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What is the Best Testosterone Booster at GNC?

by MUC staff
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The General Nutrition Center (GNC) dates back to before World War II in Pittsburg. It started as a health food store. The demand for its products inspired its rampant growth since. Today, the store is one of the biggest companies in its niche, supplying nutritional supplements, vitamins, remedies, bodybuilding, and health and beauty products all over the world.

It has a wide range of testosterone boosters. Different consumers use these boosters for various reasons. Some use them for bodybuilding purposes while others use them to enhance their sexual functions. The following are some of the best testosterone boosters you can find from a GNC store:

A.     Nugenix

GNC Nugenix

It is the bestselling supplement by GNC. It has won several awards such as the “Best Product Innovation” and the “Franchise Outstanding Partner from GNC.”

This product contains ingredients that are known for increasing testosterone. These ingredients include fenugreek, zinc, D-aspartic and boron. The booster binds to a protein called Sex Hormone Binding Globulin (ShBG).

After binding, it triggers the production of a significant percentage of testosterone by ShBG which boosts the level of free testosterone in the blood. The product has 90 capsules. You take three pills in one dose, which gives you 30 servings per container. Nugenix is efficient in increasing libido, testosterone levels, muscle strength, and some consumers report improved sleeping patterns.

B.     Force Factor Test X180 Ignite

It is one of the newest products at GNC. It is gaining popularity at a high rate. The demand can be associated with the success rate of the product and its pocket friendliness. Test X180 Ignite is so far the best product by the Force Factor. The active ingredient of this product is Fenugreek (Testofen). This ingredient is rare and has been clinically tested. The results were increased testosterone over a short period of about 8 weeks.

Test X180 Ignite has shown efficiency in boosting libido, enhancing sexual performance, promoting the creation of lean muscle and increasing energy.

Consumers of the product report a quick result turn around after consuming the booster. It has 120 capsules, and you take 4 pills in a day, 2 tablets twice. One package gives you 30 servings.

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C.       Pharmafreak Test Freak

It is a product that provides a range of benefits in one container. Whether you are looking for a supplement to help in losing weight, boost testosterone, or for pre-working out purposes, this product is a suitable match for you. The careful selection of ingredients of this product will want you to buy it immediately. The use of Fenugreek extract, Saw Palmetto and Tribulus Terrestris assure you of the product’s efficiency.

Other ingredients such as vitamin B6, zinc, and magnesium aspartate promote its efficiency. The goodness of the 120 capsule package is in providing hybrid testosterone support.

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D.     Novex Biotech Growth Factor 9

It is one of the most successful over the counter supplement of its time. Its clinical test has given a crazy 682% increase in serum levels in 120 minutes! The product is associated with increased levels of testosterone, burning fats and boosting development of lean muscle mass.

Growth factor 9 is rich in amino acids which promotes the production of the human growth hormone (HGH). The HGH is responsible for influencing your sex drive, body fat control, and muscle mass. The product is more affordable than HGH injections. It is available in a 120-capsule packet. Only four tablets should be taken in 24 hours. Overdosing of this supplement is not allowed.

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E.      King Fisher High T Black

This supplement will enable you to be the best in what you do without having to worry about wearing out. It gives you a fast recovery rate which encourages you to be your best self. Its outstanding ingredients such as Testofen, Tribulus Terrestris, Raspberry Ketones and Arginine Alpha-Ketoglutarate (AAKG) helps it deliver its functions. AAKG act as nitrogen oxide stimulator. Once its levels rise, the creation of strong muscles and muscle endurance is enabled.

Raspberry ketones are good at balancing your body weight. When undergoing a weight loss program, this ingredient helps in easy loss of fat. It is also good for preventing hair loss.

Testofen and Tribulus Terrestris are good at boosting the levels of testosterone in your body. They increase the production of free testosterone in your blood. Free testosterone performs major functions in a man’s physique.

The product will help you increase your libido, muscle mass, strength, and energy.

It is available over the counter with each package consisting of 152 tablets. The dietary capsules are taken as a dose of 4 pills in a day giving you 38 servings. Overdosing the supplement and use in pregnant and nursing women are not allowed. These are some of the best testosterone boosters in GNC. They are efficient and reliable. However, their efficiency is affected by how we live. You are not likely to notice their effect if you are on a poor diet and no exercise. You cannot blame the tablets if at all you do not give your input towards the success of what you seek.

Manufacturers also offer detailed instructions on the use of these supplements. You should not be in haste to change the prescriptions unless your doctor gives you an alternative prescription. Share your long-term medication if any with your doctor. It helps in determining whether your prescription medicine reacts with ingredients in these supplements.

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