What You Don’t Know About Testosterone Replacement Therapy

What You Don’t Know About Testosterone Replacement Therapy

Testosterone levels normally dip with age, and for men who start to experience the effects of low testosterone, going to a doctor to explore their opt

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Testosterone levels normally dip with age, and for men who start to experience the effects of low testosterone, going to a doctor to explore their options is the safest and smartest choice.

Having low testosterone could severely impact the quality of your life and your relationships, and because of this significant threat to a man’s well-being, many individuals choose to undergo testosterone replacement treatment to reverse the effects of low testosterone.

The awareness about the effects of low testosterone has reached a fever pitch in the last decade, with the aggressive advertising and marketing of testosterone replacement products and clinics.

These days, it’s normal for you to come across a testosterone replacement ad on TV and even on social media, but the surge of providers and demand for testosterone comes with a significant price.

Here are 5 things you don’t know about testosterone replacement therapy:

It shuts down your body’s ability to produce testosterone

TRT literally does what it says – it replaces your body’s testosterone. This means that it disables you from producing natural testosterone hormones, making you completely dependent on the steroids given to you by your health provider.

TRT infringes the body’s hypothalamic-pituitary-gonadal axis, a delicately-balanced internal regulating system that dictates the body’s natural hormone production.

Taking TRT comes at enormous risk – it leads to gonadal atrophy, a significant shrinking of the testes because of the loss of stimulation coming from the luteinizing hormone. This can also lead to infertility in most cases.

In all fairness to health providers, they are required to disclose this unfortunate side effect to potential TRT patients, but many overlook the side effects of TRT because of the significant impact of low testosterone in their lives.

TRT is more than just testosterone

testosterone gelSince TRT carries a huge risk to your reproductive system, many TRT providers prescribe an adjunct hCG injection to counteract the side effects of TRT.

hCG is a human chorionic gonadotropic hormone, a hormone that is naturally produced by the placenta after implantation. You may recognize hCG as a label in some pregnancy tests.

Consequently, hCG carries a risk of its own. You may recall a few years back when health news outlets reported a man who took a pregnancy test as a joke and it yielded a positive result. This was because of elevated hCG levels in the man’s system, an indication of testicular cancer.

This only deepens the risk involved in taking TRT as a means to bolster your testosterone levels.

The threshold for prescribing TRT is virtually nonexistent

The TRT market carries a huge demand in the United States. More than 2 million American men are on some form of TRT, and they are a part of a multi-billion dollar business that continues to invite more and more men into taking the treatment.

Unfortunately, not everyone who gets the treatment should be taking the treatment in the first place.

Because of the massive spending on marketing and ads of TRT providers, there is constant pressure to get new patients to use the product. Hence, when someone seeks help for erectile dysfunction, weakness, and loss of libido, they readily get introduced to TRT as the main option, when it should have been offered as the last resort for these conditions.

In most cases, testosterone supplements and exercise could have a similar effect without the side effects of TRT.

TRT is more likely to be prescribed by younger doctors

According to the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism, younger doctors with less professional experience in the endocrinology and urology fields are more likely to prescribe testosterone replacement therapy compared to older doctors with more experience.

For a condition that affects the majority of older men, you’d expect older doctors with more than just professional experience, but the actual experience of low testosterone, to understand the effects, treatment, and repercussions of low testosterone levels.

The study shows that more experienced doctors are more prudent about administering TRT, and they only give the option for the most qualified of cases.

TRT is not your ONLY option

For men who are seeking to improve their testosterone levels, TRT is not the only solution. In the mildest of cases, simple exercise and diet could restart their testosterone production and drive it back to normal.

Exercise encourages the release of testosterone, and with those who have testosterone levels slightly lower than average, working out regularly would be enough.

shirtless man supplementMen who are looking to enhance their physical performance, libido, and confidence could consider taking testosterone supplements which are a lot safer than TRT.

Unlike TRT which shuts down the body’s testosterone production, testosterone supplements enhance the body’s natural testosterone production instead.

When considering TRT, have your doctor conduct all necessary tests to ensure that your condition is severe enough to consider taking TRT. Otherwise, talk to your doctor about taking testosterone supplements instead.

When looking for the best testosterone supplement, make sure that you have all the standards covered:

  • Natural ingredients
  • Advanced formulation
  • Ample dosages
  • Long-term solution

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