5 Reasons Why Male Enhancement Is Better Than a Multivitamin

Chances are, you’re probably taking a multivitamin supplement.

No surprises there. After all, multivitamins are among the most commonly used and consumed supplements all over the world.

Multivitamin supplements are a highly lucrative global industry, especially so in the United States – where multivitamin sales account for nearly half of dietary supplement sales.

Multivitamins have been widely consumed for the past several decades, and they are only poised to continue their exponential increase in popularity in the coming years.

See, multivitamins were hyped on the following premise: that taking them can improve your health, or to offset poor dietary habits, and even reduce the risk of contracting chronic and potentially debilitating diseases in the future.

Sounds like a good deal, right? Not so fast.

The conventional belief about multivitamins offering you all their purported health benefits may not be the case.

There are well-publicized studies suggesting that multivitamins might not actually offer much at all, if anything, in the realm of benefits to your health.

Moreover, other studies have suggested that mega-doses of vitamins can actually do you more harm than good.

taking his multivitamin pills

In fact, according to Dr. Eliseo Guallar, Johns Hopkins professor of epidemiology and chief author of the aforementioned study, multivitamins are, at best, a complete and utter waste of money, and therefore something that people shouldn’t be throwing their money away on – unless they were prescribed for a vitamin deficiency, or to fill in gaps in nutrition.

Either way, it’s reason enough for millions and millions of Americans to take them nonetheless – to the tune of billions of dollars.

You’re probably doing the same thing yourself.

After all, taking them makes you feel better – even if it is only the placebo working.

If it makes me feel good, why should I stop taking them?

Fair enough. And that’s a perfectly understandable reason as to why anybody for that matter would continue taking multivitamins. If it makes you sleep better at night, it’s a $90 well-spent.

But there is a better option out there: legitimate male enhancement supplements.

Think about it. If you find yourself hatched firmly on the multivitamin hype train, why not take a proven male enhancement supplement instead?

Now hold on a minute.

We’re not talking about those “gas station pills” that masquerade as “male enhancement supplements” – but which are actually “penis enlargement products” which are 100% sure to contain prescription drugs and chemicals of unverified safety and potency…and could actually wreck your sexual health.

We’re talking about legitimate male enhancement supplements.

These are the all-natural products that boost the size, girth, and frequency of your erections, as well as build your T-Levels as well as your sexual appetite in a sustained, consistent, and above all, safe manner.

It’s no secret that more and more men are discovering how potent these legitimate male enhancement supplements are, particularly when taken as part of a healthy regimen as they would vitamins.

This is why we’ve taken this time and opportunity to enlighten you on why male enhancement supplements are better than taking multivitamins – because we think it’s worth your consideration.

REASON #1: Multivitamins are Expensive

Sure, they may be good placebo – but as stated earlier, multivitamins are, by and far, a waste of money, unless they were prescribed for a legitimate medical condition that requires vitamin supplementation. And they can be hella expensive. That’s a hell of a lot of money for a placebo.

REASON #2: Male Enhancement is NOT a Placebo

There are plenty of reasons why certain organic substances such as Tongkat Ali, Horny Goat Weed, and Fenugreek have enjoyed use throughout the annals of human history as medicine in various ancient cultures. These are organic, all-natural medicines that increase a man’s erection size, testosterone levels, and virility. They aren’t an expensive placebo you take to feel better about yourself.

They are still used today in legitimate male enhancement products for a reason: simply because they work.

REASON #3: Male Enhancement Supplements Have Tangible Benefits

male enhancement supplement results

Legitimate male enhancement products are tested to the highest possible standards and practices in order to deliver a safe and effective product that is safe to take over a sustained period of time. There is no doubt that you’ll see the benefits of a good male enhancement supplement if you take them consistently. Try getting the benefits of more frequent and longer-lasting erections, as well as boosted T-Levels and a marked increase in libido from multivitamins. You won’t.

REASON #4: You CAN Overdose on Multivitamins

Certain vitamins are naturally excreted by our system if they aren’t needed. This is what happens when you take multivitamins as a placebo 99% of the time: you excrete them since they are not needed by the body. However, there are some vitamins that can cause death in mega-dose levels that they may come in. These are fat-soluble vitamins such as vitamin A, D, E, and K. If your body absorbs them above their acceptable thresholds, they may lead to serious health complications – which can be fatal.

REASON #5: Legitimate Male Enhancement Is Safe

Legitimate male enhancement products do not contain any prescription drugs or chemicals in them. They will only use the highest-quality, all-natural erectogenic and androgenic substances. And the right ones are safe, and in fact encouraged, to be taken on a consistent, sustained basis.

Male enhancement products such as Male UltraCore™ contain all-natural ingredients such as Tongkat Ali, Fenugreek, KSM-66, and ZMA, all of which boost testosterone levels as well as promote longer-lasting and harder erections. Male UltraCore™ is the ONLY male enhancement supplement on the market that has the highest concentrations of androgenic and erectogenic substances.


Legitimate male enhancement products are not expensive placebos you take to feel better about yourself. They work. The substances in legitimate products like Male UltraCore™ have been used for ages in various cultures ever since time immemorial for that reason. That is exactly the reason why they are a better investment to make as far as your sexual health goes rather than multivitamins. Why take a placebo when you can take Male UltraCore™ and experience its benefits to the fullest? The choice is yours.

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PDA – How Much Is Too Much?

Have you experienced people telling you to get a room? If you have, it’s probably because you went overboard in expressing your affection for your partner. It’s common to see other people publicly displaying their affection, but there are certain lines that shouldn’t be crossed.

For instance, being too affectionate during a religious service or in front of a friend who’s in mourning is just too tacky and inappropriate. It’s a great thing if you and your partner have a lot of passion for each other but other people may not appreciate your public displays of sweetness. Here’s what you should keep in mind about PDA.

What’s the Rule?

There’s isn’t any fixed rule with regard to public displays of affection. What’s acceptable in certain situations may be unacceptable in other circumstances. If you’re at a family gathering, for instance, kissing your partner’s forehead or cheek may look sweet but that same action certainly won’t be acceptable when you’re at the office.

