10 Important Work From Home Tips

10 Important Work From Home Tips

Because of the pandemic, many of the country’s workforce is now introduced to the benefits and nuances of working from home. For some, it’s the ideal

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Because of the pandemic, many of the country’s workforce is now introduced to the benefits and nuances of working from home. For some, it’s the ideal way to work; no more commuting, no need to get ready for work, and best of all – no need to get out of bed!

While working from home is definitely more convenient, not using this opportunity to become more productive may help impact your career long after the stay-at-home orders are lifted.

Here are 10 important work from home tips:

Maintain your daily routines

If you used to shower, have coffee, and prep for breakfast before work, it would be best for you to follow your usual routine instead of prolonging your sleep. This will help you get in a rhythm for work, and it will put you in a mindset that is ready to work.

Keep away from your mobile phone

If you won’t need your mobile phone for work, it’s better to keep it away from your work desk while working. Having your mobile phone within arm’s length may tempt you to check on social media, watch videos, and do other things that may distract you from work.

Keep pets away from your work area

pet cat with glassesLet’s face it – everyone loves their pets, and if they are within your area while you’re working, it’s easy for them to grab your attention away from your work.

It’s best to leave them in a place in your home where they have enough food and toys to prevent them from distracting you while working.

Get noise-canceling headphones

How many times have you had a conference call with a colleague who’s working from home and your call gets invaded by outside noises like your neighbor’s barking dog or loud music?

It certainly isn’t pleasant for everyone in the conference call, and one way to keep things professional even when you’re working from home is to get noise-canceling headphones to keep those unwanted background noises away.

Keep your work area clean

There would be certain times during the day when you would be required to go to a conference call with your colleagues, and you certainly do not want to broadcast an untidy workspace. Tidy up your room or office, and keep your background neat.


Many individuals who work from home say that they feel sleepy and tired even when they are working from home. That’s because your mind is used to the idea that your home is a place where you rest, and your office space is where you work.

It might take some time to get used to, so make sure that you get your coffee breaks to keep you awake and alert while working.


You can use this time in isolation to start not just working, but also working out from home. When working from home, your body misses out on a lot of physical activities that you do on a normal workday.

Your long walk from the parking lot to the office, the stairs that you climb, the short walk you have when going from your office to the pantry – you miss out on all of these activities, and this could lead to a serious weight gain.

Try to exercise at least an hour every day, and by the time the stay-at-home orders are lifted, you’ll have a  better, more toned body than you used to before this crisis started.

Minimize your distractions

When you’re at home and your tv remote is within arm’s reach, it’s easy to be tempted to watch Netflix while working. That’s one way to get yourself distracted for good, and this will definitely impact your productivity. Make sure to keep all your distractions at bay and focus at work when it’s time to work.

Stay competitive

home office set upThis crisis is a critical time in our economy, and many businesses are forced to lay off personnel to cushion the impact of the crisis on the business.

If there’s an opportunity to put your best foot forward, now would be the time – right when everyone is trying to adjust to the new working conditions, you can stay ahead by hitting all of your deadlines and goals, and performing better than you used to.

Stay competitive and treat every workday as if you are present in your office and at work.

Give back and help others

This is a trying time for everyone, and someone within your circles may be struggling to cope up with the crisis. Try to help out colleagues who need help during this crisis.

Your success and the survival of your business depends on everyone working at full capacity, and extending your help to someone in need could go a long way.

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