What happens if Low T is Not Treated?

What happens if Low T is Not Treated?

You might have heard people talking about the seriousness of the issue of low testosterone levels. Well, you have heard right. There are multiple hea

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You might have heard people talking about the seriousness of the issue of low testosterone levels. Well, you have heard right. There are multiple health issues that low testosterone brings you closer and closer to, without you actually realizing that your life is in danger.

Please follow us to what we have to share with you and discover the dark side of low testosterone and the numerous health risks that have been a reality because of this unavoidable change.

What causes a decline in testosterone levels?

As you probably have learned so far, the testosterone levels are influenced by the normal aging process with this being a change that no man is able to avoid, similar to how women are unable to avoid the changes that come with the period of menopause. The testosterone levels are at their peak at the age of 20, with their production being increased during the period of puberty. After the age of 40, the testosterone levels normally decline. In fact, it has been estimated that approximately 20% of the men over the age of 60 are living with low testosterone levels.

However, the decline in testosterone levels can be enhanced and even happen earlier than anticipated due to the influence of different factors. There have been numerous cases of low testosterone levels where the decline has happened due to the influence of factors such as stress, sleep deprivation and sleep apnea, depression, anxiety, sedentary lifestyle, eating too many carbohydrates and unhealthy fats, etc.

What are the symptoms of low testosterone levels in men?

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Apart from the causes of low testosterone levels, the most important thing to know and remember at all times is the common symptoms through which this health issue represents itself. By being aware which symptoms are to be expected, every man will be able to act in time and report this issue to his doctor. As you will learn in a little bit, low testosterone brings numerous health risks in your life, which makes it a problem that needs to be solved with undoubted importance. The common symptoms of low testosterone include:

  • Loss of muscle mass and muscle strength
  • Loss of bone mass
  • Mood changes
  • Sexual disorders such as early ejaculation and erectile dysfunction
  • Low sexual stamina and libido
  • Low energy levels and extreme fatigue
  • Weight gain etc.

The risks that untreated low testosterone brings

What most men fail to understand is that a decline in testosterone production and low testosterone levels is a fairly easy problem to be solved. Usually, a condition such as this one requires psychological support, lifestyle changes, elimination of the cause, and a quality male enhancement pills brand, such as Male UltraCore. However, a lot of the low testosterone cases are left untreated. In fact, scientific research published in 2008 found out that approximately 87.8% of the men struggling with low testosterone issues were not receiving the needed treatment, despite the fact that they had complete access to it.

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If left untreated, low testosterone levels can cause much more than causing the previously mentioned symptoms. For starters, low testosterone levels are commonly linked to depression. The individual might struggle with mild to more serious depression symptoms. Depression, on the other hand, will seriously influence your everyday life and even cause relationship issues. Depression is commonly linked to the sexual disorders that we mentioned previously as existing low testosterone symptoms. So, it seems that depression is only enhancing the already existing sexual disorders, making their treatment harder.

Low testosterone levels can have a negative impact on your bones as well. Bone mass loss is a symptom of the decline in testosterone production. So, if this problem exists in the long run, your body will lose more and more bone mass than it is able to produce. This eventually will lead to the development of osteoporosis and the increased risk of fractures. So let us ask you this – is all of this worth for living with low testosterone levels? Before you answer that, let’s review some other health risks caused by low testosterone.

Low testosterone levels will have an impact on your cardiovascular health as well. A study published in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism has listed low testosterone levels as a factor that increases the mortality rate in older men. As it turns out, low testosterone levels are linked to an increased risk of cardiovascular disease and heart attack, which is, as you may know, listed as a common cause of death. In addition, low testosterone causes an increase in body fats and brings you closer to obesity. Obesity is linked to numerous health risks among which are cardiovascular disease, heart attack, stroke, diabetes, arthritis, high cholesterol levels, etc.


Despite the fact that a decline in testosterone production is a normal thing that affects each and every aging man, it is not an issue that we should ignore at any cost. It is not just because low testosterone levels have been linked to numerous life-changing symptoms. Low testosterone has been linked, on numerous occasions, to even more dangerous and even life-threatening health risks. Among these, you will find the increased risk of cardiovascular disease, heart attack, depression, osteoporosis and much more. We recommend you not to ignore the issue of low testosterone and take it seriously to eliminate this issue as soon as possible.

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