  • Context

Be mindful of where you are, who you’re with, and the occasion. If you’re out with a group of friends, mild public displays of affection may be tolerable. However, avoid overdoing it so that you don’t end up making the other people around you feel uncomfortable.

  • Mother’s approval

Even if it sounds too old-fashioned, try to remember that when you’re in public, you’re surrounded by people of all ages and sensibilities. So, if you’re uncertain whether your behavior would be met with disapproval, ask yourself if your mother would approve if she happened to see you.

  • Partner’s comfort level

Another thing that you should always be mindful of when publicly displaying affection is whether your partner is comfortable with it or not. If what you’re doing is already making your partner feel a little bit embarrassed, then maybe you should until you’re in a more private setting before you show your affection.

What’s Acceptable?

PDA isn’t always bad. Indeed, there are certain affectionate behaviors that are acceptable even when done in public. Here are a few.

Holding hands

It’s always nice to see couples holding hands. It’s a sweet sign of affection that tells your partner you’ll always be by her side. Holding hands in public is no longer as frowned upon as it used to be decades ago.

holding hands while walking by the beach

Just remember where are you are before you hold your partner’s hand. Holding hands would obviously be inappropriate if you’re attending a lecture or you’re in the middle of a business meeting. And just so you know, there are quite several countries which do not tolerate public displays of affection, even when you’re just holding hands.

Physical contact

When you’re in public, touching and other forms of physical contact would really depend on which part of your partner’s body you’re touching, as well as the context of your situation. Obviously, touching your partner’s private parts would be considered inappropriate if there are other people around.

However, an arm casually draped around your partner’s shoulders would be considered acceptable if you’re in a casual setting, like when you’re out with family members or at a party at a friend’s house.


There are many situations wherein kissing someone you love is acceptable. If you’re at the airport, for instance, and you’re bidding your loved one goodbye or welcoming her back after a long trip, a kiss wouldn’t be considered inappropriate. As long as it’s not too torrid or drawn out, that is.

A long and passionate French kiss, however, would be met with disapproval if you’re at a public place. You may want to reserve that for later when the two of you are in a more private setting.

What’s Not Acceptable?

Here are some examples of certain forms of PDA that are considered too much.


No matter how much you want to have sex with your partner, groping is never appropriate when you’re in public. In fact, it may even be considered criminal sexual behavior. So, the next time you’re in public, remember to refrain yourself from touching your partner’s breasts, nipples, buttocks, and inner thighs.


If you want to upgrade your foreplay skills, try practicing nibbling. Just don’t do it in public because that would be a case of too much PDA. The same goes for licking any part of your partner’s body.

Digital PDA

lip-locked selfie

No matter how crazily in love you are with your partner, openly posting, texting, or communicating your affection for her in a social network or broadcast message is inappropriate, especially if your post or message contains intimate details.

It’s fine if you want the whole world to know that you love your partner, but telling the world that sex last night was totally mind-blowing or that you’re absolutely fascinated by your partner’s breasts is just over the top.

Get A Room

If you can’t contain your affection for your partner to yourself, get a room or take your partner somewhere where nobody else can see your passionate display of affection. Your partner will surely appreciate how open you are about showing your feelings for her if it doesn’t involve any behavior that might potentially cause her embarrassment.

Private displays of affection are more touching and intimate, and can even serve as great foreplay. But if your goal is to really heat things up in the bedroom, you need to be ready with a rock-hard erection and inexhaustible sexual stamina.

That’s easy if you’re taking Male UltraCore. Formulated with high-quality natural ingredients, Male UltraCore is the ultimate sex enhancement supplement you can ever try. It’s packed with natural boosters for your testosterone and sex drive like Long Jack, zinc, fenugreek, and Ashwagandha.

Long Jack, fenugreek, and Ashwagandha are all acknowledged by experts as natural alternatives for testosterone treatment. That’s because these herbs are truly effective in elevating your testosterone levels. And with higher testosterone levels, your libido and sexual performance increase as well.

On top of that, Male UltraCore also contains potent erection enhancers such as L-arginine, Horny Goat Weed, and Tribulus terrestris. These natural ingredients have all been proven to help men achieve better erections. With Male UltraCore, sex with you will always be fantastic.

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Can You Really Last Longer with Higher Testosterone Levels?

High testosterone levels can help boost your sexual stamina. Though testosterone is widely used by young athletes to improve their muscle development and athletic performance, the hormone is also popularly used by many men to enhance their performance during sex.

Indeed, multiple studies show that elevating your testosterone levels can result in increased sex drive and better erectile function. Find out what you can do to elevate your testosterone levels and last longer in bed.

Low Testosterone Negatively Affects Your Sexual Performance

Testosterone is generally referred to as the primary male sex hormone not only because it’s in charge of the development of your male characteristics, but also because it does greatly affect male sexual performance.

For men with very low testosterone levels, a waning sex drive is one of the main problems. When your sex drive is disappearing, you start losing interest in sex. It’s not just manifested as having sex less frequently, but it also shows in how rarely you engage in sexual fantasies. Literally speaking, you no longer think about sex as much as you used to.

Erectile dysfunction is another big, complicated problem caused by low testosterone levels. When you have hypogonadism, or when your testicles are not producing sufficient amounts of testosterone or sperm, that can also lead to erectile dysfunction. In fact, hypogonadism is highly associated with both erectile dysfunction and male infertility.

The problem is that low testosterone levels often go hand in hand with other medical conditions such as obesity and diabetes. Both these medical conditions contribute a lot to erectile dysfunction.

obesity and erectile dysfunction

When you’re obese, it further aggravates the problem with your testosterone levels. That’s because having a lot of visceral fat can contribute to high aromatase activities. Aromatase is an enzyme that binds with your free testosterone and converts it to estrogen. In short, high aromatase activities can lead to very low free testosterone levels.

On top of that, obesity is also associated with atherosclerosis and other cardiovascular diseases. This means that when you’re obese, your blood vessels are in no condition to deliver sufficient amounts of blood to your penis when you need it in order to achieve an erection.

Diabetes, on the one hand, causes a different problem that can also lead to erectile dysfunction. In men with diabetes, high blood sugar levels result in damage to small arteries and nerves. In fact, penile nerve damage is one of the leading causes of erectile dysfunction in men with diabetes.

