What is a Normal Sperm Analysis Report? 

What is a Normal Sperm Analysis Report? 

Semen analysis is used to determine the viability and entire health of your sperm. It is also called a sperm count test. Semen contains sperm and othe

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Semen analysis is used to determine the viability and entire health of your sperm. It is also called a sperm count test. Semen contains sperm and other fluids, including protein and sugar substances, released during ejaculation.

Here are the factors measured by a sperm analysis:

  • Sperm number
  • Sperm shape
  • Sperm movement

For your doctor to be sure about your sperm health, he will most likely require you to take two or three separate sperm analyses. These tests should be taken every after more than seven days and within 2 to 3 months.

But it is noteworthy that sperm count varies every day. If you take several sperm samples, you can get the most conclusive results.

Why undergo semen analysis?

Test for male infertility

If you are having problems making your partner pregnant, you will most likely be suggested to take a semen analysis.

This test will enable your doctor to identify whether or not you are infertile. This will also determine if the reason for your infertility is either due to sperm dysfunction or low sperm count.

Test for vasectomy success

vasectomy diagramA person who will undergo a vasectomy will be required to take a semen analysis to ensure that no sperm are included in your semen.

.A vasectomy cuts and seals the tubes capable of sending sperm from the testicles to the penis as a permanent method of birth control.

After the surgery, it is recommended to undertake a semen analysis every month for a period of three months. This will ensure that there is no presence of sperm in the semen.

What are the normal results?

Your test result is ready within a day or week after a sample of your semen is collected. There are various factors to consider for your doctor to evaluate your semen analysis result.

After a vasectomy, the presence of sperm in your semen analysis is required. But if your purpose is to determine fertility issues, a more in-depth analysis is needed.

Here are some of the factors your doctor will consider when analyzing the result:

Sperm shape

At least 50 percent of your sperm should have a normal shape for your result to be considered as normal. If the shape of the sperm is abnormal and it is more than 50 percent of the semen, this is most likely an indication of infertility.

Abnormalities in the tail, midsection, or head of the sperm can also be identified by the laboratory. There are also instances when the sperm is not yet matured; that is why it is not capable of fertilizing the egg effectively.


At least 50 percent of sperm motility should be achieved for your result to be considered as normal. This means that the sperm should move within an hour after you ejaculate.

Sperm motility is very crucial because the movement of sperm allows it to meet the egg, thereby promoting fertilization. A sperm analysis can determine the movement and rates of the sperm on a scale from 0 to 4. If you get 0, it means that the sperm is not moving. But if you get 3-4, it means good movement.


Your pH level should be from 7.2 to 7.8 for it to consider as normal. If you have a higher pH level, such as if the result is higher than 8.0, then it may be an indication of an infection.

But if the result is lower than 7.0, this may be an indication of contamination of a specimen, or your ejaculatory ducts are blocked.


Your semen volume should be at least 2 milliliters for it to be considered as normal. Low volumes of semen can be an indication of low sperm count that may affect fertilization. On the other hand, excess volumes of semen may indicate that your sperm is diluted.


Your semen can be liquefied after 15 to 30 minutes. Semen is generally thick, but from the moment it is liquefied, it enables the movement of the sperm. If it does not liquefy, your fertility may be an issue.

Sperm count

You can produce millions of sperm in one ejaculate, normally from 20 to 200 million. Normal sperm count or sperm density is crucial to avoid difficulties in conceiving with your partner.


magnifying a sperm cell modelThe normal sperm color is clear white, or gray. Although sperm color may change at some point in your life, it may be an indication of a serious health issue, such as sexually transmitted infections, prostatitis, leukemia, and many more.

Your sperm color may also change due to the foods you eat or the substances you use.

What do abnormal results mean?

Abnormal results of your semen analysis may mean infection, infertility, disease, hormonal imbalance, exposure to radiation, or gene defects.


Semen analysis is capable of determining the entire health of your sperm. It determines sperm shape, movement, pH, volume, liquefaction, sperm count, and appearance.

A normal sperm analysis result may indicate healthy sperm. But abnormal results may indicate health issues such as infertility and infection that should be given immediate attention by your healthcare provider.

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