How Can I Raise My Testosterone Fast?

In both men and women, testosterone plays instrumental roles in growth and development. It regulates libido or sex drive, and bone and muscle mass and strength. In men, it helps in the production of healthy sperm and red blood cells, and in the establishment of the different male characteristics and traits. In women, it facilitates memory, learning, and cognitive abilities.

Understanding testosterone levels

Testosterone is found in much greater amounts in men than in women. And, for proper sexual function and good overall health, it should always be kept at normal levels.

According to health experts, a healthy adult man has between 270 nanograms per deciliter and 1,070 nanograms per deciliter of testosterone in his body. And, as he ages, his testosterone levels gradually decline at a rate of 1% every year.

Below is the normal testosterone range (which is measured in nanograms per deciliter or ng/dL) in men according to age, starting from puberty:

  • 12 years old to 13 years old: <7-800
  • 14 years old: <7-1,200
  • 15 years old to 16 years old: 100-1,200
  • 17 years old to 18 years old: 300-1,200
  • 19+ years old: 240-950

On the other hand, a healthy adult woman has between 15 nanograms per deciliter and 70 nanograms per deciliter of testosterone in her body.

Below is the normal testosterone range in women according to age, also starting from puberty:

  • 10 years old to 11 years old: <7-44
  • 12 years old to 16 years old: <7-75
  • 17 years old to 18 years old: 20-75
  • 19+ years old: 8-60

If your testosterone levels are below the normal range, you should be concerned. Testosterone levels that are low can bring about minor and major side effects that can affect your everyday life.

Causes of low testosterone

There are a variety of factors that can cause your testosterone levels to decrease. Some common examples include:


Testosterone levels naturally decrease with age, so a lot of men who are 40 years old and older suffer from low testosterone levels.


smoking and drinking

Tobacco and cigarettes contain elements that can impair your body’s ability to produce sufficient amounts of testosterone for your good health and wellbeing.


Like smoking, drinking alcohol can endanger your body’s testosterone production, as there are substances contained in alcohol that can impede many of your important bodily functions.


There are drugs, whether recreational or prescription, that contain compounds that trigger side effects that can reduce your testosterone levels.


Frequently experiencing high levels of stress not only harms your mood, focus, memory, and energy levels, but also your testosterone levels, erectile function, and overall sexual health.

Surgical procedure

There are some surgical procedures, such as those that involve the prostate, that can cause a reduction in the body’s ability to produce testosterone.

Ways to naturally raise testosterone levels

Having low testosterone can bring about a lot of health problems, so it is crucial that you find a way to raise your testosterone fast. Fortunately, there are several ways that you can naturally boost your testosterone, and here are some of them:

1. Eat testosterone-boosting foods

There are many testosterone-boosting foods that you should include to your daily diet to fix your testosterone levels fast. The next time you go grocery shopping, make sure to buy some:

  • Ginger

For centuries now, ginger has been used for its culinary and medicinal values. Many studies found that it can improve a man’s sperm count, penile performance, and fertility. They also concluded that it can enhance testosterone levels.

  • Green, leafy vegetables

Spinach, broccoli, kale, and other green, leafy vegetables are high in essential vitamins and minerals that can help improve your health and lower your risk of various diseases. They are especially loaded with magnesium, which is key to enhancing testosterone levels in the body.

  • Oysters

Overflowing with zinc, oysters are an excellent food to boost one’s reproductive function. They are great for improving your sperm count, quality, and motility, and they can aid in producing more testosterone in the body.

2. Start exercising

There are many scientific studies that show the benefits of exercise. They not only found that being more physically active on a regular basis can prevent high blood pressure, stroke, heart attack, and other health problems, but they also showed tons of evidence that proves that exercise can raise testosterone levels.

Among all the different exercise techniques around, experts suggest resistance training as the best option for a big testosterone boost. Some good resistance training exercises that you should try are squats, jumping jacks, planks, push-ups, lunges, weight lifting, and rowing.

3. Manage your stress levels

Stress can cause many short-term and long-term effects that can harm not only your testosterone levels but also your other important bodily functions. If you are constantly under stress, your body produces more cortisol, resulting to a decrease in testosterone.

To protect yourself, you should figure out how to deal with your stress better. Find the time to relax and unwind, get enough sleep and lose weight, and see a therapist for professional medical help.

4. Increase your vitamin D intake

taking vitamin D

Vitamin D is an important nutrient that offers numerous health benefits. It is essential in your body’s ability to absorb calcium and form strong bones and teeth. It is also necessary for the prevention of multiple sclerosis, diabetes, and cancer. Moreover, it can optimize testosterone levels in your body, and help boost your libido for more satisfying, fun, and pleasurable sex.

To meet your recommended daily vitamin D requirement of 25 to 100 micrograms, you should eat more vitamin D rich foods like soy milk, beef liver, egg yolks, cheese, tuna, and salmon.

Testosterone boosters

Sometimes, if increasing your testosterone levels naturally does not work, your doctor may recommend the use of testosterone boosters.

Testosterone boosters are prescribed to patients who have low testosterone levels. They are supplements that can increase your testosterone levels fast. They come in the form of injections, skin patches, gels, pills, and pellets.

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What Does a Testosterone Booster Do?

One of the important aspects of life is being knowledgeable. Knowledge never goes to waste. It helps us handle situations in our daily lives. Even if we don’t apply what we learn soon, we shall use it someday. Whether you are suffering from low testosterone or not, you should learn a little on how to manage the condition. It is a major concern in a man’s health.

