The Best Supplements for Your Erectile Function

When you’re really in the mood for sex, having to deal with erection problems right in front of your partner can really kill the mood. Not to mention the fact that it can cause a huge misunderstanding resulting in relationship issues.

If it’s happening over and over again, you may want to discuss it with your doctor or take supplements to improve your erectile function. If you don’t know which supplements would be good for you, the following four supplements have been scientifically proven to be beneficial for men with erection problems.

#1 L-Arginine

If you want to be able to get a hard-on, a healthy supply of NO or nitric oxide can definitely help. What NO does is that it stimulates the nerves that act on the muscles you need in order to get an erection.

Nitric oxide stimulates your production of a compound called cGMP, which scientists sometimes refer to as the molecular trigger that initiates the complex erection process. 

Your corpus cavernosum is one of two regions filled with smooth muscles. When those smooth muscles contract, your penis stays flaccid because blood can’t flow into your erectile tissues. As soon as those smooth muscles relax, blood will start to flow in because your penile arteries will also relax and dilate. And nitric oxide makes them dilate more.

In short, L-arginine increases your production of nitric oxide which, in turn, promotes penile smooth muscle relaxation and penile artery dilation. The end result, as you can imagine, is a fully erect penis.

To get more of L-arginine, you can eat more red meat, fish, and turkey meat. Alternatively, you can simply take a male enhancement pill that contains L-arginine. It’s better if it also has Horny Goat Weed.

#2 Horny Goat Weed

holding pills for your penis

The reason why L-arginine and Horny Goat Weed is such a good combination is that Horny Goat Weed helps you to easily achieve high concentrations of cGMP in your penile tissues while L-arginine helps to trigger your penile tissues to produce cGMP.

If you don’t use Horny Goat Weed, the enzyme PDE5 will just break down whatever cGMP you’re making. If PDE5 activities are higher than your cGMP production, you probably won’t be able to achieve an erection at all since your penile smooth muscles won’t relax long enough for blood to sufficiently fill your corpus cavernosum.

By interfering with the activities of PDE5, Horny Goat Weed enable cGMP to quickly accumulate in your penile tissues. This means you’ll be able to quickly and easily achieve an erection. If you’ve been wondering how you can get a prescription for little blue pills like sildenafil, you should try Horny Goat Weed first since they actually work the same way.

#3 Tongkat Ali

If you’re going to take L-arginine and Horny Goat Weed to boost your erectile function, it would be best if you can also take Tongkat Ali, another herb that’s also good for male sexual health, but one that works through a different mechanism of action.

Whereas L-arginine is good for your nitric oxide levels and Horny Goat Weed is good for your cGMP levels, Tongkat Ali, on the one hand, helps prevent penile smooth muscle contraction. This means that Tongkat Ali prevents your penis from becoming detumescent or flaccid, so you can enjoy sex longer.

But that’s not the only thing that you get out of Tongkat Ali. One of the most effective when it comes to improving testosterone synthesis, Tongkat Ali has a wealth of benefits for men. It’s also a potent aphrodisiac and an excellent male fertility enhancer.

In various scientific tests, both involving animal models and human trials, Tongkat Ali has been proven beneficial for those with fertility problems, erection problems, sex drive issues, as well as sexual stamina issues.

Plus, for men whose erection problems are mainly due to their unwholesome stress levels, Tongkat Ali is also known to help improve the body’s stress response. Studies confirm that Tongkat Ali can indeed help reduce cortisol levels, which is the hormone that your body produces in elevated levels when you’re under stress.

The problem with cortisol is that it can hinder your testosterone levels which then results in low libido and poor erectile function. By reducing symptoms of stress and improving your stress hormone profile, Tongkat Ali can help elevate your mood so that you’re in a better frame of mind for sex.

#4 Ashwagandha


if it’s stress and anxiety that you’re really worried about and which you think is causing your erection problems, Ashwagandha would work best in combination with Tongkat Ali. In Ayurvedic medicine, Ashwagandha is sometimes referred to as the king or queen of herbs, mainly due to its numerous health benefits.

The overall effect of Ashwagandha is that it rejuvenates you. This famous Ayurvedic herb helps to increase your energy, relieve your stress, and reduce symptoms of anxiety so that you just feel better and healthier in general.

Not only that, but Ashwagandha also helps in raising your testosterone levels, which is also good for your overall health. And similar to Tongkat Ali, Ashwagandha is also known to help improve sperm parameters like sperm count and motility. Plus, the herb is one of the strongest aphrodisiacs and erection boosters in Ayurvedic medicine.

The Bottom Line

There are numerous herbs that can help improve your erectile function. The key is knowing how they work so that you’ll know which ones will give you the most benefit. When you take a combination of L-arginine, Horny Goat Weed, Tongkat Ali, and Ashwagandha, you can really expect to see dramatic improvements.

For best results, take Male UltraCore. It’s one of the most effective supplements for enhancing male sexual performance. That’s because Male UltraCore contains extremely potent erection boosters like Ashwagandha, Horny Goat Weed, Tongkat Ali, and L-arginine.

On top of that, Male UltraCore also contains zinc, Tribulus terrestris, and fenugreek, all of which are good for your testosterone levels. Plus, maca, damiana extract, and Butea superba are also included in the proprietary blend of Male UltraCore. All these herbs help ensure great improvements for your sexual performance.

What Makes Your Testosterone Levels Decline?

People used to think that declining testosterone levels were just a natural result of aging. Currently, however, it’s already widely recognized that low testosterone levels can also be caused by lifestyle, dietary, and health factors.

In truth, though, not everyone is aware of all the factors that can contribute to significant decreases in your testosterone levels. Continue reading to learn about the various reasons why your testosterone levels are declining.

Increased Conversion to DHT

When you reach 30 years, that’s when 5-alpha-reductase starts to get more active. It’s an enzyme that converts your circulating testosterone into DHT or dihydrotestosterone. The increased conversion of testosterone into another hormone results in a gradual decline in your testosterone levels.

But that accounts for just a one percent decline every year after you reach 30. This means that 5-alpha-reductase only causes a gradual decline in your testosterone levels. The problem, though, is not that your testosterone levels are dropping, but that DHT is associated with various male health problems.

For instance, DHT is considered a major cause of balding and hair loss. It’s also the culprit in prostate enlargement or benign prostatic hyperplasia. Plus, DHT can also increase your risks of certain cancers.