The Sexual Benefits of Testosterone

Just like how low testosterone levels can damage your sex drive and erectile function, high testosterone levels can also lead to various sexual benefits.

Increased libido

In various studies, it has been consistently shown that when men with low testosterone levels experience improvements in their hormonal levels, there’s almost always a concurrent increase in their sex drive.

A 2016 study involving more than 700 men with total testosterone levels below 300 ng/dL showed that 16 weeks of daily treatment with a topical testosterone solution resulted in greatly improved scores in sexual arousal, sexual interest, and sex drive compared to their baseline scores.

Improved erectile function

Both reduced libido and impaired erectile function are common to men with low testosterone, especially among older men. That’s because testosterone plays important roles in coordinating sexual arousal responses.

For you to achieve an erection, certain neurotransmitters like nitric oxide need to be released to induce the relaxation of your penile arteries and smooth muscles. Testosterone plays a part in mediating the release of nitric oxide. Thus, when your testosterone levels are low, it could negatively affect your ability to achieve an erection.

Multiple studies have shown that when testosterone levels are increased, men with erection problems tend to experience great improvements in their erectile function. Experts have also observed that the positive effects of testosterone treatment on erectile function are more noticeable in men who have very low testosterone levels.

Increased sexual activities

Not only does testosterone therapy increase your desire for sex, but it can also enable you to engage in more sexual activities. Evidence is provided by a 2016 study participated in by almost 500 men aged at least 65 years and with testosterone levels lower than 275 ng/dL.

sex on the bedroom floor

The authors evaluated how the participants improved in terms of sexual activities after they were treated with testosterone for one year. The results showed that testosterone treatment led to increased sexual daydreams, flirting, and masturbation, as well as improved ejaculation and orgasm.

The participants who received testosterone treatment also experienced increased day and night spontaneous erections, as well as an increase in erections in response to sexual activity and an increase in the frequency of sexual intercourse.

Increased energy

Men with low testosterone levels often feel drained, fatigued, depressed, and lack energy. On the one hand, those who take testosterone boosters often report an immediate increase in their muscular energy and overall energy levels.

Not having enough energy is actually another reason why those with low testosterone often are unable to engage in sex. They tend to feel disinterested in sex and would rather rest. And if they do get to have sex, it’s usually with lackluster sexual performance.

On the one hand, men with high testosterone levels usually show great energy and stamina in the bedroom. This is another reason why a lot of men want to boost their testosterone levels, just so they can deliver the same high-energy sexual performance.

Last Longer in Bed with Male UltraCore

Male UltraCore not only boosts your testosterone levels, but it also increases your sexual stamina and helps you last longer during sex. An excellent male sexual performance enhancement supplement, Male UltraCore is packed with testosterone-boosting natural ingredients like Long Jack, fenugreek, Ashwagandha, and Tribulus terrestris.

Not only that, but Male UltraCore also contains Horny Goat Weed, Maca, zinc, and L-arginine, which are all scientifically proven to improve erectile function and enhance sexual performance.

By raising your testosterone levels, Male UltraCore improves your libido and enhances your fertility. On top of that, Male UltraCore’s energy-boosting ingredients like Long Jack and Ashwagandha help to increase your endurance and stamina for sex, allowing you to deliver outstanding sexual performance.

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Can You Really Look Younger If You Increase Your Testosterone Levels?

Testosterone affects your skin, too! We usually think of testosterone as a hormone that we need if we want to keep our sex drive healthy or if we want toned muscles. In truth, testosterone has so many other functions in the human body, and one of those functions affect the way you look.

You already know that your testosterone levels drop as you age. But what you may not know is that declining testosterone levels can also affect your skin elasticity. In fact, testosterone levels also modulate skin thickness and epidermal skin moisture. Here’s how you can raise your testosterone levels to look younger.

Testosterone and Aging

Testosterone affects several bodily functions, including bone growth, muscle development, water retention, as well as sugar and fat metabolism. The hormone is involved in regulating your mood, and it also affects your concentration and energy levels.

A steroid hormone, testosterone is mainly produced by the Leydig cells inside the testicles. Women also produce a small amount of testosterone through their ovaries and adrenal glands.

checking for skin wrinkles

For men, adolescence and early adulthood are when testosterone levels are at their highest. As you hit your 30s, your testosterone levels will then begin to gradually decline as a result of aging.

When your testosterone production starts to slow down, there will be several noticeable effects on your body. For one, your hair may start thinning, to the point that you may even lose your facial and body hair if your testosterone levels drop to extremely low levels.

You’ll also observe a change in your body composition as you lose lean muscle mass and gain fat mass. What’s even more problematic is that dropping testosterone levels also result in bone mass loss, which can eventually lead to osteoporosis.

Of the various aging-related effects of testosterone, perhaps the more well-known ones are those that affect male sexuality. It is widely known that age-related decreases in testosterone levels affect the male libido negatively. But it’s not just your sex drive that gets affected.

Very low testosterone levels can also affect your ability to achieve erections. In fact, in men with extremely low testosterone levels or hypogonadism, erectile dysfunction is a common problem. On top of that, impaired testosterone production can also lead to a low sperm count as your sperm production suffers.  

Testosterone and Your Skin

Testosterone is also involved in the growth and activities of your sebaceous glands. High testosterone levels can cause your sebaceous glands to go on overdrive, resulting in acne breakouts. On the one hand, very low testosterone levels can result in dry skin because your oil glands are no longer active enough to moisturize your face sufficiently.

When your skin is dry, its elasticity is reduced and your skin becomes weak. Extremely dry skin can lead to scaling, itching, and cracking of the skin. In severe cases, you can even bleed from the cracks on your skin. Dry skin can also cause your plump skin cells to shrivel, which can then lead to fine lines and wrinkles.

Effective Natural Testosterone Boosters

Whether you just want to look and feel young or you want to revive your sex drive, boosting your testosterone levels can help you fight many of the symptoms caused by low testosterone. To naturally boost your testosterone levels, try the following:


Trigonella foenum-graecum, as fenugreek is scientifically called, is widely used as a tea, tonic, and cooking ingredient. Fenugreek powder and supplements are also becoming increasingly popular due to the herb’s varied benefits.

