Sex and aging go together in the life of a man. A higher percentage of a man’s sexual ability and drive comes from the hormones he generates, mostly testosterone. When he is younger, the hormone is highly available. But as he grows older, the hormonal count decreases gradually with age. Age alone is not a determinant when a man stops being sexually active. Other factors contribute to the sexual drive of a man.

Sexuality and Age

Generally, sex and its effects vary in the life of a man. When the man is young, he is naïve to the needs of the partner. The only way to prove his masculinity is through sex. That sexual drive keeps increasing as he gets to his twenties and thirties. This is the age of reproduction and starting a family. So, the man puts all his energy into the sexual activities for the good of the family. After the age of forty, the man starts thinking of other responsibilities. These new fatherhood activities preoccupy his mind for a better part of his day. It is good to note that sexual activities do not stop as he grows older. He only gives priority to parenting issues.

Testosterone Factor

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The hormone testosterone is responsible for the sexual urge and activities of a man. When he is younger, the body tends to produce more of it. As he ages over the years, the production declines gradually. Under normal circumstances, the decline starts when a man reaches the age of forty. Experts note that the decline rate is at 1.5% per year. The reduction is insignificant in percentage but becomes a factor over the years. Research shows that even older men can still retain a good level of the hormone testosterone. Though aging of the body organs affects the production of testosterone, other factors also aid.


As you grow older, you attract more responsibilities. They can be work, finances, or family issues. The impact of these happenings can induce high stress on your emotions. As a young man, your worries tend to be less. But as you advance in age, your energies divert to so many other responsibilities. Cases of low self-esteem, work stress, constant fights with your partner create a decline in sex. Anxiety in life and depression are other factors of emotional imbalance. As you continue to harbor these feelings, your sex drive goes down. The eventual outcome of these conditions can lead to a severe problem. You may get erectile dysfunction.


When age comes in, you start getting diseases that are prevalent with older men. Diseases like diabetes, hypertension, and obesity tend to affect the sexual life of a man. Other chronic ailments like cancer also aid in sexual apathy in men. When you suffer any of the conditions above, your body organs will suppress your testosterone levels. This, in turn, curtails your urge to have sex. Again, the medications for treating these conditions are powerful. Some can cause unseen secondary effects. For instance, chemotherapy in cancer and antidepressants have adverse effects on the body. The adverse effects of these therapies can take years to heal.


It is interesting how the life you live corresponds to your sexual life. Many people do indulge in carefree lifestyles that come to affect their sexual lives later in life. Eating and maintaining a healthy diet helps the body regenerate the dying cells quickly. A healthy diet also keeps the body organs working optimally. Thus, the entire body works as a unit.

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Exercising and having enough rest can help invigorate your senses. Having a routine of exercises helps your body generate more levels of testosterone naturally. This helps in dealing with the slow stimulation of your sexual organs. A good rest is vital for your sexual life. It helps your body manage stress and anxiety levels through natural mechanisms.

Tips for maintaining your sexual life

The best way to keep your sexual life active despite your advancing in age has a better lifestyle. Several things should become your daily routine. When you have them in your natural system, then you will continue enjoying a good sex life.

1. Eating a healthy diet devoid of shelf foods and artificial flavoring is essential to a longer life. This will help your organs age slowly than they should. Having more green vegetables, fish fatty oils, and raw fruits make an excellent diet for your internal organs.

2. Alcohol, caffeine, and nicotine aid in the gradual disintegration of your health. They contain elements that kill your cardiovascular system. This exposes your body to predatory diseases that prey on low immune systems. Also, they affect your blood distribution mechanism. This makes it difficult for you to have a good erection and sex for long.

3. Exercise, meditate and have a good rest. The three go together. Create a regular pattern of exercising and meditation. You can start slowly and increase the intensity as you graduate. Yoga and other oriental mediation help a lot. A night of good sleep helps the body to calm its nerves. In the end, you will have a stress-free body that resonates well with your sexual activities.


As you can see above, age is a significant determinant in your sexual life. When you age in years, so does your organs gradually fail. It is a natural order of things. This should not mean that your sex life should also die. You can maintain a healthy sex life into your senior years. So, it is difficult to determine at what age a man does stop being sexually active.

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