Medical Conditions

While it’s true that your risks of certain diseases increase when you have abnormally low levels of testosterone, it’s also true that certain medical conditions can also drastically reduce your testosterone levels.

overweight man with diabetes

Diabetes, for instance, can negatively affect your testosterone production. If you’re diabetic, it means that you’ve got high blood sugar levels that results in your pituitary gland not secreting enough luteinizing hormone.

That’s a problem because the cells in your testicles called the Leydig cells only produce testosterone when they get the signal from LH. This means that the lower your LH levels are, the lesser testosterone your Leydig cells will produce.

Environmental Toxins

If you get exposed to various environmental toxins like phthalates and pesticides, your endocrine system will suffer from the disruptive effects of these chemicals, thus impacting your testosterone levels. You can find these endocrine-disrupting chemicals in many household products such as household cleaning items and personal hygiene products.

If you already have low testosterone levels, try to avoid getting exposed to environmental toxins and endocrine-disrupting chemicals since those will cause your testosterone levels to further decline.

Phthalates, in particular, can cause reduced production of testosterone. Phthalates are actually notorious for their feminizing effects on male infants, especially if the mother was exposed to phthalates while pregnant.

Poor Diet

Eating lots of sugar-rich foods, processed foods, and saturated fat can make your testosterone levels nosedive. In contrast, a diet rich in plant-based foods can greatly improve your hormonal profile, as well as your overall health.

Your body needs several important nutrients in order to produce testosterone efficiently. Zinc, for example, is very important not only for your testosterone production but also for your reproductive health. Men with low testosterone levels can greatly benefit by increasing their intake of beans, oysters, and shellfish which are all rich in zinc.

Preventing Low Testosterone Levels

If you want to prevent your testosterone levels from dropping drastically, taking herb-based supplements can be beneficial for you. That’s especially true if you’re taking a supplement that contains known testosterone boosters such as fenugreek, Ashwagandha, and Tongkat Ali.

You can gain a lot of health benefits from fenugreek and not just an increase in your free testosterone levels. Fenugreek can actually stop 5-alpha-reductase from making DHT out of your free testosterone.

fenugreek seeds

On top of that, fenugreek is also good for those with diabetes since the herb increases your insulin sensitivity and helps lower your blood glucose levels. The anti-diabetic properties of fenugreek are especially beneficial for men, considering that diabetes not only makes your testosterone levels drop but it can also cause erectile dysfunction.

Ashwagandha is another excellent aphrodisiac and testosterone booster. Plus, it can also help increase your reproductive capacity. The herb is actually popular as a fertility enhancer, thanks to its positive effects on sperm count, motility, and morphology.

Ashwagandha not only raises your testosterone levels, but it also reduces stress and anxiety, as well as improves your erectile function and boosts your energy. These are similar to the benefits you can gain if you take Tongkat Ali supplements.

One of the most popular supplements for both sexual performance enhancement and athletic performance enhancement, Tongkat Ali offers a wide array of excellent benefits not only for your sexual health or reproductive function but also for your overall health.

Because it contains so many powerful antioxidants, Tongkat Ali has anti-aging, anti-cancer, pro-cardiovascular, pro-fertility, and pro-sexual effects. It’s known to improve the quality and quantity of your sperm, as well as boost testosterone levels and improve libido.

On top of that, Tongkat Ali is also beneficial for your sexual performance since it helps improve your erectile function and allows you to maintain your erection for much longer. And because it can ward off feelings of fatigue and increase your energy levels, Tongkat Ali is also beneficial for your stamina in between the sheets.

As if these benefits are not impressive enough, Tongkat Ali is also known as an effective stress-reducer. What this amazing herb does is that it improves your stress hormone profile, thus helping your body respond to stress better. This means that Tongkat Ali can help lower your cortisol levels when you’re stressed while raising your production of testosterone.

Other herbs that are also known to have positive effects on testosterone levels include Tribulus terrestris and Horny Goat Weed, both of which are rich in antioxidants, as well as potent sexual function enhancers.

On top of that, both Horny Goat Weed and Tribulus terrestris are also good for increasing your sperm concentration and semen volume, as well as improving your sperm morphology and motility.

But the best thing about these two herbs is that they’re very effective in improving your erectile function. While Horny Goat Weed can inhibit PDE5, Tribulus terrestris can increase your production of nitric oxide, the neurotransmitter and vasodilator that’s very important for your erection.

5 Simple Ways to Improve Your Performance in the Bedroom

If you’re dreaming of becoming a champion lover, there are several easy ways to up your game in the bedroom. When it comes to sexual performance, there’s always room for improvement, for the sake of your own sexual enjoyment, as well as for your partner’s sexual satisfaction.

You don’t have to move mountains to improve how well you do in between the sheets. Here are five awesome tips on how you can increase your partner’s satisfaction with your sexual performance and how you can become a better lover.

#1 Spend More Time on Foreplay

This is especially helpful for men who have difficulties maintaining their hard-on due to erectile dysfunction. When you take the time to make foreplay really pleasurable for you and your partner, you’re not only upgrading your sexual skills but you’re also increasing the level of intimacy in your relationship.

foreplay on the bedroom floor

You don’t have to get stuck in the belief that only penetrative sex matters, and that if you can’t get hard enough for penetrative sex, then you’re a bad lover. In truth, a lot of women actually value foreplay even more than they do intravaginal sex. And that’s a good thing, especially for men with erectile dysfunction.

#2 The Start-Stop Technique

For those who have problems controlling their ejaculation, the start-stop technique can help you last longer during sex. It sounds quite easy, but you do need to practice it so that you can gain absolute control over your ejaculation.

The idea is to stop all sexual stimulation when you feel you’re about to ejaculate. Control your breathing by taking deep breaths until you feel you can continue engaging in sex without immediately ejaculating. Stop again when you feel it’s necessary so that you can delay your ejaculation for as long as you desire.

#3 Experiment with Something New

Sex can begin to feel like it’s just routine when you’re always doing the same thing with your long-term partner. To spice up your sexual relationship, trying something new may help. You can experiment with new sexual positions or new sexual activities. For a change, you can also go somewhere else to have sex.

It doesn’t have to be a sexual activity. You can also try doing something new together, like trying out a new sport or an outdoor activity that you both haven’t tried before. Shared excitement over something new can help bring you closer together and increase your intimacy.

#4 Modify Your Lifestyle

Enhancing your sexual performance can be as simple as making simple changes to your lifestyle. What’s important is that you show your effort in making yourself healthier. When you’re healthier, you increase your body’s capability to engage in intense and satisfying sexual activities.