Studies show that fenugreek aids in digestion and protects against diabetes. Supplementation with fenugreek can lead to reduced blood sugar levels and lower total cholesterol levels. In addition, fenugreek is also known to benefit men with low testosterone levels.

The herb contains furostanolic saponins, which can help increase testosterone production. Fenugreek can also help lessen free testosterone conversion into estrogen and dihydrotestosterone.


A popular rejuvenating Ayurvedic herb, Ashwagandha or Withania somnifera contains numerous antioxidants with varied pharmacological effects. Ashwagandha was primarily known as an adaptogen and was used mainly to combat stress and anxiety.

In recent years, however, studies have shown that Ashwagandha is beneficial for infertile men, as well as for those suffering from low levels of testosterone, poor libido, and impaired erectile function.

One study showed that when infertile men take Ashwagandha supplements, it can lead to a 10-22% increase in testosterone levels, as well as improved sperm parameters. Other studies have also shown that Ashwagandha can improve exercise performance, increase strength, aid in fat loss, as well as reduce cortisol levels.

Tribulus terrestris

Sometimes referred to as puncturevine or Gokshur, Tribulus terrestris is another popular natural testosterone booster. The herb contains steroidal saponins that act as antioxidants and mimic the actions of testosterone.

tribulus terrestris plant

Aside from boosting your testosterone levels, Tribulus terrestris is also beneficial in improving male fertility. Research has shown that the herb can help improve sperm quality, mainly due to its antioxidant actions. In addition, Tribulus terrestris also helps improve testicular functions, which is why it’s able to improve sperm production and testosterone synthesis.


Zinc, especially when taken with magnesium aspartate, can greatly help in improving your testosterone levels. Zinc is a necessary nutrient in the synthesis of testosterone. Magnesium aspartate, on the one hand, helps in the conversion of cholesterol into testicular.

As various studies have shown, men who are deficient in zinc tend to have very low testosterone levels, as well as poor sperm parameters. Zinc is actually necessary for the normal development of spermatozoa, so when you’re low on zinc, it can affect the growth of your sperm cells.

The Most Efficient Way to Boost Testosterone

There are so many effective natural testosterone boosters that it wouldn’t make sense for you to take a supplement for each one of them. Instead, you should take Male UltraCore. An industry-changing male sexual enhancement supplement, Male UltraCore contains fenugreek, Ashwagandha, Tribulus terrestris, zinc magnesium aspartate, and many more.

The unique blend of natural ingredients used in Male UltraCore makes it so effective in elevating testosterone levels, increasing sex drive, improving erection frequency and quality, as well as in enhancing sexual stamina.

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Antidepressants Linked to Sexual Side Effects

To start us off, we need to know what antidepressants are. These are prescription drugs that treat or manage the symptoms of depression, anxiety disorders, and other mental and emotional disorders. They mainly work on the nervous system of the patient and alleviate the chemical imbalances. Once the neurotransmitters are in order, then the patient becomes well again.

Doctors are noticing an increase in the number of depression patients in hospitals around the world. Some of the catalysts for the rapid increase are lifestyle changes and the stresses of life. The worse scenario in these cases is that people as young as 12 years are using antidepressant drugs. In grown-ups, the number of females on medication is twice as high as the males. Maybe this counts for the higher number of male suicidal fatalities globally.

Common Side Effects of Antidepressants

antidepressant medication

Generally, antidepressants are categorized into five types. In all these five types, the side effects are almost homogeneous. Some of the common effects are low blood sugar, nausea, weight loss, sweating, sedation, and agitation. Besides, other patients take longer to respond to medication. In the process, they become suicidal due to a lack of hope for recovery. In the physical aspect, weight gain comes with some drugs.

Antidepressants and Sex

One of the significant challenges that doctors face is the stabilizing of the mood swing of patients. Even after that, most patients suffer withdrawal symptoms due to the slow progress of medication. In the cases that show quick and advance responses to medicine, the effects on their sexual lives are dire. Sexual dysfunction is a huge problem for any couple that is on antidepressant medication.

The effects of diminishing sexual drive differ from one patient to the other. Again, it is different from women and men. But for a while, doctors have observed some common traits in most patients. These traits are minimal sexual desire, lack of sexual arousal, and sensation. In the most extreme, some patients reported persistent genital arousal.

The antidepressant calms the patient from anxiety and emotional imbalances. When the body raises the uptake of serotonin in the brains, the nerves experience calmness. Apparently, the same calmness inhibits any sexually arousing to the genitals. Thus, the patient lacks the emotional drive to perform in the bedroom. The brain fails to record any exciting activity around the genitals.

Types of Antidepressants with Adverse Sexual Effects

In this particular section, we will briefly explore the two major categories of impact, namely mild and severe.

Mild Medication Effects

In this category, you will get SSRIs, Tricyclic antidepressants, 5-HT2 blockers, Monoamine oxidase inhibitors or MAOIs, and Reversible inhibitor or RIMA. According to doctors’ observations in the US, these types inhibit sex but to a lower effect.

Severe Medication Effects

Like in the mild, Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors or SSRIs are the significant contributors in this category. The most common are Citalopram, Duloxetine, Escitalopram, Paroxetine, Fluoxetine, and Sertraline.

Sexual Side Effects in Men and Women

Male patients using antidepressants frequently report poor erectile function; and even if an erection comes, to maintain it is difficult. In some cases, there is no ejaculation as the semen does not come.

Female patients have different but almost similar manifestations; they get poor or no vaginal lubrication at all. This makes sex very uncomfortable due to friction during intercourse. Sometimes, when the lubrication comes, there is no orgasm. The woman feels nothing apart from the penetration.

Mitigating the Sexual Side Effects

male enhancement supplement pills

The first thing is to talk to your doctor. This should happen when they initially prescribe the medication to you. That way, you will be psychologically aware of what to expect.

Adjusting the dosage of the medication comes as second. When the body starts responding well to the anxiety disorder, then the doctor can reduce the dosage. The doctor prescribing the drug is the only one to do it.

If both of you are on medication, synchronizing your dosage time is crucial. Both of you should take medicine after trying to have sex. That way, your bodies will have time to rest and gradually respond to stimulation. If only one is on antidepressants, then talking about the timing of sex is critical.