There are several ways of handling erectile dysfunction. One of the easiest and cheapest methods is the use of testosterone boosters. They naturally increase the level of testosterone in our bodies. The following are functions of a testosterone booster:

A.  Improved Sleep

Sleep is a basic need for our bodies. During sleep, the body repairs its broken tissues and regenerates new ones to replace inactive ones. Unfortunately, many people do not get enough sleep. According to research released in the Journal of the American Medical Association, testosterone and sleep are inevitable.

Good sleep cause increased production levels of testosterone and poor levels of testosterone cause poor sleeping patterns. When you use a testosterone booster, you increase the production of testosterone in your body. As a result, you improve your sleeping patterns.

B.  Increased Libido

morning sexy time

Libido defines your sex drive. When its levels fall, your desire for sex goes down. You no longer find interest in your partner. A drop in libido is brought about by factors such as depression, low testosterone, alcohol, and a poor lifestyle. According to research by the Endocrine Society, 5% of men suffer from low libido. The number is likely to increase due to the increasing number of people having a poor lifestyle.

The decrease in libido caused by lifestyle can be improved by changing our bad habits.

When low testosterone is the source of decreasing libido, using a testosterone booster will help. Researchers are yet to make conclusive findings on the relationship between testosterone and libido. However, the fact remains that the level of libido is relatively proportional to the level of testosterone.

C.  Faster Recovery from Exercise

When we exercise, our muscle gets weary. This state is brought about by the sudden change in the body from resting to active stretching. As a result, we feel tired for some time after exercising. It may be hours or days, depending on how fast our bodies repair.

Testosterone is the hormone responsible for muscle growth and repair. If we have low levels of this hormone, the recovery process of the torn muscle becomes slow.

The muscle recovery can be accelerated by using a testosterone booster. It helps in increasing the level of testosterone which also increase the rate of muscle recovery.

D.  Bigger and Stronger Muscles

It is common to find most men working hard to build strong and big muscles. Sometimes, it can be a waste of time when your testosterone level is low. Before you embark on the muscle building program, it is important you check your testosterone level. The Endocrine Society recommends a volume of 300 ng/dl for an average testosterone level.

Once you learn you have low T level, it is not panic time. Instead, it is time to use a testosterone booster to increase the production of those hormones. In addition to taking the testosterone booster, consider your diet. A ketogenic diet is preferable when building muscle. It has a high metabolic rate which aids testosterone in muscle building.

E.  Improve Mood

relaxing on a hammock

When your levels of testosterone are okay, you tend to have mood stability. You take control of situations at hand, and you can make firm decisions. Stability in mood is one distinctive factor men have, and women have not. This function is possible due to the dominance of testosterone in us. Women have a little of the hormone in them, but its effects on them are not significant.

Our mood control tends to become unstable once our T levels drop. As a result, we may withdraw ourselves, and our judgment starts getting poor. We start getting carried by emotions rather than logic. We can work on our mood by taking a testosterone booster. It will raise the dropped levels of testosterone. After the level of this hormone gets raised, we start taking control of our moods.

F.  Increase Creativity

Our testosterone level affects our creativity. When they get low, we tend to lose focus and become short in ideas. Research done on a group of men revealed that those who received a testosterone boost had amazing results. They could reveal talents that they didn’t have before.

Thus, boosting testosterone triggers the cognitive part of our brain to be active. We come up with creative solutions that we could not give before T boost. However, when taking testosterone boosters, for this reason, it is essential to know that it may harm your behavior when you take the wrong doses.

Testosterone has a lot of essential functions in a man’s body. Maintaining its levels is vital. Testosterone boosters can help you in improving low levels of the hormone. These boosters are available in the market, and it is easy to get them over the counter.

 However, you should be careful when getting the boosters. Some of them are counterfeit. You must check if the regulatory bodies approve the booster you are purchasing. Taking such precautions will protect you from the effects of consuming products whose ingredients have fatal consequences in your bodies.

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Latest Treatment for Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction has been a notorious beast from time immemorial. Victims of the condition have traveled far and wide to seek solutions. They have spent quite a fortune trying to get some help. Several methods of treating the condition have been devised. Some have left the victims in tears while others are a waste of time and resources.

In the process, scammers have taken advantage of the poor victims. Production of counterfeit drugs has taken root. They would not adhere to the FDA guidelines on selling such drugs. Instead of focusing on the condition, most manufacturers have focused on commercializing the erectile dysfunction drugs.

The people with erectile dysfunction has been pressed from all corners. Perhaps it is time they relax once and for all, thanks to the advancement of science in technology.

As a result of advancing technology, modern methods of treating the condition are emerging. Some include the use of pills such as Male UltraCore, injections, patches and gels.

These methods have had their downside. As a result, scholars have spent sleepless nights researching better ways with less or no adverse side effects.

Science has again proved itself. Perhaps it is time to have a breakthrough in erectile dysfunction.

The Shock Wave Therapy

shock wave therapy

It is the newest therapy in the field of urology. This treatment makes use of wave energy. It works on the blood vessels to create them in a new form. The process of creating new vessels is known as neovascularization.

The treatment is focusing on the blood vessels since they play a significant role in making erections. Arteries usually get blocked by a plaque with time which prohibits them from carrying enough blood. As a result, you stop having erections or your erections starts getting flaccid.

After receiving this treatment, the flow of blood to the penis improves. Shock wave therapy removes the plaque, giving room for the creation of new blood vessels. These vessels are of the right quantity, size and are elastic enough to carry a lot of blood.

While other modern treatment methods settle on a temporary solution, Shock wave therapy focus on providing a permanent solution to erectile dysfunction.

According to the FDA, this treatment method is not yet approved. Although its trial has promising results, several studies need to be done before releasing it in the market. This therapy is currently undergoing some studies. According to the assistant professor Ranjith who is the chief researcher from the University of Miami, the results tend to be promising.

