Can Testosterone Make You Angry?

Are you having difficulty controlling your anger? Is umbrage taking you over? Do you get fretful easily and want to smash everything around you? If yes, then you might be having trouble with your testosterone. What is testosterone, and how does it affect the human body and brain?

Well, testosterone is known as the primary male hormone, which also acts as an anabolic steroid. Although it is a male hormone, a small amount of testosterone is found in females too. This hormone is an androgen, which makes it responsible for the development of male characteristics and their physical outlook. It strengthens the muscles, keeps the bones strong and healthy. Testosterone is the key behind the changes occurring in boys during their puberty age (increase in height, facial and body hairs, increased or decreased libido, energy levels, fatigue, exhaustion, change in voice, change in sexual and aggressive behavior).

Testosterone plays a significant role in certain behaviors such as dominance, testiness, and aggression. The central nervous system of the body controls the production of testosterone in an individual. The body signals the brain through hormones and chemicals to release a certain amount of testosterone in the body. According to the research, people involved in violent crimes such as murder, abduction, assault, and robbery often have high amounts of testosterone in their bodies.

7 Reasons Why Testosterone Makes You Angry

1. Testosterone Stimulates ‘Negative Thoughts’

shouting at his laptop

Negative thoughts are often the cause of suicides, bad behavior, frustration, and anger. Negative thoughts can only lead to negative emotions. Feeling of helplessness, underestimating oneself, (underrating own capabilities, achievements, physical appearance, income, and wealth.) can make you angry, depressed, and disappointed. You may not feel happy about yourself and your surroundings anymore as you start to undervalue yourselves, which causes anger issues.

2. Machismo Perception

Testosterone is called ‘male hormone’ for a reason. Although is it actually responsible for a male growth spurt, and defines the male characteristics, it also creates a feeling of masculine pride if the levels of testosterone increase or decrease above a certain level. This feeling of masculine pride often causes domestic violence, as the male goes through a superiority complex, causing multifarious issues in personal relations or married life. Many cases have been reported where the individuals having high testosterone levels were reportedly a part of female abduction, harassment, and other violent behaviors with women.

3. Anti- Social Animal

Testosterone might make you do things which are generally considered wrong or unacceptable in society such as vandalism, stealing, gambling, smoking, and drinking. Most of these activities are associated with anger and fatigue. Abnormal levels of antisocial instincts make you shut yourself to society as you fear arguments, clash, and anger during interactions with other people. You start to generally dislike people and find yourself difficult to be around people, and any kind of social activity makes you uncomfortable and agitated. You become an introvert and dislike other people which harms your relationships with your friends, family, and colleagues. You tend to avoid public rooms and public platforms.

4. Irritable Male Syndrome

Irritable Male Syndrome (IMS) is a state in which an individual often feels nervous, angry, lethargic, depressed, and crestfallen. The levels of energy in such individuals is very low, and any kind of extra work or excessive physical and mental activity makes them angry and vexed. Any hormonal or chemical change affecting the levels of testosterone leads to an IMS in an individual. When the estrogen levels of the male body increase and testosterone start to decrease the irritable syndrome becomes more aggressive and wracking. During this phase, you become stressed on every minor issue: Why is the tea cold? Why is the bus not on time? Why are the neighbors making noises? Why can’t I find my sock?! See, everything seems displeasing.

5. Difficulty in Sleeping

Men with lower levels of testosterone are often diagnosed with insomnia and sleep apnea. They find it difficult to fall asleep and have lesser sleeping hours, which causes general anxiety and fatigue. Sleep Apnea is a sleeping disorder, which frequently stops and starts the breathing of a person leading to impeded sleeping patterns. Less sleep makes the aggression of a person more severe and acute.

6. Increased Feeling of Jealousy and Rivalry

competitive soccer rivalry

Higher levels of testosterone make an individual fiercely competitive. Most of the athletes are on testosterone supplements (anabolic steroid) to build more muscle mass and enhance their athletic performance. This androgen supplement creates feelings of jealousy and rivalry in the players, and they are often seen to depict highly aggressive behavior during the sports. They tend to get very sensitive during the game and start taking it on nerves, and losses can unleash the hidden anger.

7. Feeling of Demotivation

Testosterone is also called happy hormones. Do you know why? Because if you have just the right amounts of these hormones in your body, you feel yourself the luckiest and most happy-go-lucky person on the planet. But if these hormones decrease, you may go from feeling ecstatic to absolutely miserable.


Hence, it is evident that both high and low levels of testosterone are distressing for any individual. It is important to maintain the right amounts of testosterone in the body by exercising regularly, consuming enriched, and nutritious diet (beef-oyster-eggs) and avoiding unnecessary dosage of androgens. Lifestyle changes have shown a considerable impact on testosterone levels in individuals.

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Does Masturbation Decrease Testosterone?

Scientific researchers are still engaging on different platforms, arguing about this question. While some believe that it does, a majority believe it does not. Over the years, numerous test programs have suggested that masturbation does have minimal effects on the overall testosterone levels in people. In this article, we will find out whether this is real.


To understand the topic, let us find time to interact with the terminologies. So, what is masturbation? It is the inducing of ejaculation by men using other means without necessarily having sex with a partner. It could be psychological or physical, depending on the situation. Testosterone is the hormone predominantly found in men. It is responsible for the manifestation of masculine features like huge muscles, beard, baldness, and sexual drive. On the other hand, women have lesser quantities. Still, it plays a minor role in the sexual responsiveness in women.

Why do people masturbate?

Several reasons lead people to engage in self-stimulation leading to orgasm. Though it is still a taboo topic in some cultures around the world, the practice has some benefits. Some but not all of them are: it brings a sense of pleasure after ejaculation or orgasm in both men and women. It is also known to alleviate stress, reduce anxiety, and relax brain receptors, thus inducing sleep; and the list goes on.

masturbating to mobile porn

Despite the proven scientific benefits, many societies still attribute negative traits to the act. Thus, the guilt that the people generate after masturbating drives them into engaging in anti-social habits. Other things among them like lower sex drive is one prove of admission of guilt.