Exercising is another way of improving your sexual drive. When the body muscles respond to stimulation, the brain receptors calm down. This calmness helps the body to generate natural levels of serotonin. In the end, the neurotransmitters relay sexual messages to the brain at the right time.

Constant foreplay comes in handy in times that sexual drives are low. Foreplay should be a form of seduction. The brain may not respond immediately, but it will help create an environment of sex in the house. In the worst case that nothing happens, at least the two of you are engaging in fondling. That helps in making the bond stronger without actual penetration.

Communication is the key. Constant communication about the medication and the effects should be regular between couples. This helps eradicate mistrust in any situation. It is also a good support base for the patient.


In most cases, patients agree to any medication that comes from doctors. In cases of antidepressants, the effects are long term and can be severely adverse. The effects of the SSRIs are something to discuss with your doctor before you embark on the treatment. If possible, get as many facts as possible on different options available before commencing on the antidepressants, also some supplements such as Male UltraCore can be the solution to this side effect.

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Closing the Orgasm Gap with Your Partner

You may have heard about the orgasm gap. But let me explain to you in simple terms what it means. In the real world, men tend to have more orgasms than women during sexual intercourse.

And right now, if we think about sex, we usually think about penetrative sex. Mainly because we are taught that sex is for the purpose of making babies, And we also believe that sex starts when the male sex organ penetrates into the woman’s sex organ and ends when the former ejaculates. And yes, anything before the penetration is just mere foreplay, which we really don’t consider as sex.

No wonder why we usually see sex on a male’s point of view, we always consider that sex is all about man’s ejaculation. But it is actually more than that. On the other hand, when we talk about closing the orgasm gap, we always conclude that women should have an orgasm during sexual intercourse or even before the male sex organ penetrates that of the woman. Or perhaps, women should have an orgasm before men ejaculate. Maybe because it is what we are perceived to be.

clawing his back during sex

So women tend to do that, intentionally or unintentionally. And one of the most popular means to make women orgasm and perhaps the most successful one is by stimulating the clitoris to make a woman orgasm either before or during the man’s sex organ penetrates or spontaneously after the withdrawal of the penis. But the problem with this prominent method is still the orgasm gap.

How to Close the Orgasm Gap with Your Partner

As already mentioned, sex is more than penetration. It should be viewed as a connection between two human beings. If we view sex as more than penetration and orgasm and perceive it as a connection with our partner, then there will be no more orgasm gap.

Yes, our minds are conditioned that sex is equal to penetration and ejaculation. Yes, both parts of sex may be crucial, but if we deeply give our attention to connecting with our partner while having sexual intercourse, then we are closing the orgasm gap.

If that happens, we remove the assumption that our partner should penetrate and ejaculate and eventually for them both to reach orgasm. Yes, we all crave for penetration because that is what we expect if we have to have sex with our partner. 

But if we shift our attention to what we really want, we may soon realize that we don’t need any penetration. In fact, orgasm can be felt either during sex or not. If we should follow what we really want, instead of what we think that we should do while sexual intercourse, we will be surprised by the result.

Do We Really Need Orgasm?

Since we already know how to close the orgasm gap with our partner, we will eventually realize that the main goal of having sex is not really orgasm. In fact, orgasm is just incidental to sex. And yes, both men and women should understand that this is not the main purpose of having sex; instead, it is just the by-product of the same.

If we focus on what our body wants during sex, we don’t really have to think that we should orgasm to let our partner enjoy the sex. Just enjoy it. Let our body do what it has to do. If it orgasms while enjoying sex, then go. If it still doesn’t feel to orgasm, then let it be. If we stop judging what we think we are to do or not to do, then we make our body free to sense what it supposed to feel.

That is the time when our body orgasms by itself, without thinking that we should have to for the sake of our partner. If we say closing the orgasm gap, women should not think that they have to orgasm more to enjoy sex. Now that we already know how to close the orgasm gap, we should understand the beauty and the connection between orgasm and sex.

We should start to enjoy the pleasure sex can give us and stop to believe that sexual satisfaction is only through orgasm. Let us enjoy satisfying sex for a lifetime, whether or not we orgasm. Let us learn more about it.

Here are some tips that you may consider:

oral sex on top of table

First is to know your own anatomy. It means that you should be able to locate the clitoris. It is the most crucial orgasmic organ so you can allow yourself or your partner to give you pleasure.

As already mentioned, don’t really focus on orgasm. Just go with the flow and enjoy the pleasure sex can give you. As much as you think about his or her pleasure, your own pleasure is as important as your partner.

Another thing is that you have to obtain the stimulation you need during sexual intercourse. It is not about foreplay, intercourse, ejaculation, and sex over. You can make sexual scripts in order to give and take.

To implement the above-mentioned tips, you need to learn about sexual communication skills. Be open on what you want and do not want. In fact, female pleasure and clear consent are highly related. And it needs not to be communicated within the bedroom. In fact, you and your partner can talk about it in public.  Last and most importantly, be open with your partner about the orgasm gap. Educate each other in order to close such a gap.

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Top 3 Reasons to Stay on Male UltraCore

If you have already tried various other male enhancement pills but haven’t gotten anywhere with them, then you know the value of sticking to a sex enhancement supplement that actually works. Using Male UltraCore and staying on it will prove to be the best decision you’ve ever made for improving your sexual health.

Male UltraCore, the leading and most effective supplement for enhancing male sexual performance, not only works, but it’s also safe, all-natural, and reasonably priced.  We give you 3 excellent reasons why you should continue using Male UltraCore.

1. Results, Results, Results!

When you’re taking a sex enhancement supplement, it means you need to see improvements in your sexual performance. Whether that improvement is in the form of a bigger erection, or longer-lasting erections, or sustained sexual stamina that enables you to last for hours, it really depends on your sexual needs.

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If you’re looking for results from your male enhancement pill, no other supplement will be able to give you the kind of results that Male UltraCore can deliver. Male UltraCore is formulated using only ingredients that have already been scientifically proven to deliver amazing sexual performance benefits.

A dramatic increase in your testosterone levels? Bigger and harder erections? Your libido on overdrive? These results are just par for the course when you use Male UltraCore.

