High-Intensity Interval Training

High-Intensity Interval Training

It is a well-known fact that engaging in physical activities is paramount for healthy living; however, most individuals do not participate in enough p

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It is a well-known fact that engaging in physical activities is paramount for healthy living; however, most individuals do not participate in enough physical activities. Unless you have a fitness routine that you adhere to strictly, having a physically active job is the only way you can be fit. However, most individuals do not have or make out enough time for them to exercise. If you are among the category of individuals who do not have enough time for a workout session, then the high-intensity interval training is for you. HIIT is a type of workout routine that entails that you perform high-intensity workouts for a short period. It aims at pushing your body to its limit to get the best results.


What is High-Intensity Interval Training?


HIIT is known to be a very effective workout routine that involves the performance of high-intensity workouts in a short time with a short recovery period. A HIIT period can last for ten to thirty minutes. Despite the brevity of this workout routine, there are various health benefits attached to it. It provides benefits twice as much as your regular exercise routine. The types of exercises performed during a HIIT workout can vary but must include biking, bodyweight exercises, sprinting, and even jump rope. For example, while playing a HIIT workout on a sprinting cycle, you should pedal as fast as you can for thirty seconds then continue driving gradually for the next thirty seconds. This would be regarded as a set of HIIT workout routine. You are required to perform four to six of these sets to get the best results. You must observe short periods of a break to ensure that the HIIT workout’s full effectiveness is implemented. Asides from the fact that HIIT provides for the advantages of long periods of workout routine in a shorter time, it also has some specific types of benefits. These benefits include:


Burning a lot of Calories


HIIT is well recognized when it comes to the aspect of burning calories. Not only does it burn calories, but it also burns calories faster than any other form of workout routine. HIIT is well recommended because it entails consuming lots of calories for a shorter period, unlike other forms of exercise that burn calories relating to the length of activity performed.


Higher Metabolic Rate after Exercise


One of the best-known ways in which HIIT aids in burning calories is after your workout session. Research has shown that HIIT immensely increases your metabolic rate after a workout routine. Other research has shown that HIIT aids in boosting your metabolic rate after exercise even more than cycling, running, and swimming. HIIT is also known to use fat to gain energy in place of carbs. Research has shown that at least two minutes of sprinting in HIIT form would have a high metabolic rate after exercise like that of at least thirty minutes of cycling or running.


Aids in Losing of Fat


Research has shown that HIIT aids immensely when it comes to the aspect of losing fat and reducing waist circumference. Studies have shown that obese individuals who engage in HIIT workout routine tend to lose more fat than obese individuals who engage in traditional exercises. HIIT has been confirmed and proven to aid in the loss of fat in individuals. HIIT is a highly recommended workout routine for obese individuals who want to burn calories and fat.


Gaining of Muscles while Exercising


While aiding in the reduction of fat, HIIT workout routines also assist in developing some individuals’ muscle mass. However, this occurs in the area of muscles used most. It can be your arms, torso, or even your abs. It is important to note that this increase in muscle mass is likely to occur in individuals who do not exercise or perform physical activities regularly. Research has shown that individuals who are normally active tend not to develop muscles after engaging in HIIT exercises. It is well-known that weight training is the fastest and most popular way to increase muscle mass, but high-intensity interval training can also help build muscle mass in a few individuals.


Improvement of Oxygen Consumption


This is not a common benefit of the HIIT workout, but it is very true. Oxygen consumption is known to be the method in which your muscles make use of oxygen. Endurance training is effective when it comes to the development of oxygen consumption. Research has shown that HIIT exercise for thirty minutes in four days has helped immensely in the event of oxygen consumption. Studies have shown that HIIT exercises can aid in increasing your oxygen consumption, just like your regular workout routine, but in a shorter period.


Reduction of Heart Rate and Blood Pressure


HIIT also has an immense health benefit for the body, which is most at times overlooked. HIIT is known to be very effective when it comes to the reduction of heart rate and blood pressure. This is suitable for every individual and works effectively in overweight individuals who develop high blood pressure as time progresses. Research has shown that performing eight weeks of HIIT training has immensely reduced the blood pressure of some individuals compared to the continuous performance of traditional and regular workout routines. Some other studies have shown that HIIT training is more effective than daily workout routines when it comes to the aspect of reducing blood pressure and heart rate. However, HIIT has little effects on the heart rate and blood pressure of normal-sized individuals, unlike the impact it has on obese individuals.


Reduction in the Level of Blood Sugar


Engaging in the HIIT workout routine at most twelve weeks, an individual’s blood sugar levels can be immensely reduced. Research has also shown that apart from lowering the blood sugar levels, HIIT workout routines also aid in improving insulin resistance better than the traditional form of workout routines. Individuals who have type two diabetes also show signs of improvements after engaging in HIIT workout routines. However, healthy individuals who perform HIIT workout routines tend only to see improvements in the level of their insulin resistance better than the regular mode of exercising.


How to Begin with High-Intensity Interval Training


dumbbell push-ups

There are numerous methods of including high-intensity interval training to your workout routine to ensure that you start effectively. To begin with, you must select the type of exercises that you are getting involved with. After this, you can start by trying out the various methods of duration for workout and recovery. Examples of high-intensity interval training include:


Stationary Bike


Most of the HIIT exercises are done using the stationary bike. This is because the stationary bike can be used at a very high intensity and speed. During your workout session, it is important to include the stationary bike in your workout equipment. They also have immense effects on your joints.




This is a workout activity which can be done by everybody. You do not need to go to the gym or anywhere in particular to perform this activity. To intensity this workout, you can try by sprinting on a hill and walking down to count for your recovery period.




Burpees are a familiar type of workout routine, which is very effective for the body. They are one of the most challenging types of workout for the organization. This is a very tedious and difficult workout routine, which requires some level of strength to be able to perform it.


Squat to Overhead Press


This is a very effective workout routine used for strengthening the body. You can use a med ball, barbell, or even dumbbells to perform this workout routine. It aids in strengthening the lower part of your body and the upper part of your body.


Kettlebell Swing


This is another well-known HIIT exercise that works immensely for every part of your body. It is a very easy form of exercise that requires numerous sets to be effective. This is a certain way to develop your energy level.


Bodyweight Exercises


There are numerous types of bodyweight exercises that are superb for high-intensity interval training. They include squats, bear crawls, push-ups, and even squat jumps. These are a great option when it comes to HIIT exercises. However, to avoid tiredness, you must select an activity that would entail a short duration of workout and a long resting period.


Avoid Olympic Lifts


Although these are well-known HIIT exercises, you should keep away from it. This is because you are likely to develop injuries than strengthen your body. This exercise is strictly for advanced fitness individuals because of the technicalities involved. You must begin with light weights while practicing this workout routine before advancing to heavier weights.        




High-intensity interval training is a well-known type of workout routine, which entails performing high-intensity exercises for a short period while observing a long resting period. This workout routine has been proven to be more effective than the traditional type of activity. It helps in the reduction of fat, burning of calories, reduction of blood pressure, and the reduction of blood sugar levels. The various exercises that can be done in the HIIT manner include sprints, squats, kettlebell swings, and even running.