If you’re always feeling tired or out of breath, it’s highly likely that you won’t have the energy to enjoy intense lovemaking with your partner. If you’re always stressed or worried about work and other everyday matters, it’s also highly likely that you won’t be able to focus on sex.

Even just quick sessions of moderately intense exercise can actually already help improve your health and sexual performance. If you can’t run for at least half an hour every day, try taking 10 or 15-minute walks twice or thrice a day.

In truth, you don’t need to engage in extremely intense physical activities just to improve your erectile function and sexual performance. Moderately intense aerobic exercises are actually great for boosting your cardiovascular health and erectile function. Plus, the more you exercise, the more endurance you’ll have for sex.

#5 The Most Convenient Way to Enhance Your Performance

taking a pill before bedroom action

Although these tips may sound pretty doable, there’s one more thing that you can do to really upgrade your bedroom performance. Take Male UltraCore regularly and you’ll see amazing improvements in your overall sexual performance.

If you’re looking for holistic improvements in your bedroom performance, then Male UltraCore is just perfect for you. This awesome male enhancement pill increases both your total and free testosterone levels through amazing natural ingredients like Tongkat Ali, Tribulus terrestris, fenugreek, Ashwagandha, Horny Goat Weed, and zinc.

With these natural ingredients, Male UltraCore is able to facilitate increased testosterone synthesis, as well as improved free testosterone levels. Fenugreek, in particular, is the active ingredient that really promotes high testosterone levels, thanks to its aromatase inhibitory effects.

And because Male UltraCore is able to elevate your primary androgen levels, it’s also able to improve your sex drive and erectile function. As you well know, your libido is regulated by testosterone, and the lower your testosterone levels are, the worse your libido loss gets. But when you have high testosterone levels, you don’t have to worry about your sex drive.

In addition, many of Male UltraCore’s active ingredients that help boost testosterone levels also have both pro-fertility properties and pro-erectile effects. Horny Goat Weed, for example, is highly regarded as an aphrodisiac, erection booster, and fertility booster.

Tongkat Ali is also widely accepted as an herb with sexual performance enhancement properties. It’s great for increasing testosterone production and it’s perfect for achieving longer-lasting erections.

Not only that, if you have concerns about your stress or anxiety levels, Tongkat Ali is also an excellent adaptogen which can really improve your anxiety symptoms while lowering your stress levels. In addition, Tongkat Ali can also help ward off fatigue, thanks to its energy-boosting properties.

This means that by reducing fatigue and increasing your energy levels, Tongkat Ali can help increase your stamina for sexual activities so that you’ll have both the endurance and energy necessary for enjoying intense and prolonged sexual activities.

Several of the natural ingredients used in Male UltraCore help improve the quality of your sperm and increase your semen volume by improving your sperm production. Ashwagandha, for instance, has been shown to help increase the reproductive potential of men with idiopathic infertility.

What this means is that Male UltraCore not only elevates your levels of testosterone or improves your sex drive, but it also enhances your erection quality and frequency, as well as improves your sexual stamina and fertility.

What are the Causes of Psychogenic Erectile Dysfunction?

When people think about erectile dysfunction, they mostly associate the condition with organic or physical causes like low testosterone levels or poor blood circulation due to cardiovascular diseases. In truth, there’s a high prevalence of psychogenic erectile dysfunction, especially among younger men.

A man’s libido and erectile function are greatly influenced by psychosocial factors. If you’re depressed or stressed, for instance, it stands to reason why you wouldn’t be in the mood for sex. Continue reading to learn more about psychogenic erectile dysfunction, its causes, and how you can treat it.

What Makes Psychogenic Erectile Dysfunction Different?

The one thing that’s different about psychogenic erectile dysfunction is that it means all the physical organs you need in order to get a hard-on are actually healthy and can function well, even though they’re not doing it right now.

It means there’s nothing wrong with your penile arteries or your blood circulation. Your penile nerves are working fine, and they can receive and transmit sensations of sexual stimuli without any problem. In short, you may actually be able to achieve a full-on rock-hard erection if the circumstances are right.

And that’s significantly compared to what men with arteriogenic erectile function are going through. For them, the problem is with their blood vessels, heart, and blood circulation. No matter what the circumstances are, they still won’t be able to achieve an erection unless they take certain supplements or medicines, or maybe even undergo a surgery.

Psychological Causes of Impotence

Psychological impotence may either be generalized or situational. If it’s generalized, it means you always fail to achieve an erection, no matter what the circumstances are. If it’s situational, it means there are only specific situations which trigger your erectile dysfunction. Either way, there are certain mental health problems that typically accompany impotence.


depressed man in bed at night

People think that anxiety is all just in your head. In truth, though, it can make your blood pressure rise, increase your heart rate, and even make you feel fatigued. It’s the same way with anxiety-induced erectile dysfunction.

Anxiety can make you feel physical symptoms that unfortunately interfere with your sexual function. In particular, sexual performance anxiety can greatly impair your sexual performance.

For some men, sexual performance anxiety makes them ejaculate prematurely, while others have problems with delayed ejaculation. For others, sexual performance anxiety can make them freeze sexually, unable to get hard and unable to engage in sex at all.


A very common psychological cause of erectile dysfunction among younger men, stress not only makes you feel preoccupied, tired, and unable to concentrate, but it also keeps your mind away from sex and prevents you from achieving an erection.

You don’t have to be under a lot of stress to feel the negative effects on your sexual performance. In addition, stress can also lower your testosterone levels which also affect your sexual function. This is why men who are chronically stressed typically suffer from low libido and poor erectile function.


When you’re depressed, the problem is not just with your mood but also with the chemical balance in your brain. Neurotransmitters actually play important roles in sexual arousal, erection, and ejaculation. And when there’s an imbalance in your neurotransmitters, your sexual function and behavior will also be negatively impacted.

In truth, depression has a very close relationship with erectile dysfunction. The two actually contribute to and make each other worse. When you find that you’re impotent, it can cause you to become depressed. In the same manner, when you’re depressed, it can prevent you from getting sexually aroused and becoming erect.

To make things worse, many antidepressants have various adverse sexual effects, thus contributing to the problem. Medication-induced erectile dysfunction is actually a common reason why men on antidepressants stop taking their medicines.

Relationship problems

Perhaps the most common cause of situational erectile dysfunction, relationship problems can definitely impact your libido and sexual function. An unresolved argument can make you feel tensed and not in the mood at all for any kind of intimacy, let alone sex.

Trust issues, poor communication, bitterness, resentment, and anger all contribute to impaired sexual desire and poor sexual function. If you resent your partner or feel that she may not be faithful to you, there’s a good chance that you’ll find it difficult to feel aroused enough to have sex with your partner.