The longer you use Male UltraCore, the more you’ll see improvements in your erect penis size and sexual stamina. If it’s a bigger, harder, and longer-lasting erection that you’re looking for, you definitely should stay on Male UltraCore.

As you continue using Male UltraCore, you’ll know your testosterone levels are higher because you’ll experience an increase in your libido. Your muscles will feel stronger as your lean muscle mass and energy levels increase. And you will find yourself generally performing better in bed.

Many of the active ingredients found in Male UltraCore have testosterone-boosting effects. This is why the longer you stay on Male UltraCore, the more you will experience a sustained increase in your testosterone production and retention.

2. Very Safe and All Natural

One thing that medical practitioners are concerned about when it comes to male enhancement supplements is that there are many low-quality products that are not entirely safe and may even pose health risks.

Male UltraCore, however, is an exception. For one, the all-natural ingredients used in the formulation of Male UltraCore have all been proven safe for human consumption. These include Eurycoma longifolia Long Jack (Tongkat Ali), KSM-66 Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera), Tribulus terrestris, fenugreek, zinc and magnesium aspartate, Horny Goat Weed, Maca, and many more.

The unique combination of all these natural ingredients is what sets Male UltraCore apart from other male enhancement pills. You won’t see any other sex enhancement supplement with ingredients as many and as potent as what Male UltraCore contains, which is why only Male UltraCore can deliver the kind of sexual health improvements you need.

Many of Male UltraCore’s active ingredients like Long Jack, Ashwagandha, and Tribulus terrestris have actually been used in numerous scientific studies and are considered not only effective but also safe.

These studies have shown that long-term usage of these herbs does not pose any significant health risks, but instead results in great benefits for male reproductive and sexual health.

When you stay on Male UltraCore, you get to enjoy the benefits without having to worry about anything else since the product is totally safe, even for long-term use. As an example, a 2018 study examined the effects of Tribulus terrestris on aging men suffering from erectile dysfunction and partial androgen deficiency.

Those who were treated with Tribulus terrestris thrice daily for a period of 3 months showed significant elevations in their total testosterone levels, as well as in their erectile function scores. This is just one of the many studies which show that Tribulus terrestris is both safe and beneficial, even with long-term use.

Aside from being safe alternatives for the treatment of erectile dysfunction, Long Jack, Tribulus terrestris, Maca, Horny Goat Weed, and Ashwagandha are also effective in improving sperm counts. Long Jack and Ashwagandha, for instance, have been recommended by experts as alternative treatment options for idiopathic male infertility.

Whether you’re using Male UltraCore to increase your testosterone levels, improve your erection quality, or enhance your fertility, you won’t need to worry about using the product for a long time. In fact, you get to enjoy all these benefits the longer you use Male UltraCore.

Male UltraCore is meant to be taken daily and continuously. You will only get to maximize all the benefits you can gain from Male UltraCore when you stay on it and take it regularly. And yes, that’s absolutely safe for you.

3. Loyalty Pricing After 3 Months

Every bottle of Male UltraCore that you purchase contains a month’s supply of the world’s leading male enhancement supplement. That’s a month’s worth of mind-blowing sexual performance and absolute sexual satisfaction for you and your partner.

And you get that much value for only $79.95 per month. A very reasonable price, indeed, considering all the benefits that only Male UltraCore can deliver.

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You have to remember, though, you’re not just making a purchase every time you order Male UltraCore. Purchasing Male UltraCore and using it regularly is a Life Decision. You’re committing yourself to a life full of sexual pleasure and you’re guaranteeing sexual satisfaction for your partner.

And you won’t have any problems fulfilling that commitment because as you continue to use Male UltraCore, you’ll keep seeing great improvements in your sexual performance. And you’ll gain more satisfaction with your rock-hard, bigger erection.

What’s even more amazing is that after using Male UltraCore for three straight months, your next bottle will only cost you $39.95! That’s a huge 50% discount that’s only available to those enrolled in Male UltraCore’s Loyalty Program.

Getting this amazing discount is quite simple. All you need to do is to purchase a Male UltraCore package at the original price for three consecutive months. As soon as you make your third purchase of the same package, you then automatically become enrolled in the Loyalty Program. On your fourth purchase, you’ll only need to pay half the original price.

This means you get to enjoy the best benefits of Male UltraCore at a hugely discounted price. It means you get to enjoy great improvements in your libido, significant increases in your testosterone levels, a bigger and firmer erection, improved sexual stamina, and enhanced fertility for only $1.29 a day!

If you’re results-driven and you want to continue seeing great improvements in your sex life, then you should continue using the supplement. Remember, neither erectile dysfunction nor poor sexual stamina can be cured in just one day. The best results, when it comes to improving sexual performance, take time.

Male UltraCore works on all aspects of your sexual performance, including your testosterone production and retention, your sperm production and quality, and, most especially, your erectile function.

If you only want to see a little bit of improvement in these areas, then using Male UltraCore for just a month or a week is fine, too. But you’ll be wasting such a great opportunity for improving your sexual performance and enriching your sex life.

But if you really want to experience sustained improvements in all aspects of your sexual performance, especially your erect penis size, then it’s best to stay on Male UltraCore for the long term.

Why don’t you dedicate yourself to being an outstanding lover with amazing sexual performance and unforgettably huge, rock-hard penis? With so much to gain, nothing makes more sense than making the life decision to stay on Male UltraCore.

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Does Higher Testosterone Make You Hornier?

Testosterone is an important hormone when it comes to enhancing sex drive and sexual performance in both men and women, and its replacement is particularly useful in men who have low libido due to hypogonadism and post-menopausal women.

Before testosterone replacement is done with supplements such as the Male UltraCore, it must be established that the reason for the low sex drive is not due to any other factor apart from low testosterone caused by hypogonadism.

However, there are other factors that can cause low libido in eugonadal males such as illness, depression, problems in sexual partnerships as well as socio-economic factors. These must be put into consideration before administration of the hormone.

A blood test is another important thing that needs to be done prior to the usage of testosterone. This is just a precaution to ensure that the individual indeed has low serum testosterone.

In women, the major cause of low libido is menopause, but there are other factors that may cause low libido this such as, hormonal changes before and after childbirth, injury in the vaginal area causing painful sex, depression, anxiety, and relationship problems.

