Why Do Some Guys Leak?

From the research article published from The Journal of Andrology, it is said that men can soak their pants by just having mild erotic kissing and stimulation.

About 4 ml of the pre-ejaculation fluid is being released from the male urethra at the time of arousal which is prior from ejaculation. This is information from the research conducted at Princeton University.  So, why do some guys leak?

To fathom the leakage, let us first understand about semen.

What is Semen?

The whitish fluid that man’s penis release is called semen. Semen is made up of seminal fluid produced by the seminal vesicles and the prostate. The seminal vehicles are small glands found behind the prostate. A small percentage of the semen is composed of sperm.

Generally, it is thought that semen leaves the penis only during masturbation of sex. However, it becomes a problem to some guys in which their semen exits even without them being aroused.

Typically, semen leakage occurs whenever we are in sexual intercourse. However, some conditions cause semen to leak. Some of them need treatment, but others do not require any medical intervention. In this case, you should discuss these concerns with your physicians.

What causes the leak?

Aside from conscious arousal, there are other causes of semen leakage, and these are the following:

•    Problems in the prostate

•    Side effects of medication

•    Nocturnal emissions

•    Nervous system injury

Pre-ejaculation or pre-cum

couple sexual problems

Semen leakage is caused by sexual arousal or by just having thoughts about sex, and this is considered normal for many men. Although it may be a bit messy as well as uncomfortable, however, the good thing is that it does not indicate any sexual problem or sexual condition. Semen leaks before your ejaculation of after ejaculation.

Moreover, the pre-ejaculation fluid also called as pre-cum can leak during the time you are aroused. The pre-cum is different from the semen because this can act as a lubricant during your sexual intercourse.

If you are concern about family planning, you may want to wear protection before your sexual activity because the pre-cum contains sperm. Hence, the withdrawal method or pulling out your penis from the vagina before ejaculating is not always effective.

To treat semen leakage because of sexual arousal is not necessary because this is normal and common to men. It requires no treatment. On the contrary, if you do experience premature ejaculation, I think you can do some ways to treat it. Premature ejaculation is ejaculating quickly before you and your partner likes.

Treatments for premature ejaculation involve the following:

•    Start masturbating at least one hour or two before intercourse.

•    Do pelvic therapy and Kegels.

•    Desensitizing cream may help delay orgasm and reduce stimulation.

Problems in the prostate

The prostate gland produces the semen to carry the sperm to the urethra out of the penis. It is vulnerable to many health problems such a prostate cancer or prostatitis. It is not very clear how prostate cancer develops but an inevitable change in the genes plays a significant role. Prostate cancer can cause the following:

•    Pain in the area of the pelvis

•    Difficulty in urinating

•    Blood in the semen

•    Change in the ejaculation

On the other hand, prostatitis is an inflammation, enlargement of the prostate caused by the following:

•    Nerve injury

•    Bacterial infection

•    A substance that can trigger the immune response

These two problems I mentioned lead to more symptoms and semen leakage is one of these. To be able to treat this problem, it is necessary to consult your doctor. Some symptoms include the following:

•    Blood in the semen or urine

•    A change in the ejaculation

•    Pain

•    Burning sensation during urination

So, to treat these conditions, antibiotics may be necessary.

Side Effects of Medications

Antidepressants, hormone treatments, mood stabilizers, and other medications can cause a leak on men. Some antidepressants groups are associated with leakage and other sexual side effects including the following:

•    Low sex stamina

•    Delay in the ejaculation

•    Erectile dysfunction

In these conditions, male supplements such as Male UltraCore may help.

I think that combinations of medications should be taken with care. You have to weigh the advantage of and disadvantages.

Treatment for this case includes proper medication and psychotherapy. Based on the study, about 30 to 40% of the people may improve in any of these treatments. However, combining these two will lead to a better result.

Nocturnal Emission

man has problems with his junk

Wet dreams, as we call it is always heard, this is what we call nocturnal emission. It is typical to adolescents or men of 20s. Most of the men have nocturnal emissions in a particular part of their life.

Nocturnal emission is known to be an involuntary ejaculation of the semen that happened when you are sleeping. Usually, it happens whenever your genital is stimulated by the bed sheets or may occur during a sexual dream. Wet dream results in semen leakage and not a full ejaculation.

To treat the nocturnal emissions, increase your sexual activity because less sexual activity causes more nocturnal emissions. At any rate, you can also increase your masturbating frequency.

Nervous system injury

An injury to a nervous system brings changes in the ejaculation that leads to a leak. Some injuries, surgeries, and infections can affect the nerve involving in the ejaculation.  Besides, stroke, multiple sclerosis, and diabetes change the sexual function and the ejaculation.

To stop this problem, treat the underlying cause so you’ll have a better chance of improving. Remember that injury or inflammation get better time after time. 

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What Makes Sperm Stronger?

Many men are now, unfortunately, battling infertility and sexual disorders. What most of them are not aware of is the fact that the cure lies in the simplest methods that one could imagine. In the following article we will share some small, yet highly effective, and in most cases low-cost, methods that will get your testosterone levels rising and with that, your sperm quality, motility, and count up and improving.

Improve your sperm quality fast and efficiently

Exercise on a daily basis

Regular physical activity is what will keep your heart, lungs, muscles, and bones strong and healthy. In addition, it will help you control your weight, regulate your blood pressure, and reduce your blood sugar levels in order to prevent cancer, cardiovascular disease, stroke, heart attack, diabetes, and many other health risks.

But regular physical activity will also help you improve the quality of your sperm. Numerous studies so far have proven the beneficial effects of regular physical activity of any kind when it comes to improving sperm quality, count, and mobility. In fact, men who are struggling with infertility issues should definitely consider taking on physical activity of their choice.

