How Do You Know If She’s Really Having an Orgasm?

As a neophyte, it can be hard for you to tell if you’re really having an orgasm or not. Orgasm is a sign that you feel an intense physical pleasure due to the discharge of tension during sexual stimulation. According to Medical News Today, orgasm is felt during the peak of the sexual performance. It is a great feeling of sensation and pleasure, which results in the release of accumulated erotic tension.

According to a study published in NCBI, orgasm is a unique feature of human sexuality. The female orgasm is said to be only from sexual intercourse. But, orgasm from sexual intercourse is more experienced by men than women. And men experience orgasm not only during sexual stimulation, but there are more ways for them to feel such.

There’s no doubt that you love it when your partner has an orgasm. You are confident that you are making your partner become more satisfied with the sex. But there may be times when you feel like she is faking it. Anyway, orgasm doesn’t really mean that she manifests noise. Not all orgasms are the same. It may be different from day to day.

If you are not sure about her having an orgasm, you can ask her directly. But, if you are not comfortable doing it, then maybe you have to know if she’s really having an orgasm. 

A common sign of orgasm

moaning with pleasure

Most of us think that moaning or loud screaming is an accurate sign that she experiences an orgasm. Yes, it may be a good sign, but there are really some women who know how to fake it.

An article published on CNN explained that women moan not really because they are having an orgasm. Instead, they make noise in order to hasten the climax of their partner and to boost his self-esteem.

According to a study published in NCBI, female orgasm is mostly felt during foreplay, but vocalizations are made before and during male ejaculation. Moreover, women moan in order to be relieved from fatigue, pain, discomfort, and boredom during sexual intercourse. It only means that copulatory vocalizations do not necessarily reflect female orgasm. 

If you just heard her make noise for the first time and if she suddenly becomes quiet, while shaking or breathing deeply, then maybe it’s more of a sign of orgasm. According to Rising Master, indeed, making a noise could mean that she is on her peak, but it may also mean that she wants you to believe that she is having an orgasm.

Best signs of orgasm

There are two simple ways when you are sure about her having an orgasm. When you both have an open and honest sexual relationship, your partner will probably tell you that she had just an orgasm. She is supposed to tell you whether or not she has climaxed.

According to WebMD, you experience emotional and physical changes when you are sexually aroused, and when you directly engage in sexual stimulations such as intercourse or at least masturbation.

You can tell if your girl has an orgasm, even if she doesn’t tell you directly, based on her reactions such as laughing, shaking, and tensing her stomach. If you are very familiar with her, you will identify whether she is faking it or not.

Anyway, don’t expect a lot of orgasm in women because according to Psychology Today, there is only 29 percent of women who experience orgasm during sexual intercourse as compared to the 79 percent of men who experience the same.

Around 1/3 of women have orgasms if the intercourse involves extra stimulation such as vibrators. Still, another 1/3 of women don’t feel any orgasm at all. In fact, 10 percent of women never experienced orgasm in their entire lives.

Biological signs of orgasm

Pupil dilation

According to Live Science, if you look at erotic images and become sexually aroused, your pupil will unconsciously react. The dilation of your pupils is an indication of your sexual orientation. It is a sign that you are turned on with the other person. 

Flushed face and chest

giving her pleasure

If you are wondering why you have that rosy flushed look during sex, it is actually because of the increased blood flow through your body. According to Healthline, sex can make your blood vessels dilate. The blood cells which carry oxygen can reach your face, which gives you that glowing look.

More lubricated vagina

A study published in NCBI ascertained the perception of women about vaginal wetness during sexual activities. Women prefer vaginal-penile intercourse in order to feel vaginal wetness, compared to lubricant use.

On the other hand, another study published in NCBI explained that women orgasm resembles male ejaculation as the external genitalia releases fluid during orgasm. But then, female ejaculation is rare, and it deserves great attention, although it is just a normal part of the female reaction when it comes to sex.


You have to know if your partner is really having an orgasm or not. Yes, it can hurt your ego if you found out that she is just faking it. But remember that women rarely experience orgasm. In the first place, orgasm doesn’t really equate to sexual satisfaction.

You will probably know if she has an orgasm based on her reactions. You may think that moaning or making noise in bed means that she already has an orgasm. But it’s not true all the time. Maybe, the best sign to determine orgasm is her biological reactions as it is an involuntary response of her body, which cannot be faked.

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How Often Should You Check Your Testosterone Level?

Produced by the Leydig cells present in testicles, testosterone is a male sex hormone that regulates a number of important body functions. Some important attributes in males, such as body shape, size, and strength, are mainly regulated by this hormone. Testosterone is not exclusive to men; it is also produced in female bodies in small amounts. It is the men, however, who need this hormone to be produced in optimal amounts in order to have normal day to day functions and for the proper building of body muscles and other body functions.

If testosterone production strays from the normal going above or below the required range, the body gets affected in several ways. Because this hormone is essential and if out of range, the effects can be dangerous, there is a dire need to keep a proper check on your testosterone levels and if need be, devise a proper therapy plan for it.

Why is there a need to keep a proper and regular check of your testosterone levels?

In women, high amounts of testosterone will lead to abnormal changes in body shape, male pattern baldness, growth of hair on the face and other body parts, and a deep voice tone. Women with higher than normal testosterone levels may also suffer from infertility.

In men, the hormone has more importance than women. Testosterone is a vital hormone in male bodies. Consequently, both low and high hormone levels produce the most unwanted outcomes in the body.

1. High levels of testosterone

If this hormone is produced in large amounts in the body, it will trigger early puberty in boys before the age of 9. Although this condition is rare, it can produce a lot of complications when it happens. Higher testosterone levels are also linked to prostate gland cancer.

2. Low levels of testosterone

low testosterone diagnosis

On the other hand, a low level of testosterone, a condition referred to as “hypogonadism” is more commonly seen and much more serious. Hypogonadism or low levels of testosterone may produce a number of unwanted effects such as infertility, the shrinkage of testes, erectile dysfunction, a lowered volume of ejaculation, decreased libido, loss of facial and body hair, enhanced body fat production, decreased muscle building, lethargy, fatigue, weak bones, lower red blood cell count, lower sperm count and many other effects.