Is testosterone replacement significant in enhancing sexual desire?

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A study was carried out on a group of hypogonadal males. The group was divided into two where one group was given a placebo while the other group was given testosterone supplements. A significant increase in libido was observed in the latter group after nine months of testosterone hormone therapy.

Further studies have shown that testosterone has a part to play in the formation of a penile erection in males. Therefore, persons who suffer from an Erectile Dysfunction may benefit from a testosterone Hormone Replacement Therapy such as the Male UltraCore. An administration of the hormone was seen to mark a significant improvement in sexual performance for patients who experienced a mild form of Erectile Dysfunction on a wide range of aspects such as early ejaculation, erections that were not hard enough to perform or complete the sexual act.

After the patients were put on testosterone replacement, they experienced a greater motivation for sex, reported higher sexual satisfaction, had more nocturnal erections as well as a frequency of sexual thoughts.

A different study was conducted that was aimed at showing the effect that testosterone has on sexual desire in males. A group of eugonadal men was part of this study, and blood samples were collected to record the hormone levels before it started. They were then asked to listen to erotic audio. It was observed that those that had higher testosterone levels in their blood had more feelings of arousal compared to those with lower levels.

Is the testosterone supplementation effective in women?

In women, menopause causes levels of testosterone to drop. However, low testosterone can be caused by other factors such as removal of ovaries through surgery, dysfunction of the adrenal glands, administration of oral estrogen, and cases where the adrenal gland fails.

In a report done by NCBI, it was observed that testosterone supplements similar to the Male UltraCore were given to a group of pre-menopausal and post-menopausal, and it was noted to increase the sexual desire significantly. However, it was found that testosterone and estradiol combined resulted in a more effective and desirable outcome.

In another trial, a group of post-menopausal women with low libido was given testosterone patches with doses of 300 micrograms per day two times a week. They reported having experienced greater arousal, satisfactory sexual experiences in the six-month period the experiment was carried out.

Other conditions

Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder (HSDD) is a condition where a woman completely lacks a desire for sex. Its causes can be psychological, due to depression and its medication. It can also be due to hysterectomy, hormonal, and androgen deficiency.  The condition is not limited to age and can occur in both post and peri-menopausal women depending on the cause.

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One of the major reasons for its occurrence has been linked to low testosterone in the blood. In a study conducted on post-menopausal and peri-menopausal women with HSDD, a selected group was given a placebo and another given testosterone patches of 300micrograms a day over a period of 24 weeks. An increase in sexual desire was observed, and a frequency of sexual satisfaction reported. The hormone was also successful in reversing the effects of HSDD in women with the patches.

What are the side effects?

In women, an administration of testosterone seems to deepen their voice and cause the growth of body hair. Some women also experience balding at the front part of the hair, enlargement of the clitoris, increase in muscle mass as well as acne for some. Women are also advised to avoid using testosterone pellets for libido it may be difficult to control the amount entering the bloodstream and are majorly responsible for effects such as enlargement of the clitoris, which is irreversible.

Men who use testosterone supplements experience side effects as well, such as breast tenderness, they may also have an increased risk of heart attacks and strokes. They may also have trouble breathing, especially as they sleep. Testosterone also increases the risk of blood clots as one of the effects it has in increasing the number of red blood cells.


An increase in testosterone does result in an increase in sexual desire in both men and women. However, before a person embarks on the journey of testosterone replacement therapy, it is imperative to decide whether the benefits of the hormone replacement outweigh the risks.

Male UltraCore is a Super Male Enhancement Supplement for Sexual Pleasure

How Do I Optimize My Testosterone Levels?

Testosterone is the most vital hormone that male creatures depend on for their livelihood. In human beings, it is the hormone that regulates the masculine features, aggression, and reproduction. As such, the need to have a balance in the production of this hormone is critical. Though testosterone levels rise at the onset of adolescence, the decline starts mostly in the 40s.

The need for proper testosterone levels

The testosterone hormone is responsible for the formation of the male features of a child soon after conception. The level of its production gets to the peak during the reproductive age period of 14 to 40 years. During this time, beards grow, bigger muscles appear, and a surge in sexual activities manifests itself.

As you grow older in age, the testosterone levels start depreciating gradually. This situation is mainly the result of the lifestyle people adopt. Poor nutrition, anxiety, stress, and alcohol are but some of the triggers of an early hormone deficiency. Thus, you should keenly watch your lifestyle and engage in regular exercise.

Effects of low testosterone levels

The prevalent risks that manifest after a low hormonal count are many. Some are short term, while others are lifelong conditions. The most common symptoms are lack of endurance stamina, anxiety, memory lapses, and weak bone muscles. Others include low sex drive and bouts of depression.

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While these are somehow manageable, the long-term effects are severe. Lifetime diseases like obesity, diabetes, and cardiovascular conditions are prevalent. Unlike the menopause effects in women, the male equivalent decline in testosterone is andropause. It can take a while before the real effects manifest in the person.

How to optimize your testosterone levels

Though you cannot entirely reverse the natural aging process, you can slow it for a more considerable extent. There are many products in the market that give a sense of testosterone rejuvenation. In some cases, you can still do it naturally. Since the lifestyle changes contribute to the rapid decline in testosterone levels in most men, that option will slightly be difficult.

There are natural products that will help your body generate natural testosterone hormones. You have to know which product is the best by checking out the reviews by the market consumers. Reviving the male hormonal levels will help you age slowly while enjoying the best in life. Better still, you will do it with an entirely natural process. The majority of doctors and health practitioners recommend Male UltraCore.

What is Male UltraCore?

To start with, Male UltraCore is not a prescription drug. It is a natural supplement that enhances the testosterone levels in men. The supplement has several positive effects on the man. The ingredients are native shrubs with some being in existence for centuries in the Middle Eastern cultures.

Ideally, it contains five primary ingredients with a blend of other minor but yet active ingredients. The first ingredient is Long Jack. This tiny plant which goes with the scientific term Eurycoma Longifolia is a long-existing traditional herb in many parts of the world. Surprisingly, in all cultures, it is a means of curing dysfunctional erectile stamina. The second is KSM-66, also known as the Ashwagandha. It is mainly for regulating stress and anxiety while boosting the testosterone levels for better performance. The third is Fenugreek, and it aids the body to produce high levels of testosterone hormones.

