It is normal for men to experience erection, even without psychological or physical stimulation. Erections, sometimes referred to as boners, are not usually a major concern, but some people tend to feel embarrassed.

And yes, random erections are normal for men, especially in adolescents and adults. One thing that is pointed out to be responsible for this is the fluctuations of the testosterone levels. Random erections occur anytime, even while at sleep. This is a sign that you have healthy sexual functions.

Causes of Random Erections

Sexual stimulation

People commonly experience erection when sexually aroused. The brain is responsible for sending a signal to the arteries to widen for the blood to enter the penis. The penis stiffens and swells if the veins, which should carry the blood back to the body, shrink. This results in an erection.

Physical stimulation

But erections happen not only because of sexual stimulation. People also experience morning wood due to changes in hormones during sleep. Sometimes, contact with bed sheets, pillows, and other things can cause physical stimulation, which triggers an erection. Even while you sleep, your body can sense physical stimulation.

Hormonal change

surprised with his morning wood

It is considered healthy to have 3 to 5 erections while sleeping. And these erections can last up to 25 to 35 minutes. Aside from that, the levels of hormones change throughout the day, which causes random erections. Your testosterone level is at its peak in the morning; that is why you usually find yourself having an erection upon waking up.

Brain relaxation

One of the factors may also be due to brain relaxation. If you are asleep, the body releases fewer hormones that trigger erections. But if you are awake, the body produces more hormones that are responsible for suppressing erections.

Why Get Erections While Asleep?

It is an indication of proper body function

Erections occur even while you sleep. They even pop up without sexual stimulation or a sexy dream. Don’t worry about it. You should be thankful at some point because it is a sign that you are healthy. As already mentioned, you can have up to five erections every night in the middle of your sleep. And this can tell that your body is properly functioning.

It is due to physical stimulation

Generally, an erection happens when your parasympathetic nervous system is stimulated. It means that you get boners if you are sexually stimulated, such as when you feel an erotic touch or see something sexy.

During sleep, even if there is no sexual stimulation, the activity of your parasympathetic system also increases. This is what relaxes your muscles, slows your heart rate, and induces deep sleep. It also aggravates nocturnal erections.

It helps soften muscles

These erections are helpful, especially that they make the tissues in your penis stretchy and soft. Erections are also responsible for relaxing the muscles in your penis, which allows the blood to flow into it and makes it hard. If you don’t get erections too often, your muscles will be contracted. If that happens, then the length of your penis will shorten even if erect.

Of course, you cannot determine whether or not you get erections while asleep. Perhaps, the indication would be that when you just woke up. It is healthy to wake up with an erection. If you don’t experience it oftentimes, then it is best to have immediate medical attention.

Why Do Men Don’t Get Boners?

Due to various diseases

You might be suffering from diabetes, arterial disease, hypertension, or nerve malfunction. It is also a sign that your testosterone level is low. According to several studies, men with low levels of testosterone experience fewer erections.

Due to anxiety and depression

depressed man in bed

Another reason for not getting an erection is when you are suffering from anxiety or depression. The latter could result in parasympathetic nerve malfunction, which could affect your boners. That is the reason why if you feel something unusual regarding your erections, you should get it checked out.

Due to alcohol consumption and fatigue

But there will be times when men are not capable of maintaining an erection. Alcohol consumption or fatigue can affect erection. But if the same happens frequently, then it can be a sign of a more serious problem.

Due to medication

Medications like Viagra can result in an erection. It increases the blood flow to the penis. On the other hand, other medications can affect the blood flow and nerves in the penis, which can lead to an inability to maintain or produce an erection even if stimulated.


Random erections are normal. If you are a guy, you will most likely experience it in all stages of your life. You should not worry about erections because it is just normal and it is, in fact, an indication that your body is functioning properly.

But if you feel that your erections are not normal and if you find it troublesome, you need to seek help from an expert. Maybe, a change in the frequency of your erections, a pain before, during, or after an erection, and prolonged erections, such as when it lasts for more than 4 hours is an indication that you need immediate medical attention.

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