Hypogonadism can be caused by injury to the testes, infection of the testicular cells, certain types of medication, obesity, and other factors that affect the normal functions of the organs or tissues that produce testosterone. More than 60% of people aged 60 and above suffer from this condition. It affects 4 to 5 million people in the United States, and though more common in older men, it can happen to anyone at any age.

Due to all of the above reasons, there is a need to keep a proper check and balance on your testosterone levels so that you can take timely reactions and seek treatment if you find any irregularity in your test results.

When to take the test and how often?

It’s a scientific fact that age is directly related to the production rate of testosterone. The normal range of testosterone in adult males is between 270-1070ng/dl at an average of 680ng/dl. The levels are at their highest when a person is of age 20 years. After that, they start to decrease with age.

As a person becomes older, the amount of testosterone decreases in the body, and the signs and symptoms of hypogonadism start to appear. At this point, the patient starts suffering from baldness, fatigue, impotence, lethargy, and weakness in bones and muscles.

According to New York Times, doctors often suggest that men who are suffering from erectile dysfunction should undergo a testosterone test from 8 am to 11 am because after this period, the testosterone level is usually high. But according to MDedge, early morning testosterone tests are applicable only for men who are below 45 years old. On the other hand, it is acceptable to take a testosterone test for men who are 45 years and older before 2 pm. If you are experiencing symptoms such as inability to achieve an erection, decreased sex drive, and overall tiredness, you may get a testosterone check.  This is the time to get blood levels of testosterone checked.

The test is pretty straightforward, you will be asked to provide a fresh blood sample, and it will be directed to a laboratory where it will be analyzed for both bound and unbound testosterone. The ideal time to be tested is early in the morning because that is the time when the testosterone levels are the highest in the body. After this, testosterone levels start to decrease and reaching their lowest levels around the afternoon and maintaining these levels for the rest of the day. The doctor may ask you to take the test multiple times, just to be sure. According to Healthline, repeat testing may be required in order to track changes in your hormone throughout the day. Remember that hormone levels vary from time to time.

If Normal

testosterone level blood test

If the results come out to be fine and the testosterone levels are within the normal range (more than 300ng/dl), then you have nothing to worry about. You have will still need to be aware of the signs and symptoms and seek treatment for them, but you won’t have to go through the test again. Keep in mind that taking the test once every 6 months after the age of 60 years or 70 years a safe practice for the sake of your health. Remember that low testosterone level is usually experienced during these ages, according to Healthline.

If Abnormal

If the results are not within the normal range (less than 300ng/dl), you need to seek treatment. There are many treatment plans for hypogonadism. Even with treatment, it takes some time for testosterone levels to return to normal, and your doctor may advise you to take the test from time to time during this period. It is important to follow your doctor’s instructions and take the test as many times as deems necessary in order for your doctor to be able to monitor your progress.


The sign and symptoms of low hypogonadism are sometimes overlooked. However, it is essential to be aware of the changes in your body and to seek professional advice if you start exhibiting symptoms of this condition. The testosterone level test is not in any way more challenging than a regular blood test, all you need to do is have a blood sample taken, and the laboratory will take care of the rest. Follow the treatment plan provided by your physician and voice any questions or concerns you may have. After all, your health should be your priority.

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How Sex Drive and Exercise are Directly Related

We all know that regular exercise can combat us from various chronic conditions such as osteoporosis, diabetes, and heart disease. Surprisingly, sex can actually improve our sex life. Although sex can be a form of exercise, exercise can make us experience better sex.

Regular exercise serves as a natural Viagra for men. Exercise helps decrease the risk of erectile problems. According to a study published in Springer, men who engaged in vigorous exercise for nine months become more active and satisfied in sex. It only shows that exercise greatly improves sex lives.

On the other hand, women who engaged in physical activities are reported to have increased sexual interest, arousal, and satisfaction. According to an unusual study published in Science Direct, women who engage in exercise showed to be more sexually aroused on X-rated films compared to those who did not engage in physical activities prior to watching.

Yes, exercise can help us relieve stress and make us feel energetic. It can make us feel great about ourselves, especially that it also gives us more self-confidence. No doubt that exercise can give a positive consequence in our sex lives.

Let us dig further! Let’s discuss how sex drive and exercise are directly related.

Exercise can make a positive body image

sex and exercise

Regular exercise can help us lose weight and achieve sexy bodies. Having a positive body image can help us build our self-esteem. It can make us confident, sexy, and attractive. If we love how our body looks, we probably want to show it off to our partners.

According to a study published in NCBI, body image affects sexual satisfaction in women. Body image includes sexual attractiveness, physical condition, weight concern, and thoughts about the body. It shows that women are sexually satisfied if they have high body esteem.

Indeed, our body image can really sink in our minds during sex. According to Psychology Today, there are two kinds of issues that sexually affect women- how she sees herself and how she thinks others see her.  Negative body image experienced by women disrupts their desire, enjoyment, and responsiveness in sex.

Exercise can help enhance sexual performance

A study published in Springer ascertained how the sexual behavior of men is enhanced by exercise. It was concluded that men who frequently engage in physical activities are more likely to have frequent intimate activities, reliable sexual functions, and satisfying orgasm.

Men suffer from erectile dysfunction due to a lot of cardiovascular risk factors such as obesity, metabolic syndrome, hypertension, and physical inactivity. According to a study published in NCBI, in order to reduce the risk of erectile dysfunction, men should engage in more physical activities.

Contrary to popular belief, a study published in NCBI shows that men who are highly exposed to the regular, chronic, intense, and greater duration of training are most likely to experience a decreased libido. It suggests that the degree of endurance exercise training performed by men is a factor that may cause sexual disorders.

