8 Home Gym Essentials to Stay Fit Under COVID-19 Quarantine

8 Home Gym Essentials to Stay Fit Under COVID-19 Quarantine

The COVID-19 pandemic is forcing us to redefine the way we live our lives. For the most part, it’s about getting used to the temporary quarantine and

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The COVID-19 pandemic is forcing us to redefine the way we live our lives. For the most part, it’s about getting used to the temporary quarantine and isolation to help slow down the spread of the virus.

In the hardest-hit cities in the United States, strict stay-at-home instructions have been carried out, forcing millions of Americans to give up luxuries that most of us have taken for granted, such as going out with friends, traveling, and going to the gym.

Strict social distancing policies shouldn’t prevent you from keeping yourself fit and healthy. Even without advanced gym equipment, you can still work out, train, and pursue your fitness goals, even when you’re stuck at home.

On this list, we’ll layout home gym essentials that should help you make use of your time and be more productive fitness-wise, even without the usual comforts of a commercial gym.

Not everyone has the space to put up a full-service home gym. There are also safety concerns that need to be addressed such as having kids in your household. With all things considered, here are some home gym essentials that you need to turn your home into your new training grounds:

Dumbbells / Weights

dumbbell weightsDumbbells are fairly cheap, and you might already have them in your home. These simple gym tools are essential to keep your workouts challenging and progressive.

When it comes to your home gym, it helps to have an adjustable dumbbell set to save space. Not everyone has the space for a full-scale weight rack, and adjustable dumbbells would do just the job without taking up a space bigger than a small luggage bag.

When working with adjustable dumbbells, it’s important to be more than just familiar with the dials and locks of your weights.

You need to be extra cautious when setting up your weights to prevent injury to yourself and anyone you’re sharing your home with. You also need to store your weights in a place that’s outside the reach of children to prevent injury.

Rubber matting

When you’re working with weights, it’s essential to have a rubber mat in place to protect not just yourself but also your equipment and flooring. Weights tend to scratch surfaces easily, and you definitely would not want your weights to leave a permanent mark on your floor.

Having rubber mats would also help safeguard your footing when lifting weights or working out. You wouldn’t need to spend too much on rubber matting. You can even use the puzzle mats that your kids are playing in to serve as your workout matting.

These rubber mats tend to get very slippery when wet. Make sure that you don’t spill anything on your rubber matting and keep your matting as dry as possible.

Push-up stands

If you have a limited space to do your workouts, you can make the most of it by taking on harder, more effective workouts. The push-up is one of the staple exercises you can do from virtually anywhere. It’s a great upper body exercise that doesn’t really need any equipment, but push-up stands will definitely take your workouts to another level.

Using a push-up stand will help you increase the degree of difficulty without straining your wrists.

Heavy bag

Boxing is a great way for you to relieve stress, get a workout, and express your pent-up aggression. A heavy bag in your home might just get the most attention if you’re in lockdown. All you need is a sturdy place to hook up your heavy bag, and you’re good to go!

Just make sure that you have at least a 12x12ft space to work around your heavy bag to prevent injuries and damage to other furniture you may have at home.

Battle Ropes

battle ropesIf you have a spacious backyard, installing battle ropes would be a great addition to your home gym.

Battle rope exercises are great to help burn fat while building strength and stability. It’s a great workout that helps tone your arms and improve your core and shoulder strength.

You must have at least 50-60 ft of open space in your backyard to fit a 40-50ft battle rope.

Speed Rope

Using weighted speed ropes will give you the combination of muscle strength, coordination, agility, endurance, and footwork in just one simple workout. It’s simple and easy to use, and it doesn’t take up too much space to store. However, this is equipment that’s best used outdoors.

Resistance bands

Resistance bands replace a lot of the equipment you see at the gym, and it only costs a fraction of the cost.

Resistance bands practically do the same function as weights and dumbbells, and the major difference is you can extract resistance from any angle. This makes it a great piece of equipment to have, especially if you have a limited space to do your workouts.

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