How Can I Arouse a Woman Naturally?

There are many factors that determine the quality of sex life. One of the most important factors that play a crucial role in determining the quality of a sex life is your reproductive health. Women need to keep track of their reproductive health because they go through a lot of hormonal changes that affect their reproductive system at different points of their life.

According to the statistic, around 12.1% of the women aged 15-25 in the United States are found with impaired fecundity. Due to poor reproductive health, many women experience various difficulties in their life. There are many things that women can do to solve their problems. However, the first thing for women to do to enhance their reproductive health is to modify their diet habits.

How to improve reproductive health naturally?

Using these simple tips will help women to get aroused easily and have a better sex life.

  1. Cut out smoke and alcohol

Pregnant women should not even think of cigarettes and alcohol. But, the habits of drinking and smoking are not only harmful to pregnant women, but these habits can degrade the reproductive health of both men and women. The study shows that women who consume excessive alcohol significantly increase their risk of infertility.

woman drinking and smokingAnd, another study shows that smoking is one of the major causes of infertility and birth defects. Furthermore, the nicotine in a cigarette is really addictive, which makes it really hard for a person to cut out smoke. But the good thing is that there are many ways to get rid of a smoke addiction.

In addition to degrading your reproductive health, the consumption of cigarette and alcohol also significantly increase the risk of various dangerous diseases, such as cancer, heart diseases, asthma, and so on.

  1. Add herbs in your diet

The preference for natural treatment methods has significantly increased because they are effective, and they are usually free of side effects. And, all the natural medications that you find in the market are made up of the combination of many different herbs. There are herbs, such as Alfalfa, Basil, Garlic, Ginkgo biloba, and more that can enhance a person’s reproductive health.

Most of these herbs can be added to many different foods, which enhances the taste of those foods. Adding these herbs can improve blood circulation and some of these herbs can also reduce the stress, enhance your sex drive, and treat sexual dysfunctions.

  1. Cut out caffeine

A bit of caffeine is good, but excessive consumption of caffeine can obstruct the natural functions of the fallopian tubes. This disruption can degrade the quality and motility of sperm. The consumption of too much caffeine also spikes the level of cortisol in the body, which increases the stress and affects hormones like testosterone and estrogen.

A person who is a coffee addict can switch to a tea or a drink with a lesser amount of caffeine in it.

  1. Add plenty of fruits and vegetables in your diet plan

Most of the fruits and vegetables like oranges, spinach, kale, raspberries, and others are full of antioxidants and rich in vitamins. The properties of vegetables and fruits help in repairing the damage to the reproductive system. Moreover, the consumption of these fruits and vegetables can also help in preventing your body from free radicals like pollution, smog, and others that could possibly damage your reproductive system.

Including enough fruits and vegetables in a diet plan greatly enhances the reproductive health of women, increases arousal, which could make them easier to conceive the child.

  1. Decrease your consumption of simple carbs

The foods, such as white bread, pasta, and sponge cake contain simple carbs. They do taste good, but they are not really beneficial for health. Consuming foods containing a lot of simple carbs can have a negative impact on the hormone levels of women. The women with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), a disorder that imbalance hormones in women, are more vulnerable to the negative effects of simple carbs.

Try to avoid foods with simple carbs and add more foods that are rich in complex carbs.

  1. Consume dark chocolates

Women often want to consume dark chocolates, and these dark chocolates are in fact good for enhancing sexual desire among women. Consuming dark chocolates enhances sexual pleasure in women. The study has found that dark chocolate helps in an increased production of phenylethylamine and serotonin. This can enhance the mood of a person and arousal. And, we all know how important psychological wellbeing really is for better sexual health.

  1. Get more iron

iron rich foodsWomen need an adequate amount of iron in their bodies. The level of iron quickly decreases when they have periods. Many women suffer from anemia during pregnancy because of the lack of iron in their bodies. Consuming foods that are rich in iron helps to improve fertility in women, protects the reproductive system, and assist in a healthy pregnancy.

Add enough meat products and other foods containing iron in your diet plan to increase iron intake. The vegans and vegetarians have some difficulty in maintaining an adequate level of iron in their bodies. They can opt for iron supplements to fulfill the iron requirement in their bodies, as iron supplements are easily available in the market.


Both men and women should emphasize a lot on their reproductive health, as it determines the overall quality of life of a person. Having a healthy reproductive health means there is a greater chance of having an active sex life. The study shows that people with an active sex life are more likely to perform well in a workplace than those people who do not have an active sex life.

In the case of serious reproductive health problems, it is recommended to consult a doctor without wasting any further time.

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Can Low Testosterone Cause Foggy Brain?

It’s common knowledge that testosterone is mainly produced in the testes. But did you know that testosterone is also synthesized in the brain? It’s no wonder then that low testosterone levels can affect cognitive function.

In fact, many studies have already shown that when men with low T are treated with testosterone replacement therapy, the treatment results in significantly improved mental function. If you’re worried about your brain becoming foggy due to low testosterone, continue reading to find out how you can prevent this from happening.

How Does Testosterone Affect Cognitive Functions?

In elderly men, testosterone levels and cognitive abilities tend to decline together due to aging. This is especially true for memory, general cognition, and spatial cognitive abilities. Older studies have shown that there’s a clear relationship between testosterone levels and spatial abilities.

Spatial abilities refer to your capacity to perceive and understand how objects are related to each other in space. Imagine being blindfolded and asked to navigate your way from your bedroom to the kitchen.

In your mind, you’ll be visualizing where the door is, or the hallway, or all the furniture and appliances you might bump into. That’s making use of your spatial cognitive abilities. Your ability to do that may be affected as your testosterone levels drop with age.

wiping foggy brainMemory is another cognitive function that is adversely affected by declining testosterone levels. In both men and women, testosterone supplementation was shown to result in improved verbal and spatial memory.

Poor concentration and impaired memory are considered common symptoms of low testosterone levels. On top of these, you may also experience other mental health and physical changes when your testosterone levels drop below normal.

Are There Other Low T Symptoms Linked to Foggy Brain?


Testosterone is actually involved in the process of red blood cell formation. Thus, when your T levels are low, you may become anemic.

The problem with anemia is that it can also cause symptoms such as sleeping problems, dizziness, and difficulties in concentrating. So if you’re anemic and your testosterone levels are low, it’s highly likely that you’ll experience foggy brain.

Mood changes

Testosterone not only affects physical processes in your body, but it can also affect your mood. Research indicates that low testosterone may cause irritability and depression. Low T may also cause you to suffer from a lack of focus.

Sleep disturbances

When you’re sleep-deprived, your testosterone production declines. When you’re low on T, it may result in changes in your sleeping patterns, insomnia, and other sleeping problems.