Another study published in NCBI concludes that increased physical activity is linked with better sexual function in young, healthy men. But we need to consider the long-term effects of vigorous exercise on sexual disorders, especially as men age.

Exercise has the same benefits as women when it comes to sexual performance. According to a study published in NCBI, exercise can increase the physiological sexual arousal of women. Exercise can bring various changes in our body, including changes in neurotransmitter levels, hormone levels, autonomic nervous system activity, and mood.

Another study published in NCBI found out that more frequent exercise can be beneficial for post-menopausal women because it helps in improving their sexual function. In fact, regular exercise can increase breathing, muscle activity, and heart rate, which can aid in enhancing sexual satisfaction and sexual performance.

Exercise can reduce stress, which could eventually affect our mood

Stress can make our libido suffer. According to Medical News Today, the adrenal glands release the steroid hormone cortisol due to stress. Too much of this hormone can bring adverse effects in our body, including decreased sex drive.

Since exercise can help us produce endorphins, we will less likely feel stressed, which means that we can have a better mood and a great sex drive. According to Johns Hopkins Medicine, we can reduce our depression if we engage in physical activities. If we remain depressed, our libido will most likely be affected. In short, exercising regularly can make us have sex more often.

Exercise can help us perform different sex positions

erotic yoga

Exercise such as yoga can make us become more flexible than any other. This is great if we want to discover more positions during sexual intercourse. Well, we need to have the strength and flexibility to help us perform different sex positions. In fact, strength training exercises can help increase libido.


We already learned that exercise could give a positive impact on our sex life. But we should take note that too much exercise can also be not good for us. Exercise may help us relieve stress, but too much of it can make us feel physically exhausted, which can eventually affect our sexual performance, much worse sex interest.

Also, there are many factors to consider on how physical activities can affect our sex drives such as our sex, age, and physical condition. It is suggested that we should stick to a stricter exercise in order to obtain long term benefits in our sex life.

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Is My Lower Sexual Activity Causing a Drop on My Testosterone Level?

You may find yourself less interested in sex from time to time. Don’t worry, and it’s common. There will come a time when you will not be sexually aroused with your partner. Maybe, you just have low libido at that time.

According to Healthline, decreased interest in sexual activity for a long period of time may be a serious concern, especially that there are cases when it is an indicator of various health problems. Why do you think you are losing interest in sex?

Low Testosterone causes low sexual interest

Testosterone is a vital hormone that is responsible for various functions in your body, such as to stimulate sperm production and to build muscles and bone mass. The level of testosterone in your body also affects your sex drive.

In fact, the sexual desires of men are typically higher compared to women according to a study published in NCBI. The reason for this is that the testosterone level of men is higher than women. Studies usually show that the higher the level of testosterone, the greater the sexual desire.

boredom in the bedroom

The level of testosterone of every individual varies. According to guidelines from the AUA, the normal testosterone level is 300 ng/dL and above. If your testosterone level is below the mentioned number standard, then you probably have low testosterone.

It is worth understanding that your testosterone will most likely decrease as you age. That’s why your interest in sex also decreases. It’s just a normal part of aging. But, if the decrease is so drastic, you need to seek help from your doctor.

Low sexual interest causes low testosterone

There are already a lot of studies that suggest that low testosterone causes low sexual interest.  New results suggest that lower sexual activity can actually decrease your testosterone level.

According to Dr. David Handelsman of the ANZAC Research Institute, the decrease in testosterone level is the result, instead of the cause of low sexual desire in men. He also said that this widely known interpretation is the major reason why people tend to overuse testosterone over the last decade.

According to WebMD, you can have better testosterone levels if you engage in more sex.  It was discussed that if you stay sexually active, you will most likely have other good habits such as exercising more and eating better. In fact, it described that sexual activity is a sign of good healthy habits.

Probably, if you maintain good health and remain physically active, you will achieve a normal testosterone level, which will eventually lead to good sex lives. So, yes, lower sexual activity can cause a drop in your testosterone level!

Side effects of low testosterone

Since it was found out that lower sexual activity can actually decrease your testosterone level, you should understand its side effects:

Sexual function

You already know what testosterone can do in your sex drives and libidos. According to Healthline, you will most likely experience fewer erections, infertility, and reduced sexual desire.

Perhaps, one of the most well-known conditions related to sexual function is erectile dysfunction. According to a study published in NCBI, although erectile dysfunction is not mainly caused by a low level of testosterone, deficiency in testosterone is linked with a decline in erectile function. 

Physical changes

Since testosterone is a very crucial hormone in increasing bone and muscle mass, growing body hair, and maintaining masculinity, its decrease can actually lead to a few physical changes in your body. You may likely experience increased body fat and fatigue and decreased muscle mass and body hair.

Sleep disturbances

Do you know that your sleeping pattern is actually affected by low testosterone? According to a study published in NCBI, your testosterone level is actually reduced when you are suffering from various sleeping disorders such as abnormalities of sleep duration, quality, and disruption. 

snoring, sleep apnea

Perhaps, one of the most serious sleeping conditions is sleep apnea. It stops and starts your breathing while you are sleeping. This can disrupt your sleep and can increase your risk of various complications, like stroke.

According to a study published in NCBI, sleep apnea can decrease testosterone secretion, as well as increase the risk of aging and obesity. But, even if you are not suffering from sleep apnea, your testosterone level is still affected by the hours of sleep.

Emotional changes

Do you know that low levels of testosterone can actually result in emotional changes? It has the capacity of changing your mood that it can lead to feelings of depression or sadness. Some people feel less motivated and low self-confidence due to a low level of testosterone.


Studies may confuse us as to the relationship between sexual activity and testosterone levels. Studies ascertain that a low level of testosterone lowers sexual interest. On the other hand, there are also studies that show that sexual interest results in a low level of testosterone.

But there is one thing in common: both are tested and proven by experts. Although the level of testosterone normally decreases as we age, we should make sure that this decrease does not involve various health complications.

