Sex Toys That You Can Enjoy Together to Spice Up the Bedroom

Sex Toys That You Can Enjoy Together to Spice Up the Bedroom

So you think the old missionary position is boring and sex has already become routine. If you're looking for ways to spice up your bedroom game, why

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So you think the old missionary position is boring and sex has already become routine. If you’re looking for ways to spice up your bedroom game, why not try using sex toys? Sexual playthings are perfect for increasing your pleasure. Plus, they also make sex more intense and exciting.

It’s not true that men who are lacking in the sex department are the only ones who need to use sex toys. In fact, those who truly know how to enjoy their sexuality are the ones who are great at using sex toys. Whether it’s for increasing your partner’s sexual pleasure or just making things for fun during sex, here are some sex toys you can enjoy together.

Why You Should Try Sex Toys

One of the most common reasons why couples experiment with various sex toys is that these gadgets can definitely help enhance sexual pleasure. Although most people use sexual playthings that are designed to increase women’s sexual pleasure, there are also many sex toys that are designed to intensify the sexual pleasure of men.

Studies have shown, for instance, that men who often use vibrators either for themselves, their partner, or for both of them, tend to have higher scores on sexual desire and satisfaction, as well as on erectile function and orgasm function, as compared to men who never used a vibrator.

Other studies have also revealed that there are long-term benefits for couples who use sex toys as a tool to discover new ways of being intimate with each other.  In general, couples who play with bedroom gadgets tend to do better in terms of relationship satisfaction, as well as maintaining sexual desire and passion for each other.

Vibrators for Increased Stimulation

blue silicone vibrator

For most women, it’s easier to achieve an orgasm when there’s clitoral stimulation. That’s why you’ll find a lot of vibrators that are specifically designed to stimulate the clitoris. If you’re shopping for a vibrator for the first time, you’ll have lots of fun choosing from the various models.

If you want to be discreet, or you’re looking for a vibrator that your partner can bring wherever she goes, there are even clitoral vibrators that are designed as wearable jewelry. Other clitoral vibrators are designed to be pressed against the clitoris during sex, while there are also those that can be inserted into the vagina for added G-spot stimulation.

What’s great about these dual-purpose vibrators is that you can also benefit from the increased sexual stimulation. When you’ve got a G-spot vibrator inserted into your partner’s vagina while you’re having penetrative sex, the enhanced sensations will also intensify your sexual pleasure and make your orgasm more intense.

Some hand-held vibrators are even waterproof, so you can use them whenever you feel like having shower sex. If your partner enjoys masturbating while soaking in the bathtub, a waterproof vibrator would be an excellent gift.

Vibrating cock rings and intimate massagers are also great additions to your sex toys collection. Although cock rings are primarily designed to intensify male sexual pleasure, you can also use it to press against your partner’s clitoris so that both of you can benefit from the added sensations.

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Anal Sex Toys to Double the Fun

For first-timers, anal sex can be quite intimidating. But once you try it, you just might get addicted. For one, the butt area is quite rich in nerve endings, which means that anal stimulation can lead to intense sensations.

For this reason, many people immensely enjoy having anal sex. What’s great about using anal sex toys is that these sexual playthings can do wonders for both you and your partner.

With the use of an anal sex toy, you can easily reach your partner’s G-spot from behind, or you can also aim for your P-spot. Stimulating your prostate can reward you with an extremely intense orgasm.

If you’re a beginner and you’re not used to having a toy inserted into your anus yet, you can use a vibrator to stimulate the outside of your anus. When you’re ready to discover the fun of anal sex, you can use beginner beads.

These beads usually start small and grow bigger in diameter. What’s nice about beginner beads is that you can control the level of penetration. And when you’re about to orgasm, try pulling the beads out slowly. The added sensations will definitely make your orgasm more intense.

If you find anal beads challenging to use, you can try an anal bead stick. Some models also have a vibrator function, so you can just imagine how much sexual stimulation these toys can give you.

There are also anal sex starter kits that both you and your partner can use. Some kits contain multi-speed vibrating probes or bullet vibrators, allowing you to explore different sensations.

Toys for When You Feel Naughty

If you have ever fantasized about making your partner orgasm in public, there are many remote-controlled sex toys that can make your fantasy an exciting reality. Have your partner wear a vibrating panty and play with the remote control to make her feel different sensations.

lace blindfold and whip

If you feel like adding an element of mystery into your sexual play, try using a blindfold and restraints set. Being blindfolded can increase the sense of anticipation and excitement. Plus, your sense of touch becomes heightened, which means any sensation you experience feels more intense.

Don’t Forget to Lube Up

When you’re using sex toys, it’s always a good idea to lube up, especially if you’re using toys for anal sex. Unlike a woman’s vagina, there’s no natural lubricant in the anus. Using a lubricant will make it easier for you to use anal sex toys more smoothly.

For silicone-based toys, make sure you use a water-based lubricant. And one quick tip. When you’re shopping for your next sex toy, go ahead and buy a sex toy cleaner as well. You’re basically using your toy on your most intimate parts, so it’s a good idea to keep your sexual plaything clean.

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