Unfortunately, not getting enough quality sleep can have deleterious effects on your cognitive function. If you’ve tried staying up for 48 hours or more, then you know that it doesn’t just cause your brain to become foggy. It can make you feel like you’re a walking zombie.

How to Prevent Low T

Once you reach the age of 30, you’ll need to start taking steps so as to prevent your testosterone levels from declining rapidly.

Regular exercise

It’s been proven that working out regularly really helps in keeping your T levels up. In fact, for men with low T, regular exercise is often recommended as one of the best ways to naturally raise your testosterone levels.

Healthy eating

Your diet can also influence whether you’ll have normal levels of testosterone as you age or not. A diet that’s low in vegetables and fruits but very high in fat can cause you not only to become overweight or obese but it can also cause your testosterone levels to rapidly decline.

Sufficient sleep

Testosterone synthesis occurs when you’re in deep sleep, so it makes sense that men who get more hours of quality sleep tend to have higher levels of testosterone than those who don’t get enough hours of deep sleep.

Testosterone boosters

These are supplements that naturally promote increased testosterone production. When your T levels are already declining, testosterone boosters can help bring your T levels back to normal again.

Science-Backed Herbal Testosterone Boosters

What’s great about herbal testosterone boosters is that they often contain nutrients and antioxidants with numerous health benefits. Here are several examples of science-backed herbal testosterone boosters.

Tongkat Ali

It’s been proven effective in raising testosterone production so many times that it’s even recommended as an alternative treatment for late-onset hypogonadism. Whether you just want to prevent your T levels from dropping or you’re already suffering from abnormally low testosterone levels, Tongkat Ali is definitely a good choice.

Studies show that due to the actions of antioxidants contained in Tongkat Ali extracts like eurycomanone, Tongkat Ali or Long Jack is able to significantly enhance testicular functioning. This means that you get to enjoy increased testosterone production, as well as increased spermatogenesis and improved sperm quality.

Tribulus terrestris

Tribulus Terrestris fruitsAmong the numerous herbal testosterone boosters, Tribulus terrestris is considered one of the most popular. It’s often used as an athletic performance enhancer, fertility enhancer, erection booster, and aphrodisiac.

Tribulus terrestris contains several antioxidants such as steroidal saponins, which is why there are numerous health benefits associated with Tribulus terrestris. For instance, the herb is also used as a treatment for diabetes and for reducing cholesterol levels.


When you’re taking Tongkat Ali or Tribulus terrestris, it’s a good idea to pair it up with fenugreek. While Tongkat Ali and Tribulus terrestris both improve testosterone synthesis, fenugreek helps you to maintain high levels of circulating or free testosterone.

Even if you produce sufficient amounts of testosterone but your free testosterone levels are low, your body may still not have enough testosterone to use for the many processes that the hormone is involved in.

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How to Deal with Low Testosterone?

Not having enough testosterone can be very problematic. For one, it will certainly affect your sex drive and sexual performance, which means your relationship may suffer. On top of that, low testosterone can pose risks to your mental and physical health.

Having abnormally low testosterone levels is actually associated with depression. It’s also linked to osteoporosis and higher risks for diseases like diabetes and obesity. It can also cause you to become impotent. Find out how you can improve your testosterone production and deal with low testosterone levels.

Symptoms of Low T

Testosterone is the hormone that’s responsible for making men manly. Whether or not you’ll have a muscular build, deep voice, facial hair, and body hair will be influenced by your testosterone levels.

When your testosterone levels decline, these male characteristics will be affected, too. Your body mass composition will change, and you will most likely lose muscles and gain fat. In fact, men with low T, especially those with hypogonadism, often become obese.

man with gynecomastiaAbnormally low testosterone levels are associated with various other symptoms. These include decreased body and facial hair, gynecomastia or enlargement of breasts, and decreased bone mass.

Most men are already aware that low testosterone can very much lead to sexual dysfunction. Your sex drive, which testosterone helps regulate, is sensitive to your testosterone levels. The lower your T levels drop, the more you lose your libido. When your T levels significantly drop, it can even lead to erectile dysfunction.

Options for Treating Low Testosterone Levels

Men today are fortunate because several options are now readily available to help treat low testosterone. You won’t even need a doctor’s prescription for some of these treatment options.

Lifestyle changes

You’ll need to change your diet, exercise more often, and find ways to manage your stress levels better if you want to increase your testosterone levels. Foods that are rich in zinc and vitamin D can certainly help since you need these nutrients to synthesize testosterone.

Resistance exercises such as weightlifting have been shown to cause an increase in testosterone levels. If you’re suffering from low T due to obesity, losing weight can help raise your testosterone levels. Cardiovascular exercises such as brisk walking, swimming, and running can help you shed excess weight, as well as increase your testosterone production.

Stress is known to cause testosterone levels to drop. The more stressed you are, the higher your cortisol levels increase. That’s problematic because when your cortisol levels are elevated for a long time, your testosterone production suffers. This is why finding ways to relieve stress in a healthy manner is also beneficial for your hormonal balance.

Testosterone therapy

Doctors don’t always consider testosterone replacement therapy as the first option for treating low T. Although hormone therapy can help raise your T levels, there are risks involved, which is why you should also consider other natural ways to improve your testosterone production.

If your doctor determines that the benefits you will gain from testosterone therapy are more than the risks, then you may be given a prescription for testosterone medication. Testosterone therapy is available in several forms, so you’ll have to decide which one you’re more comfortable with.

If you’ll opt for testosterone pills, gel, or patches, you’ll have to use it every day. If you use a testosterone patch, you’ll need to apply the patch once every day. Testosterone gel is also applied once daily.

If you prefer something less inconvenient, you can opt for testosterone pellets or injections. With testosterone pellets, you only need to visit your doctor once every 3 months or so to have the pellet replaced. Testosterone injections, on the one hand, need to be administered every 7-14 days.

Effective Testosterone Boosters

If you prefer a more natural way to increase your production of testosterone, then you should opt for herb-based testosterone boosters. Although many are concerned about the safety or effectiveness of testosterone boosters, there are actually quite several that have been proven both safe and effective.

Tongkat Ali

This herb is so effective in naturally increasing your testosterone production that researchers recommend it for elderly men who are suffering from late-onset hypogonadism (LOH).

Tongkat Ali helps to raise your T levels in multiple ways. For instance, it reduces your cortisol levels when you’re stressed. Because elevated cortisol levels have an inhibitory effect on testosterone synthesis, your testosterone production will normalize when your cortisol levels decrease.

On top of that, Tongkat Ali also has direct protective effects on your testicular cells. This the same reason why the herb is helpful in increasing sperm production. Tongkat Ali actually improves testicular function, which is another way by which it helps raise your T levels.