Indeed, low sexual activity can cause a drop in your testosterone level. If that’s the case, then you should know why you need to boost your sexual desire. And if you are still discouraged from having sexual activity with your partner, learn the side effects of low testosterone levels. You will probably realize how crucial sexual activity in your testosterone is.

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Ways to Shock Your New Woman in the Bedroom

Do you want to impress your new woman in bed? Well, everyone wants sex. But there are times when you have to do something in order to make your partner want it more.

Usually, men would complain that women lack communication and interest in bed, while women complain that men usually perform too short foreplay.

If you want to shock your new woman in bed, without compromising your inner freakiness, try to do the following:

Educate yourself

If you want your woman to feel more pleasure, you should know what it means. Well, you already know how to give yourself pleasure. In fact, you have been practicing it for many years.

And remember that men can experience orgasm in just a few minutes, as compared to women who achieve orgasm longer and sometimes none at all. According to a study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, orgasm is less predictable in women, and they less likely experience it.

Turn her on

Although some women act demure, women love sex as much as men do. According to Men’s Health, most of the time, women don’t want to initiate sex. But, do you know that 66 percent of men want women to make the first move?

You can do something like tempting her, teasing her, or chasing her. You can give her a few kisses. Or maybe, you can bring her closer to you. Let her know that you want intimate pleasure. If you make her comfortable with making the first move and if you give her the drive to do that, then you will most likely get her attention to make love with you.

Learn her unique points for pleasure

satisfying sex on top of table

Since women are less likely to experience orgasm, it is a plus if your new woman can experience it with you. In fact, according to Psychology Today, many men aim to provide women with earth-shattering orgasms. If you can make an erotic scene that’s relaxed, arousing, and comfortable, your woman will most likely reach the climax.

Moreover, you need to learn the unique points of women, including her breasts, legs, and the clit in order to stimulate them. If you reach different areas of her body, for instance, by giving a massage or oral sex, she will most likely appreciate it.

Know various sexual techniques

According to a study published in NCBI, women will less frequently experience orgasm, and it will not be aggravated by practicing masturbation or by having sex with different partners during their lifetime. The key to giving her orgasm depends mainly on relationship and mental factors.

But then, women give importance to their partner’s orgasm than their own. Since you want to give her the sexual pleasure that she always wanted, you should learn the ability to have concentrate, initiate, and perform various sexual techniques.

Realize what pleasure means to her

What is pleasurable to men may not be pleasurable to women and vice versa. Remember that all women are unique. Your previous partner may want you to do this or that, but it doesn’t mean that your new partner likes it too. It’s not always the same for different kinds of women.

According to Fit Yourself Club, you will be able to know what your woman likes based on her reactions. You will probably know what your new woman enjoys depending on her response to a certain act. Take your time and learn what she wants.

Inform her what you want

If you are only concerned about your orgasm, then maybe you don’t need to have a partner. It is a two-way street, so you should know what she wants and in return, let her know what you want. Although you can feel pleasure alone, as you can masturbate by yourself, having a partner can be more pleasurable and satisfying.

According to Elite Daily, you are actually responsible for letting your partner know what you want in bed. Of course, it’s better to show her what you want, instead of just telling it to her. Besides, not all women can read minds.

Communication is the key

sharing a romantic sensual morning

The key to a happy sex life is communication. In fact, sexual communication and sexual satisfaction are linked. It shows that if you are not that sensitive about sexual topics, you are most likely comfortable talking about it even while having sex.

Aside from that, communication when having sex is very crucial when it comes to public health. For instance, if you are uncomfortable asking whether she likes having a condom or not, you will probably be at higher risk of sexually transmitted infections.  


If you want to shock your new woman in bed, you should not let her feel that she is forgotten in bed. In the first place, giving pleasure is a two-way street. She gives you what you want, and you give her the utmost sexual pleasure.

Besides, making her become satisfied in bed is not only for her, but it is also for you. Make your new woman experience something that is worth remembering. Just come to think about this, 75 percent of men have an orgasm, but only 25 percent of women have an orgasm.

Although there is a high difference between men and women when it comes to achieving orgasm, women do not necessarily need to reach orgasm to become satisfied in sex. Learn a few tips on how to make her enjoy sex with you. Turn her on, determine her sexual points, and know how to make her satisfied in bed. Perhaps, sexual satisfaction is the key to make her become happy in bed.

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FDA Recalls on Male Enhancement Pills

When it comes to purchasing male enhancement pills, it can’t be stressed enough that men really need to be both discerning and careful. Just this year alone, the US Food and Drug Administration has issued more than 10 public notifications regarding tainted sexual enhancement products.

In May of this year alone, at least three male enhancement supplement products were recalled for containing undeclared sildenafil or tadalafil, which are active ingredients in FDA-approved prescription medications for erectile dysfunction. Find out which male enhancement pills to avoid and how you can spot tainted sex enhancement supplements.

FDA Public Notifications on Medication Health Fraud

Dietary supplements are technically over-the-counter products; hence an FDA approval isn’t legally required before they can be sold in US markets. However, it is within the authority of the FDA to test these products, and to issue notifications and recall orders if a product is found to be unsafe or contains hidden drug ingredients.

If you visit the FDA’s site for tainted male enhancement products, you’ll find that most of the public notifications issued by the agency involved products that were tainted or contained undeclared active drug ingredients.

fit guy with male enhancement pills

Among numerous male enhancement supplements recalled by the FDA, the common factor is that those recalled products contained sildenafil or tadalafil. When such active ingredients are undeclared, consumers wouldn’t know that such supplements could be harmful.

Both sildenafil and tadalafil are prescription medications, which means that you should only take them when a doctor has determined that you need such medications. One of the reasons why such drugs should be sold only to those with prescriptions is that they can cause negative side effects such as extremely low blood pressure.

In addition, both sildenafil and tadalafil may also interact with other medications, especially with medications usually taken by people who have hypertension, heart disease, diabetes, and high cholesterol levels.

