Is Hypersexuality a Mental Illness?

Having a high sex drive may be natural as a human being. But the excessive obsession of sexual activities, such as having multiple sexual partners, practicing unsafe sex, visiting prostitutes, engaging in prostitution, cybersex, exhibitionism, voyeurism, and compulsive masturbation may indicate that you have a sexual addiction. This condition has been affecting abound 12 to […]

Why Do I Feel Sexually Excited All the Time?

It may be normal for you to feel sexually excited, especially if there is sexual stimulation, but if it happens all the time, then maybe you are suffering from a condition called persistent genital arousal disorder (PGAD), most commonly experienced by women, while called priapism in men. PGAD for Women PGAD is a condition that […]

Are Beta Blockers Good for You?

Beta-blockers are one of the most crucial drugs usually recommended by cardiologists to lower blood pressure, protect from heart attacks, and help patients with heart failure. These are well-tolerated drugs that are inexpensive and can save the lives of many. These drugs are used to treat various health-related conditions such as heart failure, angina, heart […]

How Long Can You Stay on Beta-blockers?

Beta-blockers are blocking agents used as medications for reducing high blood pressure. Beta-blockers, as the name suggests, blocks epinephrine, which causes your heart to beat slowly to lower your blood pressure. These also aid in the opening of your arteries and veins, thereby improving your blood flow. Beta-blockers also help in controlling the fight-or-flight response […]

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