Although the research is in its early phases, Ranjith says the next move will be putting some patients on placebo and then compare the results. He says the current results are not conclusive and will be taking the research further.

According to the study, there are no adverse side effects associated with this treatment method. It eliminates nausea, irritations and other reactions that come along with other treatment methods. Thus, the treatment is tolerable to many people as compared to other forms of treatment. Shock wave therapy will be a great cost reliever. Why? It offers a permanent solution to your problem.  After treatment, you will only need to have some follow up on your medication. It means you won’t have to keep paying since this treatment is not recurring.

erectile dysfunction pills shaped into penis

Temporary methods make sex expensive. It can be a contributing factor to worsening your ED. It adds stress on you each time you think of having sex. You always have to dig your pockets each time you want sex. Stress is a contributing factor to ED. According to the FDA, the cost of one sex pill goes for about $60. This amount is high when you consider using the pill for your entire active sex life. The efficiency of this therapy is high. From the sample that Ranjith is working on, all the men on trial have shown a positive response.

Since the wave works on a great area, it is less time-consuming. The treatment will only consume 20-30 minutes of your time which is very short and convenient. You can receive it and continue with your daily schedule. The concentration of wave energy is also even. It means treatment will be even on the organ. There will be no parts to be left untouched. Although the treatment therapy is still undergoing research, the FDA has issued some warnings.

There are those people who love taking advantage of situations. As a result, there are those self-made urologists that are offering shock wave treatment which is not genuine. The FDA informs that the launching of the therapy shall be made public after the studies become concluded. Therefore, people should beware of malicious persons who want to take advantage of the new treatment.

Treating ED will be one of the breakthroughs in the field of urology. Practitioners are looking toward the success of Ranjith’s project. Its success will translate to increased happiness and financial relief. As we wait for this method to get conclusive results, we should adhere to the advice offered to us by regulatory bodies. It is sad to find a technology meant to help being the major source of turmoil.

We do not want to be victims of counterfeit services. It is also absurd to spend on treatment and then spends more on the effects of wrong treatment. Scientific findings keep changing. Research on electric shock wave is not an exception. That is why we should not be in haste to use this therapy.

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What Should a Woman’s Testosterone Level Be?

The hormones are substances that are produced in the human body and are vital for the normal functioning of the body. One of the most popular hormones is testosterone, which might be hard for you to believe, but it is present in both the male and the female body. But how much testosterone actually is there in the female body? And what is it responsible for?

In the following article, we will discuss the importance of testosterone for the female body and you can get the answers to your questions that you have been looking for.

Do women have testosterone in their bodies as well?

Testosterone is a hormone which belongs to a group known as androgens. Thanks to its increased production in the period of puberty, certain changes start to take over the male body. These changes include body and facial hair growth, increased energy levels, an increase in muscle mass, an increase in sexual desire, regulation of sperm production, change in behavior etc. Testosterone is considered to be the main male reproductive hormone produced in the testicles.

However, despite popular beliefs, the female body, or its ovaries and adrenal glands, produces small amounts of testosterone as well. This is similar to how the male bodies contain small amounts of estrogen hormone in their bodies. So testosterone is present in the female body as well, although its levels are not anything like those in the male body.

What are the normal testosterone levels in women?

fit man and woman

So what is considered to be normal testosterone levels in women? It has been suggested that young women have only 10% of the testosterone levels which are present in the male bodies. But things change by the time women turn the age of 40.

By the age of 40, women are suggested to have half of the amount of testosterone that is present in the male body at the same age. By the time women reach menopause, some of them are thought to have even higher levels of testosterone compared to men at the same age.

For men, normal testosterone levels are considered anything between 280 and 1,100 nanograms per deciliter which is much higher to what is present in the female body which is around 15 and 70 nanograms per deciliter testosterone. Of course, as we mentioned earlier, these numbers change with age.

Low and high testosterone levels are noticed among men and women as well, caused by various factors. But before we discuss the effects and causes of low and high testosterone levels, first let’s review the effects of the normal testosterone levels in the female body.

The effects of testosterone in the female body

The normal testosterone levels are essential for women as for men. In the following, we will list some of the most popular testosterone effects in the female body so that you can understand its importance better and learn to appreciate it.

It enhances your cognitive abilities

A study published in 2014 found that testosterone replacement therapy has helped women to increase their low testosterone levels and with that enhance their cognitive abilities. In addition, since testosterone and estrogen have been found to be present in low levels among female patients with Alzheimer’s disease, it has been suggested that increase these levels would help in the prevention of Alzheimer’s disease.

It keeps the bones strong and healthy

Since postmenopausal women have an increased risk of osteoporosis, it is considered that increasing their testosterone levels to normal would help in preventing fractures and preserving bone health. Scientific research published in the Clinical Interventions in Aging has discovered that testosterone is essential as it promotes bone health.

It maintains the female libido within healthy levels

Normal testosterone levels is what maintains the female libido high and strong. Same as in men, testosterone provides women with high libido, sexual stamina, and energy levels which are all vital for a satisfying sex life and experience.

The effects of low and high testosterone levels in women

woman low libido

Similar to how the estrogen production starts to decline with the aging process, the testosterone production starts to decline as well between the age of 20 and 40. Low testosterone levels in females are linked to a decline in libido and sexual stamina, vaginal dryness, weak bones with an increased risk of fractures and osteoporosis, menstrual period problems – irregular or missed periods, and even fertility issues.