Examples of Tainted Male Enhancement Pills

For men who are planning to use supplements for sexual enhancements, here’s a list of products that were found by the FDA as tainted and possibly harmful. If you happen to come across these products, you may want to think twice about using them.

Silver Bullet 10x

Manufactured by Nature’s Rx, quantity lots of the product were recalled early this year. Testing of the product revealed that Silver Bullet 10x actually contained undeclared tadalafil and sildenafil, posing serious health risks especially to consumers taking nitrates medications.

Titanium 4000

Early in May of this year, D.B.P. Distribution issued an announcement that they were voluntarily recalling all lots of Titanium 4000. Marketed as a male enhancement supplement, Titanium 4000 was found by the FDA to have contained both sildenafil and tadalafil.

The Beast

In May, STIFF BOY LLC, the manufacturer of The Beast, issued an announcement that they were voluntarily recalling the product. The Beast was found to contain undeclared sildenafil, which was the reason for the recall.

Platinum 40000 Aphrodisiac Capsules

The voluntary recall of all lots of Platinum 40000 Aphrodisiac Capsules was announced by the manufacturer, SD Imports, on April 9, 2019, following the FDA’s finding that the product contained an unapproved ingredient. Marketed as a male enhancement supplement, the Aphrodisiac capsules were found to contain sildenafil.


Organic Herbal Supply announced the voluntary recall of all lots of XtraHRD natural male enhancement capsules back in February of this year. When the FDA analyzed the product, XtraHRD was found to contain tadalafil.

Rhino male enhancement products

Including Platinum Rhino 25000, Gold Rhino 25000, and Krazzy Rhino 25000, the FDA has identified numerous male enhancement products sold under variations of the name Rhino.

These products are often sold at convenience stores, online, and at gas stations. Rhino male enhancement products are associated with complaints such as severe headaches, chest pain, and even prolonged erections. Many of these Rhino products have been found to contain either sildenafil or tadalafil, or both.

Germany Black Gorilla

Laboratory analysis conducted by the FDA revealed that sildenafil is contained in the male enhancement supplement Germany Black Gorilla. In a public notification, the FDA warned consumers from using or purchasing the product.

How to Avoid Tainted Male Enhancement Supplements

There are several signs that can tell you the male enhancement product you’re eyeing may actually be of low-quality or tainted. Remember these tips before you actually purchase a sexual enhancement supplement.

  • Avoid single-dose products
medical professional holds out tablets

Even prescription medications such as tadalafil and sildenafil take several doses before you can actually see improvements in your erectile function. Male enhancement supplements sold in single-dose packs most likely won’t be able to give you the results you’re looking for.

  • Avoid products with no ingredient list

All dietary supplements are required by the FDA to have label statements such as the ingredient list, nutrition labeling, and the manufacturer’s name and place of business. If you can’t find any of this information on the product label, you may be looking at a tainted male enhancement supplement.

  • Avoid buying products which don’t have their own official websites

A huge number of male enhancement supplements are available online. However, not all male enhancement products have their own website.

Manufacturers of high-quality sex enhancement supplements usually invest in promoting their products online, including building and hosting a website just for that product alone.

Websites for legit male enhancement pills typically contain detailed information about the product and not just a link that you can click on if you want to purchase it.

  • Avoid buying a product if you can’t any solid information about it after researching

When you’re buying a sex enhancement supplement, you’re investing not only in your sex life but in your overall health as well.

Buying a low-quality and tainted male enhancement pill can only lead to sexual frustration since you’re not getting the results you’re expecting. Plus, it can also lead to various health problems like headaches, chest pains, and dizziness.

If you research a male enhancement product and you’re not finding any solid and credible information about it, you may be looking at a bogus, tainted, or counterfeit sex enhancement pill.

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Do All Women Queef?

Imagine switching from one sex position to another and suddenly hearing a weird, fart-like sound coming from your partner’s vagina. That’s called a queef, and it simply refers to air being released from a woman’s sex organ.

It certainly doesn’t sound sexy, no thanks to the fact that it sounds as if your partner just farted in the middle of what you thought was some wild lovemaking. But it certainly isn’t the same as farting and it doesn’t smell at all. It’s totally natural, and women shouldn’t be embarrassed about it. Here’s what you should know about queefing.

What Is It Exactly?

If you can imagine letting the air out of a balloon, that’s almost similar to what a queef is, except that the air isn’t coming out of a balloon. Instead, it’s coming out of your partner’s vagina. It’s just air making a certain sound, really.

Queefing is normal and it’s no cause for concern at all. When your partner queefs, it doesn’t mean you have to stop having sex, even if your partner is feeling like she wants to die of shame right then and there.

awkward sex

Most women find queefing extremely embarrassing, but you shouldn’t make fun of your partner if it happens to her in the middle of your lovemaking. If you want, you can think of it as proof that you were very diligent, if not rough and intense, while you were hammering your penis into her sex organ.

How Does a Queef Happen?

A little bit of physics is actually involved when a queef happens. When a woman is sexually stimulated, she secretes fluids that basically lubricate the insides of her vagina. The vaginal walls naturally come in contact with one another. This causes a suctioning effect that happens naturally.

And when you add your penis, your fingers, or a sex toy to the equation, then you get a situation wherein air gets pushed inside the vaginal canal. The more vigorously you thrust inside your partner’s vagina, the higher the chances that air gets pushed inside it.

There’s usually a little bit of air inside the vaginal canal, but too much air in there can feel a little uncomfortable, although it’s not typically associated with a health risk. Nevertheless, the air needs to be pushed out of the vaginal canal. And queefing accomplishes exactly that.

Although the sound isn’t nice to hear at all, queefing is absolutely normal, although it does tend to occur at the most inopportune and embarrassing moments. In fact, queefing can also happen even when a woman isn’t having sex.

Intravaginal feminine hygiene products can also result in air pockets being trapped inside the vaginal canal. Yoga and other stretching exercises can also cause a woman’s vagina to relax and open, which can then lead to air entering the vaginal canal.