Tribulus terrestris

By now, you may have already heard about the beneficial effects of Tribulus terrestris on male hormonal health and sexual performance. Because Tribulus terrestris is effective in raising T production, it’s often used by athlete bodybuilders to boost their athletic performance and help them increase their muscle mass.

If you’re suffering from sexual dysfunction due to your low testosterone levels, then Tribulus terrestris is one of your best options. There’s actually plenty of scientific evidence showing that Tribulus terrestris is effective in increasing sex drive and improving erectile function.


fenugreekFor men who are suffering from low T due to obesity or diabetes, fenugreek is an ideal choice for a natural testosterone booster. Since ancient times, fenugreek has been recognized for its various health benefits. It’s an aphrodisiac, and it can help you manage your blood sugar levels, as well as control your appetite and weight.

Fenugreek is helpful in raising T levels primarily because it has inhibitory effects on aromatase. The testosterone that you produce in your testicular cells circulates in your bloodstream as free testosterone. Aromatase then converts it to other hormones. Thus, by limiting the activities of aromatase, fenugreek allows you to have higher free T levels.

Which Testosterone-Boosting Supplement Should You Take?

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Can It Be Dangerous to Have Low Testosterone?

If you’re worried about your relationship, then you can consider having low testosterone as dangerous. It can kill your sex life by causing you to become impotent. On the one hand, if you’re concerned about your overall health, having low testosterone levels isn’t life-threatening by itself.

Nevertheless, when your testosterone levels are below normal, it can increase your risks of certain diseases which, in turn, can lead to higher mortality risks. Continue reading to learn more about the effects and complications of low testosterone levels.

What Bodily Functions are Regulated by Testosterone?

Testosterone isn’t just for sex. The primary male hormone is actually involved in a variety of important bodily functions. These include fat distribution, muscle mass development, bone density, as well as red blood cell production.

Of course, you also need the hormone for regulating your sex drive. The hormone is also essential for coordinating your sexual arousal with your erection. It’s also important for your fertility since it’s needed for sperm production.

Due to the number of bodily functions that testosterone is involved with, a significant decline in your T levels often results in emotional and physical changes.

How Does Low T Affect Men?


A lot of men are worried that their desire for sex would disappear if their testosterone levels drop. Indeed, since the hormone is responsible for your libido, a decrease in your testosterone levels can result in loss of sex drive.

Erectile Dysfunction

woman disappointed with man's erectile dysfunctionWhen your T levels are extremely low, such as if you have hypogonadism, you may end up developing erectile dysfunction. Even if you’re still able to achieve erections, you may experience fewer spontaneous erections in your sleep.


It actually takes around 2 months for a sperm cell to fully mature. While it is still developing, a sperm cell requires testosterone for its nourishment. Hence, if you don’t produce enough testosterone, your spermatozoa may not fully develop.

In fact, men with extremely low testosterone levels often experience arrested sperm development. This means that their sperm cells don’t fully mature at all. And when you don’t produce enough mature spermatozoa, you’ll have a difficult time impregnating your partner.

Increased body fat

This is one of the physical changes that usually happen to men with low T. Below normal T levels can cause your fat mass to increase, it can even make you overweight or obese. That can be problematic because obesity also contributes to low T. It’s a cycle that can be difficult to break unless you get to successfully normalize your testosterone levels.

What’s even more problematic is that once you’ve become obese, your risks for various diseases multiply exponentially. You may develop cardiovascular disorders, osteoarthritis, depression, diabetes, and even cancer.

Reduced bone density

For elderly men, osteoporosis can be quite dangerous. The disease itself isn’t life-threatening. But it does make you more vulnerable to falls and injuries. Every year, thousands of elderly Americans actually die from falls. In 2016, for instance, death as a result of a fall affected almost 30,000 Americans aged 65 years and older.

Low testosterone levels can cause reduced bone density and lead to osteoporosis. In fact, testosterone deficiency is actually considered the most common cause of osteoporosis in men.

Sleep disturbances

The relationship between sleep disturbances and low testosterone is another example of a vicious cycle. Low testosterone can cause sleep problems like insomnia and sleep apnea. And when you lack sleep, it can cause your testosterone production to decline.

Your testosterone production peaks when you’re in deep sleep. Thus, if you only get a few hours of sleep every day, your testosterone levels will be greatly impacted. In fact, studies have shown that sleeping for only 5 hours or less every day can cause your testosterone production to drastically decline.


Because testosterone is also involved in mood regulation, you may also experience emotional changes when you’re low on T. In fact, depression is actually associated with low testosterone levels. There are also those who suffer from reduced self-confidence, impaired concentration, and memory problems due to low T.

Again, low T by itself isn’t really considered as life-threatening. However, when you develop depression due to low testosterone levels, it may increase your risk of mortality. Untreated depression is associated with a 20% risk of suicide. In 2017, suicide claimed the lives of close to 50,000 Americans.

Managing Low T

man consulting his doctorAs soon as you notice any symptom that may be caused by low testosterone levels, you should visit your healthcare provider as soon as you can. The effects of low T are too many, it would really cause you a lot of health problems if you don’t manage your testosterone levels.

There are many natural testosterone boosters that you can take in order to prevent and treat low T. Tongkat Ali or Long Jack, for example, is widely recognized as an effective booster of testosterone production. Tongkat Ali is, in fact, used in both sex enhancement and athletic performance supplements because of its effectiveness in raising testosterone production.

Aside from directly acting on your testicular cells to stimulate hormonal and sperm production, Tongkat Ali also helps to lower your cortisol levels. This is important for men with low T because elevated cortisol levels tend to result in reduced testosterone synthesis.

Just like Tongkat Ali, Tribulus terrestris is also widely popular as an enhancer for both athletic performance and sexual performance. This is also due to the herb’s potency in increasing testosterone levels.

Horny Goat Weed is another example of an herb-based testosterone booster. Although it’s often used by men with erectile dysfunction, Horny Goat Weed actually has testosterone-boosting properties. On top of that, the herb has also been shown to help improve male fertility.

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Can Low Testosterone Be Cured?

When you find out that your testosterone levels are very low, you’ll most likely wonder if your condition can still be reversed. You’re probably curious about what you can do in order to cure your low testosterone levels.

If you have already heard of testosterone replacement therapy, you may find yourself hoping that your doctor can resolve your problems with low testosterone. In truth, however, the possibility of curing low testosterone will depend on what’s causing it. Read on to gain insights about the different treatment options for low testosterone.

Why Is Your T Low?

Testicular damage

There are so many factors involved in testosterone production, and this means that if anything goes wrong with these factors, your testosterone levels may decline significantly. For instance, if your testicular cells are damaged due to injury or chemotherapy treatment, that can impair your testosterone production.