Use male enhancement pills

man holds sex enhancement supplement capsule

Male enhancement pills are over-the-counter pills, capsules, and liquids, made by using natural ingredients like Tongkat Ali, Fenugreek, Horny goat weed, Maca root, and many others with the sole purpose of giving the testosterone production a real boost. Nowadays, there are millions of brands selling their version of male enhancement pills online and at the local drug stores.

If you are struggling with low testosterone levels, low energy levels, low sexual stamina and libido, sexual disorders, and low sperm quality, we definitely recommend you to buy yourself a quality male enhancement pills brand, such as Male UltraCore, to get the help that you need. You will quickly discover that these small pills hide away a great power when it comes to helping you increase your low testosterone levels.

Vitamin C is your friend

High levels of oxidative stress in the body has been shown to lead to an increased risk of numerous health issues such as inflammation, and even infertility in men. That is why it is essential to use the powerful antioxidants that we have at our disposal. The antioxidants act by counteracting the harmful effects of the oxidative stress and free radicals in the body, plus most of them are packed within a great taste.

The most powerful antioxidant of them all is Vitamin C. Vitamin C will reduce the levels of free radicals in the body, in addition to providing a great taste from the Vitamin C rich foods such as lemons, oranges, tomatoes, bell papers, thyme, broccoli etc. But that is not all. Vitamin C has been scientifically proven to be able to improve sperm quality, count, and motility. In fact, a study found that taking 1,000 mg of Vitamin C, twice a day, has helped improve the sperm count and motility by 95% in just two months! That is pretty amazing if you ask us!

Reduce stress

Living in today’s world makes it impossible for us to avoid even the slightest stress. Knowing all the harmful effects of stress will only make you try harder to reduce it as much as possible. Unfortunately, stress is harming your sperm quality and testosterone levels, making it possible for sexual disorders such as early ejaculation and erectile dysfunction to happen a lot more common.

Numerous studies have proven that cortisol, which is the stress hormone, and testosterone, which is the main male reproductive hormone, simply do not work together. Once your cortisol levels rise, your testosterone levels drop, and with that, your sperm quality drops as well. That is why we would recommend taking on some relaxing activities such as spending more time with your loved ones, meditating, trying yoga, sleeping in etc. as ways to reduce your stress levels and improve your sperm quality.

Get help from Vitamin D

vitamin D supplement capsule

Vitamin D is the only vitamin that our bodies are not able to produce them on their own. This is why introducing Vitamin D through your diet should be among the top ten priorities in your life. Vitamin D will keep your bones and teeth strong, your immunity system powerful, and protect you against multiple health risks such as diabetes, multiple sclerosis, cancer etc. In addition, Vitamin D will also help you fight infertility and improve your sperm quality.

A study published in the Clinical Endocrinology found out that Vitamin D-deficient men were more likely to face low testosterone levels, and with that, low sperm quality. And another study published in 2011 found out that taking 3,000 IU of Vitamin D on a daily level helped men increase their testosterone levels by 25%! So go ahead, use some of the best natural sources of Vitamin D including fatty fish, egg yolks, cheese, beef etc. to satisfy your daily requirements for Vitamin D.


In conclusion, even the smallest lifestyle changes and tricks can help you improve your chances of becoming a father as soon as possible. You just have to know which tricks we are talking about and how to use them right to get the biggest results that you can imagine! Use Vitamin C and D, as well as, yoga, meditation, sleep, and regular physical activity to help you in your battle against infertility!

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What Kills Men’s Sperm Count?

As the latest research reveals, there are numerous everyday habits that seem to be harming the male testosterone levels, and with that, bringing men closer to issues such as sexual disorders, infertility due to reduced sperm count, quality, and motility, relationship issues, and bigger health issues.

Low testosterone levels and infertility issues require immediate attention. The good news is that by eliminating the following habits of yours, you will successfully begin to help your testosterone levels to increase.

These habits harm your testosterone levels and sperm count

Not getting enough sleep

Not getting the required amount of sleep each night can really harm your overall physical and mental health. Sleep disorders have been linked to an increased risk of cardiovascular disease, heart attack, stroke, diabetes, mental disorders, and yes, even low testosterone levels and infertility among men, among other health issues.

In fact, it is worth mentioning that in a scientific research published in the Journal of Fertility and Sterility, it was discovered that men who spend 6 or fewer hours sleep each night were estimated to being more likely to struggle with infertility, as compared with men who slept 7 or more hours each night.

Lack of sleep has been linked to a decline in the testosterone production in the human body, which means that the lack of sleep is directly causing your sperm quality, motility, and count to decline. Remind yourself to avoid staying up late and creating a sleep schedule that will allow you to sleep at least 7 to 8 hours each night.

Living with too much stress

stressed working man

Stress has been linked to an increased risk of high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, heart attack, stroke, mental issues, relationship issues, and much more, among which is a decline in testosterone levels.

According to research made at the Columbia University, men who have been struggling with high stress levels have been found to experience a greater decline in their testosterone productions. This should not come as a surprise knowing for a fact that cortisol, the stress hormone, and testosterone simply do not work alongside each other. Any increase in cortisol levels causes an almost immediate decline in testosterone levels. So go ahead and try to relax as much as possible, focusing on the positive things in your life and the people that you love. In addition, regular sleep, yoga, and meditation can prove as pretty effective relaxation techniques.

Drinking too many beers

Who does not like drinking a couple of beers while watching a game with his friends? It is pretty unlikely that you will find a man that does not like the taste of this magical drink. But unfortunately, this magical drink, when drank in excessive amounts, brings you closer to numerous health risks. And what is even more unfortunate, one of those risks is the risk of low testosterone levels.

Excessive alcohol intake can actually increase the levels of estrogen hormones in the male body, which will affect the testosterone levels by causing them to drop. If you are trying to enhance your testosterone levels, then it might be for the best to watch out for the number of beers that you drink from now on. It might be a good idea to limit your alcohol intake to one to two glasses and, of course, not drink each day of the week.