Coughing, strenuous activities, squatting, and changing positions can cause the trapped air to be expelled from the vaginal opening.

When Is Queefing Dangerous?

Queefing while mid-sex doesn’t pose any health risks at all. However, when queefing happens during certain circumstances, it could be a sign of something far more serious. Queefing after childbirth is actually quite common, but it’s also a sign that giving birth has caused the woman’s pelvic floor muscles to weaken.

When queefing is accompanied by pain or discomfort, blood, a foul odor, urine leakage, or feces, that’s definitely a cause for concern. Any woman experiencing such should immediately see a doctor.

The same goes if the vaginal tissues are swollen or inflamed, or if the woman has just recently had an abdominal, pelvic, or gynecological surgery. Queefing while undergoing radiation therapy to the pelvic area may also warrant a visit to the doctor.

Vaginal fistulas are the most problematic causes of queefing. A fistula occurs when one of your organs gets linked with another organ that it’s not supposed to be connected to. A vaginal fistula can happen when a hollow chamber forms between the vagina and another pelvic organ.

This is quite dangerous because it can lead to even more serious conditions like cancer. For instance, a vesicovaginal fistula is associated with cervical cancer, as well as cancer involving the uterus and vagina.

A vesicovaginal fistula happens when the urinary bladder becomes connected to the vagina. This can result in pain, discomfort, urine leakage, or abnormal watery discharge. It may also cause constant queefing.

For women who suffer from an inflammatory bowel disease or who have had an abdominopelvic surgery, chances of developing an enterovaginal fistula are higher. This type of vaginal fistula occurs when an abnormal opening connects the vagina and the small intestine.

Enterovaginal fistula is typically accompanied by abdominal pain. In addition, a woman who has enterovaginal fistula may also often experience passing gas from the vagina.

Can Queefing During Sex Be Prevented?

Queefing should never be considered as something shameful or embarrassing. You can’t really completely prevent it from happening. Nevertheless, if it’s too embarrassing for you or your partner, you can try to minimize the chances of a queef happening mid-sex.

hot sex in bed

You should know that the more you thrust, the higher the chances of air getting pushed inside the vagina. Thus, one way to lessen the chances of a queef from occurring is by reducing in-out thrusting motions. You can grind in circular motions instead.

Doing this, however, may affect your sexual enjoyment. If you believe that an insignificant poofing noise shouldn’t affect your sexual satisfaction, then, by all means, thrust away.

If you don’t want your partner turning away in embarrassment and quitting mid-sex, you can do something to lessen the chances of a queef from happening. When you’re changing positions during sex, you can keep your penis inside your partner’s vagina.

Your penis will basically keep the air trapped inside your partner’s vaginal canal and prevent it from gushing out. When air can’t get out, a queef won’t happen. Of course, you may find it challenging to keep your penis inside your partner when you’re switching to a doggy position. You can also just ignore it when your partner queefs. It’s normal anyway.

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What Exercises Burn the Most Belly Fat?

Having a chiseled torso isn’t just sexy, it is also a badge of honor that tells the world you have been working hard on keeping fit and taking good care of your body. On the other hand, carrying that extra weight around your belly not only means that you’ve been skipping your gym sessions. It also means you are at risk of various diseases.

Having a large paunch increases your risks of high blood pressure, heart diseases, diabetes, heart attack, Alzheimer’s disease, and stroke. Plus, belly fat affects your hormones including your testosterone levels. To get rid of that extra visceral fat, here are six of the most recommended belly fat-burning exercises.


The burpee is an explosive exercise that targets several muscles all at once. It’s a great workout for revving your metabolism, which means you will be able to quickly burn fat and lose that pot belly. Try ten quick reps by following these steps.

  1. Assume a standing position and spread your feet apart.
  2. Assume the frog position by lowering your upper body and placing your palms on the floor.
  3. Push your legs backward to get into a push-up position.
  4. Perform 1 push-up.
  5. Jump back into the frog position.
  6. Stand up and perform 1 jump.

Mountain Climber

The mountain climber exercise, just like burpees, also targets several muscle groups. With this routine, you’ll be working out not only your upper and lower abs but also your glutes, quads, and hamstrings. Try doing 25 repetitions for two sets.

  1. Assume the plank position and make sure that your elbows are placed directly below your shoulders.
  2. As you lift your right foot, bend your knee and pull it close to your chest.
  3. Do the same for the other side.

To maximize the calorie-burning effect of this workout, try doing it as if you’re running. It will be hard work on your muscles, but if you do it every day, you’ll certainly see immediate results. This exercise engages your core every time you lift a foot, so it’s really great for losing belly fat.

Kettlebell Swing

If you’ve got the equipment, the kettlebell swing is an excellent workout for speeding up your heart rate and burning calories. Every repetition will allow you to engage various fat-burning muscles like your quads, glutes, and core.

kettle bell swing
  1. Stand with your feet spread slightly apart.
  2. Hold a kettlebell in front of you. Make sure you use both hands to carry the kettlebell and let it hang in between your legs.
  3. Bend forward at your hips.
  4. Swing the kettlebell up to shoulder level. As you swing, make sure you tense your glutes and you thrust your hips forward.
  5. To keep your feet in place and counter the momentum of the kettlebell as you swing, engage your core and clench your abs.


When your goal is to lose your belly fat, you can’t avoid crunches as they’re a great way to exercise your lower and upper abs. You can start with two sets of 12 repetitions each, and then you can increase the number of reps and sets later on.

  1. First, lie flat on your back.
  2. Bend your knees and lift both your feet.
  3. Hold the back of your head with your fingers and lift your head.
  4. One repetition entails moving your upper body and bringing your head close to your knees.

Bicycle Crunches

Crunches are your ole reliable when it comes to working out your abs. To make it more fun, try doing bicycle crunches too. This exercise not only works wonders for your lower and upper abs, but it’s also great for your quads, hamstrings, glutes, and obliques. Two sets of 12 reps are recommended.