Natural Mood Enhancers

If you’re not ready yet to consult a sex therapist or a psychiatrist to help with your psychological issues and sexual problems, you may want to consider taking natural mood enhancers to lessen your symptoms and improve your mood.

ashwagndha powder

Ashwagandha, for example, is scientifically recognized as an excellent adaptogenic agent. In fact, this popular Ayurvedic herb has actually been tested on people with stress and anxiety, and the studies show that Ashwagandha is helpful in reducing symptoms of psychological distress, elevating mood, and improving stress hormone profile.

What’s really great about Ashwagandha is that it’s also known as a rejuvenating agent, as well as a testosterone booster, sexual performance enhancer, and fertility booster. In fact, the herb is one of the most popular and widely used Ayurvedic aphrodisiacs.

Just like Ashwagandha, Tongkat Ali or Eurycoma longifolia Jack is also good for your mood. Tongkat Ali has been shown to improve stress hormone profiles by lowering cortisol levels while increasing testosterone levels. Due to its testosterone-boosting properties, Tongkat Ali is also recognized as a potent aphrodisiac.

In truth, the positive effects of Tongkat Ali on erectile function and male fertility have been the subject of numerous scientific studies. Tongkat Ali is recommended for both impotent men and infertile men, as the herb is effective in improving both your reproductive capacity and erectile function.

Maca is yet another popular adaptogenic agent which is also proven to help reduce stress and lessen anxiety symptoms. Not only that, but maca is also used as an energy booster, which will benefit you if you’re feeling tired or fatigued due to your stress and anxiety. The energy-boosting properties of maca also make it great for improving your sexual stamina.

How Anxiety Can Destroy Your Sex Life

Everybody falls victim to feelings of anxiousness every now and then, especially if you’re dealing with overdue bills, financial problems, deadlines at the office, family issues, and relationship concerns. But for many, anxiety is not just a temporary state of mind. It’s a debilitating condition.

Sexual performance anxiety, in particular, can make sex something to avoid and be afraid of, which means it can destroy your sex life. Learn more about the effects of anxiety on your sex life, and how you can overcome it.

Loss of Confidence

One thing that suffers when you’re dealing with anxiety is your confidence. If you’re feeling anxious about your sexual performance, it can make meeting someone new a daunting challenge.

Even generalized anxiety disorder, a condition wherein almost everything can make you feel worried, tense, and nervous, can have a huge negative impact on your confidence. And when you’re not feeling confident about yourself, you’re less likely to feel and come across as sexy, thus also impacting how you relate with others on an intimate level.

Loss of Libido

Your self-confidence isn’t the only thing that you lose when you suffer from anxiety. When you’re always worried about whatever it is that’s making you anxious, it can greatly impact your interest in sex, causing you to lose your libido.

man with antidepressant pills

What’s even more frustrating is that certain antidepressants that are also commonly used to treat anxiety disorders can further reduce your sex drive. This usually happens when you’re taking SNRIs and SSRIs, the most common classes of medicines that are used for depression and anxiety.

This doesn’t mean, though, that you shouldn’t take those medicines or that you’ll lose your sex drive completely if you’re on antidepressants. Of course, the effects of the medications are different for everyone, and your libido may not be affected as much as what other people suffer.

This simply means that if you’re overwhelmed with anxious feelings, there may be no more room for sexy thoughts in your brain. And that can be frustrating not only for you but also for your partner. 

Aside from all the anxious thoughts that fill your mind, anxiety can also make you worry and panic, which also have physical effects on your body. You start producing more adrenaline, which makes you feel tensed and on edge.

This means you probably won’t feel any sexual enjoyment since you can’t fully relax, and because such tension can prevent you from enjoying sexual sensations. It can even hinder you from reaching an orgasm or having a fully satisfying orgasmic experience. In fact, anxiety is also considered one of the causes of delayed or inhibited ejaculation.

Male Sexual Performance Anxiety

Sex is supposed to be a positive and enjoyable experience. But if you’re worried about how well or how poor you think you’ll perform in bed, that can railroad any feelings of enjoyment you may be experiencing during sex, if you can actually get yourself to engage in sex at all.

Sexual performance anxiety can actually make you lose both your drive for sex as well as your ability to achieve erections, which means you may not even be able to successfully engage in sex when you’re too anxious about your sexual performance.

In most cases, it’s the fear of not being able to satisfactorily perform in between the sheets that’s causing sexual performance anxiety. This isn’t just a case of the idea that you won’t be able to make your partner orgasm fleeting through your mind. It’s actually a persistent and pervasive worry about your perceived lackluster sexual performance.

The more worried you are about how well you’ll do in bed, the more severe your sexual performance anxiety will become. And the effects will be more severe, as well, such that it can make you want to avoid having sex altogether or hinder you from getting hard when you’re about to have sex with your partner.

A lot of men who suffer from sexual performance anxiety have a poor body image, meaning they’re not entirely happy about how their body looks. In many cases, they’re also unhappy about their penis size, as well as their weight.

sad couple with erectile problems

Relationship problems, concerns over taking too much time before climaxing, worries about not being able to make their partner orgasm, concerns about ejaculating prematurely or before their partner climaxes, and worries about not enjoying the sexual experience also contribute to sexual performance anxiety.

The problem is that when you’re too stressed over these concerns, your body will start producing cortisol, epinephrine, and norepinephrine, which are hormones that affect your sexual desire and function.

In addition, your blood vessels will start to narrow, which means you’ll have problems getting blood to flow into the erectile tissues in your penis. This can then result in difficulties in achieving or maintaining penile tumescence. In short, sexual performance anxiety can lead to erectile dysfunction.

Dealing with Anxiety-Induced Erectile Dysfunction

One way to reduce anxiety symptoms is by taking supplements that contain Tongkat Ali, Ashwagandha, and maca. Not only are these three scientifically recognized to have adaptogenic or stress-lowering and anxiety-reducing effects, but they’re also known to have positive effects on male sexual performance.

Ashwagandha and Tongkat Ali, for instance, have testosterone-boosting properties, which means that they can help revive your sex drive. Plus, both Tongkat Ali and Ashwagandha are also potent aphrodisiacs and erection boosters.

In addition, maca, Ashwagandha, and Tongkat Ali are also great energy boosters, which is why they’re often used in energy drinks, as well as energy-boosting supplements. On top of that, these three impressive herbs are also known to improve male fertility. They can increase your sperm count and semen volume, as well as improve your sperm quality.