On the other hand, testosterone levels might be higher than usual due to various reasons, among which menopause is the most common one. As you know due to the period of menopause, women experience hormonal changes with a decline in estrogen and progesterone – the main female reproductive hormones and experience an increase in testosterone levels. These hormonal changes cause certain body changes to take place.

Apart from menopause, other conditions are reported to cause high testosterone levels including Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) and use of steroids. High testosterone levels can lead to serious health issues including insulin resistance and an increased risk of diabetes, high cholesterol levels, high blood pressure, increased risk of cardiovascular disease, etc. The symptoms of high testosterone levels in women include acne, increased muscle mass, mood changes, irregular periods, increased the size of the clitoris, loss of libido, the increased presence of facial and body hair etc.


In conclusion, it is totally normal, and beneficial, to have testosterone in your female body. It is what keeps your bones strong and healthy, your libido high and away from any risk of Alzheimer’s disease. However, you better watch out for any decline or an increase in testosterone levels because as you can see, both of these conditions have certain negative effects on the human body.

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What Vitamins Help Increase Testosterone?

Who said that you could not use nature’s help to fight your low testosterone levels? What do you say to use vitamins in your battle against low testosterone levels?

In the following article, we made sure to introduce you to some of the best vitamins with testosterone boosting abilities that you should not miss out on. Plus, you will earn all of their additional health benefits that should not be overseen.

The vitamins that cause a natural testosterone boost

Vitamin A

We should be thankful for the existence of Vitamin A for many reasons including its ability to maintain healthy vision, strong immune system, and maintaining healthy growth and development of the babies in their mother’s womb, among other reasons. But Vitamin A is also beneficial when it comes to naturally increasing the testosterone levels, by enhancing its production in the human body.

In addition, it has been suggested that Vitamin A deficiency can be linked to a decline in testosterone levels and its production, by looking into past cases of Vitamin A deficiency. A scientific study published in the Clinical Endocrinology back in 2004, has discovered that the administration of Vitamin A and iron has achieved the same and even better results regarding causing an increase in testosterone levels as compared with the use of testosterone replacement therapy.

We recommend our readers to make an effort to include more natural sources of Vitamin A in their diet in order to prevent Vitamin A deficiency and with that, prevent numerous health issues, including night blindness, cancer, common infections, etc. as well. For men, the daily requirements for Vitamin A are around 900 mcg. Natural sources of Vitamin A include liver, fish oil, eggs, milk, leafy green vegetables, peppers, mangos, yogurt, etc. 

Vitamin C

vitamin C supplement from citrus

Vitamin C is one of the strongest antioxidants known to men. In addition, Vitamin C has the power to reduce high blood pressure, improve iron absorption, and boost your immunity, among other things. Vitamin C is also able to fix your low testosterone levels, by naturally increasing the testosterone production.

For starters, Vitamin C is directly influencing one of the great causes of low testosterone levels – high blood pressure. Vitamin C is also influencing upon the cortisol levels in the body, also known as the stress hormones. From past research, we have learned that cortisol and testosterone are not able to work with each other. This means that any increase in cortisol levels results in a decline in testosterone levels, as the same happens when it is the other way around.

High stress levels are also a common cause for a decline in testosterone levels to occur. So by reducing the levels of cortisol in the body, Vitamin C is allowing good testosterone production to occur. Vitamin C has been scientifically proven to be able to influence and improve mood, sexual performance, and sexual intercourse frequency. This powerful vitamin has also been found to be able to improve sperm quality, mobility, and count according to a study published in 2006.

Enjoy in the great taste of the various natural sources of Vitamin C including lemons, oranges, spinach, broccoli, tomatoes, potatoes, cabbage, etc. For men, the daily recommended intake of Vitamin C is around 90 mg.

Vitamin D

The most powerful vitamin in terms of boosting the testosterone levels is Vitamin D. As you know, Vitamin D is the only vitamin that is not synthesized in the human body, which is why we have to satisfy our daily needs for it through proper supplementation or natural sources.

Apart from keeping your bones healthy, reducing the risk of diabetes, preventing cancer, and supporting a healthy pregnancy, Vitamin D is known to be one of the best natural testosterone boosters. There have been multiple scientific proofs that speak of this important ability of Vitamin D. In fact, one of the studies found that supplementing with Vitamin D, approximately around 3,000 IU on a daily basis caused an increase in testosterone levels for 25%. In fact, it has been scientifically proven that any decrease in Vitamin D levels reflects on the testosterone levels, causing them to drop.

Using natural sources such as fatty fish, egg yolks, cheese, beef liver, and other milk products, in addition to Vitamin D supplementation, make sure that you intake around 2,000 IU of Vitamin D on a daily basis, which is considered to be the recommended daily dosage of this vitamin.

Vitamin E

antioxidant supplements

Vitamin E is another great antioxidant responsible for eliminating any free radicals, and at the same time acting to reduce the risk of cancer, high blood pressure, and cardiovascular disease, among other proven health benefits that this vitamin has to offer us.

Vitamin E is suggested to release nitric oxide in the human body, which as you may know, has positive effects towards improving the blood flow in the body. And a good blood flow is essential for achieving strong, healthy erections. By reducing the risk of and treating high blood pressure, Vitamin E acts to improve the low testosterone levels, which in most cases are caused by this very same factor. Insomnia and interrupted sleep might be causing your low testosterone levels, and so it is a good thing that we have Vitamin E to lean on to for help!

The dietary requirements of Vitamin E for adult men are 15 mg on a daily basis. You can use spinach, broccoli, almonds, peanuts, vegetable oils, avocados, shrimp, and many other natural sources of Vitamin E to satisfy your daily needs for this powerful vitamin.


