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Which Foods are Aphrodisiacs?

by Glenn
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The need for enjoyable sex transcends race, society, cultures, and social status. For centuries many people, men and women alike have been seeking that silver bullet for a perfect intimate drive. That is a race people are still discovering to date.

Aphrodisiacs are foods and herbs that spice up your sexual drive. Some aphrodisiacs are common culinary ingredients in many cultures.

Again, the use of these sex boosters does not guarantee a perfect session. Other parameters do affect your sex drive. So, you need to balance all the aspects of that memorable moment. Today, we will check what foods are in the aphrodisiac family.

Categories of Aphrodisiacs

Generally, there are two classes of aphrodisiacs. We have food and herbs. It is the food category that is of interest to us today. Equally, there are some claims which are scientifically sane and other claims that need more investigation. Most important, not having scientific proof does not negate the potency of the dietary aphrodisiacs.

Proven Aphrodisiacs


Generally considered as an herb in the western world, Maca is a plant native in Peru. In the local cultures, it is both a medicinal plant as well as a dietary ingredient. Its use as a sex drive booster for centuries has a positive history. Again, the recent findings give it the legitimacy of a potent aphrodisiac component.


This small, flowering plant grows almost everywhere. But the common cultures in Asia are the beneficiaries of the medicinal use. In Chinese and Indian societies, the root and plant are both used to supplement your diet for a better sexual drive. The properties are not only to increase your sexual drive but also help the body on other anti-oxidation factors.

ginkgo biloba supplementGinkgo Biloba

In Asian cultures, this plant is a natural part of their diets. The locals use it in food and traditional drinks.

A long interaction with ginkgo biloba improves your body vitality. But the most noticeable fact is the rise in your libido. Surprisingly, the west sees it only as a medicinal plant.


Though a native of Asia and Africa, this plant is now growing around the world. Nearly every part of the plant is consumable. The seeds, stem, leaves, and roots all have specific roles they play in the local diets. Its properties to increase sexual desires are beneficial to both men and marginally in women. Again, it does increase testosterone levels in men.

Pistachio Nuts

The consumption of nuts in your diet can help overcome your sexual dysfunction. Generally, all edible nuts are beneficial. Thus a mixture of them will increase your Nitric Oxide in your bloodstream. This will help your erectile functions improve, thus boosting your sexual ability. Pistachio nuts help induce erectile endothelial functions to normalcy.


It is a costly food supplement to buy. Nevertheless, this dietary aphrodisiac has immense beneficial properties to the human body. Apart from the libido drive in your sexual world, it will keep your body immune system well. Studies in both men and women prove that a constant supply in your food will rejuvenate your desire.


Apart from the oily fats, oysters are rich in zinc. Zinc is an essential catalyst for the production of the male sex hormone testosterone. The intake of a proper supply of zinc will increase your testosterone count and increase your sex drive. Eating oysters can trigger the secretion of the happiness hormone dopamine. This hormone is known to increase libido in women.

White Meat

The compound Selenium comes from a variety of foods and plants. But the most common source is white meat. That includes fish, chicken, eggs, and related products. Selenium deficiency is a significant cause of a lack of sexual interest in men. A study was done recently shows that selenium deficiency in laboratory rats manifested a decline in their libido.

sliced gingerGinger

This white root is common, almost in any grocery. Many chefs and mothers prefer it as an anti-inflammation agent. But the benefits go beyond managing colds and cases of flu.

Ginger has a high relation with the production of testosterone hormone in the body. Higher testosterone levels indicate a drive for sex.

Other foods like honey, chili, and chocolate are right for romancing your partner. But the aphrodisiac claim in them remains psychological rather than scientific. With more discoveries coming out daily, some of them may be included in the list of proven food aphrodisiacs.

In general, the rule of the thumb indicates that food that resembles human genitalia provides the best aphrodisiacs. That may be true or not. Science still has to prove it. Eating well in diets full of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory agents is the key to a healthier sexual life.


The list for aphrodisiacs is long. Many products need closer observation. That only proves that many cultures have high esteem for sexual libido. If not, then what is the emphasis of having diets high in aphrodisiacs?

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