Pituitary problems

You may be having problems with your pituitary gland or your hypothalamus. Both produce hormones that are essential for the regulation of testosterone production. When you’re running low on testosterone, your pituitary gland is supposed to secrete luteinizing hormones which then triggers your testes to produce more testosterone.

However, pituitary disorders such as hypopituitarism or pituitary adenoma can affect your production of luteinizing hormone. This means that your testicular cells won’t be sufficiently stimulated to produce testosterone.

Genetic disorders

kallman syndrome on tabletKlinefelter syndrome and Kallmann syndrome are two examples of genetic disorders that can cause you to have very low testosterone levels. Men who have Klinefelter syndrome have an extra X chromosome, thus negatively affecting the development of their sexual characteristics. Small testicles and infertility are common symptoms.

Medical conditions

Obesity and type 2 diabetes may also cause you to have low testosterone levels. With these two medical conditions, the problem is more complicated. Low testosterone levels can lead to obesity and type 2 diabetes, and the two medical conditions can cause your testosterone levels to drop.

Elevated cortisol levels

Chronic stress is another common reason why men suffer from declining testosterone levels. When you’re always stressed, it causes your cortisol levels to shoot up and stay elevated. The problem with high cortisol levels is that it causes your testosterone production to go down.

Age-related testosterone decline

As men advance in years, testosterone levels gradually drop. Age-related decline in testosterone levels is not as sudden as you would experience if you had an acute illness like a chronic pulmonary disease. Nevertheless, the symptoms may start cropping up even when you’re still in your 30s.

Treatment Options for Low Testosterone

Your doctor will first need to identify what’s causing your low testosterone levels in order to determine your treatment options. For example, if your low testosterone levels are due to diabetes, your healthcare provider may recommend anti-diabetes medications in order to manage your condition.

If your doctor determines that you would benefit from testosterone replacement therapy, he will give you a prescription for it. Here are your options for testosterone therapy.

Skin patch

You will need to apply the testosterone-containing skin patch once a day. The patch will release testosterone which you will absorb through your skin.

Oral therapy

If you prefer oral therapy, you can ask your doctor if it’s alright for you to take testosterone capsules instead of wearing a patch every day. There are also testosterone tablets that you can attach to your inner cheek.


If you want something that’s easy to apply, you can try using a testosterone gel. You will need to spread the gel onto your skin, either on your thighs, upper arms, or shoulders. Once you’re done applying the testosterone gel, wash your hands thoroughly to prevent exposing other people to testosterone.


Some men find testosterone pellets more convenient because they don’t have to do anything on a daily basis. The pellet is inserted under the skin, usually near the buttocks or hips. Depending on the brand and dosage, you may need to have your doctor replace the testosterone pellet after three to six months.


Your doctor may administer a testosterone injection every 7-14 days. This option may be more convenient than testosterone tablets or skin patches because you won’t have to do it every day.

Alternative Ways to Raise Your Testosterone Levels

Although testosterone replacement therapy is now widely popular, especially among elderly men, the truth is that this type of treatment is not always recommended by doctors. If you can’t have testosterone replacement therapy, don’t worry. There are actually several options for naturally raising your testosterone levels.

Tongkat Ali or Long Jack

Several studies have already shown that Tongkat Ali does indeed have positive effects on testicular production of testosterone. This herbal testosterone booster is even recommended for those who are already suffering from late-onset hypogonadism.

Tribulus terrestris

If you have diabetes, then you’ll gain an extra benefit when you take Tribulus terrestris. This herb is not only effective in improving the production of testosterone, but it’s also excellent for controlling your blood sugar levels.


fenugreek seedsJust like Tribulus terrestris, fenugreek is another herb that has both anti-diabetes and testosterone-enhancing effects. With fenugreek, you’ll be able to maintain your free testosterone levels since fenugreek protects your free testosterone from being converted to other hormones.


For those who are under a lot of stress, Ashwagandha is highly recommended as both stress reducer and testosterone booster. Ashwagandha is helpful in reducing cortisol levels. Once your cortisol levels go down, you will be able to produce more testosterone.

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What are Reasons for Low Testosterone?

You’re worried about your testosterone levels declining. You think it might be because of your age. In truth, however, low testosterone may be due to a variety of reasons. Some of these causes may be lifestyle-related. In many cases, declining testosterone levels are related to medical conditions.

Affecting more than 5 million men in the United States alone, low testosterone is a significant health problem, not only because it affects your sex life but also because it can negatively impact your overall health and well-being. Learn more about the various causes of low testosterone levels.

Common Symptoms of Low Testosterone

The normal level for testosterone actually varies with your age. In the same manner, the symptoms that you will experience may also differ, depending on your age.

For instance, when a newborn boy suffers from low testosterone due to hypogonadism, it can result in the impaired development of his sexual characteristics and he may end up having underdeveloped genitals.

During puberty, low testosterone levels can result in several symptoms such as lack of body hair, poor muscle development, enlarged breasts or gynecomastia, as well as underdeveloped genitals.

In adult men, low testosterone levels may be accompanied by symptoms like infertility, erectile dysfunction, low energy levels, low muscle mass, loss of sex drive, and hair loss. For elderly men, low testosterone levels may also result in loss of bone mass, fatigue, and mental fogginess.

Common Causes of Low Testosterone

klinefelter syndrome book

Primary hypogonadism occurs when your testes are underactive, resulting in insufficient production of testosterone. Primary hypogonadism may be due to a genetic disorder like Klinefelter’s syndrome. It may also be due to testicular damage caused by injuries, cancer treatment, or even mumps.

While your testicles are the source of the problem when you have primary hypogonadism, secondary hypogonadism is often caused by problems in your hypothalamus or pituitary gland. Both of these brain parts are essential for the regulation of testicular testosterone production.

Secondary hypogonadism may also occur as a result of a medical condition such as:

Kallmann syndrome

This is a genetic disorder that causes hypogonadotropic hypogonadism. It is characterized by an impaired sense of smell and delayed puberty.


This disease can damage your testes and affect the functions of your pituitary gland and hypothalamus, which can then result in reduced production of your sex hormones.


Excess visceral fat mass often results in increased aromatase activities. In men, aromatase is the enzyme that is mainly responsible for converting free testosterone into female sex hormones. Obesity can also cause your sex hormone-binding globulin (SHBG) levels to decline.

Type 2 diabetes

Studies show that having low testosterone levels can cause your risk of developing diabetes mellitus to increase. On the one hand, a significant percentage of men with type 2 diabetes suffer from lower than normal testosterone levels.

Ways to Increase Your Testosterone Levels

Testosterone replacement therapy, according to numerous studies, can greatly benefit men who are both obese and diabetic. On the one hand, if your low testosterone levels are due to other causes such as stress and aging, then you may want to opt for natural testosterone boosters instead of testosterone replacement therapy.