Not being physically active enough

Regular physical activity will not only help you build strong and lean muscles that are worth showing around, but it will also keep your whole body healthy and strong. From your muscles, heart, lungs, brain, bones, everything in your body will benefit from the regular physical activity.

Men who are not physically active on a regular basis are estimated to be more likely to develop a sexual disorder and struggle with low testosterone levels and infertility, as compared with men who are physically active at least 5 days in the week. Regular physical activity is probably the best natural testosterone booster known to men. We would recommend lifting weights and trying cardio workouts as these are the most beneficial physical activities linked to the biggest increase in testosterone levels, and with that, an improved sperm count, motility, and quality.

Keeping your phone in your pocket

mobile phone on front jean pocket

Let us ask you this – where do you keep your phone while you are out conquering the world? We would guess your front pocket, based on numerous observations and questions asked. Trust us – it is a good thing that women keep their phones in those big handbags that they are carrying around with them everywhere.

Keeping your phone in the front pocket has been linked to a decline in sperm motility, count, and quality due to the extensive radiation that is emitted from your phone being placed near the scrotum. We do recommend you to keep your phone in a pocket inside your jacket, as far away as possible from your testicles as a pretty important measurement to protect your sperm quality, motility, and count.


The elimination of too much stress, being physically active, sleeping in, and carrying your phone someplace else other than your front pocket, will surely help your testosterone levels to improve and any infertility issues to resolve themselves. No man should struggle with infertility, and that is why it is essential to find the source of this problem and eliminate it as soon as possible. In the meantime, these lifestyle changes of yours will help you accomplish this goal as well.

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What is a Natural Male Enhancement?

Testosterone levels normally decline as a sign of the normal aging process. However, there are multiple factors that can speed this decline process. Our mission is to fight this early decline the best that we can. And while there are some great lifestyle changes that can help you in your mission to improve your testosterone levels and enhance your sexual performance, there are some great natural male enhancements that you should definitely know about. Well, here they are!

What are the best natural male enhancements?


Fenugreek is an ancient herbal supplement, that since its discovery in China, has become quite popular all around the world, especially in the last couple of years. Being originally used to aid any digestive problems and boost breastmilk production, fenugreek has earned quite the success in helping people of all ages.

Fenugreek is also quite popular for its testosterone boosting abilities as well. It has been scientifically proven that the use of Fenugreek enhances the production of testosterone in the male body, which will, as expected, result in increased libido and sexual stamina, great energy levels, and satisfying sexual performance for both you and your partner.

Tongkat Ali

If you are not interested in using Viagra or any other chemicals to achieve great sexual performance and satisfaction, then you might be interested to learn about the famous natural Viagra – Tongkat Ali.

tongkat ali

Tongkat Ali is an herb with proven testosterone boosting abilities. It acts just like the well-known Viagra, by giving your sexual desire, sexual stamina, energy levels, and overall sexual performance the boost that you have been hoping for. This is the reason why Tongkat Ali is listed as the main ingredient in most quality male enhancement pills, such as Male UltraCore.


If you research Niacin, you will quickly discover that this vitamin is quite valuable for our bodies. Being able to prevent diabetes, arthritis, and cardiovascular disease, improve the health of our skin, and lower the high cholesterol and high triglyceride levels, Niacin stands as a vitamin with multiple beneficial effects.

In addition, Niacin has been discovered to help males with low testosterone levels, especially for those whose testosterone levels have been declined due to high cholesterol levels. By reducing the high cholesterol levels, Niacin is also able to prevent an early decline in testosterone levels. And as always, by improving your testosterone levels, Niacin acts as a pretty strong natural male enhancement.


Zinc is one small, yet powerful mineral. It has multiple roles and responsibilities in the human body, maintaining our health in great condition. It has a role in the healing process of wounds, regulating the immune system, boosting the cognitive functions in the brain, and reducing the risk of common chronic diseases, among many other health benefits.

According to numerous scientific studies, zinc is also able to regulate the male testosterone levels and maintain a good sexual function. The best results possible were actually achieved when zinc has been used in a combination with magnesium. So, we warmly recommend getting all the natural sources of zinc and magnesium and even buying some quality zinc and magnesium supplements.

Vitamin C

Sometimes, it is the high levels of free radicals that are causing your struggles with your testosterone levels and sexual experience. Free radicals can do a lot more damage than that, but for now, we will focus on them damaging your sexual performance.

Vitamin C is known to be filled with strong antioxidants which will help you improve your sexual performance by eliminating the free radicals and oxidative stress from your body. In addition, it has been scientifically proven that taking 1,000 IU of Vitamin C, twice a day, has helped the participants to improve their testosterone levels by 95%, which is pretty amazing if you ask us. By boosting your testosterone levels, Vitamin C is enhancing your overall sexual performance.

Pomegranate extract

pomegranate extract

While you enjoy in the delicious taste of pomegranate, take some time to remind yourself of the fact that the delicious fruit you have been snacking on has a high nutritional value and some great health benefits. Pomegranate is considered to be able to fight diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and even cancer.

The fact that pomegranate is able to fight and prevent the common risk factors and causes of low testosterone levels, makes pomegranate extract an ingredient that should not be overlooked when producing a great male enhancement pill brand. Pomegranate extract has been commonly used to give the low testosterone levels a real boost.


You are probably well aware with the concept of essential amino acids. L-Arginine is one of those essential amino acids which, as soon as it reaches the human body, gets converted into nitric oxide. Nitric oxide is a compound that has an ability to relax your blood vessels in order to improve the blood circulation in the body, which, as expected, will have multiple beneficial effects.

