Why Do Some Guys Leak?

Why Do Some Guys Leak?

From the research article published from The Journal of Andrology, it is said that men can soak their pants by just having mild erotic kissing and st

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From the research article published from The Journal of Andrology, it is said that men can soak their pants by just having mild erotic kissing and stimulation.

About 4 ml of the pre-ejaculation fluid is being released from the male urethra at the time of arousal which is prior from ejaculation. This is information from the research conducted at Princeton University.  So, why do some guys leak?

To fathom the leakage, let us first understand about semen.

What is Semen?

The whitish fluid that man’s penis release is called semen. Semen is made up of seminal fluid produced by the seminal vesicles and the prostate. The seminal vehicles are small glands found behind the prostate. A small percentage of the semen is composed of sperm.

Generally, it is thought that semen leaves the penis only during masturbation of sex. However, it becomes a problem to some guys in which their semen exits even without them being aroused.

Typically, semen leakage occurs whenever we are in sexual intercourse. However, some conditions cause semen to leak. Some of them need treatment, but others do not require any medical intervention. In this case, you should discuss these concerns with your physicians.

What causes the leak?

Aside from conscious arousal, there are other causes of semen leakage, and these are the following:

•    Problems in the prostate

•    Side effects of medication

•    Nocturnal emissions

•    Nervous system injury

Pre-ejaculation or pre-cum

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Semen leakage is caused by sexual arousal or by just having thoughts about sex, and this is considered normal for many men. Although it may be a bit messy as well as uncomfortable, however, the good thing is that it does not indicate any sexual problem or sexual condition. Semen leaks before your ejaculation of after ejaculation.

Moreover, the pre-ejaculation fluid also called as pre-cum can leak during the time you are aroused. The pre-cum is different from the semen because this can act as a lubricant during your sexual intercourse.

If you are concern about family planning, you may want to wear protection before your sexual activity because the pre-cum contains sperm. Hence, the withdrawal method or pulling out your penis from the vagina before ejaculating is not always effective.

To treat semen leakage because of sexual arousal is not necessary because this is normal and common to men. It requires no treatment. On the contrary, if you do experience premature ejaculation, I think you can do some ways to treat it. Premature ejaculation is ejaculating quickly before you and your partner likes.

Treatments for premature ejaculation involve the following:

•    Start masturbating at least one hour or two before intercourse.

•    Do pelvic therapy and Kegels.

•    Desensitizing cream may help delay orgasm and reduce stimulation.

Problems in the prostate

The prostate gland produces the semen to carry the sperm to the urethra out of the penis. It is vulnerable to many health problems such a prostate cancer or prostatitis. It is not very clear how prostate cancer develops but an inevitable change in the genes plays a significant role. Prostate cancer can cause the following:

•    Pain in the area of the pelvis

•    Difficulty in urinating

•    Blood in the semen

•    Change in the ejaculation

On the other hand, prostatitis is an inflammation, enlargement of the prostate caused by the following:

•    Nerve injury

•    Bacterial infection

•    A substance that can trigger the immune response

These two problems I mentioned lead to more symptoms and semen leakage is one of these. To be able to treat this problem, it is necessary to consult your doctor. Some symptoms include the following:

•    Blood in the semen or urine

•    A change in the ejaculation

•    Pain

•    Burning sensation during urination

So, to treat these conditions, antibiotics may be necessary.

Side Effects of Medications

Antidepressants, hormone treatments, mood stabilizers, and other medications can cause a leak on men. Some antidepressants groups are associated with leakage and other sexual side effects including the following:

•    Low sex stamina

•    Delay in the ejaculation

•    Erectile dysfunction

In these conditions, male supplements such as Male UltraCore may help.

I think that combinations of medications should be taken with care. You have to weigh the advantage of and disadvantages.

Treatment for this case includes proper medication and psychotherapy. Based on the study, about 30 to 40% of the people may improve in any of these treatments. However, combining these two will lead to a better result.

Nocturnal Emission

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Wet dreams, as we call it is always heard, this is what we call nocturnal emission. It is typical to adolescents or men of 20s. Most of the men have nocturnal emissions in a particular part of their life.

Nocturnal emission is known to be an involuntary ejaculation of the semen that happened when you are sleeping. Usually, it happens whenever your genital is stimulated by the bed sheets or may occur during a sexual dream. Wet dream results in semen leakage and not a full ejaculation.

To treat the nocturnal emissions, increase your sexual activity because less sexual activity causes more nocturnal emissions. At any rate, you can also increase your masturbating frequency.

Nervous system injury

An injury to a nervous system brings changes in the ejaculation that leads to a leak. Some injuries, surgeries, and infections can affect the nerve involving in the ejaculation.  Besides, stroke, multiple sclerosis, and diabetes change the sexual function and the ejaculation.

To stop this problem, treat the underlying cause so you’ll have a better chance of improving. Remember that injury or inflammation get better time after time. 

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