Of course, the best thing about Tongkat Ali, maca, and Ashwagandha is that by boosting your sexual performance and reducing your anxiety symptoms, they can alleviate your sexual performance anxiety. Just knowing that these three amazing herbs can improve your bedroom performance can very well boost your confidence already.

What Foods Increase Your Nitric Oxide Production?

For both your sexual health and cardiovascular health, you need to have high levels of nitric oxide. In your blood vessels, nitric oxide acts as a vasodilator which makes your blood vessels widen, thus lowering your blood pressure and increasing blood flow.

In your penis, nitric oxide plays the role of a neurotransmitter for the nerves that innervate your penile corpus cavernosum. In short, your nitric oxide levels will influence whether you will be able to get an erection or not. Fortunately, there are several foods that can help increase your production of this important erection-booster. Here are a few.

Nitric Oxide Precursors

The human body does not produce nitric oxide directly. Rather, nitric oxide is produced through the actions of nitric oxide synthase (NOS), an enzyme that basically breaks down amino acids like L-arginine in order to produce nitric oxide.

Both L-arginine and L-citrulline are precursors to nitric oxide, meaning the human body can synthesize nitric oxide from these two amino acids. Hence, if you want to increase your levels of nitric oxide, it will be good for you to consume more foods that have high concentrations of L-arginine and L-citrulline.

Aside from helping you produce more nitric oxide, L-arginine is also helpful in reducing inflammation, as well as improving your cardiovascular function. L-citrulline, on the one hand, is beneficial in reducing your blood pressure.


watermelon wedges

A lot of people think that you don’t get anything out of watermelons except water. In truth, you can actually get so many nutrients from just a cup of diced watermelon, including 21% of your daily vitamin C needs, vitamin A, iron, calcium, vitamin B6, folate, thiamine, niacin, riboflavin, magnesium, choline, lycopene, and citrulline.

Both the rind and the flesh of watermelons contain high concentrations of citrulline. In fact, juice made from watermelon rind can help increase the concentration of L-arginine in your blood, as well as increase blood vessel dilation awhile reducing blood sugar levels.

Pistachio Nuts

High in fiber, antioxidants, and protein, pistachio nuts are extremely healthful. Packed with fiber, potassium, manganese, phosphorus, vitamin B6, thiamine, and copper, pistachio nuts are an excellent source of L-arginine.

Just 40 grams of pistachio nuts every day can already help improve your endothelial function and reduce the stiffness of your blood vessels. And that’s good news for your erectile function as well, considering that healthy blood vessels are extremely important for your erection.

In fact, one study revealed that men who consumed just a hundred grams of pistachio nuts daily for only three weeks already experienced huge improvements in their erectile function.


If you haven’t tried beetroot juice yet, you might want to consider it. Beets are extremely nutritious and are rich in vitamin C, folate, potassium, manganese, and iron. Plus, beets are also excellent sources of dietary nitrates, which means it can help you produce more nitric oxide.

In fact, studies indicate that drinking beetroot juice can result in greatly increased nitric oxide levels. Beetroot juice supplements have also been shown to result in an immediate increase in nitric oxide levels.


Aside from being beneficial for your cardiovascular health, beets have also been found to improve blood flow, reduce hypertension, as well as increase athletic and exercise performance. If your erectile dysfunction is hypertension or cardiovascular-related, you will definitely benefit a lot from beets.

Leafy Greens

Kale, spinach, cabbage, arugula, and other leafy greens are all rich in dietary nitrates. Thus, eating more of these healthful vegetables will greatly benefit your nitric oxide levels. Of these leafy green vegetables, spinach may be the best for your nitric oxide production.

One study showed that spinach can greatly reduce systolic blood pressure and increase levels of salivary nitrates by as much as eight times. Plus, spinach is also high in folate, which is good for both your testosterone and sperm production.

This means that when you eat more leafy greens, you’ll see vast improvements in both your sexual function, as well as your reproductive potential.

Supplements for Boosting Your Nitric Oxide Levels

A lot of men want to raise their nitric oxide production because they know that it can lead to great improvements in their erection quality, especially if they’re suffering from arteriogenic or cardiovascular-related erectile dysfunction.

The truth is that increasing your nitric oxide levels is just one way to improve your erectile function. Inhibiting PDE5 or phosphodiesterase-5, inhibiting angiotensin II, and increasing your testosterone levels can also help with your erectile function.

Thus, a sex enhancement supplement that can help boost your nitric oxide levels, inhibit phosphodiesterase-5, as well as inhibit angiotensin II and raise your testosterone levels may actually give you the best results in terms of improved erection frequency and quality.

And that’s what Male UltraCore can do for you. It has L-arginine, which means improved nitric oxide production for you. It has Horny Goat Weed, which inhibits PDE5. It also has Tongkat Ali, which not only inhibits angiotensin II but also increases your testosterone production.

Plus, Male UltraCore also contains zinc, Ashwagandha, Tribulus terrestris, maca, fenugreek, damiana extract, and many other natural herbal ingredients. All these contribute to Male UltraCore’s amazing effectiveness in enhancing male sexual performance, as well as in improving your fertility.

Since Male UltraCore is packed with various testosterone-boosting herbs, your free and total testosterone levels will greatly improve if you take the supplement for the long term. Fenugreek, Tongkat Ali, Horny Goat Weed, Tribulus terrestris, zinc, and Ashwagandha all contribute to Male UltraCore’s potent testosterone-enhancing effects.

On top of that, you can also expect significant increases in your libido and sexual stamina, thanks to the ergogenic ingredients of Male UltraCore such as Ashwagandha, maca, and Tongkat Ali. These three active ingredients are also adaptogenic agents, which means that they can reduce anxiety and stress levels and improve your mood.

Because of the rich variety of natural ingredients that Male UltraCore contains, this amazing sex enhancement supplement is able to offer so much more than what you can get from regular male enhancement pills.

Quick and Easy Ways to Change Sperm Count

Not having enough sperm can impact a man’s life in many ways — conceiving naturally becomes a lot more difficult, and your different sexual functions are negatively affected. It can also bring about pain and discomfort in your genitals, as well as physical changes and hormonal abnormalities. To prevent going through all of these, it should be treated as soon as possible.

What is a low sperm count?

Also known as oligozoospermia, a low sperm count is a medical condition in which a man does not meet the ideal number of sperm cells in his semen. If you have it, it means that you have fewer than 15 million sperm per milliliter of semen.

What are the usual warning signs of a low sperm count?