  1. Assume the same starting position as crunches.
  2. Instead of keeping your knees raised together, push one leg down while extending it straight.
  3. As you extend one leg, curl up and twist your upper body to the opposite side.
  4. Do the same for the other leg.

Medicine Ball Slam

Medicine ball slams work out all the muscles from your neck down to your hips. If you do it quickly enough and with more power, you’ll be able to increase your heart rate really fast so you can burn excess fat more quickly.

  1. Assume a standing position and keep your feet about shoulder-width apart.
  2. Hold the ball aloft over your head using both hands.
  3. Slam the ball towards the floor using as much power as you can.
  4. Catch the ball and do another repetition. You can start off with 10 reps per set.

Tips for Getting Rid of Belly Fat

Working out is a great way to lose some of that extra weight around your middle and keep your body toned. However, watching what you eat is also necessary if you’re really serious about getting rid of your belly fat. Here are some tips for you.

  • Eat more foods rich in soluble fiber
fiber rich food

Foods that are rich in soluble fiber are known to help in weight loss because they make you feel full. Plus, they also help slow down the passage of food through your digestive system, as well as help you fight belly fat.

Studies indicate that the more soluble fiber you eat, the less likely you’ll gain belly fat. The best high-fiber foods for losing weight include flaxseed, legumes, Brussels sprouts, broccoli, lima beans, raspberries, guavas, figs, artichokes, pomegranate seeds, and blackberries.

  • Avoid foods high in trans fats

If you don’t want your pot belly to grow bigger, you need to avoid foods that contain a lot of trans fats such as margarine, packaged foods, spreads, and baked goods.

Trans fats have been found to increase the risks of insulin resistance, thus leading to diabetes. It’s also associated with cardiovascular diseases, inflammation, and abdominal fat gain.

  • Avoid drinking alcohol in excessive amounts

If you’re guzzling several bottles of beer every time you get off work, your beer belly is just going to grow bigger and all those sessions at the gym will just go to waste.

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How Can I Burn 3,500 Calories A Day?

If you’ve been trying to shed off some unwanted weight, you may have already heard of the 3,500-calorie threshold. That’s the number of calories that you should target in order to burn a pound of unwanted fat.

As you can guess, burning that much calories in a day take a lot of hard work and discipline. You can’t just rely on exercising alone; you also need to carefully watch your calorie intake. It can be done, however, if you really put your mind to it. Here’s how.

It’s A Numbers Game

Losing a pound a day requires careful balancing of numbers. On one hand, you need to be strict when counting how much calories you consume. On the other hand, you need to make sure that the calories you burn are actually more than what you consume.

Burning more than 3,000 calories in a week is actually very doable. But doing it in a day literally requires hours and hours of intense exercise plus strict dieting. Note that 3,500 calories represent the number of calories you need to burn in order to lose a pound of fat.

This means that if you consume 2,000 calories in a day, then you need to burn 2,000 calories plus 3,500 more calories in order to lose a pound. You probably won’t be able to do it just by exercising alone, so you really need to watch what you’re eating.

You also need to remember that your body needs fuel in order for you to be able to exercise and move about. That means you can’t skip eating altogether. You’re going to have to eat something to provide your body with the fuel you need.

Cutting Calories

Forgoing low-nutrition items that are high in calories is an excellent way to cut down on calories. This means avoiding ice cream, baked goods, candy, soda, and chips. As you may already be aware, these foods are so high in calories, but they don’t really give you energy.

healthy vs junk food

For foods that you absolutely need to eat, try replacing high-calorie items with those that have lower calorie counts. For instance, if you can’t start your day without coffee, instead of ordering a flavored latte, go for black coffee instead. A 16-ounce flavored latte can contain more than 200 calories while black coffee contains less than 10.

If you’re looking for something refreshing and craving for soda, try sparkling water instead. You’ll save yourself hundreds of calories. You’ll also save about 60 calories if you replace whole milk with skim milk.

Reducing portions is also another excellent way to cut down on your calorie intake. If you eat only half of your usual portion, that means the number of calories you need to burn will be greatly reduced.

Foods That Promote Weight Loss

When you need to shed pounds, there are certain foods you need to avoid like baked goods and chips. On the other hand, numerous foods have been scientifically proven to help support weight loss.

Eggs, for instance, are nutrient-dense and very filling. This means that if you restrict your calorie intake, you would still be able to get most of the nutrients that you need if you eat eggs. Plus, studies have also shown that eggs can increase feelings of fullness while suppressing your appetite.

Leafy greens like collards, spinach, and kale are also great for increasing your meal volume while keeping your calorie intake low. Plus, leafy greens also contain high concentrations of fiber, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.  

Cruciferous vegetables such as cabbage, Broccoli, and Brussels sprouts are excellent sources of various nutrients, including protein and soluble fiber. Plus, they’re also excellent alternatives for those who prefer plant-based proteins.

On the one hand, if you’re looking for a high-protein diet, your best bet will be chicken breast and lean beef. You can actually lose around 100 calories more per day if you stick to a high-protein diet. On top of that, you can reduce your cravings for snacks by as much as 60% of you increase your protein intake.

Working Out

The number of calories you burn will actually depend on your weight, age, what kind of exercise you’re doing, as well as your exercise intensity levels. To give you an idea, a person weighing 160 pounds would burn 365 calories for every hour of low-impact aerobics. An hour of water aerobics, however, can help you burn around 402 calories.

fit female kettle bell exercise

To reach your goal of burning 3,500 calories in a day, you can try running at 5mph. Per hour, you’ll be able to burn approximately 606 calories. But that still means you’ll need to continue running for about 6 hours every day just to reach your daily goal of 3,500 calories.

You can also try bicycling at 12-13.9 mph which can help you burn 240-355 calories for every 30 minutes. That’s the same number of calories you can burn for each half hour of backstroke swimming or rock climbing.