Your sex life will also benefit from the regular introduction of L-Arginine in your body. By improving your blood circulation, L-Arginine will help combat any issues that you might have linked to erectile dysfunction, which is described as the inability to achieve and maintain a healthy and strong erection. By giving your blood flow a real boost, L-Arginine will directly boost your sexual performance and create the opportunity to achieve strong erections that will bring nothing but great sexual experience.


Niacin, Vitamin C, Zinc, L-Arginine, and many more are all quality, effective, natural male enhancements and you should not think twice about using them against your low testosterone levels. Whatever the reason behind your low testosterone levels is, using the previously mentioned natural male enhancements will surely help you recover as fast as possible.

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Which Food Increase Sperm Count in the Male?

There are basically plenty of ways to increase the sperm count in males. One of the quickest solutions is to take male enhancement supplements like Male UltraCore. However, there are also other ways to do it without taking any supplement such as eating foods that can naturally increase your sperm count.

When we speak of sperm count, we are talking about the average number of sperms that is present in your semen sample. Sperm count is a significant factor in determining fertility.

The World Health Organization provides that 39 million sperm count per sample or 15 million per milliliter (ml) is the normal sperm count, so if yours is 10 million per ml, it is abnormal and you may have a problem associated with infertility.

If you are experiencing a low sperm count, factors that have a positive effect on your testosterone level positively influence your sperm count. Also, antioxidant aids in developing healthy sperm and improving the sperm count along the way.

Have a look at some facts below about sperm count.

  •     Having a good regular exercise helps improve sperm count
  •     Rest and proper sleeping pattern is good for sperm count
  •     Vices such as smoking and alcohol reduce sperm count
  •     Men with low sperm count need medication or supplements
  •     Proper diet helps to improve the sperm count

For us to enumerate foods that help men increase the sperm count, let us dig into the nutrients that these foods have that help increase it.

Zinc-rich food

The mineral zinc is known to regulate the sperm count and the quality of sperm. Based on research, men that are infertile have a low level of zinc.

For you to get zinc, it is worth eating the following foods:

  •     Poultry and red meat
  •     Crabs, lobsters, oysters, and other shellfish
  •     Beans
  •     Nuts
  •     Cereals
  •     Dairy foods
  •     Wheat Grain

Folate-rich diet

B vitamin or Folate is linked to sperm health. As research shows, having low Folate is significantly associated with sperms that are damaged or sperm DNA damage, lower sperm density, and low sperm count.

To improve your sperm count, eat the following foods that are rich in Folate:

leafy green vegetables
  •     Green leafy vegetables
  •     Sprouts
  •     Asparagus
  •     Nuts
  •     Beans
  •     Peas
  •     Whole grains
  •     Bread, pasta, and other products rich in flour
  •     Fruits and fruit juices

Vitamin C-rich food

It is typical for us to know that Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant which plays a significant role in male fertility. Thus, increasing your consumption of Vitamin C is a sure way to increase the sperm count. Not only that, it is known to improve sperm morphology and sperm motility.

Below are some foods that are high in Vitamin C:

  •     Citrus fruits and fruit juices
  •     Strawberries
  •    Sweet peppers
  •     Kiwi
  •     Cantaloupe
  •     Cabbage
  •     Brussels sprouts
  •     Tomatoes
  •     Broccoli
  •     Potato
  •     Fortified food like cereals

Vitamin D-rich food

Vitamin D does not only increase the testosterone levels but also improve the sperm count. A study was also found that Vitamin D also enhances male sexual stamina.

It is worth eating food that is rich in vitamin D to improve the sperm count. Take the food below as suggestions:

  •     Cheese
  •     Milk
  •     Yogurt
  •     Egg yolks
  •     Beef liver
  •     Mackerel
  •     Tuna
  •     Salmon and other oily fish
  •     Mushrooms

Vitamin B12-rich food

B-vitamin is essential in increasing the sperm count because it reduces the DNA sperm damage. Aside from that, it is shown to enhance sperm motility.

Foods high in Vitamin B 12 are the following:

  •     Meats
  •     Cereals
  •     Milk and other dairy products
  •     Seafood, most especially clams
  •     Poultry products

Vitamin E-rich food

Foods that have high Vitamin E with the property of antioxidant enhance not only the quality of sperm but also the sperm count.

Most of the foods that are rich in Vitamin E are the following:

  •     Nuts
  •     Seeds
  •     Broccoli
  •     Spinach and other green vegetables
  •     Corn
  •     Sunflower
  •     Soybean
  •     Margarine
  •     Fruit juices

Foods high in D-aspartic acid

D-aspartic acid is known to regulate the male sex hormone, testosterone. Based on research, sodium D-aspartic acid increases sperm concentration or sperm count.

You can magnify your sperm count by eating the following foods:

  •     Grains
  •     Rice
  •     Pasta
  •     Meat
  •     Poultry
  •     Eggs
  •     Low-fat milk
  •     Dairy products like Yogurt
  •     Dried and fresh fruits
  •     Oat Bran
  •     Cereals

Foods rich in Omega 3-fatty acids

We know for a fact that omega 3-fatty acids have plenty of health benefits. Including in these benefits is increasing motility and sperm count.

Eating the foods below can help increase your sperm count.

omega 3 rich foods
  •     Salmon
  •     Mackerel
  •     Tuna
  •     Sardines
  •     Herring
  •     Seafood
  •     Nuts like walnuts
  •     Chia seeds
  •     Eggs
  •     Yogurt
  •     Soybean
  •     Canola oil and other plant-based oils
  •     Flaxseed

Foods rich in L-arginine

L-arginine, an amino acid that plays a significant role in the fertility of men, promotes sperm function. If you have a low sperm count, consider eating the following foods:

  •     Pumpkin seeds
  •     Peanuts
  •     Beans
  •     Dairy products
  •     Lentils
  •     Pork loin
  •     Chicken
  •     Meats

Foods high in Coenzyme Q10

The coenzyme Q10 is also known as CoQ10. It is an antioxidant that is necessary for the living cells to function. Based on research, this supplement can increase the quality of sperm and sperm count in men.

