Is Losing Interest in Sex After 30, Something to Worry About?

Is Losing Interest in Sex After 30, Something to Worry About?

We can say that male sexuality and sex life, in general, is defined and guided by his sexual desire, and we would not be wrong. The sexual desire is

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We can say that male sexuality and sex life, in general, is defined and guided by his sexual desire, and we would not be wrong. The sexual desire is what adds to the steam and passion in a relationship, so we should not be surprised to learn that when a man lacks a healthy libido, he is facing a risk of relationship problems, depression, anxiety, stress, and much more.

But what causes the male libido to decline, and at what age reduced libido normally occurs? Is it normal to feel as if your sexual desire is reducing after the age of 30? Is it normal to feel that your need to have sex every day has declined to twice a week? Let’s explore these issues in today’s article and try to give you some peace of mind, shall we?

The male sexual desire explained

The sexual desire, also referred to as libido, is present within women and men. There is no way to really measure the libido; instead, the libido can be either reduced or increased by a number of factors. Thanks to two brain parts, the limbic system and the cerebral cortex, the male libido is controlled and maintained within healthy ranges. When the male is sexually aroused, what actually happens is signals originating from the cerebral cortex spread to other parts of the brain and nerves, making the heart rate to speed up and the blood flow to the genital area to increase. As a result, a healthy, strong, and long-lasting erection occurs.

Testosterone is the main male reproductive hormone that is responsible for numerous bodily functions throughout life. Produced in the male testicles, testosterone’s levels are maintained at healthy ranges, so that body functions, including the male libido, are well controlled.

What happens with the male testosterone levels after the age of 30?

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Perhaps you are aware with the hormonal change, along with all other body changes, that happen during the period of menopause for women. Well, women are not the only ones who are struggling with unavoidable hormonal changes. Men, as well, go through the period of andropause during which they struggle with certain body and hormonal changes due to the decline in the testosterone production.

Testosterone levels are highest during the period of puberty as their peak is somewhere at the age of 19 and 20. After that, the testosterone production starts to drop, although the hormonal changes are not so much visible until the age of 30. After the age of 30, men start to experience the symptoms of low testosterone more extensively. The first signs of muscle mass loss, body fat increase, hair loss, mood changes, and many other symptoms, among which is decline in libido, start to show.

Is it normal to experience low sexual desire after the age of 30?

Since testosterone controls the male libido, sexual stamina, sperm count, mobility, and quality, it should not come as a surprise that all of these aspects of the male sex life are affected due to the normal decline in testosterone production, as a result of the normal aging process.

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To answer your question – Yes, it is normal to feel as if your libido is not as strong as it used to be after the age of 30. Despite the fact that the decline in testosterone production at the age of 30 is not as fast going as it will become in the years to come, the male libido does start to decline. Men at this age will experience a reduced interest to have sex and even masturbate due to this decline in testosterone levels. But not all men are bound to start experiencing the low testosterone symptoms so early.

For a man who is physically active, has a clean diet, does not smoke, take drugs, steroids, or drink too much alcohol, sleeps well and keeps his stress levels low, the chances to experience a decline in his libido are smaller as compared with other men who have the habit of smoking, not getting enough sleep, drinking too much, eat too much fast food, etc. This is easily explained by knowing how much factors such as smoking, excessive use of alcohol, sedentary lifestyle, stress, depression, etc. can influence and speed up the decline in testosterone production. So understandably, men who are surrounded by these factors are bound to experience an early decline in testosterone production.

You might ask yourselves – Is this necessarily a bad thing? Should I be worried? While we do recommend talking to your doctor if you notice any signs of low testosterone, especially around the age of 30 when it is still early for these signs to be so noticeable, we would say that unless there is some more serious cause for your fast decline in testosterone levels such as cancer, prostatitis, prostate enlargement, etc., there is no reason why you should be worried. Usually, as soon as a man becomes aware of these symptoms and signs, the next step would be to pursue some of the best testosterone boosting methods.

If you wish your libido to be high and rising as before, we would recommend laying off cigarettes, stress, drugs, steroids, and alcohol, going to the gym more often, and pursue a male enhancement pill such as Male UltraCore. These methods should give your testosterone production the boost that it needs.


In conclusion, reduced libido is only one of the numerous changes that develop as a result of the declined testosterone production. There are other body changes that occur as well, although in today’s article we focused on this main problem. The male libido influences sex life and performance, including the overall relationship with your partner. Understandably, a decline in testosterone production, and with that, in sexual desire, is able to cause even bigger problems. That is why, despite knowing that this is a normal and expected change, there is a need for certain testosterone boosting methods to be taken into consideration.

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