Exercises that can help you burn 400 calories or more every 30 minutes include boxing, running cross-country, bicycling at 14-15.9 mph, running at 6 mph, and rope jumping. Vigorous swimming, especially when doing breaststroke, butterfly, or crawl, can also help you burn more than 800 calories per hour.

If you find competitive activities more motivating, karate, judo, and kickboxing are also excellent ways to burn close to 900 calories per hour. If you train for 4-5 hours every day, you can easily reach your goal of burning 3,500 calories. Handball, bicycling at more than 20 mph, and running at 10 mph or faster can help you burn more than a thousand calories per hour.

The Bottom Line

Burning 3,500 calories and losing a pound per day isn’t an easy thing to accomplish. But if you’ve set this as your goal, then you need to carefully plan your weight loss program. A combination of a low-calorie diet that’s high in nutrients and a well-designed workout program will help you achieve your goal.

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What It’s Really Like to Shoot a Sex Scene

There’s a lot of on-screen sex these days that it seems a movie or TV series seems incomplete without it. As viewers, we often see actors and actresses passionately enjoying sex.

If they’re really good at acting the scene out, they can make us want to have wild and passionate sex too. But we all know it’s just acting. Nevertheless, movies like Fifty Shades of Grey make us curious about how they actually shoot a sex scene. Here’s what you should know.

Props for Faking It

The one thing that we really have to remember about movie and TV sets is that everything that you find in there is contrived. The set is designed to depict a certain mood or ambiance. The lighting is controlled and various props are put in place for specific reasons.

In fact, actors and actresses who are shooting sex scenes almost always use props. They’re acting, and they’re not supposed to have real sex with actual penetration, which is why they need to use props to protect themselves. Plus, they’re shooting the scene in front of so many people, so they also need to protect themselves from being completely exposed.

  • Merkins

Sometimes a sex scene calls for the actress or actor to show some pubic hair. Understandably, not all movie stars are comfortable with showing the world their pubic hair. Instead, they use merkins which are basically pubic wigs.

  • Modesty Patches

For actresses, the modesty patch is one of the most common props for shooting sex scenes. The patch covers the pubic area and prevents accidental penetration. It also helps protect the modesty of the actress, considering that the sex scene is being shot in a room full of production staff and crew.

  • Modesty Pouch

When shooting sex scenes, actors usually wear a modesty pouch to conceal their private parts. But back when modesty pouches weren’t used yet, actors actually used tube socks to cover their penis.

naked woman with nipple pasties
  • Pasties

The pasty basically works as a nipple patch. It’s worn over the nipples when shooting a scene that depicts breast nudity.

  • Flesh-Colored Underwear

In scenes where actors and actresses have to bare a lot of skin, flesh-toned underwear help protect the movie stars from being completely naked in front of the camera.

  • Prosthetic Genitalia

For very explicit sex scenes, prosthetic genitalia comes in handy. These props are usually made of silicone, and it can take hours to put the prosthetic on. The plastic genitals do look real, but the actors don’t really feel anything because their private parts are completely covered in plastic.

  • Exercise Balls

You’d probably be disappointed if you found out that those steamy woman-on-top sex scenes that look so real on-screen are actually filmed while the actress is doing her best acting while sitting on top of an exercise ball. 

  • Menstrual Pads

If you think using an exercise ball as a prop for shooting a sex scene is weird, that’s nothing compared to menstrual pads. In HBO’s Girls, there’s a hot but controversial anilingus scene. The actress actually had a menstrual pad taped over her backside.

What About When Filming Porn?

couple porn

Because it’s porn, shooting it is obviously completely different compared to when sex scenes are filmed for movies. The main difference is that porn stars actually have physical sex, regardless of whether it’s vaginal, anal, or oral.

Hence, you’ll see real genitals and real penetration in porn. But that doesn’t mean that porn stars don’t need to make any other preparations before they shoot a sex scene. In reality, the sex marathon that you see when you watch porn takes several hours of filming and there are numerous breaks in between.

Porn actresses who are required to shoot an anal sex scene have to go through a lot of preparations. For one, they have to perform an enema just to make sure they’re clean. And they have to starve themselves before a shoot or at least limit their food consumption so that they won’t have to go to the bathroom.

When male porn stars are cast, the size of their penis is usually taken into consideration. True, most male porn stars are well-endowed, but in truth, a lot of them take male enhancement pills and even penis injections before shooting a scene.

It’s not really natural that a man would be able to maintain an erection for hours on end. And filming a porn movie does take several hours or days. It’s not easy to get an erection on demand, thus the need for sex enhancement supplements.

Male Enhancement Supplements for Bigger Erections

With so many male enhancement pills available today, it isn’t impossible anymore for a man to achieve bigger erections. The problem, however, lies in choosing the most effective sex enhancement supplement that can actually help you achieve a bigger hard-on.

For those who aren’t sure which male enhancement pill to buy, it’s important that you should check out the manufacturer and ingredients first. Because it’s such a huge market, there are many manufacturers that produce low-quality sex enhancement pills.

If you’re going to pop a pill to enhance your erection anyway, you might as well choose the best product. That being said, there are certain herbal ingredients that have been scientifically studied and proven effective in treating erectile dysfunction and improving erection quality.

There’s a very good reason why Horny Goat Weed is a widely used natural ingredient for many sex enhancement supplements. And that reason is called icariin, an antioxidant compound found in Horny Goat Weed.

Icariin has many medicinal properties, including fighting cancer cells. Plus, it acts as a natural erection enhancer, just like sildenafil. Horny Goat Weed actually works best when it’s taken in combination with L-arginine, Tribulus Terrestris, and Tongkat Ali.

While Horny Goat Weed helps make your penile tissues relax, L-arginine and Tribulus Terrestris increase your nitric oxide production and enables your blood vessels to dilate more widely.

This leads to increased blood flow which then makes your erection bigger. Tongkat Ali then helps you maintain your hard-on for a longer period by preventing your penis from becoming flaccid.

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