You can get this supplement from foods such as the following:

  •     Meats such as beef
  •     Chicken
  •     Herring
  •     Trout and other fish
  •     Soybean
  •     Canola oil
  •     Peanuts
  •     Pistachios and other nuts
  •     Sunflower seeds and other seeds

The foods I mentioned are just some of the essential foods that are proven to increase your sperm count. To make sure of the effectivity, avoid drinking too much alcohol. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, if you do so, drink in moderation because it harms the production of sperms.

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Does Testosterone Make You Smarter?

Testosterone is a type of hormone that plays an important role in the development of many physical and sexual traits and characteristics in both men and women. Among its most notable functions are:

  • Bone density
  • Muscle mass
  • Body hair
  • Production of red blood cells
  • Regulation of mood
  • Sex drive

It can also influence cognitive skills, mood, and mental health.

What is the relationship between testosterone and the brain?

Not a lot of people know that there is a link between the body’s testosterone levels and brain health. In recent years, various research studies have found that testosterone may positively impact your brain functions.

In one study, male participants with increased testosterone in their bodies showed higher mathematical reasoning and verbal memory skills than those with lower testosterone levels. They also displayed enhanced spatial memory.

In another study, it was found that men whose testosterone levels were high showed lower risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease, which is a type of degenerative medical condition that negatively affects thinking abilities, memory, and other brain functions.

How do you keep your testosterone levels high?

Because of the great benefits that testosterone can offer to your brain, you should ensure that your levels do not decline. You can do that by trying the following methods:

1. Learn to manage your stress better

managing stress

Numerous research studies have found that long-term stress can do a lot of damage to one’s health. Every time you are stressed, your body releases the “stress hormone” known as cortisol, which can influence your metabolism, blood sugar levels, blood pressure, and various other functions. If there is too much of it in your body, your testosterone production is slowed down, resulting to low testosterone levels. Over time, if your high stress levels continue, you will gain weight and have excess stored fat, and endanger your vital organs.

To protect your testosterone levels, you should find ways to better deal with your stress. Talk to a therapist to help you sort out your problem. Start a regular exercise routine, as this can help you relax your tensed muscles, and also clear your mind. Get into meditation or yoga to learn techniques that can reduce stress levels in your life.

2.  Change your diet

The foods that you eat can influence your body’s testosterone levels. If you eat a lot of junk food, foods that are high in sugar or fats, and other unhealthy options, you are putting your testosterone levels in danger, and jeopardizing various aspects of your health. In no time, you will find yourself not only dealing with low testosterone but also with heart problems, liver and kidney disorders, weak immune system, and other health concerns.

To fix that, you should do a major overhaul of your diet. Eat healthy and balanced meals everyday. Introduce more fruits and vegetables to your meal plans. Drink lots of water and minimize your soda consumption. Instead of eating fast foods, you should start preparing your own healthy meals at home.

3. Be more physically active

Being more active can enhance your body’s testosterone production. If you can dedicate at least half an hour of your time a day, three times a week, to exercise, you can avail of the long list of health benefits that include stronger bones and muscles, increased stamina and endurance, better immune function, higher energy levels, and improved mental abilities.

If you are a newbie to exercise, you can start by doing short walks around your neighborhood every other day. After a week or so, you can double the distance and your speed. Eventually, you should be able to run around the block or long distances without having so much trouble.  

4. Increase vitamin D intake

Vitamin D is an essential nutrient that helps in the production of testosterone. It is found in many foods, such as salmon, mackerel, soy milk, cheese, eggs, and beef, and also exists in abundance in sunlight. So everyday, you should try to include any of these vitamin D rich foods in your diet and spend at least 10 minutes outdoors to get as much vitamin D as you can for the good of your testosterone levels.

soaking under the sun

With more vitamin D, you not only can raise your testosterone, you also help your body build a strong and stable protection against diabetes, multiple sclerosis, cancer, and other medical conditions. You can boost the health of your teeth and bones as well.

5. Sleep well

Getting a good amount of sleep every night is crucial to your health. According to health experts, you should sleep around 7 to 9 hours to give your body enough time to recover and repair. If you fail to do that, you are increasing your risk of obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart disease, and you become less focused and have reduced memory and problem-solving skills.

For a good quality and uninterrupted sleep each night, you should create a sleep-inducing environment for yourself. Clean your room and change your sheets regularly. Keep your windows closed and cover them with blackout curtains to shut out the loud noises and bright lights coming from outside. Avoid drinking coffee or eating a large meal shortly before tucking in, and do not use your phone, laptop, or other gadgets in bed. Do not forget to set the temperature in the room to a cool and comfortable setting to make falling asleep easier.

Should you take testosterone boosters?

Testosterone boosters are supplements that can boost your testosterone levels. Sometimes, if changing your lifestyle habits and routines does not work, your doctor may recommend that you take testosterone boosters to see positive results.

Nowadays, testosterone boosters come in different forms, including injections, pills, pellets, skin patches, and gels. Upon intake, they can immediately raise your testosterone levels. However, they can be dangerous too. It is best to talk to your doctor about testosterone boosters and get a prescription to not put yourself in danger of the negative side effects.

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What is the Best Vitamin for Male Enhancement?

Most women prefer a large penis that’s why men take vitamins or male enhancement supplement that enhance their penis, such as Male UltraCore.

You must be reading this article because you want to achieve a full and erect penis or enhance your sexual performance with your wife every night.

Vitamins are known to be vital to the overall health of the people because of the critical roles they perform in your body, from the production of energy to ensuring the proper function of the body systems.

Many men prefer vitamin for male enhancement rather than any surgery and other devices that can be used along the process.