The correlation between masturbation, sex and testosterone levels

During sex, the body induces androgen receptors in the brain. These receptors, in turn, stimulate the body to use the testosterone to perform the erectile and ejaculation functions. Scientific researchers show that frequent masturbation reduces the generation of androgen receptors in the brain. This process, in turn, inhibits the brain from stimulating the body to use the testosterone hormone. In the end, there is less sexual activity.

It is important to note that the testosterone levels in the body did not significantly change in the studies. The change occurred in the way the brain responded to the decrease in receptors. Therefore, it is fair to state that frequent masturbation does not lower testosterone levels as such. Other social factors come in to regulate their desires. Lifestyle changes and daily challenges are things that bear on the brain and reduce the sex drive in men.

How does masturbation affect testosterone in both the short and long term?

In trying to deduce the myth of the effects of masturbation, a study was carried out in a US Sex Club. In the setting, the scientists put the participants into two groups. The researchers observed a difference in the levels of testosterone levels in the two groups. The men who engaged in sexual activities manifested a higher level of salivary testosterone. However, the men who only observed the things exhibited lower levels than their counterparts.

Scientists found out that testosterone levels usually go high before and during intercourse in men. Similarly, the levels drop significantly low after ejaculation. This phenomenon concludes that testosterone levels are a significant drive to sexual desires. Nevertheless, the lower testosterone levels are short term, since they rise again after 48 to 72 hours.

So, in the short term, there is no evidence suggesting that masturbation drives the testosterone levels down. Conclusive research on the long-term effects in still missing. Then apart from the social and religious inclination that disapproves the act, scientifically, nothing negative has been proven thus far.

Does abstaining from masturbation affect testosterone levels?

In 2003, studies in the US tried to show the relation between abstinence and the levels of testosterone in men. The first results revealed that testosterone levels came back to normalcy after about a week of abstinence. In this period, the men under observation abstained from any act of masturbation or sexual stimulation.

In the second study, scientists made their findings after three weeks of observation. They induced a masturbation ejaculation after the end of the abstinence. When the analysis was over, the results were impressive. The testosterone levels were higher during the second count than the first. The resultant conclusion was that abstinence from any sexual activities raises testosterone levels.

Effects of testosterone deficiency

not in the mood for sex

In men, the symptoms of testosterone deficiency can manifest in several ways. The most common are fewer body muscles, lack of endurance stamina, erectile dysfunction, and lack of sexual drive. Most of these can are treatable through proper medication and lifestyle changes. Testosterone hormone replacement therapy can be effectively administered in several ways. They include a dermatological insertion patch, application gel, or an injection.

With women, higher amounts of testosterone levels manifest masculine traits like a deeper voice, beards, and irregular menstrual cycles. With suitable medication and proper dietary supplements, these adverse effects can be contained.

Some dietary and social lifestyle facilitate in the reduction of the testosterone hormone. Dairy products that are easily in our daily diets are one. Soy products are second on the list. But the major social contributor to this is alcohol consumption.


Masturbation has a sexual fantasy without actual penetration. The effects of it on the brain and body are beneficial. On the contrary, it can turn into an addiction. So for whatever reasons you do it, consider moderation. Whether it is morally sound or not, masturbation does not reduce testosterone levels.

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The Best Role Play Ideas That Will Keep Your Marriage Hot

What’s nice about having a long-term sex partner is that there’s no need to second-guess what’s exciting for the other. And yet, that’s the same thing that can make sex boring. When you stick to the same positions and follow the same routine during foreplay, it can make you feel like you’re just having sex out of habit.

This is actually a common problem, especially among long-term married couples. And one that can be solved by trying out roleplay ideas in the bedroom. If you want to rekindle the passion in your marriage, here are several exciting role-play ideas for you.

The Boss and His Secretary

One of the classics, role-playing as the boss and his secretary can let you reenact the excitement of an illicit office fling while playing with the dynamics between a work superior and his staff.

You would consider the boss at work as the one with the authority and power over his secretary, who is typically subservient and obedient to all the demands of the boss. On the flip side, a secretary can also hold her boss hostage, what with all her knowledge about the superior’s private affairs.

To make it more exciting, you can also reverse roles while playing in the bedroom. If you can recreate the office vibes by having sex on top of a desk, so much the better. What’s nice about this role-play scenario is that you can tailor it to the level of kinkiness that you and your partner are both comfortable with.

The Maid or The Butler

bell ring for sex

The wealthy homeowner and the servant are another pair of classic roles when it comes to sexual role-playing. You could be a rich homeowner, and your wife can dress up in a stereotypical French maid costume. Or, you could be the butler, and your partner can roleplay as the aloof and wicked mistress of the house.

An Erotic Massager and Client

An erotic massage can be great foreplay, so why not roleplay as an erotic massager? You can pretend to be strangers with your “client” and ask her what part of her body she’d like for you to massage.

You can play sexy music as background and light up scented candles in the room. That’s a great way to set the mood, plus it does reenact the relaxing ambiance of a massage room.

While you’re at it, use a variety of massage oils as props. Scented massage oils can help stimulate the senses. Plus, you can make the act of pouring and rubbing the oil on your partner’s body totally sexy and exciting.

The Doctor and His Patient

A doctor is someone whom we allow to fully examine our body. Even if the doctor is a stranger, if he or she says that a physical examination is necessary, we usually end up taking off our clothes.

What’s hot about the doctor and patient scenario is that it involves an authority figure who just happens to have a very good reason to touch and explore your body. If you’re playing the doctor, try making aloof and distant comments about your partner’s body while intimately caressing and touching each part that you’re examining.

A Yoga Instructor and His Student

This role-play scenario is a great variation on the classic teacher and student roles. What’s even better about playing as a yoga instructor is that you can instruct your partner on how she should position her body and gently guide her to that position.

It doesn’t really matter if both of you aren’t familiar with yoga at all, or if you’re not flexible. You can call a certain position whatever you want. What’s important is that this role-play scenario can help you and your partner explore new sex positions in a fun and exciting way.

The Teacher and His Naughty Student

This is another classic, perhaps because teacher-student sexual relationships are almost always considered taboo. But there’s just something about a woman dressed in a schoolgirl costume that makes this role-play scenario very popular.

You can let your partner decide how naughty she would like to be while dressed as a schoolgirl. Alternatively, you can act as the school bad boy who wants to seduce the stern but sexy headmistress.

