Top 10 Best Beards in Sports

Top 10 Best Beards in Sports

Not everyone enjoys being in isolation during this lockdown. A few weeks ago, everyone was enjoying life and all its luxuries. Now, it’s next to impos

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Not everyone enjoys being in isolation during this lockdown. A few weeks ago, everyone was enjoying life and all its luxuries. Now, it’s next to impossible to get a haircut. Can’t go out, drink, meet friends, work – all of these things might get you feeling down.

During these trying times, the best thing that you can do is look at the bright side. No haircut? No problem. It’s time to grow an awesome beard. By the time the quarantine is lifted, you’d have grown an amazing beard that you can sport without the messy stubble during the first few weeks.

Beards make men look more masculine and mature. You can see it in men who have grown a nice beard that it doesn’t just add to the aesthetics; it also boosts a man’s confidence.

Getting a cool beard seems to be a popular trend in sports. In the National Hockey League, growing a “playoff beard” is practically a tradition. Now, the bearded look is a fast-growing trend across all major sports. Here are our picks for the top 10 beards in sports:

10. Conor McGregor (UFC)

Who can forget “The Notorious” Conor McGregor when he took the MMA scene by storm and captured the UFC championship in two weight divisions at the same time? His skill set and his pre-fight promotion isn’t the only thing that’s notorious in Conor McGregor’s repertoire. He also has a fine short-cut beard that’s as iconic as his fighting style.

Fans who have recently followed McGregor’s career would find out that The Notorious was clean-shaven when he first started fighting, and it was only around the time he started fighting in the UFC when he was first spotted sporting a beard. Now, his beard is just as iconic as his gigantic chest piece, and you can’t mistake McGregor’s beard for anyone else.

9. Brian Wilson (MLB)

Brian Wilson’s career is just as interesting as his intimidating beard. Wilson is a 3-time All-star and World Series champion during his stint with the Giants. During most of his early years in the league, Wilson had a subtle beard that eventually grew to a lengthy black beard.

What’s manly beardspecial about Wilson’s beard is how dark and intimidating it is. There had been speculations that Wilson dyed his beard black to make it look intimidating, but Wilson denied that there was anything artificial going on in his beard.

8. Chris “Birdman” Andersen (NBA)

You probably have heard of the Birdman during his stint with the Denver Nuggets. He was known for his colorful, full-sleeved tattoos and his high-octane playing style.

Andersen was mostly clean-shaven during his years with the Nuggets. He was out of the NBA for a few years due to a suspension, and when he came back to the league as a member of the eventual NBA Champions Miami Heat, he was seen sporting a mean full beard that made him look like a scary dude who rides his Harley every day to work.

7. Bryce Harper (MLB)

Bryce Harper is one of MLB’s highest-paid players, with a staggering 13-year, $330 million contract with the Phillies. During his stint with the Nationals, Harper’s beard gained attention for being one of the most groomed beards in sports. You’ll rarely find a picture of Harper with an unruly beard, even when he’s playing.

There was a time in 2018 when he shaved off his beard and almost nobody recognized the highest-paid MLB player, even when he’s on the plate. He’s known to shave off his beard during summer and grows it back throughout the season.

6. Tank Abbott (MMA)

Who doesn’t recognize the intimidating beard of Tank Abbott? This MMA heavyweight strikes fear and horror in the eyes of his opponents, and his strongman physique and scary beard only help fuel the terror he bestows on his opponents and everyone else.

Tank Abbott has long retired from fighting, but his appearance and beard make it look like he’s ready to bust someone’s head off at any time.

5. Ryan Fitzpatrick (NFL)

Ryan Fitzpatrick’s beard is one of the most recognizable beards in the NFL. As one of the few reliable journeyman quarterbacks in the League, his beard has seen action in more than 8 different arenas in the United States.

His beard tells a story of its own, and apparently, it grows longer each time he signs with a different team in the NFL. He’s now signed with the Miami Dolphins, and maybe the tropics could give him the cue to shave off his beard – we hope not.

4. Steve Adams (NBA)

Steve Adams’ beard is one of the most featured beards in NBA history. Known for being one of the strongest centers and enforcers in the league today, it was hard to take his presence in the ring seriously when he first started growing his beard.

He first started growing a Freddy Mercury-esque mustache with former teammate Enes Kanter, earning them the nickname “Stache Bros”. Eventually, Adams grew a longer beard making him look intimidating. His strong physique and unkempt beard earned him the moniker Aquaman since he looks so much like the comic book character as portrayed by Jason Momoa.

3. Julian Edelman (NFL)

Superbowl LIII MVP Julian Edelman’s beard is one of the most unexpected popular beards in the NFL. He started growing his beard early in the season after taking his coach, Bill Belichick’s advice to put it in the drawer and worry about it next season.

When the Patriots won the sporty guy with beardSuperbowl against the Rams, he was seen sporting an untidy beard poking out of his helmet. He shaved his beard on the Ellen DeGeneres Show to raise money for the Boys & Girls Club of Boston.

2. Jason Kelce (NFL)

Jason Kelce’s is one of the NFL’s toughest and meanest linemen, and his manly beard gives him a menacing look that intimidates his opponents.

The Phillies center gained nationwide attention when he dressed as a mummer in the Phillies’ Superbowl LII victory parade and gave one of the most historic victory speeches in Philadelphia’s rich sports history.

1. James Harden (NBA)

There probably isn’t a beard more popular in sports than James Harden’s beard. During his first few years in the league, Harden was seen sporting a short, clean-cut beard. He started growing his iconic beard after he signed with the Houston Rockets, and his beard began gaining as much attention as his style of play.

Nicknamed “The Beard”, Harden went on to become an 8-time NBA All-Star, 2-time NBA Scoring Champion, NBA Regular Season MVP and is currently leading the league in points per game.

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