The more muscles you work out, the greater the improvements in your testosterone levels. Numerous studies have already validated the relationship between regular exercise and increased testosterone levels.

In addition, regular exercise can help you address certain factors that contribute to low testosterone production. Exercising can help you manage your blood sugar levels, body fat percentage, as well as lower your stress levels.


When it comes to increasing your testosterone levels, certain supplements are scientifically recognized as effective testosterone boosters. These include Tongkat Ali or Eurycoma longifolia Long Jack, Tribulus terrestris, fenugreek, Ashwagandha, and Horny Goat Weed.

Tongkat Ali, in fact, is highly recommended for elderly men who are suffering from age-related hypogonadism. Tribulus terrestris, on the one hand, is widely used by men of all ages, both as a sexual performance enhancer and athletic performance enhancer.

Fenugreek is known to help inhibit the testosterone-converting activities of aromatase; thus, you get to enjoy high levels of free testosterone. Ashwagandha is good for lowering cortisol levels when you’re chronically stressed. High cortisol levels actually lead to impaired testosterone synthesis.

Horny Goat Weed is not just an excellent aphrodisiac or erectile function booster. It’s also been scientifically shown to help increase testosterone levels. In many studies, men taking Horny Goat Weed have been shown to experience improved sperm parameters, improved sexual performance, and increased testosterone levels.

The Best Way to Deal with Low Testosterone

man pointing at supplement pills

Male UltraCore is your best option when it comes to addressing low testosterone and poor sexual performance issues. A highly effective male enhancement pill, Male UltraCore offers great benefits for men, thanks to its unique formula.

Containing natural ingredients such as Tongkat Ali and Tribulus terrestris, Male UltraCore makes use of the STEM (Sustained Testosterone Enhancement Method) technology which helps you achieve significantly improved testosterone production and retention.

In addition to Tongkat Ali and Tribulus terrestris, Male UltraCore also contains fenugreek, Ashwagandha, and Horny Goat Weed. This means that you get to experience the benefits of several natural testosterone boosters just by taking one supplement. On top of that, you’ll also get to enjoy a huge boost in your bedroom performance.

Male UltraCore doesn’t just contain testosterone boosters. It also contains vasodilators and erection boosters such as L-arginine, maca, zinc and magnesium aspartate, damiana extract, muira puama, saw palmetto, Butea Superba, and many more.

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Low Testosterone In Men (And What You Can Do About It)

We all know how important a role testosterone plays in men’s health and development.

Put it this way – testosterone is the sex hormone that is responsible for the development of physical, reproductive, and sexual traits that are associated with being a man.

Functions of Testosterone in Men:

    • Sperm production
    • Penile and testicular development
    • Sex drive and libido
    • Muscle mass and bone development
    • Fat metabolism
    • Hair growth, deepening voice, and other factors related to a man’s appearance

Low Testosterone

It goes without saying that testosterone is integral to a man’s physical and sexual health, and the effects of low testosterone can be devastating. Add the fact that testosterone production declines as men age, and you are looking at a real problem that will happen faster than you know it.

Testosterone deficiency is common fodder for jokes, but it is definitely not a laughing matter. Recent research shows that men with low testosterone are at risk of developing serious medical conditions such as cardiovascular disease, osteoporosis, and diabetes.

This is why we came up with this guide about everything you need to know about low testosterone levels in men – so you can take the appropriate steps to address it.


While normal or healthy levels of testosterone for men vary widely depending on certain factors such as thyroid function, among others, the American Urological Association defines a testosterone level of at least 300 nanograms per deciliter (ng/dL) as the norm. The Food and Drug Administration also supports the same levels as the normal range.

low testosterone level test resultMen with testosterone levels below the recommendation made by the AUA are diagnosed to have low T-levels.

Testosterone levels gain increase during puberty, and peak during adolescence and early adulthood.

The bad news? It all goes downhill from there.

Once you hit 30, testosterone levels in men gradually decrease at a rate of roughly 1% annually. This is perfectly normal – it’s just a side effect of aging.

One thing most men who suffer from low testosterone levels must determine is if their low T-levels are due to normal aging, or if there is something more sinister lying underneath it.

See, it’s entirely possible for the body to produce very little testosterone – and it’s a condition known as hypogonadism. Hypogonadism stems from an underlying problem with the testicles, which constantly produce testosterone, or with the pituitary gland, which sends signals to the testicles as far as how much testosterone should be produced.

Signs and Symptoms 

A whole slew of signs and symptoms can arise if male testosterone production starts declining below the recommended levels.

Moreover, it can be hard to discern symptoms of low T, as they tend to be subtle.

Common signs and symptoms low testosterone:

  • Low Libido

Testosterone is the primary driver of a man’s libido and sex drive. Low T makes you less interested in having sex altogether. Men with low testosterone completely lack the drive to have sex.

  • Erectile Issues

The presence of nitric oxide triggers erections in men. However, testosterone is required for your body to be able to release nitric oxide – and the lack of testosterone will ensure that your stiffy is non-existent or impossible, or not stiff enough for vigorous, pleasurable intercourse.

  • Low Sperm Production

Testosterone is central to the production of ejaculate – including sperm. The prostrate, testicles, and seminal vesicles require a good supply of testosterone to create voluminous amounts of ejaculate, and men with declining T will notice a substantial decline in ejaculate volume and thickness.

  • Loss of Genital Sensations

One of the most common complaints that men with low T bring up is the lack of feeling in the genital area. While they may not be totally numb, the sensations that would normally be elicited by touching the sensitive parts of the male genitals don’t work. These sensations are what make intercourse enjoyable, which men with low T lack.

  • Low Energy

Apart from exhaustion and fatigue, men with low testosterone lack energy, drive, and motivation, preferring the comfort of their couches than to act.

While feeling exhausted at the end of a busy day is normal, men with low testosterone feel totally exhausted – more often than they should be.

  • Mood Imbalances

Men with low testosterone suffer from mood imbalances, including being more despondent or pessimistic than normal.

  • Fits of Irritability

Low testosterone can make you bitchier and fussier – without you even knowing it. That’s due to the mood imbalances the lack of testosterone does to you.

  • Decreased Muscle Mass

Men do not instantly become milquetoasts when they have low testosterone, but there is definitely a feeling of weakness as well as not being as strong or not performing as well as they used to. Worse, some men experience a substantial shrinkage in their muscles. If that’s not bad enough, their performance at the gym just isn’t the same, making weight training a frustrating, time-wasting endeavor.

  • Increased Body Fat

It’s a double whammy. Not only do men with low testosterone experience a decline in muscle mass, but it is often accompanied by increased body fat. A side effect of which is gynecomastia, otherwise known as “manboobs”.

  • Testicle Shrinkage

Low testosterone can cause shrinkage to your testicles and make them feel less firm than usual.