Did you know that you can treat your low testosterone levels with the help of vitamins? Vitamin A, C, D, and E have been scientifically proven to be able to help you boost your testosterone production and recover from the annoying symptoms of low testosterone. So go grocery shopping to get all of the natural sources of these vitamins, in addition to a quality male enhancement pill such as Male UltraCore, and enjoy the amazing transformation!

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What is the Best Testosterone Supplement?

Based on research and experience, testosterone is crucial in male sexual life. It plays an essential role in growing the muscle, losing fat, and having optimum health.

Because of the unhealthy lifestyle of the people in this modern world, the testosterone levels of male lowered. That’s why testosterone supplements are male’s favorite because these supplements can intensify the level of testosterone and boost the sexual functions.

Testosterone supplements work directly to increase testosterone levels and other related hormones. Other supplements prevent the testosterone to be converted in estrogen, which in turn also function to raise the level of testosterone.

Below are the best testosterone supplements that are scientifically verified by human studies.

Vitamin D

A vitamin D is known as a fat-soluble vitamin that is being produced in the skin whenever we are exposed to sunlight. The active form of this vitamin becomes a hormone in the body.

vitamin D supplements

Currently, a large portion of the population is not getting enough exposure to the sun. Because they have a little exposure to the sunlight, they get vitamin D deficiency that contributes to a low testosterone level. Thus, increasing the vitamin D boosts and improves the testosterone level and other issues such as quality of sperms.

A study found that there is a close correlation between the low level of testosterone and vitamin D deficiency. During the conduct of the research, when the participants spend ample time during summer under the sun, their level of vitamin D increased. Similarly, their testosterone levels improve.

In a study conducted for about a year, 65 men participants were divided into two groups. Half of these men took 3,300 IU of vitamin D daily. Compared to the other half, the men that took vitamin D every day doubled their levels of vitamin D while their testosterone levels upsurge to 20%.

Thus, taking Vitamin D is a helpful supplement. You can get this from foods that rich in vitamin D or expose yourself under the sun.

The bottom-line is that vitamin D is essential to boost the testosterone level. It is an excellent supplement if you are vitamin D deficient.

D-Aspartic Acid

A natural amino acid, D-aspartic acid can boost your low testosterone level. Based on research, it works to increase the follicle-stimulating hormone and also the luteinizing hormone. Both of these are essential so that Leydig cells found in the testes can produce more testosterone.

Based on research conducted to animals and humans, the use of D-aspartic acid for only 12 days increased the luteinizing hormone and the production of testosterone, not only that, but it was also shown that it helped in the blood transportation around person’s body. Moreover, it aids in the production of quality sperms. In fact, the count results to double the number. It rose from 8.2 million per ml up to 16.5 million sperms.

In another study, men who were athletics and had a healthy level of testosterone had a weight lifting routine for 28 days. Half of these men were given a D-aspartic acid daily. Both groups increased their strengths, as well as, their muscle mass. However, there was no increase in testosterone levels. Based on these findings, it can be concluded that taking D-aspartic acid is not helpful to people with normal level of testosterone but benefits individuals with low levels of testosterone.

Taking D-aspartic acid stimulates the testosterone-producing hormones, and 2 to 3 grams of daily intake is adequate for testosterone deficient people.


Another common herb-based testosterone booster is called fenugreek. Research suggests that fenugreek works by reducing the enzymes that function to convert the testosterone to the estrogen.

Male Ultracore, a widely known testosterone booster has fenugreek. In fact, it is its core testosterone stabilizer.

One comprehensive study tested groups of college men for about two months or eight weeks, 15 men accomplished resistance training 4 times a week. One group received 500mg of fenugreek daily while the others didn’t.

When it comes to sexual function and quality of life, fenugreek is known at the rescue. The researchers gave 60 healthy men aging 25 to 52 years old with 600 mg of the fenugreek for six weeks. As a result, the participants reported improvements in their strength after using fenugreek supplement. Besides this, the following effects were also noted:

•    A rise of libido at 81%

•    Increase sexual performance at 66%

•    High level of energy at 81%

•    Improvement in the well-being at 55%


You may be surprised but Ginger, a typical household spice is an excellent supplement for boosting your testosterone levels.

ginger root and powder

Ginger has served many benefits for a long time. It is considered as a robust alternative medicine for many diseases. Many researchers found that ginger helped reduce inflammation and a surprising fact, boosting testosterone levels.

Plenty of studies conducted in rats found that gingers give positive effect in enhancing the testosterone level. In a study conducted for 30 days, ginger was found to improve the level of testosterone and the sexual function.

Another study with 75 respondents who were infertile showed 17% of the increase in the level of testosterone after three months. In terms of sperm health, 16% increase the amount of sperm count.

Thus, eating ginger is not only safe, but it’s also a sexual supplement.


Minerals like zinc play a significant role in over 100 chemical processes in the human body. Similar to vitamin D, zinc is known to help boosts the testosterone levels in the body.

A curious researcher studied id there is a relationship between testosterone level and zinc. He restricted zinc intake to many people while giving zinc supplements to men that are diagnosed to have a zinc deficiency. The result showed that these men increased their testosterone levels.

In another study where the respondents were infertile men, it showed that infertile men with low levels of testosterone increase after taking the supplements. On the other hand, infertile men with normal testosterone levels were found to have no difference at all.

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What Time of Day is Testosterone Lowest?

Testosterone is the main reproductive hormone among men. Being a part of the group of hormones called androgens, testosterone is also present among women, but in much smaller amounts. Normal testosterone levels are vital for maintaining a healthy, high libido, sexual stamina, sexual performance, energy levels, muscle mass development, and healthy bones among other health benefits.

