Can You Give Someone A Cold Sore Without Having One?

Cold sores are a known symptom of a sexually transmitted disease called oral herpes which is caused by the herpes simplex virus. It is known to be highly contagious, so we usually find ourselves avoiding people who have cold sores. But were you aware that there are numerous instances when people who are infected with […]

How Do You Stop an Oncoming Cold Sore?

The herpes simplex virus causes an infection that stays with you for life. This means that once you’ve contracted herpes, you’ll go through recurrent outbreaks. After the initial cold sore outbreak, the virus becomes dormant. Certain triggers will then make the virus become active again. For those who have had recurring cold sore flareups, recognizing […]

Can You Drink Alcohol When Taking Beta Blockers?

If you are taking beta-blockers, your doctor would not recommend you to drink alcohol. Beta-blockers can make your blood pressure low by slowing down your heartbeat, as well as by decreasing the force of every beat. On the other hand, alcohol can also make your blood pressure low. It could be life-threatening if these two […]

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