Exercise you can do During a Lockdown

Exercise you can do During a Lockdown

The year 2020 has welcomed us with a lot of obstacles. We have been faced with what we call “the new normal”. With the current lockdown status, all of

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The year 2020 has welcomed us with a lot of obstacles. We have been faced with what we call “the new normal”. With the current lockdown status, all of the countries in the world are affected. The economy has gone down, and most businesses have closed. Work that can be brought at home was made possible by technology. But due to working at home, most people sit and stay at home. Most have been in a cycle of eating, sleep, repeat which lessens the quality of life and causes certain health conditions which root from weight gain.

Although most gyms are closed due to the lockdown, you can still be able to improvise and do exercise at home. Make sure you do stretching exercises before doing some strenuous home exercise to prevent muscle pain. Here are some exercises that you can do during a lockdown:

Swag your cleaning routine

Turn up the music and go get your broom. Hit two birds with one stone by making your cleaning routine as your exercise. Get the vacuum and do the lunges while cleaning up your clutter. Try side lunges while you are making your bed. Try to put on rags under your feet and make your way to wipe the floor with it. Do it faster but make sure to be careful not to slip. While sweeping, you may also strengthen your core muscles by getting on your tiptoes.

Use the stairs more often while cleaning from room to room. Go up and down for 10 to 15 times. While doing the laundry, try to do squat exercises while lifting the laundry basket up and down. While wiping side surfaces, you can go flat on your back and do sit-ups while you reach for those surfaces.

Improvise with your weights

Do you want to tone your muscles? But you do not have the dumbbells for weights? Look around you and check if you have objects you can use as weights- may it be a school bag, books, clothes, a pail of water, a bag of flour or rice, or some heavy items.

Since we can’t go and travel the world, get your luggage out and fill it with heavy objects. Grab it and use it as your weights to make it useful for the meantime. Do it with your usual weights routine.

Exercise with your green thumb

Who says you can’t exercise with your thumb? Go out of your house and weed out your lawn while squatting. This can help strengthen your core muscles. Get your fingers to work under the sun. Plow the field and plant some crops. Use a pail to water the plants. Carry it around your lawn for five to six times depending on the size of your lawn for good cardio plus weights work out.

Play with the rope

While you’re out and about, try to search for a jumping rope. This kiddie toy can be an enjoyable exercise routine. Try to do it with a family member. If you have kids or a partner, do it with them to make bonding memories during a lockdown. Want to make it better? Make it a competition to heat things up. The least one to do the skipping routine will do some household chores. That would make things a lot better as you and your family member will strive harder to reach your full potential.


The good ole’ planking always does the work. Play the best beat of your music as time will tend to be slower when planking. What you need to do is set up a blanket, carpet, or a yoga mat to protect your arms and feet. Be in a push-up position while the rest of your body is resting on your toes and forearm. Make sure the middle of your body won’t sag and maintain a straight posture while doing it. Hold it for 1 minute and challenge to push yourself longer.

Virtual exercise

If you do not have the lawn, treadmill, stationary bike, or the will to do the exercise alone, you may take a look online for virtual exercise. Some websites offer one on one instructor via an online platform. This will ensure that you follow a certain frame of work out and that it is guided according to your needs. Fewer excuses for doing an exercise because you’ll be spending some bucks.

These are only some of the exercises you can do during a lockdown. As you can see, most of the things we are using here are found in your immediate surroundings. You just need to have the drive to do it.