These are just some of the most common signs and symptoms that low testosterone can manifest itself.


That said, what are the causes of low testosterone in men apart from aging?

Younger men who suffer from low testosterone may attribute them to other illnesses such as lung disease, liver ailments, or type 2 diabetes, apart from problems with their pituitary gland.

There is also a link to genetics when it comes to low T – which includes genetic conditions such as Klinefelter syndrome, Prader-Willi syndrome, and Kallmann syndrome, among others.

Furthermore, low testosterone can be the result of steroid use or trauma, which hinders the testes’ ability to produce the hormone itself.

Other causes of low testosterone for men below 50 involve tumors in the pituitary gland, men with severely curtailed immune systems by way of HIV or other analogous diseases, as well as those who have undergone chemotherapy or radiation treatment.

In a nutshell, here are the causes of low testosterone levels (e.g., below the normal range as defined by the AUA and the FDA):

    • cancer of the ovaries or testes
    • trauma or steroid use
    • failure of the testicles
    • hypogonadism, a condition where the sex glands produce little or no hormones
    • early or delayed puberty
    • pituitary gland tumors
    • chronic illness, such as diabetes or kidney disease
    • obesity and lack of exercise
    • chemotherapy or radiation
    • opioid use
    • genetic conditions that appear at birth, such as Klinefelter syndrome

Now that we’ve discussed the causes of low testosterone levels, let’s examine the ways how it can be treated.


Low testosterone is treated with testosterone replacement therapy, which involves the application of gels, patches, or pellets that are applied to the skin that release testosterone gradually as it is left.

Testosterone replacement therapy methods:

    • testosterone hormone therapy gelSkin gels or patches
    • Intravenous injections
    • Tablets
    • Pellets or oral pills

While there have been studies supporting the claim that testosterone replacement therapy can improve sexual drive, erections, regulate mood, boost energy, body hair growth, bone density, and muscle mass, the results are mixed.

Men who underwent therapy involving testosterone skin gels over 65 years of age saw slight improvements in bone density, strength, and sexual performance, but with no noticeable impact on cognitive function and memory recall.

Furthermore, testosterone replacement therapy posed certain health risks in the form of cardiovascular health issues such as heart attack, stroke, and other related conditions.

While it is true that testosterone replacement therapy assists in reversing the effects of hypogonadism, it is yet unclear as to whether it benefits men over 65 who are in otherwise good health.

Some doctors opt for testosterone boosting supplements as well as a healthy diet and a regimen of exercise, which is an option for many men who otherwise would not be able to afford an expensive testosterone replacement treatment regimen.

One of the most remarkable supplements that doctors have recommended for men who suffer from low testosterone is Male UltraCore, which is an effective male performance enhancement supplement that features 100% all-natural, all-organic testosterone-boosting and sexual performance-enhancing ingredients that have been rigorously tested and clinically proven to raise your free testosterone levels. It’s a scientifically-backed supplement that was developed for years to be a complete solution to low T.

Paired with a healthy diet, regular use, and exercise, Male UltraCore has proven its capability as a testosterone-promoting supplement that you can opt to try instead of conventional and costly testosterone replacement therapy, which has a patchy record as far as effectiveness is concerned.

Addressing Low Testosterone

Regardless of what method you choose to address low testosterone levels, it is important to understand that the best method depends on your budget, preference, and tolerance and that you should consult your health professional prior to undergoing any sort of supplementation. This makes sure that you have no pre-existing medical conditions that could pose complications over the course of your chosen treatment.

The most important thing to keep in mind is that low testosterone is a condition that can pose debilitating risks to your physical, sexual, and mental health, and is something you should consider addressing with your doctor.

Instant Aphrodisiacs

An aphrodisiac can be anything, a food or drug, that can enhance your sexual arousal, increase your sexual enjoyment, or improve your sexual performance. Numerous foods, including oysters and chocolates, are touted to exhibit aphrodisiac effects.

Realistically speaking, however, you’ll have to eat several servings of these foods in order to experience a small boost in your sexual desire. If you want instant effects, it would be much better for you to take a male enhancement pill instead. Here are several aphrodisiacs that are commonly used as active ingredients in sex enhancement supplements.

Horny Goat Weed

Whether you want to see an increase in your testosterone levels, a boost in your sex drive, or an improvement in your erectile function, Horny Goat Weed can give you all these sexual health benefits.

Many people don’t really believe in Horny Goat Weed, mainly because of its ridiculous-sounding name. However, it’s actually a very fitting name for an herb that really does make you horny. That’s thanks to a compound called icariin.

Researchers have found that icariin is the main reason why Horny Goat Weed is extremely beneficial for men’s sexual health. The compound is actually an antioxidant, and it has several pharmacological properties such as anti-cancer. But icariin’s property that makes it really useful for male sexual health is that it’s a PDE5 inhibitor just like sildenafil.

In short, if you’re looking for a natural alternative to sildenafil, Horny Goat Weed is your best choice. Not only will it improve your erectile function, but you’ll also see improvements in your testosterone levels and sex drive, as well as in your sperm count and quality.

Long Jack

tongkat ali slices

If you really want to maximize the benefits you can gain from Long Jack, you should take it on a daily basis. That doesn’t mean, however, that you can’t take Long Jack if you want instant effects.

It’s just that the testosterone-boosting properties of Long Jack are actually more evident the longer you take Long Jack supplements. However, the benefits of Long Jack on male sexual performance aren’t just limited to increasing your testosterone levels.

Long Jack, also called Tongkat Ali, is also very effective in enhancing your libido. Plus, it’s an excellent mood enhancer and energy booster, which means it’s perfect for you if you always feel like you’re not in the mood or you don’t have the energy for sex.

In addition, Long Jack is also known to help men who are having problems with their erectile function. In fact, Long Jack is traditionally used as a natural remedy for male sexual dysfunction.

Tribulus Terrestris

Tribulus terrestris is considered one of the top supplements for men. It’s known to really boost testosterone levels, which is why Tribulus terrestris is often used by those who are into weightlifting and bodybuilding.

Due to its positive effects on testosterone levels, Tribulus terrestris is also effective in increasing libido, as well as improving erectile function. For men with erectile dysfunction, Tribulus terrestris is particularly beneficial because it also helps increase nitric oxide production, which then results in increased vasodilation and improved penile blood flow.

The anti-diabetic properties of Tribulus terrestris also contribute to the herb’s sexual health benefits. Diabetes is actually recognized as one of the leading causes of erectile dysfunction. Tribulus terrestris helps to prevent and control diabetes, a disease that can cause your penile blood vessels to become damaged.

In addition to the sexual performance-enhancing effects of Tribulus terrestris, this antioxidant-rich herb is also proven to have fertility-enhancing properties. The positive effects of Tribulus terrestris on sperm quality have consistently been validated in numerous studies.