One interesting thing though – the testosterone levels change throughout the day, each day that is. So you might be wondering at what point are your testosterone levels the highest and when are you experiencing normal low testosterone levels. In the following article, we will discuss these events and explain what you need to know about the measurement of testosterone levels for the most accurate results.

At what time during the day are your testosterone levels highest?

During the biology classes, we all have learned about women’s menstrual cycles and how they experience an increase and a decline in their hormone levels during the period of 30 days. Well, unlike women, men experience these ups and downs in testosterone levels each day.

fit guy morning workout

The peak of testosterone level has been found to be in the morning. When measured, the testosterone levels have been the highest in the morning, usually around 8 a.m. Because of the high testosterone levels, men are expected to act more confident, independent, focused, and energetic in the morning. This explains the high sex drive that they experience in the mornings as well.

As you know, the libido is influenced by the testosterone levels, including the sexual performance, sexual stamina, mood, and energy levels, among other things. So it is suggested that men will experience high sexual performance, sexual stamina, and energy levels due to the peak of testosterone levels.

When are your testosterone levels the lowest?

We mentioned that men are going through their hormonal changes throughout each day. This means that the testosterone levels are constantly changing, following a certain pattern. So if your testosterone levels are highest in the morning, they are expected to start to decline as the day progresses.

In the afternoon, the testosterone levels are in the middle of the cycle, so they start to drop. But they are not at their lowest point yet. In the afternoon, men are still considered to stay focused, energized, and dedicated to their work, however, not at the rate that they were previously in the morning.

As the evening and night come, the testosterone levels experience a serious drop and are now, at their lowest point. As the testosterone levels drop, the libido and energy levels do as well. At this time of the day, men are more passive.

Due to their low testosterone levels and low libido, men are expected even to experience a difficulty to achieve and maintain a strong erection during the sexual intercourse – a condition known as erectile dysfunction, especially if the individual is struggling with low testosterone levels all day long, caused by various factors.

The exceptions in these numbers

As always, there is room for exceptions, which happens in the case of testosterone levels as well. Testosterone levels have been noticed to experience an increase in different parts of the day under the influence of certain factors.

For starters – exercising. Working out is one of the best, scientifically proven ways to boost your testosterone levels. It has been suggested that working out in the afternoon or in the evening will cause a spike in your testosterone levels, increasing your sexual stamina, libido, and even your energy levels which are expected to be low now that you have gone through some working out.

An increase in testosterone levels has been noticed to occur as the individual engages in playing video games, watching sports competitions, watching an action movie, or being intimate with the person that he loves or finds sexually attractive.

Why is it important to know this information?

So you might be wondering why do I need to know all of this? The truth is that every man should be aware of his daily hormonal cycle, same as women are supposed to be tracking their menstrual cycles to be aware of any health issues or pregnancy.

testosterone level test

It is important to know when your testosterone levels are the highest in order to be able to perform accurate testing that will measure your normal testosterone levels. That is why measuring the testosterone levels is almost never performed during the afternoon or in the evenings. It is a rule that is being followed that testosterone levels are measured early in the morning, around 8 or 8:30 a.m. when we mentioned them being at their peak. That is the only way to determine the normal testosterone levels which are not being influenced by any factors yet.

Normal testosterone levels are considered to be anything between 300 to 1,000 ng/dL among men. Always make sure that you schedule any testing regarding your testosterone levels early in the morning to get the most accurate results.


In conclusion, male testosterone levels go through normal changes during the day. They are at their peak early in the morning, and they are at their lowest point in the evening and at night. This is totally normal and expected to happen in each man. It is also vital to be remembered in terms of measuring the normal testosterone levels and discovering any stepping away from what is considered to be normal.

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What is the Safest Drug for Erectile Dysfunction?

While taking any form of drug, safety is what concerns us most. We are concerned whether the drug will be safe on us or whether it will cause us harm. However, the safety of a drug varies from one person to another.

Some factors that may cause the difference are the chemistry of your body and your lifestyle. Some people may have a good tolerance to a particular drug while others cannot. Treating erectile dysfunction is no different. Some people may react well with the treatment of drugs while others report a negative reaction.

Erectile dysfunction can be treated in several ways. You may use testosterone boosters and blood flow enhancers such as the Male UltraCore, pills, injections or patches.

Pills are the most popular and among the modern methods of treating ED. They treat ED by improving the flow of blood to the penis.

The most popular forms of these pills are avanafil (stendra), sildenafil (Viagra), tadalafil (Cialis) and vardenafil (Levitra, staxyn). According to urologists, there is no real definition of best when it comes to ED medication. They say it depends on the results a person expects.

The following are some factors that urologists consider in these medications:

A.  Absorption Rate

Some drugs have a higher absorption rate to the body than others. The higher the rate of absorption, the faster the results. Drugs such as stendra should be taken 30 minutes before intercourse. Their results are amazing. According to the findings, the drug reacts sooner than 30 minutes. You can achieve erections in 10-12 minutes after consumption.

Others like Cialis may take as long as 4-5 days when used in small amounts. It can also take 30 minutes when taken in higher doses.

The best thing about Cialis is it can stay in the body for 36hrs which translates to several erections when taken in higher doses. The absorption of these drugs is affected by food. Some drugs have poor absorption when taken with meals. Such drugs include Viagra.

Others like Staxyn require you not to use any fluid during their intake. You should allow them to dissolve under your tongue and not chew. Stendra, Cialis and Levitra work well either on a full or empty stomach.

B.  The Cost

cost of drugs and medication

According to urologists, some medication is more expensive than others. The reality hits you when you hit the maximum number of four tablets the insurance covers. After that, you dig in your pockets to cater for the expenses. The cost of one tablet can go for $ 15-20. In some places, you will get the same tablet at a ridiculously high price of up to $ 60. Urologists recommend seeking advice from our doctors. They can advise us on the best drug to use depending on our budgets.