If you both want to incorporate “punishments” like spanking in your role-playing, just make sure that both of you discuss and agree on it beforehand, just to avoid any unpleasant surprises.

A Stripper and an Audience Member

stripper seduces man

If you want to experience the thrill and excitement of watching a strip dance, you don’t have to go to a stripper club if that’s not your thing. Why not ask your partner to role-play as a stripper while you act as an audience member?

This scenario is quite fun and sexy, especially if your partner loves to dance. She can let loose and dance sexily to her heart’s content as she strips for you. And you get to enjoy such a breathtaking show. No props are really necessary, but it would be nice if you can do the background music and lights.

A Sex Worker and Her Client

This scenario may not work for some people, especially for those who feel strongly about the idea of being paid for sex. However, that’s exactly why this role-play scenario is such a hit for others.

There’s just a lot of psychology involved in being called a slut, slag, or whore. In real life, those words are simply extremely insulting, but when you’re talking dirty with your partner and role-playing, those words can set off an explosive orgasm.

If you want to take it to another level, you can have your “sex worker” act out a particular fantasy of yours. You can even set up the location where you two will meet, and where you will go afterward. As long as you’re both comfortable with the scenario, you can add as many details and explore as many taboo levels as you want.

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Best Ways to Improve Your Sexual Confidence

Sexual confidence is not just about having fantastic sexual skills and know-how. It’s also about knowing that what you bring to the bedroom is valued by your partner and that it can give her satisfaction.

Unfortunately, not all men are capable of delivering porn-star performance in the bedroom. Some are just average guys, while others even suffer from sexual performance anxiety. If you want to know how you can improve your sexual confidence, continue reading.

Don’t Think Too Much, Focus on Your Senses

Sex is a physical activity. And whatever pleasure and enjoyment you experience during sex, you feel them through your senses. The sensation of your partner’s body rubbing against your skin. The satisfaction you feel when you hear your partner moan in pleasure. The excitement you experience when you see your partner naked.

sensual neck kisses

You take in all of these pleasurable sights, sounds, and sensations through your senses. The more you focus on your physical senses, the more pleasure you can derive from sex. And when you focus on your partner’s senses, you will know what’s pleasurable and satisfying for her.

Thinking too much during sex can make you act like a robot that’s too logical and overly analytical. It can distract you from your physical enjoyment of the act. More importantly, it can make you seem detached and distant when what your partner need is for you to be present and intimate with her.

Don’t Compare Yourself with Others

The thing about comparing yourself with other men is that you’re bound to realize at some point that there will always be many other men who are far much better than you in the bedroom.

Unless you’re the holder of the world record for the longest or biggest penis, you’ll always find that your penis is shorter or smaller than this or that man. On the flip side, you’ll also find millions of other men whose sex organ is much smaller than yours.

In any case, when you start comparing yourself with other men, either in terms of penis size or sexual performance, it can make you preoccupied with your hang-ups. It can even lead to sexual performance anxiety, which is an actual condition that can absolutely prevent you from enjoying sex altogether.

Instead of thinking about how good in bed your partner’s previous boyfriends might have been, focus on your partner and what you can do for her. How you will make your partner feel when she’s having sex with you is totally up to you, regardless of whether her previous partners were great or pathetic lovers.

Don’t Forget to Exercise Regularly

When you know that you’ve got a well-maintained body because you’ve worked hard for it by exercising regularly, that’s a natural confidence booster. It’s great for your self-esteem, too, knowing that you look good naked because you’ve been taking care of your body.

On top of that, exercising regularly can also improve your sexual performance. In fact, when men with erectile dysfunction work out on a regular basis, they get to experience improvements in their erectile function.

In addition, working out regularly can also help increase your stamina and endurance. And you need both if you’re planning to enjoy prolonged sexual activities. Plus, exercise can also help lower your stress levels and improve your mood, as well as increase your testosterone levels.

Don’t Be Afraid to Take More Risks

People who lack sexual confidence often stick to the tried and true. And that can make sex boring in no time at all. If you want to increase your confidence in the bedroom, taking risks does not necessarily mean that you have to go all out and engage in extreme sexual acts.

It simply means that you should explore a little. Try new sex positions or try making love in places where you’ve never done it before. Discovering new ways to please each other is a great way to increase your sexual competencies, as well as boost your sexual confidence.

Don’t Be Ashamed About Getting Sex Therapy

Getting the help of a sex therapist isn’t something to be ashamed about. When you sign up for sex therapy, it means that you’re open to learning new things about sex and that you’ve got the will to become better in bed.

Seeing a sex therapist doesn’t necessarily mean that you have a serious sexual problem that only a professional can help resolve. Although it is true that a lot of people who go to sex therapy often suffer from sexual issues like ejaculation disorders or erectile dysfunction, that’s not always the case.

There are also many people who go to sex therapy simply because they want to educate themselves. When you want to learn more about sex and how you can perform better in bed, it’s perfectly alright to see a sex therapist. Plus, a professional sex therapist can also help you sort out any issues you might have with your sexual confidence.

Don’t Ignore Sex Enhancement Supplements

shirtless man with supplement pills

Male enhancement pills are popular for several reasons. A lot of men need them, and they do help. If you’ve never tried sex enhancement pills in the past, it’s understandable if you have concerns about using these supplements.

However, if you feel like an improvement in your overall sexual performance can boost your sexual confidence, then you do need to try Male UltraCore. With this amazing sex enhancement supplement, you’ll experience increased sexual stamina and improved erection quality and frequency in no time at all.

Considered revolutionary because of its unique formula, Male UltraCore is packed with several natural ingredients, all of which are scientifically known to have positive effects on male sexual performance and fertility.

Male UltraCore is formulated using natural testosterone boosters like fenugreek, Tribulus Terrestris, Tongkat Ali, zinc, and Ashwagandha. This revolutionary male enhancement pill also contains maca, L-arginine, Horny Goat Weed, and other natural aphrodisiacs and erection boosters.

For you, this means that when you take Male UltraCore, you will gain improvements in your erection size and quality. Plus, your testosterone levels, libido, and sperm parameters will increase. On top of that, your sexual stamina will also improve. And nothing can boost your sexual confidence like knowing that you can last for hours during sex.

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Am I a Sex Addict?