You may wonder if vitamins support the enhancement of men’s penis. I can honestly answer if you will ask me – Yes, these types of vitamins work based on my experience, other people’s research, and testimonials. It takes a success rate of more than 90%.

Male enhancement vitamins or supplements work by helping the blood flow to your penis. It is considered very safe because vitamins are needed by our body. Taking vitamins enhances sexual performance and maintain a healthy lifestyle without the need to cost a fortune.

Both medical and traditional practitioners agree on the importance of proper circulation of blood to health and wellness. Taking the following vitamins will benefit for the enhancement of men’s penis and sexual life in general, but as a whole, these vitamins help the entire body.

Vitamin E

Taking vitamin E improves in the proper blood circulation resulting in men’s penis enhancement. This vitamin can be incorporated into your daily diet by preparing foods that use oil such as hazelnut oil, wheat germ oil, sunflower oil, and other nut oil.


iron supplement

Minerals like iron are available in the form of supplement. It is extremely simple to ingest an appropriate amount. Iron has a high chance of availability in your diet. Red meats and leafy vegetables are rich in iron.

However, red meat is associated with cardiovascular risks so consuming green leafy vegetables is much better.

Vitamin D

When we are spending more time under the sun, Vitamin D is produced, and this form of vitamin develops as a hormone. There is currently a massive portion of the world’s population who does not get adequate time under the sun. Since they are lightly exposed under the sun, vitamin D deficiency results in lowering testosterone. Hence, the testosterone level, as well as the quality of sperms, is improved.

Based on a study, a relationship between the low testosterone count and the lack of vitamin D exists. In fact, it was found that participants that stayed more time outside during the summer season increase their testosterone level.

Moreover, from a study with 65 men, half of them upsurge their testosterone level to 20% because they were given enough vitamin D, compared to the other half of the group that was not given vitamin D daily. This only proves that consuming vitamin D becomes beneficial in increasing the testosterone level.

In order to get vitamin D, you can take a vitamin D supplement, or you can spend time and expose yourself to the sun. In connection to testosterone level, vitamin D becomes an excellent vitamin.

Other Vitamins that Increase Blood Flow

Blood flow is crucial in terms of sexual activities because without the proper flow of blood to your penis, it will never be erect. That’s why natural health proponents recommended the following vitamins in increasing the flow of blood to the penis:

B – Vitamins

Vitamin B is found in vegetables such as kale and spinach. Taking B-vitamins will be helpful in proper blood circulation that plays a significant role in your sexual functions.


The L-arginine or amino acids aid to expand the blood vessels and double the blood flow.


ginseng root

Ginseng, such as American and Asian ginseng, are known to boost energy, promote relaxation, and treat erectile dysfunction.

Horny goat weed

In China, a horny goat weed is a remedy for erectile dysfunction, loss of stamina, and other sexual problems. Many advocates, especially those advocating natural medicine, believe that horny goat weed blocks the effect of enzymes that inhibit the flow of blood to the man’s penis.


A Yohimbe comes from a tree, specifically it’s bark. It is known that this tree originates from Western Africa. Natural healers have been using this to treat erectile dysfunction. Yohimbine is a concentrated form and standard version.

Other Vitamins Needed by Men

Men at the age of 20 to 70 need to make sure that they are getting enough vitamins and minerals, because not getting these nutrients has a tremendous impact on the health of men and can result to more serious diseases.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is essential for men’s immune system as well as in the production of collagen.

Vitamin A

For immune health, skin, and eyes, vitamin A is essential. You can find vitamin A in plenty of foods. 

Vitamin K and Calcium

These vitamins are necessary for bone health.


This mineral is vital to protect the cells from any damage.

Vitamins contained in herbs

Plenty of vitamins that are contained in herbs aid in the promotion of blood circulation in the body. Some of these vitamins are found below:

•    Black pepper

•    Ginger

•    Turmeric

•    Bacopa

•    Cayenne

•    Thyme

•    Maidenhair

•    Gotu Kola

•    Butcher’s broom

•    Chickweed

•    Hawthorn

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Why Do Guys Take Testosterone Pills?

Despite the fact that low testosterone levels are something that each man will face during his lifetime, that does not mean that he is bound to make peace with this new situation. This only means that he is supposed to take the time to find a method that will help him give his testosterone levels the boost that they need. One thing that has served as quite a beneficial method for low testosterone levels is the use of male enhancement pills.

If you are new to the use of male enhancement pills, or if you simply want to find out more, then we warmly recommend you sticking around enough to hear what we have to say on this topic.

The issues linked to low testosterone levels

In most cases, you will find that testosterone levels normally reduce as a sign of the normal aging process. But that is certainly not the only factor that contributes to the decline in testosterone levels. As a matter of fact, there are numerous causes linked to low testosterone levels, among which are smoking, stress, prostate cancer, obesity, injury to the testicles, depression, and many others.

But what worries us the most are the troubling symptoms of low testosterone levels. These symptoms commonly involve sexual disorders, low libido, low sexual stamina, low energy levels, mood changes, depression, anxiety, relationship issues, etc. Luckily for men all around the world, the good news is that there are many ways that one can use to give his testosterone levels a real boost, starting by using male enhancement pills.

What are male enhancement pills?

man in gym with enhancement supplement capsules

Male enhancement pills are the term that is being used to refer to pills, capsules, and liquids, produced by using, in most cases, natural ingredients with proven testosterone boosting and aphrodisiac abilities. By using male enhancement pills on a regular basis, one is able to boost testosterone production and eliminate the symptoms of low testosterone levels.

Male enhancement pills are produced without the approval of the FDA, since, as we mentioned before, they are most commonly being produced by using natural ingredients only. One does not require a doctor’s prescription either, and it is free to purchase the male enhancement pills on their own, although it is recommended to consult your doctor before purchasing anything.

What are the common ingredients of male enhancement pills?