C.  Your Other Treatments

If you are on other treatments for long-term conditions such as diabetes, blood pressure, and chest, make sure you discuss with your endocrinologist. These diseases should be under control before using any ED treatment drugs. Some have drugs whose ingredients have a harsh reaction with ED drugs. Such reactions may cause an extreme drop in blood pressure which can be fatal.

D.  Your Sexual Preparation

Some people take sex pills as switching pills. They would expect them to switch them on immediately after their intake. That is quite an absurd expectation. You do not expect the pill to work for you if you have come from doing a tedious task. At this point, your mind is torn and switching from one task to another may be impossible.

To be fair on the pill, you should have some sensual touch with your partner. Your sexual feelings must be aroused. In the process, your mind relaxes, which creates a conducive environment for the functioning of the sex pill. When you are in that mood, you can relax and let the pill work magic for you. Otherwise, you will keep getting results that are not satisfactory to you.

E.  Adhering to Precautions

reading medicine label

There are guidelines that manufacturers and the FDA give on the use of these drugs. Make sure you understand them before you use the drugs. The precautions are usually simple and easy to follow. Such precautions protect us from unseen harm. You should also adhere to the terms of using these drugs. Overdosing is not allowed. It can cause liver toxicity which can bring other effects that are undesirable.

F.  The Side Effects

Different people experience different effects after using these drugs. Some effects are mild while others can cause serious complications. In the event you experience prolonged adverse effects after using the first pill, you should stop using and seek medical attention.

Some of these effects can bring about permanent damages if not acted on with immediate effect. It is better to be safe than to be sorry.

These tips are what can help us determine the drug that is safe for us. These oral medications work the same, only that some tend to be faster than others. Some also stay longer in our bodies, but the general effect is the same. Depending on the results you expect and the state you are in, you can choose the pill that matches your needs. You are safe for as long as you buy the tablets under the advice of your doctor. You also do not have to worry if the relevant regulatory bodies approve the drugs you are using.

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Do Chia Seeds Boost Testosterone?

Chia seeds might be small, but they are highly beneficial for your health. Plus, they can add to the great taste of your meals, salads, and smoothies! Chia seeds have been used for a long time now, and with a good reason, that is. Today we took the time to explain the high nutritional value of chia seeds so that you can understand why people love calling the chia seeds – a superfood!

Let’s continue into discussing what makes the chia seeds worthy of our attention and how they can actually be used to improve your testosterone levels, enhancing your libido, sexual stamina, and overall sexual performance!

How nutritious are chia seeds really?

Did you know that “chia” is the Mayan word that translates into “strength”? That is because chia seeds have been used by our ancestors – the Mayans and Aztecs. Even years ago, the chia seeds were famous for their high nutritious value and their ability to help numerous health issues. Chia seeds are known to have quite a few beneficial effects on our health.

But it was only recently when the chia seeds have once again gained the fame that they deserve. They might be small, but they have a nutritional value that everyone should envy. They contain high levels of proteins, healthy fats – of which most of them are Omega-3 fatty acids, calcium, magnesium, manganese, phosphorus, iron, iodine, zinc, and fiber. Despite their high nutritional value, they contain very few calories.

In addition, they are filled with antioxidants which are responsible for removing free radicals from the body and by doing so, they are protecting us against inflammation and various diseases, including cancer.

The power of chia seeds to boost your testosterone levels

testosterone in men

Chia seeds directly boost your testosterone levels, but the question is – How do they do that?

It is quite easy to understand when you think about it. As we mentioned earlier, chia seeds are filled with healthy fatty acids, of which most of them are Omega-3 fatty acids. Now, Omega-3 fatty acids are known to have quite a few beneficial effects on our health. Omega-3 fatty acids have been found to be able to reduce the levels of LDL (or bad cholesterol) and triglycerides, increase the levels of HDL (or good cholesterol) and reduce the present inflammation in the body.

You might have heard that high cholesterol and triglycerides levels in the body have been commonly linked to low testosterone levels, and with that, all of the complications that come with the decline itself. Any present inflammation in the body can harm your testosterone levels as well.

Then we also have high levels of minerals present in the chia seeds. Minerals such as zinc, magnesium, manganese, iron, iodine, phosphorous, and calcium are all vital for the production of testosterone in the human body. If your body faces any deficit of these minerals, numerous health issues will develop, among which is a decline in testosterone levels.

For example, a study published in the Biological Trace Element Research found that calcium supplementation has helped athletes increase their testosterone levels efficiently. But instead of throwing money to expensive calcium supplements, you can use chia seeds and gain all of the other minerals and health benefits that come with these small, yet powerful seeds! Once again, the chia seeds with their great nutritional value are here to do the job for you!

How can you use chia seeds to boost your testosterone levels?

chia seeds pudding

Now here is the good part – there are many ways that you can use to introduce more chia seeds in your diet, and with that use their multiple health benefits. For starters, you can use the chia seeds to prepare a delicious chia pudding to which you can also add a bit of fresh, seasonal fruits, honey, or cocoa to improve the taste. You can also add chia seeds to your salads and meals. There is also the option to add chia seeds to your bowl of breakfast oatmeal. Adding a few chia seeds to your yogurt will create an awesome, delicious snack that you do not want to miss out on.

Are you a fan of smoothies? Do you like using fresh fruits and vegetables to prepare delicious, refreshing smoothies? Then you might want to think about throwing a handful of chia seeds to your next smoothie recipe!