Technically speaking, sex addiction is not considered a medical condition yet. It’s not even listed in the manual of mental disorders that psychiatrists use. However, the consequences of sex addiction are so grave that healthcare professionals have come up with various ways to help people who are addicted to sex.

If you feel that you might be a sex addict, it would be best for you to seek professional help immediately. However, if you aren’t ready to talk to a doctor yet, here’s what you should know about sex addiction.

What Is Sex Addiction?

Sex addiction doesn’t just refer to being addicted or obsessed with the act of sex. It actually encompasses a wide range of adverse sexual behaviors that significantly impact a person’s life.

masturbating to online porn in bed

Sex addiction can take on various forms, and it can also manifest as an addiction to porn. Other forms of sex addiction include excessive masturbation, excessive sexual fantasies, and even prostitution.

Sex addiction may also be related to a paraphilia, a sexual disorder characterized by sexual arousal to atypical behaviors, individuals, objects, fantasies, or situation. Examples of paraphilia include voyeuristic disorder, exhibitionistic disorder, sexual masochism disorder, and pedophilic disorder.

Signs and Symptoms of Sex Addiction

Sex addiction is actually very much similar to substance addiction. Loss of control is one factor that is common to both types of addiction. A person who is sexually addicted basically can no longer control his or her urge to have sex or to engage in the sexual behavior that he or she is addicted to.

Because sex addiction can take on different forms, the signs and symptoms may vary. For instance, one person may manifest the addiction through compulsive masturbation, while another may manifest it through the persistent use of pornography.

What is common among those who are addicted to sex is that they are unable to contain their sexual urges. This means that whenever the urge hits them, they do everything in their power to satisfy their sexual needs no matter what the consequences may be.

Those who are sexually addicted may no longer be able to respect other people’s boundaries, just like how a person with voyeuristic disorder may disregard other people’s need for privacy during sex.

Those who suffer from sex addiction also tend to feel detached. They don’t really feel emotionally satisfied or fulfilled when they engage in sexual activities. Those who are addicted to sex tend to suffer from excessive preoccupation with sex. They may also become obsessed with being in a relationship.

Because their sexual behaviors tend to be both disruptive and destructive, those who are addicted to sex are usually aware that their urges are already uncontrollable. At some point, they may try to stop or limit themselves, but they may fail to do so over and over again.

Just like with substance addiction, sex addiction can also cause withdrawal symptoms such as frustration, anger, and irritability. When a sexually addicted person fails to control his addiction, he may end up escalating. This means that he could end up engaging in riskier and more extreme behaviors.

Are You Addicted?

If you feel that you’re showing some symptoms of sexual addiction, here are some questions you should ask yourself.

  • Do you feel like you need to engage in more extreme sexual activities in order to experience relief?
  • Do you feel powerless over your sexual urges?
  • Does engaging in sexual activities make you feel guilty or ashamed afterward?
  • Do you think you spend too much time watching porn, that it already affects your daily life and relationship with others?
  • Are violence and coercion involved when you engage in sexual activities?
  • Do you think your sexual behavior may lead to legal problems later on?
  • Have you promised yourself that you will stop, but failed to do so?
  • Have you ever felt helpless or alienated because of your sexual behavior?
  • Does your preoccupation with sexual fantasies affect other areas of your life?

If you feel that these questions don’t really apply to you, then you may not be a sex addict after all. It could be that you just have an overactive libido. However, if you feel more than just one of these questions applied to you, then you may want to consider seeking professional help.

Treatment Options

Fortunately, there are several treatment options for sex addiction. Coping with sex addiction can be very difficult and frustrating, so you may want to talk to a mental health professional who can help you understand and address what you are going through.

Individual therapy

psychotherapy for sex addiction

You can choose to have one-on-one sessions with a certified mental health professional. Individual therapy for sex addiction typically focuses on your compulsive sexual behaviors. Your therapist may also address any co-occurring disorders such as anxiety or depression.

Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy or CBT

This type of therapy makes use of various techniques to help you reprogram your harmful sexual behaviors. The idea behind CBT is that your thoughts, behaviors, and emotions are all interconnected, thus changing the way you think can help change your behavior.

Psychodynamic therapy

This kind of therapy focuses on your unconscious memories, early childhood experiences, and current factors that may influence your current behavior. By helping you become aware of such factors, you gain a better understanding and control over your sex addiction.

Residential treatment programs

Facilities that provide residential treatment programs help individuals with various types of addictive disorders. You will need to live on-site at the facility for a certain period of time while you are undergoing treatment.

Self-help organizations

If you prefer to self-manage your condition, joining a self-help program may be of help. These organizations usually offer 12-step programs to aid you in overcoming or at least controlling your addiction.

Prescription medications

In many cases, people suffering from sex addiction also have co-occurring mental health conditions such as depression. Your healthcare professional may prescribe medications for you in order to help manage your co-occurring condition.

Currently, there are no FDA-approved medications for sex addiction. However, there are cases wherein Prozac is prescribed to help reduce sexual urges. There is also evidence that Naltrexone, which is a medication for opioid addiction and alcoholism, can help lessen sexually compulsive behaviors.

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Household Items That Are Dropping Your Testosterone

Sometimes we’re too focused on finding ways to increase our testosterone levels that we tend to forget that there are little things around us that can actually lower our levels of testosterone. And many of these things are found just lying around in the house.

You may have already heard about endocrine-disrupting chemicals. These are environmental toxicants that can interfere with your hormonal balance and cause your testosterone levels to decline. Continue reading to find out which of your household items are causing your testosterone levels to drop.

Bisphenol A (BPA)

If you have reusable plastic bottles and other clear and hard plastic items in your house, and you most probably do, then you’re exposing yourself to bisphenol-A. More commonly known as BPA, this chemical is typically used in the production of epoxy resins and polycarbonate plastics.

BPA in plastic bottles

You’ll also find BPA in the lining of food cans and in polycarbonate plastics that are used as containers for storing beverages and food. Using these BPA-containing plastic containers when you heat your food can cause the chemical to leach into your food.

BPA has been found to exert adverse effects on testicular cells, not only in animal models but also in humans. Because the chemical interferes with your testicular functions, it can impair not only your testosterone production but also your sperm production.

In fact, exposure to BPA has been shown to cause a reduction in sperm count, an increase in sperm DNA damage, and poor sperm quality. Women who are exposed to BPA also tend to suffer from reduced egg viability.


