Why COVID-19 Isn’t a Bad Thing for Men’s Fitness and Health

Why COVID-19 Isn’t a Bad Thing for Men’s Fitness and Health

Being in quarantine will definitely change you, your habits, and your priorities – at least for the next few weeks. Everyone has been on edge since th

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Being in quarantine will definitely change you, your habits, and your priorities – at least for the next few weeks. Everyone has been on edge since the government started implementing strict quarantine measures and stay-at-home orders for millions of Americans.

While many individuals feel like they are trapped in a cage because of the quarantine, you can make the most out of your time in isolation by sticking with your fitness goals.

There’s more than one way to look at the government’s strict stay-at-home orders. Even with everything that’s going on, there is an upside for those who will choose to make the most out of the opportunity to stay at home. Now, you have all the time to focus on your fitness and emerge from the quarantine healthier and stronger than you’ve ever been.

Here are 5 reasons why being in quarantine isn’t such a bad thing:


playing the guitarBeing in quarantine will give you all the time you need to pursue a new skill. You now have all the time you’ve spent hoping that you’ll have time to read, learn, and practice skills that could advance your career.

Many individuals in the working class barely have enough time to pick up a new skill, and this stagnates their careers.

You may be stuck at home, but instead of stressing yourself over the things you can’t change from your home, you can use the time to upgrade and learn new skills.


This pandemic has a huge unintended benefit for the environment. For the longest time, we haven’t seen blue skies in a lot of the major US cities, and now it’s like we’ve detoxed mother earth after shutting down travel for the last few weeks.

The effects on the environment were first reported in China’s Hubei province, where authorities first implemented strict lockdown measures. Now, with many cities around the world shutting down, the environment is quickly regenerating, and its effects may just benefit mankind for years to come.


If there’s one thing that’s overlooked in this huge crisis, it’s the will and spirit of the people who are willing to step up and do what’s necessary to preserve lives and the economy.

We have frontline health workers, law enforcement, and volunteers who are willingly putting themselves at risk to slow down the spread of the virus, and to save those who are seriously afflicted with the illness. Essential workers are also stepping up by keeping the economy afloat and ensuring that there would be jobs and businesses ready and waiting when the crisis finally passes.

Philanthropists and average people are pooling resources to ensure that no one goes hungry during these dire times. The best of mankind is on full display, and all facets of society are coming together to help us make it through these critical times.


If you’re one of those people who spend more than half of their day working, and you can’t seem to find the time to work out, now you have all the time in the world to focus on your health and fitness.

fitnessDon’t worry about going to the gym. Everything you need to transform your body can be found in your home. You can learn from free workout videos and use makeshift weights to make your workouts more effective.

Athletes who train for a living usually work out 2 to 4 hours a day to build their amazing physique. Now, you have more than enough time to do the same workouts. By the time the stay-at-home orders are lifted, you’d emerge with the body you’ve always wanted.


Being forced to stay at home isn’t so bad for those who have been suffering from stress because of their fast-paced lifestyle. The time you spend during the lockdown will likely help you recharge and de-stress from the years you’ve spent working non-stop.

This is a low-key vacation for those who have been wanting to get one for the longest time but can’t afford to take time off work. If you’re the kind of person who dedicates most of his or her time at work, this gives you the break that will allow you to come back to work refreshed, motivated, and ready.

By staying at home, you’re helping everyone by preventing the spread of the virus. There’s no question that we’ll beat this virus one way or the other, and all we need is time.

We’re all anxious to see what the world looks like after we’re done with this crisis, but what’s more important is what you’ve done with your time.

During this crisis, everything around you will look grim, and it’s up to you to look for the good things in life to make the space you live in a little brighter.

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