As you can see, there are a few good options that offer you the opportunity to use the benefits of chia seeds. You can also add a few other libido-boosting foods to your diet, as well as, quality male enhancement pills such as Male UltraCore to double your chances at increasing your testosterone levels.


If you are struggling with improving your low testosterone levels, then you might want to think about looking into the small things, such as chia seeds.

Chia seeds have been known for their awesome nutritional value and multiple beneficial effects towards our health, including their ability to enhance the testosterone production and improving the testosterone levels naturally. Thanks to the high levels of magnesium, calcium, iron, manganese, Omega-3 fatty acids, and other minerals and nutrients, the small, yet powerful chia seeds remain to exist as one of the highly wanted superfoods!

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How Can I Get Rid of my Erectile Dysfunction Fast?

Do you have trouble getting an erection or maintaining an erection during sex? How often does it happen? How has it affected your relationships with your sex partners?

A lot of men around the world experience difficulties in getting and keeping erections. Every time they partake in sexual activities, their penises fail to perform, and they and their partners end up being embarrassed and disappointed in the bedroom. Known as erectile dysfunction, this condition is prevalent in older men, but can also strike those who are in their 20s.

Causes of Erectile Dysfunction

How does erectile dysfunction come about? What are examples of things that can cause it? Below are some of the most common causes of erectile dysfunction:

High blood pressure

This health problem subjects your heart and blood vessels to extra pressure, resulting to an increased risk of stroke, heart attack, or some other cardiovascular diseases. Its warning signs include chest pains, severe headaches, vision problems, irregular heartbeat, fatigue, and pounding in the ears or neck.

High cholesterol

This condition occurs when there is too much fat in your body. It can lead to the formation of many fatty deposits in your blood vessels that block blood flow and circulation.  If you have it, you may experience chest pains and high blood pressure, and become prone to a heart attack or stroke.


This is a medical condition in which there is too much extra weight or fat in the body, and, as a result, symptoms and complications — such as back and joint pains, exhaustion, snoring, increased sweating, shortness of breath, and heart burn — arise.


ED pill and alcohol

This is a disease wherein a person becomes highly dependent on alcohol or has an extremely strong craving for alcohol at all times. You are considered an alcohol if you drink more than 4 drinks per day or more than 14 drinks per week.


This is that feeling of tension brought about by situations that trigger your anger, nervousness, frustration, or fear. If you are always stressed out, you may manifest a variety of symptoms, such as headaches, insomnia, digestive problems, chest pain, increased heart rate, and muscle pains.


This is a widespread mental health illness that impacts how you think, feel, and act. If you have it, you may experience feelings of numbness or sadness, lose your interest in things you used to enjoy, and have suicidal thoughts.

Ways to Protect Yourself Against Erectile Dysfunction

To not fall victim to the dangers of erectile dysfunction, you should make smart and healthy lifestyle choices. The following are some tips on how you can keep your penile performance in tip-top shape:

1. Stop smoking

Smoking is known to be dangerous to one’s health. It exposes your lungs and other vital organs to poisonous and damaging substances that can impair their functions. If you smoke, you become prone to colds, asthma, coughing, and wheezing, and, over time, your risk of life-threatening diseases, such as lung cancer, emphysema, and pneumonia, significantly increases too.

2. Watch your alcohol consumption

According to health experts, drinking alcohol is not completely bad for your health, as long as it is done in moderation. For men, you are advised to limit yourself to up to 4 drinks per day or up to 14 drinks per week to not put yourself in danger. For women, up to 3 drinks per day or up to 7 drinks per week is recommended. If you drink more, you will be considered an alcoholic, and your odds of liver diseases, cirrhosis, alcoholic hepatitis, pancreatitis, brain damage, and immune system dysfunction shoot up. 

3. Reduce stress

Being stressed all the time has negative effects on your emotional, mental, sexual, and physical health. You will become irritable, anxious, miserable, or upset, and you will lose your sex drive or libido. You will also have low energy levels, have a hard time getting enough sleep every night, experience rapid heartbeat or chest pains, and get colds and infections more frequently.

4. Lose weight

To lose weight effectively, you should start eating a healthy and balanced diet and get into a regular exercise routine. Stop eating fast foods and junk foods, and replace them with fresh fruits and vegetables. Everyday, set aside 20 to 30 minutes of your time for exercise, even just by walking your dog around the block, running on the treadmill, or doing chores.

5. Get mental health help

Because some cases of erectile dysfunction are caused by depression, anxiety, stress, or other mental health issues, seeking help to sort out your mental health for better erectile and sexual functions should also be considered. Find a therapist, counselor, or psychologist near you, and be open about your problems. Do not hesitate to share your thoughts about yourself, your relationships, and other aspects of your life, and work with them each step of the way.

Consulting A Doctor

man consults doctor

Visiting a doctor is also necessary to solve your erectile problems. Most often than not, men with erectile dysfunction need more than just a major lifestyle change in order to fix their penis problems. They may have to undergo screening and treatment solutions that require the supervision of a medical professional.

If you go to a doctor, you may be requested to undergo a test to check if there are underlying conditions that are causing your erectile dysfunction. You are likely to go through a physical exam, or probably a blood test or urine test. If your doctor deems it necessary, you may go through an ultrasound or psychological exam too.

Treatment for Erectile Dysfunction

Men who have been clinically diagnosed with erectile dysfunction are usually prescribed oral medications, such as Avanafil, Tadalafil, Sildenafil, and Vardenafil. These have the ability to boost the power of nitric oxide in the body, and help the penis perform much better for sex. They can increase blood flow to the penis, making getting an erection easy and hassle-free every time there is sexual stimulation.

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