Parabens are a class of chemicals that are widely used in various pharmaceutical and cosmetic products. You can also find parabens in foods and beverages like syrups, baked goods, jellies, beverages, and jams. The most commonly used forms of parabens are propylparaben, butylparaben, and methylparaben.

Parabens are considered endocrine disrupting chemicals because they act as xenoestrogens, which means that they can mimic the actions of estrogen. Although the estrogenic activities of parabens are relatively weak, the fact remains that they can negatively affect your testosterone levels.

Exposure to parabens can lead to reduced sperm production and lower testosterone levels. So, the next time you shop for sunscreen, shampoo, shaving gel, and toothpaste, make sure that you’re buying a paraben-free product.


Phthalates are another class of endocrine-disrupting chemicals. These chemicals are often used in the production of soft and flexible plastic. Inside your house, you’ll most likely find phthalates in your vinyl flooring, plastic pipes, blinds, and shower curtains.

Adhesives, detergents, and plastic toys may also contain phthalates. These chemicals may also be found in food packaging and wraps, as well as in various cosmetics and personal care products like shampoos, perfumes, and aftershave lotions.

When you absorb phthalates from your environment, the chemicals can travel to your testicular cells and interfere with their functions. In fact, studies have shown that phthalates can negatively affect your Leydig cells, which are the cells that are responsible for synthesizing testosterone.


Back in 2017, the FDA issued a final rule that bans the use of triclosan as an active ingredient in over-the-counter healthcare antiseptic products such as hand sanitizers and antibacterial soap. Nevertheless, you may still find triclosan in deodorants, body sprays, antibacterial dish soaps, and cosmetic products.

There’s evidence that exposure to triclosan can result in significantly reduced serum testosterone levels. The chemical may also adversely affect thyroid hormone levels and cause testicular atrophy.


Phytoestrogens, sometimes referred to as dietary estrogens, are compounds found in plants and plant-based foods which affect the body in the same way that estrogen would. Because the structure of phytoestrogens is just like that of estrogen, phytoestrogens are able to mimic the actions of estrogen.

This means that for women, especially those who are going through menopause, phytoestrogens may be beneficial. However, for men, phytoestrogens can have adverse effects on testosterone levels.

Foods that are rich in phytoestrogens include nuts and seeds like sesame seeds, flaxseeds, almonds, and walnuts. Apples, cranberries, strawberries, and pomegranates also contain phytoestrogens. Lentils, sprouts, and mung beans are also rich in phytoestrogens.

Soybeans and soy products are extremely high in phytoestrogens. If you are having problems with low testosterone symptoms, you may want to avoid soy protein powders, miso, soy sauce, soy milk, tempeh, tofu, and other soy-based foods.

Keeping Your Testosterone Levels High

male enhancement supplement pills bottle

One reason why endocrine-disrupting chemicals are so bad for your testosterone levels is that these chemicals cause damage to your testicular cells. Fortunately, there are certain supplements that can help protect you against such damage while increasing your testosterone levels.

Tongkat Ali, for instance, is an herb that is rich in various types of antioxidants. Research indicates that antioxidants like eurycomanone found in Tongkat Ali root extract actually have protective effects on testicular cells.

Because of this antioxidant action, Tongkat Ali is able to promote increased sperm and testosterone production. In addition, studies have also shown that due to the increased antioxidant protection, men taking Tongkat Ali supplements tend to experience improved sperm quality.

Tribulus Terrestris is another herb-based supplement that is also rich in antioxidants. The herb contains steroidal saponins which can mimic the actions of testosterone, which is why Tribulus Terrestris is considered effective in improving testosterone levels.

In addition, Tribulus Terrestris is also able to provide antioxidant protection for your testicular cells. Just like Tongkat Ali, the antioxidant action of Tribulus Terrestris also results in improved sperm production and sperm quality. Other proven health benefits of Tribulus Terrestris include reduced total cholesterol and blood sugar levels.

Ashwagandha is another herb that is known to improve testosterone levels, lower cortisol levels, reduce stress, and increase energy. The wide array of health benefits of Ashwagandha are attributed to its high antioxidant content.

Aside from boosting testosterone levels and enhancing male fertility, Ashwagandha is also known to have anti-cancer properties. It can also help reduce your blood sugar levels, as well as balance your thyroid hormone levels.

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Does Testosterone Help Fight Obesity?

For decades now, scientists have recognized the fact that testosterone levels are much lower in obese men compared to men whose weights are normal. Since this scientific fact has been established, various studies have consistently shown that both free and total testosterone levels are inversely related to adiposity in men.

In short, obesity leads to low testosterone levels. But would increasing your testosterone levels help you fight obesity? There is actually evidence that testosterone therapy can help obese men lose weight. Learn more about how testosterone can help you fight obesity.

The Relationship Between Obesity and Testosterone Levels

Did you know that your risks of developing secondary hypogonadism can increase by as much as 8 times if you are obese? When you have secondary hypogonadism, it means that your total testosterone level is less than 10.5 nmol/L.

Secondary hypogonadism is usually accompanied by a low sperm count and low or normal luteinizing hormone (LH) and follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH) levels. Normal total testosterone level, according to the American Urological Association, should be at least 10.40 nmol/L or 300 ng/dL.

Other studies have shown that older obese men tend to have testosterone levels lower by at least 3 nmol/L compared to lean men. In addition, high BMI has also been linked to diabetes and metabolic syndrome.

obese man holding belly fat

Experts acknowledge that obesity is a powerful predictor of low testosterone levels and that it can also greatly contribute to age-related decline in testosterone levels. On top of that, obesity can also result in hyperinsulinemia or very high levels of insulin in the blood.

Hyperinsulinemia is another problem because it can affect your SHBG or sex hormone-binding globulin levels, which can then lead to low testosterone levels. In addition, among obese and insulin-resistant individuals, fat cells produce and secrete aromatase, which is an enzyme that transforms testosterone into the female sex hormone, estradiol.

Can Testosterone Help You Lose Weight?

Because men who are obese also tend to develop hypogonadism, scientists became curious as to whether testosterone replacement therapy for these men would help them lose weight aside from normalizing their testosterone levels.