Reading the ingredients list and comparing them has revealed some ingredients that appear to be used more commonly than others. In addition, there are simply some ingredients that are better than others. There are also some ingredients that have scientific proof that confirms their testosterone boosting abilities. Knowing which ingredients they are, will help you a lot in the decision-making process when using your male enhancement pills brand.

Some of the most quality male enhancement pills, such as Male UltraCore for example, include Tongkat Ali, Maca root, Niacin, Muira Puama, Saw Palmetto berry, Zinc, Horny Goat Weed, Epimedium leaf extract, and many others.

Tongkat Ali, for example, is referred to as Nature’s Viagra and Horny Goat weed speaks for itself, as it serves as a great testosterone booster and a booster for your libido as well. You should always seek a male enhancement pills brand that has included these ingredients in their product to guarantee great results. 

What are the beneficial effects of male enhancement pills?

You can see for yourself that the main reason as to why you would use male enhancement pills is to enhance your testosterone production and with that give your testosterone levels a real boost. But let’s look into the beneficial effects of male enhancement pills a little more closely, shall we?

fit sexy couple getting intimate
  • Increased testosterone production
  • Increased testosterone levels
  • Enhanced sexual desire and stamina
  • Improved energy levels
  • Improved sperm count, sperm quality, and sperm mobility
  • Improved quality of sleep
  • Increased muscle mass build up
  • Improved mood
  • Improved blood flow to ensure long-lasting, hard erections
  • Elimination of sexual disorders such as erectile dysfunction and early ejaculation

What we just did is we have listed not only the greatest beneficial effects of using male enhancement pills, but most importantly, we have listed reasons as to why one would want to use male enhancement pills each day. These are just some of the most significant reasons as to why a man would need male enhancement pills in his life even if he does not currently struggle with low testosterone levels per se.

Is it safe to use male enhancement pills?

Based on our current research, we can say that – Yes, most male enhancement pills are safe to be used and that is something that puts a big smile on our faces!

Although, like any pills, the male enhancement pills as well, have been reported to cause some side-effects such as headaches, muscle aches, digestive problems, congested nose, etc. they are generally suggested safe to be used without any greater issues.


As you have learned, despite the fact that a decline in testosterone production is something that every man will experience, that does not mean that he should wait around for these changes to occur without taking things in his hand. Now, with the help of male enhancement pills, men all around the world are able to get their testosterone levels rising and increasing each day, as the annoying symptoms disappear from their lives once and for all.

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What Foods Will Kill your Testosterone Levels?

The testosterone level in men declines and health-related conditions such as low quality of semen and genital deformities of newborn boys continue to rise. This is according to the Endocrine Society.

Several studies globally reported that in America, Australia, New Zealand, and Europe, 60% of sperm counts dropped in the preceding years. It can be an indicator that men nowadays eat foods that kill testosterone. Several factors stimulate or hinder testosterone production.

When it comes to food, according to Dr. Modkin, no single food is linked to affect the level of testosterone. Its effect is to raise or lower down the testosterone level. 

Plenty of foods are known to kill testosterone. However, this is continuously being questioned concerning validity. But, when you search online about the food that kills testosterone, you will find plenty of theatrical titles discussing the issue.

To shed light on the ongoing thought, let me explain these foods that kill testosterone.

Some foods below are known to kill testosterone.

Food rich in refined carbohydrates and sugar

It is true that refined sugar and starch contribute to the deterioration of testosterone production.

When I speak of refined, I am talking about the carbohydrates that can be quickly digested by the human body that leads to release of sugar known as insulin. The refined carb is processed by our body causing a domino effect on the testosterone hormones that systematically operate. However, this problem has a relationship with body weight.

Eating foods from this category functions against the level of testosterone. As soon as the body gets a fast fix of the refined carbohydrates, a quick release of sugar and a spike in insulin will lead to a substantial decline in the level of testosterone.

refined carbs pasta and rice

Some of the foods with refined carbohydrates and sugar are pasta, rice, white bread, cakes, and pastries. Knowing that these foods contain refined carbs, it is worth avoiding or else you may suffer from testosterone breakdown.

Another thing, refined carbohydrates and sugars lead to poor weight management, and obesity is the leading culprit that results in low testosterone. For this reason, physicians, as well as cardiologists, suggest a keto diet to maintain health and avoid obesity.

Food rich in vegetable oil

Various foods that are rich in vegetable oil kill the testosterone.  Vegetable oil is a type of oil from soybean, palm, olives, and peanut. From a particular study, 69 men at the age between 43 and 88 were given a questionnaire about their dietary intake.

From the conclusion of the study, consumption of the polyunsaturated fats and testosterone levels are proven to have a relationship. Since a high-fat diet induces weight gain as well as a high level of cholesterol, it impacts the testosterone level.

Soy products

It is true that soy products kill testosterone production. It is proven in the study conducted on test animals.

Soy products such as soy milk, yogurts, tofu, and miso soup have high phytoestrogens. The phytoestrogens are considered as the sources of estrogen. High level of estrogen kills the testosterone. It also causes various diseases such as chronic inflammation and prostate cancer.

Regularly eating soy products leads to the increase of phytoestrogens causing testosterone hormone to decline. In a study conducted on rats that consumed a high amount of soy products showed a significant decrease in the testosterone levels.

According to Dr. Modkins, a massive portion of studies use animals that indicate a need for further research. Drinking soymilk in the morning is not a problem. However, moderation is necessary.

Processed foods

Eating deli meat or processed food is widely known to lower the level of testosterone and kills its production.

Processed food or food with low-quality meat is sprayed with antibiotics or hormone treatments to preserve it, which triggers the hormonal imbalance. When we say processed food, these are foods like meat that are ready to eat. Usually, these foods are rich in sugar, calories, sodium, trans-fats and vegetable oil.