If you have a low sperm count, you may manifest the following signs and symptoms:

  • Inability to impregnate your partner
  • Low libido or sexual desire
  • Having trouble getting an erection
  • Difficulty keeping a firm erection during sex
  • Abnormalities in your hormones or chromosomes, resulting to decreased body hair and other physically changes

What causes a low sperm count?

In order to have enough healthy and good quality sperm in your body, your testicles, pituitary glands, hypothalamus, and other body parts have to be in excellent condition. If any of them are afflicted with a disease or disorder, your sperm production is negatively impacted, leaving you with a low sperm count, and, sometimes, even sperm with shape and motility problems.

Below are examples of health problems that can cause a low sperm count:


If your epididymis, which is the tube found behind your testicles that serves as the storage area of your sperm, is swollen or inflamed, you develop epididymitis. It can strike men, both young and old, and often comes with signs and symptoms like chills, tenderness or pain in the testicles, pelvic pain, pain when ejaculating and having sex, and fever.



This condition is characterized by the swelling of the veins in your scrotum. Its common symptoms include pain and discomfort in the groin area or when standing or doing physical tasks. If not diagnosed and treated right away, it can lead to atrophy or the shrinkage of your testicles, or infertility.

Certain types of medications

Some anabolic steroids, antibiotics, antifungal medicines, ulcer medications, and testosterone replacement therapies can ruin your body’s ability to produce healthy sperm, and result to a low sperm count and impaired fertility and sexual functions. If this happens to you, you should talk to your doctor right away to find alternative medications with no negative side effects to your sperm production.

Certain surgical procedures

Prostate surgeries, vasectomy, testicular or scrotal surgeries, abdominal surgeries, inguinal hernia repairs, and some other surgical procedures can leave you unable to have enough sperm in your semen.

What should you do to increase your sperm count?

1. Lose weight

Feeding your body a lot of junk can lead to obesity, which is a serious health problem that can impair your sexual and reproductive functions. If you are obese, or even just overweight, your risks of libido loss, reduced fertility, and low sperm count and quality become higher. For your sake, you should start eating foods that are high in fiber and other essential nutrients, and get rid of foods high in sugar, fats, and salt from your diet to get down to your ideal weight.

2. Minimize alcohol consumption

Drinking occasionally is not something that should cause worry or panic. However, if it happens frequently, you are only subjecting your body to high levels of harmful substances contained in alcohol that can damage your liver, intestines, stomach, and other vital organs, and can decrease your sperm count and fertility. To prevent these health problems, learn to control your drinking, and see a medical professional to help you get through it.

3. Stop taking recreational drugs

Recreational drugs, such as marijuana and cocaine, can have drastic effects on your sperm count. These substances contain elements that are not good for the body. They can also damage your immune system, increase your risks of heart attacks and other cardiovascular issues, hurt your liver, and make your prone to strokes and seizures.

4. Quit smoking

smoking and your penis

Various studies have found that there is a significant difference in the sperm counts of smokers and non-smokers. They observed that men who smoked exhibited lower sperm counts and qualities in comparison to those who did not. The smokers were also found to be highly likely to develop pneumonia, lung cancer, and other diseases.

5. Take good care of your mental health

If you are stressed, anxious, depressed, or suffering from other mental health problems, your body experiences hormonal imbalances that negatively impact not only your mental and emotional health but also your sexual and reproductive capabilities. To prevent that, you should pay attention to your mental health by finding hobbies and activities that can relax and clear your mind, and by seeing a therapist or mental health professional for the best treatment solutions appropriate for your condition.

Are there foods that can help you naturally boost your sperm count?

Along with eliminating certain bad habits in your daily routine, you should also strive to include healthy and organic foods in your diet to increase your sperm count. Below are some good examples:

  • Bananas

Rich in vitamins and minerals, bananas can aid in the production of sufficient healthy sperm. They contain bromelain, which is a type of rare enzyme that possesses anti-inflammatory functions, and enhances sperm count and motility.

  • Eggs

Overflowing with protein and vitamin E, eggs can ward off free radicals that can threaten your sperm cells, and help your body produce enough amounts of strong and healthy sperm in your semen for increased sex drive, fertility, and erectile functions.

  • Broccoli

With its high folic acid content, broccoli is a super vegetable that not only helps in building strong bones and muscles, but also in improving a man’s sperm count, quality, and motility.

Does Testosterone Help Muscle Growth?

Testosterone is a steroid hormone that is in charge of the development of various sexual characteristics in men. It is produced in the testicles, and it stimulates muscle growth and development. It is also present in women, but in lesser amounts, and is produced in the ovaries and the adrenal cortex.

Why Does the Body Need Testosterone?

Testosterone plays a big role in several bodily functions in men and women. Below are some good examples:

1. Production of sperm

If a man has enough testosterone in the body, his testicles can produce sperm that has good morphology and motility, increasing his fertility and reproductive functions.

2. Libido

Many studies have found that testosterone and libido have a directly proportional relationship to each other, meaning with high testosterone, you can increase your libido or sex drive.

3. Growth of body hair

In men, in order to grow a beard, mustache, pubic hair, underarm hair, and other body hair, their testosterone levels should be normal.

4. Deepening of voice

During puberty, boys undergo a lot of changes in their bodies, including the deepening of their voice, which is made possible by enough testosterone in the body.

5. Distribution of fat in the body

It is important that fat is properly distributed to the different parts of the body to avoid problems that can affect the vital organs such as the heart, kidneys, and brain, and this can be done with sufficient testosterone.

6. Bone mass

Having enough testosterone helps build bones that are strong and less likely to suffer from fractures and other injuries.

7. Production of red blood cells

Your body should have enough red blood cells to carry out key bodily functions, and to prevent the risk of diseases.

8. Muscle strength

To build strong muscles, your body should have high testosterone levels.

Can Testosterone Really Build Muscle?

bulging flexed bicep

Yes, the testosterone that is naturally produced by the body helps in building muscles. As long as your testosterone levels are normal, you should not have any trouble developing muscles with good mass and density for better physical fitness and health.

In men, the normal testosterone levels are between 270 and 1,070 nanograms per deciliter (ng/dL). And, in women, they are between 15 and 70 ng/dL. If yours are lower, you have hypogonadism, or if higher, you have hypergonadism, and either is bad news for your muscle growth and other bodily functions.

What Happens if There is a Testosterone Imbalance in the Body?

There are several side effects that may rise from having low testosterone or high testosterone levels in the body.

