels.

How to Raise Your Testosterone Levels Back Up

Not all men are suited to, qualified for, or have access to testosterone replacement therapy. And this is why natural testosterone boosters are very helpful. You don’t need a prescription, nor would you need to spend a lot of money on fenugreek or Tongkat Ali supplements.

Both fenugreek and Tongkat Ali are considered excellent herbal testosterone boosters. Fenugreek inhibits aromatase while Tongkat Ali promotes testosterone synthesis by your Leydig cells. If you’re looking for a natural, cost-effective, and safe way to boost your testosterone levels, you can’t go wrong with Tongkat Ali and fenugreek.

And that’s why you should take Male UltraCore. It’s one of the best testosterone-boosting sex enhancement supplement available on the market today. With Male UltraCore, you get more than just fenugreek and Tongkat Ali.

This superior male enhancement pill is actually loaded with so many herbs that can help raise your testosterone levels. The unique and effective formula of Male UltraCore makes it possible for you to experience a sustained increase in your testosterone production and absorption.

Male UltraCore contains KSM-66 Ashwagandha, zinc, Tribulus terrestris, Horny Goat Weed, and so many other potent herbs that are good for your reproductive and sexual health. What’s great about Male UltraCore is that it’s formulated to give you amazing improvements in your sexual function and performance.

With the combined actions of zinc, fenugreek, KSM-66 Ashwagandha, Tongkat Ali, Horny Goat Weed, and Tribulus terrestris, you will definitely see great improvements in your free and total testosterone levels, resulting in an improved libido, erectile function, and overall sexual performance.

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How Fenugreek Effectively Boosts Your Testosterone Levels

Testosterone is crucial not only for your sexual health but also for your muscle growth, hormonal balance, and overall health. That being said, when your testosterone levels are suboptimal, you may end up suffering from a lot of health problems.

One way for you to naturally raise your free and total testosterone levels is by taking a supplement that contains fenugreek. A healthful herb with various benefits, fenugreek can help you maintain proper hormonal balance. Find out why fenugreek is such a popular herbal testosterone booster.

Signs That Warn You of Low Testosterone Levels

For men, there are many signs indicating you have low testosterone levels. Hair loss is perhaps the least problematic symptom of low testosterone levels, although it may be the most aesthetically troublesome.

The other low testosterone symptoms, however, have more serious effects on your health. For instance, loss of muscle mass and strength can make you weak and prone to fatigue. You may also develop testosterone deficiency-related osteoporosis. Your mood may also suffer.

More importantly, low testosterone levels can wreak havoc on your sexual performance. Your libido will surely decline, and your erectile function will definitely be negatively affected. Your fertility will suffer, too, as your sperm and semen production will decrease. All these sexual health problems can also result in relationship issues.

Fenugreek Helps You Maintain High Levels Of Free Testosterone

If you’re already seeing some of the symptoms of low testosterone levels, you need to start taking fenugreek supplements. Fenugreek, or Trigonella foenum-graecum as it is scientifically called, has been proven to improve free testosterone levels by almost 50%.

buff guy high in testosterone

In a 2017 study, for example, fifty male volunteers took a fenugreek seed extract supplement daily for twelve weeks. Compared to the volunteers’ free testosterone levels prior to treatment, their levels of free testosterone increased by as much as 46%. The researchers also noted a 1.08-fold increase in the participants’ total testosterone levels.

More than 85% of the volunteers also saw improvements in their sperm counts. There were also improvements in sperm morphology, mood, mental alertness, and cardiovascular health. The researchers also observed significant improvements in the libido of the male volunteers.

In a previous study published in 2010, scientists were able to shed light on the mechanism of action by which fenugreek helps raise testosterone levels. According to the researchers, fenugreek exhibits inhibitory effects on both aromatase and 5-alpha reductase.

The aromatization of testosterone is the process wherein the enzyme aromatase converts androgens into estrogens. Aromatase binds with testosterone molecules and converts them into estradiol. Age and obesity can cause increased aromatase activities, which is why elderly men and obese men often suffer from low testosterone levels.

The enzyme 5-alpha reductase, on the other hand, reduces testosterone into dihydrotestosterone. Thus, the combined actions of both aromatase and 5-alpha reductase can cause your free testosterone levels to significantly decrease.

But because fenugreek can block both aromatase and 5-alpha reductase, this amazing herb helps you to maintain high levels of free testosterone. That means you get to have more available testosterone to use for your sexual and reproductive functions.

The Best Fenugreek Supplement

If you think you need a supplement that contains fenugreek so that you can raise your testosterone levels, you should try Male UltraCore, the top supplement for sexual performance enhancement.

Male UltraCore does indeed contain fenugreek. In addition, Male UltraCore also contains other proven testosterone boosters such as Tongkat Ali, Tribulus terrestris, and zinc. Both Tongkat Ali and Tribulus terrestris have positive effects on your testicular testosterone synthesis, which then results in an increase in your total testosterone levels.

On the one hand, you need zinc because your body will have problems producing testosterone if your zinc levels are low. In fact, men with zinc deficiency have consistently been found to have low testosterone levels, as well as subnormal fertility.

The Amazing Benefits Of Male UltraCore

On top of increasing your testosterone levels, you can also gain many other sexual health benefits when you regularly take Male UltraCore. For one, your libido will dramatically increase due to the testosterone-boosting and aphrodisiac effects of Male UltraCore.

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Your erectile function will also greatly improve. That’s because Male UltraCore contains several active ingredients that help improve the quality of your erection. With L-arginine, Horny Goat Weed, and KSM-66 Ashwagandha included in the Male UltraCore formula, you will definitely notice dramatic improvements in the hardness and size of your erection.

L-arginine, a safe and powerful vasodilator, makes it possible for your the arteries inside your penis to dilate. When those blood vessels are dilated, it can lead to an increase in the volume of blood that’s flowing into the erectile chambers in your penis.

More blood going into your phallus means your erection will be much bigger and firmer. The more your penile arteries dilate, the bigger your erection will be. And because Male UltraCore also contains herbal ingredients that help prevent your penis from becoming flaccid, you’ll definitely be able to enjoy your erection for longer periods of time.

Hence, with long-term usage of Male UltraCore, you can expect not only dramatic improvements in your testosterone levels but also a huge increase in your erect penis size and rigidity, as well as in your ability to maintain your erection.

In addition, you can also expect your sexual stamina to increase because Male UltraCore contains maca and Tongkat Ali. These herbs help to boost your energy and endurance, which means you will have more energy and stamina when you engage in sex.

If you used to require a whole day to recover from sexual activities, you would see that with long-term use of Male UltraCore, your recovery period will significantly decrease. This means that as you continue to use Male UltraCore, you’ll be able to engage in sex more energetically and more frequently.

For sure, your increased sexual stamina and vastly improved erection quality will greatly satisfy your partner. And when your partner is pleased with your sexual performance, you’ll surely enjoy a stronger, more intimate, and more satisfying relationship with your partner.

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