From a study on men that consume high level of low-quality meat or processed meat, a considerable amount of testosterone level was lowered up to 15%. Not only that, 37% decrease their sperm count.

Alcoholic food or beverages

It is true that frequent consumption of alcohol kills the testosterone. Aside from this, it is rampant that overall health is affected once a man is alcoholic.

different craft beers

High consumption of alcohol is linked to various health implications. Plenty of studies conducted about alcoholism concluded that taking too much wreak havoc on the production of testosterone.

In a study conducted by Sarkola & Eriksson (2003) of the US National Library of Medicine and National Institute of Health, it was proven that testosterone level increases in men after a low dosage of alcohol intake. Hence, alcoholic beverages decrease the production of testosterone.

When men consume alcohol, the lining of their stomach going to the bloodstream absorbs it. Then liver metabolism occurs, and 90% of the alcohol is being processed. The inactive protein becomes albumin which is harmful in producing healthy testosterone.

Aside from taking alcohol, remember that doing and consuming other vices such as opioids, cigarettes, and marijuana decreases testosterone production.


Drinking soda is not a good idea because the artificial sweeteners affect the serotonin level most especially the aspartame. Remember that serotonin is essential to foster a sense of happiness and well-being.

Drinking soda kills your testosterone.

Some Seafood

According to the Pesticide Data Program of the United States Department of Agriculture, the average person is exposed to about 10 to 13 pesticides daily. 9 of 10 mostly used pesticides are endocrine disruptors that affect the human hormones. The 4-hexylresorcinol is applied to shrimp to prevent any discoloration.

Other seafood that is not good for your testosterone aside from shrimp includes eel, tilapia, and farmed salmon.

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What Should My Testosterone Be?

Testosterone is an important hormone for both males and females. However, it is known to have a greater impact on the male’s body as compared to the female’s body, where estrogen and progesterone play a more important role. Throughout life, the testosterone levels rise and decline, which, in most cases, goes normally without any factors that are secretly contributing to these hormonal changes, other than the normal aging process.

In the following article, we will present what is considered to be normal and abnormal when it comes to testosterone levels throughout different periods of life. That way, you will be able to recognize a problem that could be hiding in plain sight.

What is testosterone?

Testosterone is a hormone that belongs to a group of hormones called androgens. Testosterone is the main reproductive hormone in males, which is produced in the testicles. Despite popular belief, women carry small amounts of this hormone as well, which is being produced in their ovaries.

Testosterone is a powerful hormone that has numerous responsibilities in the human body. This hormone promotes fast muscle mass build-up, controls the libido, regulates the sperm production and the sperm quality, motility, and count, increases energy, and even has an impact on mood. The levels of testosterone normally change throughout the day, with them being at their peak in the mornings, and normally start to decline as the day progresses. But the testosterone levels also change throughout life.

What is considered to be normal when it comes to testosterone levels?

Similar to how the estrogen and progesterone levels among women start to decline with the normal aging process, until their production is stopped during the period of menopause, the testosterone levels among men decline as well. Other factors such as stress, thyroid function, depression, unhealthy diet, irregular physical activity, etc. can cause this decline to happen a lot sooner.

When it comes to testosterone levels, there are determined values that make it possible to make a difference between normal, low, and high levels at different periods of life. For example, during the period of puberty, young men are expected to have 240 to 950 ng/dL. Testosterone levels are at their peak between the age of 18 and 19, after which they start to normally decline.

testosterone decline as men age

Testosterone levels during puberty

As we mentioned earlier, during the period of puberty, the male experiences high testosterone levels due to which the normal body changes happen. This is why, during puberty, the male body is changing by growing facial and body hair, intensive change in body height, voice changes, enlargement of the scrotum, testes, and the penis, broadening of the shoulders, mood changes and much more. These changes happen at a fast rate until the testosterone levels reach their peak. After that, the testosterone levels are stabilized, until they start to decline as a sign of the normal aging process.

Testosterone levels during adulthood

After adolescence, somewhere after the age of 19, the testosterone levels start to decline. The changes in the reduced testosterone levels are not so much visible until the male reaches the age of 40. This is where the symptoms of a decline in testosterone levels are more visible and cannot be ignored. These symptoms can develop a lot earlier if other factors, that we talked about earlier, influence the individual. 

The issue of low testosterone levels

Low testosterone levels, caused by either the normal aging process or various factors, are known to lead to quite serious health issues. In many cases, hypogonadism is the reason for an early decline in testosterone levels. But despite what the reason is, the problem is linked to the health issues that affect every aspect of the individual’s life.

sad man with sexual dysfunction

For starters, the individual with low testosterone is struggling with low energy levels, low sexual stamina, low sexual desire, mood changes, depression, anxiety, relationship issues, slower metabolic rate, infertility, weight gain, and much more. All of these symptoms can seriously damage the quality of life. This makes the decline in testosterone production a problem that requires immediate attention.

The issue of high testosterone levels

High testosterone levels are also referred to as hypergonadism. Hypergonadism occurs when the total testosterone levels are higher than 950 ng/dL and the free testosterone levels are higher than 30 ng/dL. High testosterone levels can occur as a side-effect of using steroids, testosterone supplements, and as a symptom of adrenal and testicular tumors. Hypergonadism is linked to infertility, low sperm count and quality, acne, high blood pressure, high libido, aggression, and early puberty in young males.


As we have learned, the human body is unable to function properly without testosterone. This hormone plays a significant role in maintaining the health of both men and women in good condition. At some point in men’s lives, this hormone plays a more significant role, as it is the case with the puberty period. This is when the testosterone levels are highest. And as the male is growing older, these levels normally drop, to which certain changes develop as a result.

We hope that with the help of today’s article, you are now able to make the difference between normal and abnormal testosterone levels at different points in your life so that you can ask for help as soon as you discover the presence of any unusual signs and symptoms.

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