If your T levels are low, you may suffer from:

  • Decreased libido – Your desire for sex is diminished, and, over time, may lead to an inactive sex life.
  • Low sperm count – In men, your testicles may start producing less amounts of sperm, endangering your fertility.
  • Erectile dysfunction – In men, low T can affect the penis’ ability to get and maintain an erection for sex.
  • Loss of body hair – In men, shortage of testosterone prevents the body from growing body hair.
  • Increased fat – In both men and women, body fat percentage may rise, and lead to problems that affect the heart, blood vessels, and others.
  • Reduced muscle density – Men and women with low testosterone may start to waste their muscles away, leading to loss of muscle bulk and strength.

If your T levels are high, you may encounter the following health issues:

  • Irregular periods – Women who have high testosterone may experience irregularities in their menstrual cycles.
  • Acne and other skin problems – Both men and women who have high testosterone may likely develop more acne and other skin blemishes.
  • Growth of facial hair – Excess testosterone in a woman’s body may trigger the growth of facial hair, especially around the chin and lip areas.

How Do You Keep Your Testosterone Levels Normal to Promote Muscle Growth?

If you are unfortunate to have testosterone levels that are out of the normal range, you should not delay finding ways to fix the problem. There are many natural ways to improve your testosterone to not only help in the growth and development of your muscles, but also in the proper functioning of your different body parts.

Below are highly recommended natural and safe methods to boost your testosterone for muscle growth:

Balanced diet

muscular man eating right

It is important that you look closely at the kinds of foods that you eat, as these can significantly affect your body’s ability to produce testosterone. Your diet should contain foods that are rich in healthy proteins, fats, and carbohydrates to facilitate the formation of muscles that are strong and healthy. Get rid of soda, fast food, junk foods, and processed foods, as these contain ingredients that are not good for the heart, kidneys, and liver.

Healthy weight

Do your best to maintain a healthy weight in order to achieve your muscle goals. If you are overweight or obese, you have to start working now to get down to your healthy weight. There are many short-term and long-term complications that stem from having extra pounds in the body, and these can negatively impact your life in many ways. To lose weight, you should eat foods that are high in fiber, essential nutrients, and other good compounds, and be more physically active to be able to burn more calories.

Stress management

Stress is a testosterone killer. If you are often stressed because of family, finances, work, or school, your testosterone levels will take a hit, and bring about various side effects that can put you at great risk of illnesses and disorders. You should take the time to evaluate your stress levels, find what the triggers are, and figure out how to better deal with them.


Lack of sleep is also bad for testosterone. You should make an effort to create an environment that is conducive to sleep, so that you can enjoy at least 7 hours of deep and uninterrupted sleep every night.

Doctor’s visit

Make sure to see your doctor on a regular basis for a testosterone levels test to keep track of your T levels.

What Foods Can Improve Your Sperm Parameters?

It’s no secret that your diet can greatly influence your fertility, as well as your sexual function. In the same way that there are certain foods like oysters and dark chocolate which can help improve your erectile function, there are also many foods that can help improve your sperm parameters.

In general, anything that’s rich in antioxidants will be beneficial for your sperm health. Your spermatozoa are actually very sensitive to compounds that cause oxidative stress, so you need to combat those to protect your sperm. Here are ten of the best fertility-enhancing foods you should include in your daily meals.

#1 Eggs

Eggs are nutrition-rich, very affordable, and can be enjoyed in so many ways. Plus, they’re also rich in vitamin E, which means they can increase your seminal plasma antioxidant levels. And that’s good news for your sperm because vitamin E can help protect your sperm from free radicals that cause sperm DNA damage and reduce sperm motility.

#2 Dark Chocolate

Not only does dark chocolate provide more antioxidant protection for your sperm, but it also helps increase your semen volume and sperm count, as well as improve your erectile function. L-arginine in dark chocolate also helps improve blood circulation in your genitals.

#3 Banana

milk dripping from banana

Rich in vitamins C, A, and B1, bananas also contain magnesium and an enzyme called bromelain. These nutrients help increase your male sex hormone production, sperm production, and improve your sperm motility. If you can’t have an apple a day, try having a banana at least once daily.

#4 Spinach

If you really want healthy sperm, you’ll need to eat foods that are rich in folate, just like spinach. Folate is absolutely necessary for the development of your sperm, plus it also helps improve your sperm’s motility and overall health. Spinach also gives you vitamins A, K, B6, E, B2, and vitamin C. Plus it also contains potassium, magnesium, manganese, and fiber.

#5 Goji Berries

Goji berries are packed with four of the most important seminal antioxidants, namely vitamins A, C, E, and zinc. Even just an ounce of Goji berries will already give you more than 150% of your daily vitamin A needs. With all these antioxidants, Goji berries can help improve not only your sperm production but also your sperm motility, viability, and morphology.

#6 Walnuts

Your spermatozoa need polyunsaturated fatty acids for their structure, which is why you need to eat foods that are rich in omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. Walnuts, for instance, are a great source of these healthy fatty acids. Plus, walnuts are also rich in vitamin E and folate, which means that these nuts contain many of the nutrients that your sperm needs.

#7 Pomegranates

Long considered a fertility-enhancing fruit, pomegranates are extremely rich in antioxidants, which is why it’s great not only for improving your sperm quality but also for making you healthier and look younger. Pomegranates are rich in vitamin C, folate, vitamin B6, and magnesium which are beneficial for your sperm motility and overall health.

#8 Oysters

No list of pro-sperm foods would be complete without oysters in it. These delicious shellfish are known for their savory taste, as well as for their high zinc content. Zinc is extremely necessary for your developing spermatozoa because many of their structural parts actually contain zinc. Plus, the mineral also acts as an antioxidant in your seminal plasma.

#9 Tomatoes

fresh tomatoes

Tomatoes are good for your sperm health not only because they’re rich in vitamin C, but also because of their high lycopene content. An antioxidant, lycopene has been shown to help improve the sperm count and quality of infertile men. Research indicates that lycopene and tomato juice may be able to increase your sperm count by more than 50%.

#10 Maca

A superfood, maca is a vegetable grown in the Peruvian Andes region. It’s popular not only as an extremely nutritious vegetable, but also for its adaptogenic, ergogenic, and erection-boosting properties. Plus, maca has also been shown to help men with low sperm count and poor sperm motility.

The Most Convenient Way to Improve Your Sperm Parameters

Although there are numerous foods that can really improve your sperm production and make your sperm healthier, there’s actually an easier and more convenient way to enhance your fertility naturally.

