Do Oysters Make You Hard?

 Do Oysters Make You Hard?

There is a serious debate on the effectiveness of oysters as a potent aphrodisiac. That is if oysters can generate an erection in male humans. The dis

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There is a serious debate on the effectiveness of oysters as a potent aphrodisiac. That is if oysters can generate an erection in male humans. The discussion both in the scientific and lay world has not stopped the notion that oysters are aphrodisiacs. Similarly, we are joining that debate with a view to know if oysters can make you hard.

It is an open fact that oysters have immense benefits in the medicinal world. As a culinary food, they are prevalent in seafood restaurants. Then why are people debating about their worth? Besides, if they are readily available, how are the recent studies proving their benefits in erectile functions?

Scientific components of oysters

Apart from being popular food, it has a host of vitamins and minerals. It is these elements that we will look into to ascertain their worthiness in male human sexuality.


Zinc is one of the trace minerals vital for the overall well-being of the body. This is a significant component of the oyster’s body. In humans, it is responsible for the stimulation of various body enzymes.

Apart from human cell metabolism, protein synthesis, and sensory nerve clarity, it aids in testosterone production. Proper integration of protein and Nitric Oxide gives the body an excellent platform for the generation of testosterone. It may not generate an erection right away, but when the brain thinks of sex.

niacin vitamin B3Niacin or Vitamin B3

Niacin has several benefits in the human body. It is responsible for the removal of cholesterol in the bloodstream. Besides that, it is showing positive results in clinical trials on erectile dysfunctional men.

Some of the studies conclude that this vitamin can aid in the managing and reversal of erectile dysfunction in patients and older men. More studies need to happen in healthier men.

Vitamin B12

Folic acid helps in the formation of Nitric Oxide that helps in the dilation of the blood vessels. This allows blood circulation in the body to be even. To get an erection, the blood vessels in the penile area must relax. The tissue relaxation gives the penis the ability to gain an erection.

Equally, the erection intensity depends on the period of blood flowing into the penis. Vitamin B12 provides the body with that chance of a good flow of blood into the penis tissues.


Magnesium helps the body in the functioning of several things. The first thing is the breaking down of protein. When protein gets into the bloodstream, you develop lean muscles and energy. That does not guarantee an erection. But you have the power to have one when time is right.

Other functions of magnesium are muscle and nerve coordination, insulin regulation, and blood pressure control. All these are vital for the body’s sensitivity to relax. Thus, the lack of this mineral can make it hard for you to have an erection.


This is another mineral that you get if you consume an oyster. Its function in the body is diverse. In recent studies, laboratory results are pointing towards its potency in erectile issues.

Though not known before, manganese can give an erection in people with erectile difficulties. It is still unclear if the same can happen in healthy men. But the positive side is it works on the penile function and giving much hope.


It is a powerful antioxidant that helps keep your body immune system in good health. The brain is responsible for coordinating many functions in your body. This includes reproductive tasks like getting an erection.

Selenium helps in the stability of the neuropathic ways from free radicals. In turn, the brain receives and sends better signals throughout the body. This makes it easy for you to have a hard one.

What does this mean?

Finding these components in the oyster is one thing, and the nutrients giving you an erection is another. One thing you need to understand is that having an erection comes from the state of your mind.

Also, you must be healthy in your body. Having oysters regularly can help your body generate that feeling. Equally, a healthy and relaxed body will make the brain happy. Consequently, you will have a secretion of dopamine easily.

When you are happy and healthy, your mood will be right for an erection.


Indeed, there are no conclusive scientific findings on the correlation between oysters and having a hard one. Thus the question still begs: do oysters make you hard?

I believe they do. In many cultures where erectile dysfunction is minimal, there is a history of dietary aphrodisiacs in their daily menu. The hypothesis is the same; a high intake of oysters will give you a hard one. Therefore, as the Koreans use ginseng for a hard one, oysters will provide you with one if you consistently have them in your diet.

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