Through multiple studies, it has been proven that a significant weight reduction is one of the effects of long-term testosterone therapy for obese men with hypogonadism. In fact, more than 20 studies over the last decade have shown that treatment with testosterone replacement therapy can indeed lead to smaller waistlines and lower body weight.

One explanation for this is that testosterone therapy can lead to improvements in metabolic control, which is why the treatment often results in weight loss. In addition, testosterone therapy increases lean body mass, which then leads to increased resting energy expenditure.

What this means is that when you have high testosterone levels, it can increase the metabolic rate in your lean muscles. This then allows you to burn more calories even when you’re just resting and not doing any physical activities at all. Assuming that you eat the same amount of food, you still get to lose weight because of your higher metabolic rate.

On top of that, testosterone also helps to regulate your body composition. The reason why testosterone deficiency leads to increased fat mass is that you need the hormone in order to inhibit the formation of adipose tissue or fat cells.

In addition, testosterone also helps regulate the metabolism of fat, proteins, and carbohydrates. Studies indicate that testosterone therapy also results in improved carbohydrate metabolism and glucose utilization, as well as increased lipid oxidation or fat burning.

Increase Your Testosterone Levels

Although testosterone can indeed help overweight and obese men lose weight, testosterone replacement therapy is not readily accessible to just anyone who wants to shed pounds.

Nevertheless, that doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to increase your testosterone levels naturally. In fact, there are numerous options available for you, both for losing weight and elevating your testicular levels.


Just as there are numerous studies telling us that testosterone can help you get rid of some of your excess weight, there are also multiple studies showing that exercise is a viable alternative for increasing your testosterone levels.

If you lack the motivation to work out regularly, just think that you’ll be hitting two birds with one stone. Of course, working out will definitely help you burn some of those excess fats. On top of that, it will also naturally raise your testosterone levels.

If you want to lose weight and raise your testosterone levels quickly, you should go for high-intensity interval training. Studies comparing various training types have shown that high-intensity interval training is an efficient way to improve your cardiometabolic health. Plus, it can lead to significant increases in both your total and free testosterone levels.


fenugreek seeds in wooden bowl

Among the widely used weight loss herbal supplements, fenugreek is the one that will work best for you if you also need to raise your testosterone levels. Not only does fenugreek help improve your digestion and curb your cravings through its high dietary content, but it can also help put a stop to the testosterone-converting activities of aromatase.

In previous studies, fenugreek has been shown to exert an inhibitory effect on aromatase. What this means for you is that you get to maintain high levels of free testosterone. Even when your fat cells are producing aromatase, you can prevent the enzyme from converting too much of your testosterone into estrogen.

Tribulus Terrestris

Obesity, hypogonadism, and diabetes often occur together. And obesity and diabetes are also risk factors of erectile dysfunction. This is precisely why Tribulus Terrestris is beneficial for you.

For one, the herb is a proven natural booster of testosterone. By enabling you to produce more testosterone, Tribulus Terrestris can help you burn more calories and lose weight. On top of that, Tribulus Terrestris can also help in the management of diabetes.

In fact, treating diabetes is one of the traditional uses of Tribulus Terrestris. In both animal models and human trials, Tribulus Terrestris has been shown to protect against oxidative stress, lower blood glucose levels, as well as reduce low-density lipoprotein (LDL) and total cholesterol levels.

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Exercises That Increase Testosterone Levels

Studies have long established the fact that working out can indeed raise testosterone levels. The question is no longer whether exercise can boost testosterone, but rather which workout routines can help raise your testosterone levels higher.

Of course, which type of exercise you should do will largely depend on whatever your workout goals are. For instance, if you simply want to increase your heart rate, then aerobic exercises will do for you. But for really elevating your testosterone levels, here are some of the best exercises you can do.

Barbell Squats

A compound move that targets various muscle groups, barbell squats make you utilize your entire body just to support the weight of the barbell. Between leg presses and barbell squats, you’ll feel more exhausted doing leg presses but you’ll synthesize more testosterone doing squats.

Although barbell squats primarily target your quadriceps, the exercise also enables you to train your calves, hamstrings, glutes, and lower back muscles. In addition, your obliques and rectus abdominis also work as antagonist stabilizers whenever you perform a barbell squat.

To perform this exercise, place an empty barbell on the squat rack at a height that’s lower than your shoulders by 3-5 inches. Load equal weights on each side. Step under the barbell and position yourself so that the barbell is placed directly on your shoulder girdle. Make sure it’s centered on your back.

Lift the weight off the rack by using the power in your legs to push the weight upward. Lower your upper body by bending your knees until your thighs are almost parallel with the floor. Push the weight upward as you go back to your initial position.


Because deadlifts work out your biggest muscle groups, they are a great way to increase your testosterone levels. In fact, one study showed that when college-age men performed heavy deadlifts, their testosterone levels increased significantly.

Deadlifts are considered an integrated or compound exercise basically because muscle groups throughout your body are engaged when you perform deadlifts. The traditional deadlift targets your glutes, but it also engages your erector spinae, quadriceps, and hamstrings.

preparing for dead lift

Your adductor magnus and soleus muscles also act as synergists. Your middle and upper trapezius, levator scapulae, and rhomboids act as stabilizers, while your obliques and rectus abdominis act as antagonist stabilizers.

Performing a deadlift may look simple, but you need to have the proper form in order to avoid injuries while lifting. Set a bar on the floor, then stand with your feet hip-width apart and your mid-foot positioned under the bar.

Using an overhand grip, grab the bar. Without moving your legs, bend over. Then bend your knees until the bar is touching your shins. Straighten your back, inhale deeply, then pull the weight up as you stand. Lower the bar carefully back to the floor.


In various studies, researchers used exercise as a form of intervention for men with low testosterone levels and obesity. In many of these studies, the exercise performed included walking, cycling, and sprinting. The results of multiple studies reveal that sprinting is also an excellent workout for increasing testosterone levels.

The next time you’re on a treadmill, try doing a series of 6 to 10-second sprints. You can also do your sprints on an elliptical trainer or even on a bicycle. The key is to get your body moving with explosive speed. What’s great about sprinting is that it allows your testosterone levels to remain high long after your workout session has ended.


When you do regular chin-ups with your hands positioned facing towards you, you get to work out your biceps. But when you do overhand pull-ups, you get to work out not only your arms, but your core, back, and shoulders as well.