Fenugreek is another excellent aphrodisiac that can give you immediate results. It has long been used to enhance sexual arousal and enjoyment since ancient times. Fenugreek seed extract is often used in traditional medicine to treat low libido and other male sexual problems.

One of the pharmacological properties of fenugreek is that it’s able to minimize the activities of aromatase, an enzyme that binds with free testosterone to convert it female sex hormones like estrogen. Because of this property, fenugreek is considered beneficial for men with low free testosterone levels.

Men who are overweight or obese should consider taking fenugreek supplements regularly. Obesity actually causes increased aromatase activities, which then leads to low testosterone levels. In addition, obesity is also closely associated with impaired erectile function.

Fenugreek can help you manage your weight and prevent obesity and erectile dysfunction. In fact, this healthful herb is actually widely used by those who are seeking to lose weight and reduce their body fat percentage.


Among the numerous herbal aphrodisiacs readily available in supplement form, Ashwagandha is considered one of the most potent when it comes to increasing sexual desire and improving sexual performance.

ashwagandha powder

Ashwagandha has actually been popularly used as an aphrodisiac since hundreds of years ago. Ayurveda, the traditional form of medicine commonly practiced in India, makes use of Ashwagandha as a general tonic, stress reducer, energy booster, aphrodisiac, fertility enhancer, and sexual performance booster.

It’s been shown through numerous studies that Ashwagandha can help improve sperm parameters. The antioxidant properties of Ashwagandha help protect your sperm and improve sperm motility. In addition, Ashwagandha has also been associated with increased sperm count and semen volume.

The Most Potent Aphrodisiac with Instant Results

If you’re in a hurry to see improvements in your libido and erectile function, then Male UltraCore should be your male enhancement pill of choice.

Male UltraCore is extremely potent, thanks to its revolutionary technology and unique formulation. It promotes sustained improvements in testosterone production and retention, as well as increased vasodilation and penile blood flow.

These amazing effects are made possible by Male UltraCore’s one-of-a-kind formula. Horny Goat Weed, Long Jack, Tribulus terrestris, fenugreek, and Ashwagandha are all included in Male UltraCore’s proprietary blend.

This means that you get to experience all the sexual health benefits that these potent herbal aphrodisiacs offer. In short, you’ll be able to achieve dramatic enhancements in your sexual performance when you use Male UltraCore.

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Proven Female Aphrodisiacs

It can be frustrating when you’re the only one with a healthy sex drive while your partner thinks reading a good book is a much more worthwhile activity than having sex. When men are suffering from a loss in libido, it can easily be remedied using male enhancement supplements like Male UltraCore.

But when women are the ones having problems with their libido, it’s not as easy finding the right aphrodisiac for women. Nevertheless, there are several natural aphrodisiacs for women that are worth trying. Here’s what you should recommend to your wife or partner.


Ginseng is well known for its many benefits for male sexual health. It can help with blood circulation, which means better erection for you. For women, ginseng’s pro-cardiovascular properties may also be helpful.

ginseng root

Korean red ginseng, in particular, has been tested on menopausal women. One study, involving menopausal women around 50 years old, was published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine.

The results showed that after taking a 3-gram daily dose of Korean red ginseng capsule, the participants showed improvements in their Female Sexual Function Index scores. The researchers recommended daily oral intake of Korean red ginseng extract to improve sexual arousal in women who are already menopausal.


Maca is widely used by both men and women, and for various purposes. Men use maca to increase their strength or lower their stress levels. It’s also popular as a booster for male sexual performance. Maca has also been found to benefit menopausal women who are suffering from sexual dysfunction.

A 2015 study also showed that maca is beneficial for women suffering from sexual dysfunction induced by SSRI antidepressant medication. The researchers noted that after treatment with maca, the participants experienced improvements in sexual arousal and orgasm.

Ginkgo Biloba

Ginkgo biloba is another aphrodisiac that can benefit both men and women. The herb is excellent for improving blood circulation. And it’s particularly helpful in increasing blood flow to your private parts.

Research also shows that Ginkgo biloba can help increase the sex drive of aging women, especially those who are already menopausal. Ginkgo biloba is also helpful in balancing hormones, as well as raising estrogen levels.

Shatavari or Asparagus Racemosus

It’s been said that you should add asparagus to your daily meals if you want to improve your sex drive. However, Shatavari, a cousin of the common asparagus, can be a more potent aphrodisiac. In fact, it’s often referred to as a queen of herbs because it has many benefits for female sexual desire and overall health.

Asparagus racemosus or Shatavari has been shown to help increase blood flow to the vagina. This then results in improved sexual sensation, enhanced sexual sensitivity, as well as increased vaginal lubrication. Shatavari is particularly helpful for menopausal women due to its hormone-balancing effects.

Gokshura or Tribulus Terrestris

Most people know of Tribulus terrestris as a supplement for men. However, women can also gain a lot of health benefits from Tribulus terrestris. The testosterone-boosting properties of Tribulus terrestris actually benefit both women and men, since testosterone is also necessary for women to have a healthy sex drive.

Menopausal women, in particular, usually suffer from loss of sexual interest. In several studies, Tribulus terrestris has been proven helpful in increasing the sexual desire of menopausal women. On top of that, Tribulus terrestris also helps in improving sexual arousal and sexual satisfaction.

Horny Goat Weed

Just like Tribulus terrestris, Horny Goat Weed is also commonly perceived as a supplement for men. However, Horny Goat Weed actually has several health benefits that are good for both sexes. For one, Horny Goat Weed has anti-cancer properties. In addition, Horny Goat Weed can also help with hypertension and other cardiovascular problems.

Horny Goat Weed contains an antioxidant compound that helps increase blood circulation. By improving the flow of blood to the genital area, Horny Goat Weed not only helps men achieve erections, but it also stimulates female libido, as well as decreases sexual dysfunction in women. Horny Goat Weed may also help relieve vaginal dryness.

Studies have also revealed that while Horny Goat Weed helps increase testosterone levels in men, women who take Horny Goat Weed supplements experience improved estrogen and estradiol levels.

What’s the Best Aphrodisiac For Men?

It’s good to have your partner take aphrodisiacs, especially if she’s starting to experience a decline in her sex drive, whether it’s due to stress or aging. But if you’re the one who’s suffering from low libido, you may also want to consider taking something to boost your desire for sex.

woman recommending sex enhancement supplement to husband

Although there are several male aphrodisiacs to choose from, if you’re looking for real results, then Male UltraCore is your best option. This amazing male sexual enhancement pill is an industry leader for a reason. It’s packed with natural ingredients that are known to have potent aphrodisiac effects.