Try Male UltraCore, the leading supplement for enhancing male sexual performance. You probably are not expecting to gain pro-fertility benefits from a male enhancement pill. But the natural ingredients used in Male UltraCore are actually both pro-sexual and pro-fertility.

Take Tongkat Ali, for instance. Not only is Tongkat Ali recognized as an effective booster of testosterone production, or as an enhancer of libido and erectile function, but it has also been tested on men with idiopathic infertility and the results were very good.

Just like Tongkat Ali, Tribulus terrestris is another herb that is good for both your reproductive and sexual health. Both Tongkat Ali and Tribulus terrestris actually contain high concentrations of antioxidants, which help improve your sperm quality. Plus, Tribulus terrestris also increases your testosterone levels, as well as improves your nitric oxide production.

In addition, Male UltraCore also contains Horny Goat Weed, which you may think is only good for improving your sex drive. In truth, however, Horny Goat Weed is a potent booster for your erectile function, thanks to its inhibitory effects on PDE5. Plus, Horny Goat Weed helps with your testosterone levels and it has also been found to increase sperm count.

Male UltraCore also contains other amazing natural ingredients that are also helpful for your testosterone levels, libido, erection, and your sperm quality and count. Ashwagandha, for example, is also contained in Male UltraCore and the herb also contributes to the testosterone-boosting and aphrodisiac effects of the supplements.

Fenugreek, just like Ashwagandha, has also been shown to help increase sperm counts. What’s even more amazing about fenugreek is that it can help you maintain sufficient levels of circulating testosterone. That’s due to the herb’s aromatase inhibitory effects, which means your free testosterone doesn’t get converted to estrogen excessively.

How Much Testosterone Should a Man Have?

Testosterone is the primary male sex hormone that is responsible for the growth and development of various physical features that are classified as typically male. It is produced in the testes, and it is also found in women, but in much smaller amounts.

The Importance of Testosterone in Men

For a boy to develop into a man, he has to have enough testosterone in the body. During puberty, which begins around 9 years old to 14 years old, testosterone facilitates several bodily changes that include:

  • Increase in height

Boys usually go through a big increase in height during puberty.

  • Growth of body hair

It is normal for boys to start growing facial hair, pubic hair, and other body hair once they reach puberty.

  • Development of the penis and testicles

The penis and testicles start to develop physically and functionally during puberty.

  • Voice change

Boys’ voices start to become deeper once they hit puberty.

  • Muscle and bone development

Building muscle and bone strength and mass happens during puberty.

Once he is past the puberty stage, his testosterone takes on some more roles in the proper functioning of the body, such as:

  • Red blood cell production

Testosterone helps in creating new red blood cells.

man kisses woman's body
  • Sexual desire

A man’s desire for sex, also called sex drive or libido, is high if his testosterone levels are high.

  • Sperm production

To have high sperm count and good quality sperm, a man should have enough testosterone in his body.

Normal Testosterone Levels in Men

The normal testosterone levels in men are measured in nanograms per deciliter (ng/dL) and vary according to age. They usually peak at 20 years old, and slowly decrease with age.

  • Below 25 years old – from 376 ng/dL to 1,008 ng/dL, with an average of 692 ng/dL
  • 25 years old to 29 years old – from 257 ng/dL to 1,081 ng/dL, with an average of 669 ng/dL
  • 30 years old to 34 years old – from 233 ng/dL to 1,009 ng/dL, with an average of 521 ng/dL
  • 35 years old to 39 years old – from 219 ng/dL to 975 ng/dL, with an average of 597 ng/dL
  • 40 years old to 44 years old – from 201 ng/dL to 993 ng/dL, with an average of 597 ng/dL
  • 45 years old to 49 years old – from 220 ng/dL to 872 ng/dL, with an average of 546 ng/dL
  • 50 years old to 54 years old – from 170 ng/dL to 918 ng/dL, with an average of 544 ng/dL
  • 55 years old to 59 years old – from 204 ng/dL to 900 ng/dL, with an average of 552 ng/dL

Testosterone Level Test

To know how much testosterone there is in your body, you should get a testosterone level test. Also called a serum testosterone test, it is a procedure that requires your blood sample to be examined and analyzed to determine your testosterone levels.

You should go to your doctor if you want to get a testosterone level test. They will advise you to take the test between 7 am to 10 am, as testosterone levels are the highest in the early hours of the day.

After the test, you may experience a bit of pain or throbbing around the spot where the needle was inserted to draw your blood sample, but you should be fine after a few hours.

testosterone level test

Once your testosterone results are available, there are three outcomes possible — your testosterone levels are normal, your testosterone levels are low, or your testosterone levels are high.

Your doctor should discuss with you how to proceed if your testosterone levels are low or high.

Low Testosterone Symptoms

If there is a decline in your body’s testosterone levels, you may manifest the following common low testosterone warning signs:

  • Difficulty getting and/or keeping an erection

To get an erection that is firm and long-lasting, your body needs enough testosterone. Thus, because your testosterone is low, your erectile function is negatively impacted.

  • Reduced sex drive

Your testosterone facilitates your desire for sex, so if you have a shortage of this hormone in your body, you will experience a decline in sex drive or libido.

  • Low sperm count

In order for your testes to produce healthy and good quality sperm, your testosterone levels have to be in the normal range. Otherwise, your sperm count will be low, and your sperm will have abnormal structure and motility.

High Testosterone Symptoms

Having too much testosterone in the body is also not good. It can bring about problems that can affect you physically and sexually.

  • Early puberty

If a boy has high testosterone, there is a high risk of him entering the puberty stage earlier than the other boys.

  • Low sperm count

Just like if you have low testosterone, having high testosterone can also cause low sperm count. To avoid this problem, you should do your best to keep your testosterone within the normal range.

  • Shrunken testicles

Because you have low testosterone, your body experiences a hormonal imbalance that increases the amount of the female hormone estrogen in your body, causing your testicles to shrink.

Testosterone Treatment

Men with low testosterone levels are usually prescribed by their doctors with testosterone boosters, such as testosterone injections, patches, gels, and pellets, to increase their testosterone. They usually have to apply these on their arm or shoulder to get the full effects.

On the other hand, men with high testosterone are advised to stop their intake of any testosterone boosters. In a lot of cases, those that suffer from high testosterone are athletes or body builders that consume sort of testosterone supplements to aid in their athletic performance and muscle building. Once they quit, they should see their testosterone levels slowly go down to the normal range after a number of months.

Of course, they are also encouraged start living a healthy lifestyle by eating more healthily and exercising regularly so that they can lose weight and allow their bodies to carry out their testosterone production and other functions more efficiently.

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