With more muscles being engaged, overhand pull-ups allow you to manufacture more testosterone as you exercise. To begin, place your hands shoulder-width apart on the pull-up bar. With your palms down, grab the bar and hang from it while keeping your arms straight and your feet off the floor.

As you pull your elbows down, pull your body up until your chin is level with the bar. If you can, try to pull yourself up even higher. Then lower your body until your arms are straight again. Depending on your fitness goals, you can do anywhere from 5-10 sets of pull-ups. But if you’re a beginner, you can start with a small number of repetitions per set.

Raising Your Testosterone Levels with Boosters

Although regular exercise does help improve testosterone levels, you can always take supplements that boost your testosterone levels naturally to speed the process along.

  • Ashwagandha
ashwagandha supplement

As an energy booster, Ashwagandha is widely used as a pre-workout supplement. However, an increase in your energy levels isn’t the only benefit you get when you take Ashwagandha.

The herb is also good for reducing your cortisol levels and improving your body’s response to stress. Chronically elevated cortisol levels have an inhibitory effect on testosterone synthesis. Hence, by lowering cortisol levels, Ashwagandha enables you to produce more testosterone.

  • Tongkat Ali

Another herbal supplement that’s popular among athletes, Tongkat Ali has also been proven to increase strength, reduce stress by lowering cortisol levels, as well as increase testosterone production and enhance male fertility and sexual performance.

In various studies, Tongkat Ali has been shown to benefit men with low levels of testosterone production. In fact, Tongkat Ali is acknowledged by experts as a viable alternative to testosterone replacement therapy.

Studies involving men with late-onset hypogonadism have shown that the herb is indeed helpful and effective in elevating testosterone levels. Late-onset hypogonadism (LOH) is also sometimes referred to as testosterone deficiency syndrome (TDS).

  • Tribulus Terrestris

Among bodybuilders and athletes, Tribulus Terrestris is perhaps one of the most widely-used herb-based supplements. What’s interesting about Tribulus Terrestris is that it offers so many health benefits.

Not only does the herb increase testosterone levels, but it’s also great for improving male sexual performance. In fact, multiple studies have shown that Tribulus Terrestris supplementation can lead to an increased libido and improved erectile function.

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Can Walking Raise Your Testosterone Production?

As an exercise, walking offers plenty of benefits. For one, it really is good for improving your heart health. Because it is an aerobic exercise, walking can make you breathe more deeply as your heart beats faster. This can strengthen your heart, as well as increase oxygen levels in your blood.

Aside from the numerous physical health benefits that you can gain when you take regular walks, you also stand to gain improvements in your sexual, reproductive, and hormonal health. Continue reading and learn about how walking affects your testosterone levels.

The Many Benefits of Walking

Walking is perhaps the simplest yet most beneficial exercise you can do to keep yourself healthy. Here’s what’s in store for your health when you take regular walks.

Burn calories

Walking is an excellent exercise for managing your weight. Whether you just need to maintain your current weight or you need to shed some pounds, walking helps you burn calories.

For best results, try walking uphill as that will make you burn more calories than just walking on a flat surface. Make it a daily habit to walk for a minimum of 30 minutes. If you can, try to log 10,000 steps.

Trim your waistline

weight loss trimmer waist

If you’re looking for an easy-to-do exercise for trimming your waistline, walking is what you need to do. You won’t need any special equipment in order to do it, you can just go ahead and walk. For burning belly fat, try to schedule at least an hour of brisk walking every day.

When you walk for an extended period of time like for about 45 minutes or an hour, that makes your body switch from metabolizing carbs for energy to burning fat for fuel. And that’s a good thing if you’ve got a belly fat problem.

Relieve joint pain

Walking helps to lubricate your joints, which is why it’s recommended for people suffering from osteoarthritis. When you walk regularly, it can help strengthen and protect the muscles that are supporting your joints. For those young enough not to have arthritis yet, you can prevent the disease by walking at least 5 to 6 miles each week.

Walking and Testosterone

Any type of exercise or physical activity can help increase your testosterone levels. But walking is one of the best and easiest ways to do it. On top of that, walking also helps to improve your body’s stress-response mechanism, which makes it a great stress-reliever.

A 2015 study of young men, for instance, showed that moderate-intensity exercises like walking can help increase testosterone levels and improve stress hormone profiles. The men who participated in the study did treadmill walking for at least an hour thrice a week, for a period of four weeks.

The post-exercise recovery samples taken from the participants showed that their free testosterone concentrations were significantly higher compared to their pre-training values. In addition, their testosterone-cortisol ratios were also greatly reduced. A high testosterone-cortisol ratio is a marker of being overstressed.

Walking is more than just a nice way to relieve stress levels among young men. Middle-aged to older men often suffer from declining testosterone levels, and experts also recommend regular walking to help improve testosterone production.

Among elderly men, diabetes, metabolic syndrome, and obesity are quite common. These medical conditions, especially obesity, are closely associated with low testosterone levels.

Various studies have shown that for men with obesity, type 2 diabetes, or metabolic syndrome, aerobic exercises such as walking, running, and cycling can help improve testosterone levels, lower blood sugar levels, as well as reduce weight.

One study showed that walking for at least half an hour thrice a week, when coupled with a strict diet, can help improve serum testosterone levels, reduce waist circumference, fasting blood sugar levels, triglyceride concentrations, and high-density lipoprotein (HDL) cholesterol levels.

Improved sexual function is another excellent benefit that you can gain when you walk regularly. There have also been studies on how walking and other aerobic exercises can affect sexual performance among elderly men with erectile dysfunction.

In a 2013 study, for instance, the researchers observed that moderate aerobic exercises like brisk walking can help improve erectile function scores by 14%. The participants in the study were asked to engage in aerobic exercises for a total of 200-300 minutes per week for a period of 54 weeks.

Another study on the benefits of walking involved men who developed erectile dysfunction after a recent myocardial infarction. A home-based walking program intervention resulted in a 71% decrease in reported erectile dysfunction among 41 participants.

In contrast, there was a 9% increase in erectile dysfunction among those who did not participate in the home-based walking program.

Alternatives to Testosterone Therapy

Although exercise, by itself, is an excellent alternative to testosterone replacement therapy, there are many other options available for men who need to raise their testosterone levels.

