What Happens if a Man’s Testosterone is Low?

What Happens if a Man’s Testosterone is Low?

Perhaps you are experiencing some changes in the way that your body functions and looks. You being here means one thing – you suspect the most obviou

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Perhaps you are experiencing some changes in the way that your body functions and looks. You being here means one thing – you suspect the most obvious reason behind these body changes – low testosterone levels.

In the following article, we took the time to explain the most common reasons for an actual decline in testosterone levels, including the common potential side-effects that each individual with low testosterone level is bound to experience. This article has the purpose of educating all men how to recognize the common side-effects due to low testosterone levels and ask for help as soon as they notice their occurrence.

What can lower the testosterone levels in men?

Women are not the only ones who are struggling with numerous body changes due to hormonal changes during the period of menopause. Men, as well, are going through the period of andropause, which characterizes itself with the decline of testosterone levels. Due to these hormonal changes, the male body goes through some changes.

But the normal aging process is not the only factor that can influence the male testosterone levels. Unfortunately, a lot of men are struggling with an early decline in testosterone. Various factors have been reported to cause a dangerous early decline in male testosterone levels, among which are smoking, sedentary lifestyle, unhealthy diet, depression, stress, sleep deprivation, and many others.

The side-effects of low testosterone levels in men

Every man should be aware of the potential side-effects of low testosterone levels. By knowing these side-effects by heart, every man will be able to recognize them and act in time to ask for help. As for the treatment process, despite the elimination of the root of the problem, it mostly includes lifestyle changes, regular physical activity, using male enhancement pills such as Male UltraCore, and much more.

But now let’s discuss the common side-effects of low testosterone levels. The potential side-effects of low testosterone in men include:

Reduced quality of sex life

low sex drive

Knowing that testosterone is the main reproductive hormone, and the hormone that is responsible for maintaining the male libido and sexual stamina high and rising, it is impossible to imagine that these aspects will be left untouched by the decline in testosterone levels.

Men who are experiencing low testosterone levels struggle with a decline in sexual desire and sexual stamina, a decline in sexual performance, sexual disorders such as early ejaculation and erectile dysfunction, being the most common sexual disorders in men, and even fertility issues.

A variety of noticeable physical changes

Testosterone provides the male body characteristics such as body and facial hair, reduced body fat levels, fast muscle mass build up, etc. With the decline of testosterone levels, all of these characteristics will be compromised and certain physical changes are expected to develop.

The decline in testosterone levels has been linked to hair loss, muscle and bone mass loss, decreased muscle strength, increased risk of osteoporosis, an increase in body fat, hot flashes, tenderness in the breast area, and much more. A man who is facing a decline in testosterone levels will most definitely face difficulties in increasing his muscle mass and strength as it is the high levels of testosterone that makes it easier for men to work in the gym and achieve fast and visible results in a short period of time.

Sleep issues

Testosterone affects every area of a man’s life, including the quality of his sleep. The decline in testosterone level will have a certain impact on sleep quality, commonly causing insomnia to develop. Insomnia, on the other hand, will have a serious impact on all of the other aspects of life. This is yet another great reason why every man would want to solve the problem of low testosterone levels as soon as possible.

Mood issues

Similar to how menopause is causing mild to serious mood changes, andropause, and any decline in testosterone levels in general, are known to cause mood changes among men as well. As a common side-effect of low testosterone levels, men have reported experiencing depression, and even a cognitive decline including concentration and memory issues. All of these changes commonly influence male self-esteem, causing it to decline seriously. All of these mood issues and low self-esteem can have a serious impact on any current romantic relationship.


exhausted man at work

Due to insomnia, as well as the whole decline in testosterone levels in general, men often experience serious fatigue. The low energy levels and extreme fatigue can seriously lower your motivation to get up and exercise, or even complete the chores and activities that you normally do each day.

You might discover that you are feeling this extreme fatigue despite the fact that you are getting the recommended 8 hours of sleep. Getting enough sleep will not help you with this one, but rather by the treatment methods for low testosterone levels that we mentioned briefly earlier.


From hair loss and muscle and bone mass loss, to extreme fatigue and sexual disorders, a decline in testosterone levels can and will affect men’s life in numerous ways. The most important thing now is that with the help of today’s article, you are aware of the most common low testosterone symptoms. That, of course, will help you to recognize them and ask your doctor for help right away to once again improve the quality of your life.

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