For example, Maca, Horny Goat Weed, Tribulus terrestris are all part of Male UltraCore’s unique formulation. These herbal aphrodisiacs are all scientifically proven to really improve male sexual performance, as well as male fertility.

In addition, Male UltraCore also contains powerful penile blood flow enhancers like L-arginine. This means you’ll have an easy time achieving a hard-on. You’ll also find Tongkat Ali, Ashwagandha, and zinc in Male UltraCore, as well as several other natural sexual performance enhancers.

Because Male UltraCore contains so many natural sexual enhancers, it’s able to offer a wide variety of benefits for you. With Male UltraCore, you’re sure to experience dramatic increases in your testosterone levels and libido. On top of that, you’ll also experience a huge boost in your sperm count and quality.

The best thing about Male UltraCore is that it will really help you achieve more rigid and longer-lasting erections. Horny Goat Weed, Tongkat Ali, Tribulus terrestris, and L-arginine practically guarantee that you will see a huge difference in your erect penis size.

Plus, you’ll also gain improvements in your sexual stamina, thanks to Male UltraCore’s energy-boosting ingredients like Tongkat Ali, Maca, and Ashwagandha. In short, if you want to see improvements in all aspects of your sexual health, you really should try Male UltraCore.

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Easily Available Aphrodisiacs

Whether you’re just looking for some casual intimacy or you’re in a serious relationship, it never hurts to use aphrodisiacs to raise your libido or increase your sexual enjoyment. We all know sexual satisfaction is a huge part of our overall well-being, so it’s perfectly alright if you want to enjoy sex more.

There are actually numerous aphrodisiacs that you can easily obtain. You may not know it, but some of the foods you are regularly eating may have aphrodisiac properties. Coffee and chocolate, for example, are said to stimulate sexual desire. Here are several more examples of aphrodisiacs that are easily available.

Common Fruits That Improve Your Libido


This popular summer fruit is believed to help with erectile dysfunction. That’s because watermelon actually contains a phytonutrient called citrulline which can help relax your blood vessels. As a vasodilator, citrulline can help improve the flow of blood to your sex organ.


Since thousands of years ago, avocados have already been recognized for their aphrodisiac properties. This testicle-shaped fruit is also rich in vitamin E, a nutrient that plays an essential role in male fertility.


half peeled banana with cream and syrup

Just like avocados, bananas also sport a sexually suggestive shape. But that’s not the only reason why bananas are great aphrodisiacs. Bananas contain potassium and B vitamins, as well as bromelain. The latter is an enzyme that helps with testosterone production and stimulates sexual desire.


Considered by many as the original biblical forbidden fruit, figs have long been acknowledged as a symbol of sexuality and fertility. Figs are an excellent source of polyphenols and flavonoids which are antioxidants that have been linked to an increased libido.


If your sex life is dying because you’re having problems with your erection, drinking a glass of pomegranate juice on a daily basis should benefit you. One study showed that men with erectile dysfunction who drank pomegranate juice daily actually experienced great improvements in their erectile function.

Veggie Sex Drive Boosters


Did you know that maca, a superfood, is actually a vegetable? It’s native to the Peruvian Andes where it has been used as an energy-booster and sexual performance enhancer since ancient times. Studies have also shown that maca is beneficial for male fertility and that it can help improve erectile function.


Rich in vitamin E, folate, and B vitamins, asparagus has a great reputation as a natural aphrodisiac, and it has been used as such since hundreds of years ago. It’s cousin, Asparagus racemosus, although generally not eaten as a vegetable, is an important aphrodisiac in Ayurvedic medicine.


If you want to be a little bit more attractive to women, you may want to make it a habit to add celery to your daily diet. Celery contains a pheromone called androstenone. On top of that, celery also helps stimulate your pituitary gland which is important for sex hormone production.


If you’re planning to make your own love potion, don’t forget to use arugula. You often see arugula in salads nowadays, but in ancient times, this leafy vegetable was actually popular as a love potion ingredient. It’s rich in folate and potassium, which means it’s good for your circulation and testosterone levels.

Powerful Natural Aphrodisiacs

Although these fruits and vegetables are delicious and healthy, their aphrodisiac effects may not be strong enough for you. If you’re looking for science-backed powerful aphrodisiacs, here’s what you should take.

Tribulus terrestris

Known to have several medicinal properties, Tribulus terrestris is also widely recognized as a powerful libido and erectile function booster. Effective in increasing both testosterone and nitric oxide production, Tribulus terrestris has also been shown to have positive effects on male fertility.

Another interesting thing about Tribulus terrestris is that it’s also been shown to increase intracavernosal pressure. In layman’s terms, it means that it can help make your hard-on firmer and stronger.

Long Jack

Whether you know it as Tongkat Ali, Eurycoma longifolia, or Long Jack, this amazing aphrodisiac has been scientifically proven to benefit men in several ways. It’s known to increase spermatogenesis, as well as testosterone synthesis. Plus, it’s an energy booster and stress reducer.

With regard to male sexual performance, Long Jack can benefit you in several ways. For one, it’s known to effectively boost sexual stamina. On top of that, Long Jack can also help you maintain prolonged erections. This means that you won’t have to worry about losing your erection or not having enough energy during sex.


ashwagandha powder and supplement

Did you know that elevated cortisol levels due to chronic stress can cause your testosterone production to significantly decline? It’s a good thing that Ashwagandha can help lower both your cortisol and stress levels. This herb is one of the most popularly used natural aphrodisiacs in Ayurveda and other forms of traditional medicine.

Horny Goat Weed

In Chinese traditional medicine, Horny Goat Weed is referred to as yin yang huo. It’s used to cure various male sexual complaints such as low libido and impaired erectile function. Studies reveal that Horny Goat Weed’s effectiveness in improving erectile function and libido is due to a PDE5 inhibitor compound called icariin.

The Best Aphrodisiac

There may be hundreds of aphrodisiacs available now, but all you really need is Male UltraCore. A truly effective supplement for male sexual enhancement, Male UltraCore is one of a kind. In fact, once you’ve experienced the unbelievable sexual health benefits of Male UltraCore, you’ll never want to try other male enhancement pills.

Formulated using only ingredients that are backed by science, Male UltraCore can help you achieve great improvements in your overall sexual performance. That’s because the most potent natural aphrodisiacs are actually contained in Male UltraCore.

Tribulus terrestris, Long Jack, Ashwagandha, and Horny Goat Weed are just a few of the many natural ingredients found in Male UltraCore. There’s also zinc, L-arginine, fenugreek, maca, and damiana, among others.

What this means is that you won’t have to get confused about which aphrodisiac to take or which male enhancement pill to buy. Male UltraCore’s unique formula practically guarantees that you’ll see dramatic improvements in your testosterone levels, libido, sexual stamina, and erectile function.

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