Tongkat Ali

A known fertility enhancer, Tongkat Ali works by directly stimulating your testicular cells. Through this action, Tongkat Ali is able to promote the increased production of spermatozoa, as well as the increased synthesis of testosterone. Tongkat Ali also reduces cortisol levels, which is another mechanism by which it helps restore your testosterone levels.

tongkat ali powder supplement


Another herb that’s popular as a remedy for male reproductive problems, Ashwagandha is also able to reduce cortisol levels and helps to increase your testosterone levels. As a rejuvenating agent, Ashwagandha also aids in increasing your energy levels.


If you’re interested in walking as an exercise to lose weight, you should try fenugreek supplements. The herb is known to aid in digestion, plus its high dietary fiber content can make you feel full, thus reducing your cravings. In addition, fenugreek is also able to help with your free testosterone levels.


This important mineral is widely known for improving testosterone levels. The reason why foods like oysters and legumes are always recommended for men with low testosterone is that these foods are rich in zinc. The mineral actually plays an important role during testosterone synthesis.

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Testosterone Booster for Weight Loss

Although testosterone is more popularly associated with strength, athletic performance, and libido, the hormone is increasingly gaining recognition for its weight-loss benefits. Testosterone supplements used to be popular only among bodybuilders, athletes, and those who wish to improve their sexual performance.

These days, however, people who are wanting to shed pounds are considering using testosterone boosters to help them achieve their weight-loss goals. Continue reading to learn more about how testosterone can help you better manage your weight.

What Happens When Your Testosterone Levels Decline

Testosterone levels generally start to decline when you reach your 30s. The age-related drop in testosterone levels is actually gradual, but it can have numerous effects on your body.

For instance, loss of interest in sex or low libido is a common effect of declining testosterone levels. Not only that, but it can also make you feel fatigued, and it can even lead to depression.

In addition, the physical effects of declining testosterone levels include loss of hair, bone mass loss, as well as muscle mass loss. Plus, it can also lead to an increase in your fat mass, which means it can contribute to weight gain.

Why You Should Consider Testosterone for Weight Loss

Losing weight is certainly not easy. Going on a diet can help you cut down on your calorie intake, and although it’s a good way to lose weight, the results are not immediately noticeable.

weight loss measuring waistline

Working out, especially when coupled with a low-calorie diet, is definitely a more efficient way to lose weight. Cutting down on calories and increasing your calorie expenditure will give you good results in no time at all.

There’s a problem, however, when you just go on a diet to lose weight. Yes, it can help you lose fat, but it can also lead to lean muscle mass loss. This is where testosterone boosters come in.

When you take testosterone supplements, you can prevent the loss of muscle mass. As you may well know already, stimulating the growth and development of muscle mass is one of the functions of testosterone.

In addition, taking testosterone boosters can also help improve your metabolism. Testosterone actually also plays a role in both glucose and fat metabolism, with low testosterone levels associated with poor fat oxidation and inefficient use of glucose as energy.

There’s actually a myriad of studies on the relationship between testosterone and weight loss. Many of these studies involved men with hypogonadism or extremely low testosterone levels.

Hypogonadism is actually closely associated with obesity, and the two medical conditions have been shown to contribute to each other. Obese men tend to have abnormally low levels of testosterone, while hypogonadic men tend to have a high fat mass.

One of the reasons why obese men usually have extremely low testosterone levels is that they often suffer from high aromatase activities. An enzyme that converts testosterone into estrogen, aromatase is also produced by fat cells.

Excessive belly fat, which is common among those who are obese, leads to high aromatase activities, which then result in low free testosterone levels due to increased conversion of the hormone into estrogen.

Moreover, obesity and excess belly fat also increase your risk of obstructive sleep apnea. Men with sleep apnea, regardless of age and weight, tend to have low testosterone levels. Testosterone synthesis usually peaks after several hours of deep sleep, but having sleep apnea can prevent you from getting enough restful sleep.

Various studies have shown that when obese hypogonadic men are treated with testosterone, not only do they experience normalized testosterone levels but they also see significant reductions in their waist circumference and body weight.

One study, in particular, showed that when obese middle-aged men tried to lose weight by going on a diet, those who were also given testosterone injections every 10 weeks enjoyed greater total fat and visceral fat loss. In addition, testosterone treatment also helped prevent the loss of lean muscle mass.

How to Increase Testosterone Naturally

Even when you don’t undergo testosterone replacement therapy, you still have several options for raising your testosterone levels back to normal.


Strength training is particularly helpful not only in losing weight but also for raising your testosterone levels. When you engage in strength training, you basically push your muscles to work hard. This stimulates increased testosterone production, and, of course, helps you burn calories faster.


Oysters, red meat, and mushroom are great for increasing your zinc levels. You need to have sufficient levels of this mineral if you want to produce normal levels of testosterone. That’s because zinc plays an important role in testosterone synthesis. In fact, research indicates that zinc deficiency is closely linked to testosterone deficiency.

Tongkat Ali

Stress is one of the biggest contributors to weight gain and low testosterone levels. That’s because your cortisol levels skyrocket when you’re stressed, and cortisol inhibits the production of testosterone. Tongkat Ali not only helps lower cortisol levels but it also directly stimulates your testicular cells so that they produce more testosterone.


ashwagandha powder

Another known stress-reducer, Ashwagandha has similar effects on cortisol levels, just like Tongkat Ali. There’s also evidence that Ashwagandha can help increase sperm production, improve sperm quality, and increase energy, as well as increase testosterone levels.


For losing weight and increasing testosterone levels, fenugreek is one of the best herb-based supplements. The herb is rich in dietary fiber, so it can help improve your digestion, as well as manage your cravings. Plus, fenugreek can also help lessen aromatase activities, thus allowing you to maintain normal levels of free testosterone.


Even when you take all the available testosterone boosters in the market, when you’re not sleeping well, your testosterone levels will still suffer. Your body synthesizes testosterone when you’re asleep, with the most production happening when you’re already 2 or 3 hours into a deep sleep.

This means that if you only sleep for an hour at a time, your testosterone production doesn’t get to peak. On top of that, sleep restriction can just increase your stress levels, which will then cause your cortisol levels to remain high, eventually affecting your testosterone production.

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