The other two are not plants but a blend of naturally occurring minerals. They are Zinc and Magnesium Aspartate or ZMA, and last is the Proprietary blend. It contains over ten herbs that combine to serve the man well in the proper masculine functions.

How does it work?

The secret of its potency lies in the production technology. It comes from two state-of-the-art technological advancements. The first one is STEM Technology. It enables the supplement to aid the body in four ways of optimizing testosterone use. First, it increases testosterone production, and then it reduces the metabolism process of the hormone. Third, it reduces the creation of the feminine hormone estrogen. Moreover, lastly, STEM Technology helps the body increase semen production.

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The next technological advancement is VI-PEX Technology. This system helps the body to circulate more blood to the body. With the combination of these two technologies within the supplement, your body is safer.

Additionally, this product is not an instant wonder product. It has to be in the body for a period, which is about 8 to 12 weeks. This period will, in effect, give the body time to generate natural testosterone levels. The ingredients are from native herds that are in use across various cultures around the world.

How does a higher testosterone level affect your body?

Testosterone is a stamina-boosting hormone. Thus, your body will maintain longer periods of endurance. Second, you will have better bone structures and stronger tissue muscles for longer life. With a balance in testosterone levels, you will decrease the decline of your mental faculties. Third, you can save your marriage due to a satisfying sexual life with your spouse. Lastly, you will have a healthier life.


The need to optimize testosterone levels in men is becoming a recognizable concern. Researches are concluding on statistics that bring grim thoughts of the future. Ideally, nobody can stop getting old, but you age gracefully. Thus, watch your lifestyle, diet, and exercise. In case you require additional dietary supplements, Male UltraCore is the best recommendation in the market.

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How Long Does It Take to Feel the Effects of Testosterone Injections?

Testosterone is the hormone that is responsible for various functions in males. For instance, the formation of male characteristics, muscle formation, red blood cell formation, increase of sex drive as well as the formation of sperm cells in the testis. This hormone is also present in women and is also responsible for sexual organ function and increase of libido.

A lack of this hormone causes undesired effects such as infertility, low muscle mass, fatigue, low sexual energy, and an absence of male characteristics. In such cases, a medical professional may recommend hormone replacement therapy. However, male infertility caused by a low sperm count may not be treated using this method as it is believed to cause a decrease in sperm cells instead. The therapy is also not prescribed for men with low testosterone brought about by aging.

Other cases that may require hormone replacement therapy are seen in the treatment of metastatic breast cancer.  A recent study, as seen in NCBI has shown that it is still as effective as it was and recommends that the hormone should still be considered during breast cancer hormonal treatment.

In the study, the hormone was used in 52 patients with metastatic breast cancer, and regression was seen in 9 patients while a stabilization was seen in 22 patients.

What is testosterone injection?

testosterone replacement therapy injection

The testosterone injection is usually recommended for hypogonadism in men, which is basically a lack of testosterone caused when the testes are not producing the hormone. The injection comes in a chemical form referred to as testosterone cypionate or testosterone enanthate and usually occurs in two strengths, 100mg/mL and 200mg/mL. It is administered by injecting it deep into a muscle preferably the gluteus maximus or buttock area. Dosages and frequency of administration are defined by a health care professional.

How long before the effects of the injection are felt?

The effects of the testosterone injection are usually felt starting from about 3 weeks. This is according to a study on NCBI.

Effects on sexual functionality occur after three weeks, particularly the occurrence of morning erections. The ejaculations and sex drive increase after two weeks of usage. However, the full effects on these functions are felt after a period of 3 to 6 months. Effects of the hormone on bone density and mineral composition have been observed to occur from 6 to 36 months, but no effect is observed after 36 months.

Changes on muscles are normally seen after 16 weeks, especially in lower muscles, and this increases strength in legs and thighs. Body fat is normally seen to decrease, especially the serum lipids, as early as four weeks and the changes can occur gradually up to 9 months.

 A change in sensitivity to insulin will occur after a couple of days. However, for persons with a dysfunction in glucose tolerance, a blood glucose reduction was seen after three months. A decrease in the depressive state was seen after three weeks, and an increase in general motivation was seen to occur after 30 days of testosterone use.

With male hypogonadism, it is normally advised to give a period of 12 to 30 weeks with advice on the symptoms to expect, especially because it may cause pubertal symptoms.

What are the adverse effects?

Like any other drug, synthetic testosterone can have major side effects after administration. Some people consider using this hormone to enhance muscle building without having any medical advice. Tempting as it may be to reach for the hormone, it is important to consider some of the effects. Here are some of them:

Heart problems

Due to the fact that testosterone causes an increase in red blood cells in the body, it has been seen to, in turn, increase the workload on the heart for pumping blood. This, therefore, is believed to increase the risk of cardiac arrests as well as a person developing serious heart complications. This is especially true if the hormone has to be used over a prolonged period of time.

Muscular function

muscles and testosterone

Although testosterone has been the hormone of choice when it comes to muscle building. Studies have shown an increase in mass, strength, and formation, does not necessarily mean an increase in the functionality of the muscles.

Testicular atrophy

When a normal person with low levels of testosterone or a person seeking to build muscle decides to start supplementing with the hormone’s synthetic form, they may experience a shrinkage of the testicles. This is because, inside the testicles, there are cells called Leydig cells which are responsible for the production of testosterone. When one uses the synthetic form, it renders the cells inactive hence leading to the deterioration of these cells together with the cells that form sperm cells.

Male infertility

The prolonged use of testosterone does cause infertility in males. This is because once the cells that produce the sperm have been reduced, the number of sperms in the semen is also reduced. This greatly reduces the chances of conception. Unfortunately, this form of infertility is very difficult to reverse as the size of the testicles may not go back to normal even after the use of the synthetic hormone has stopped.

There are instances where the use of testosterone replacement therapy is discouraged. This is especially in expectant mothers, people whose low testosterone is caused by age and also for those men who are trying to conceive. Natural methods to increase the hormone are recommended instead.

Male UltraCore is a Super Male Enhancement Supplement for Sexual Pleasure
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