Do People Really Want to Have Sex with Ghosts?

Do People Really Want to Have Sex with Ghosts?

In layman's terms, spectrophilia refers to the phenomenon of having sex with or being sexually attracted to ghosts. People who are attracted to or ha

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In layman’s terms, spectrophilia refers to the phenomenon of having sex with or being sexually attracted to ghosts. People who are attracted to or have had sexual interactions with ghosts are called spectrophiles.

People would probably question your sanity if you told them that you wanted to have sex with a ghost. But according to those who supposedly have had the pleasure of ghost sex, it’s the best sex they’ve ever had, which is encouraging news for those who want to try it. If you’re curious about how ghost sex works, continue reading.

Have People Always Believed in Ghost Sex?

Looking back, it seems that ghost sex has always been a thing. Succubi have been frequently mentioned in medieval legends. A succubus is a supernatural entity, specifically a female demon, which takes on the form of a human female in order to seduce and have sex with human males. The male counterpart is referred to as an incubus.

According to legend, the succubus is a nasty-looking creature with a demonic personality. Succubi supposedly used sex as a means to steal away a man’s life force or to please themselves. It’s said that a succubus would collect the semen of the man she had sex with, and an incubus would use that semen to impregnate a woman.

This is supposedly how these entities reproduce, and it’s said that the offspring, called a cambion, also showed demonic characteristics. Other legends say that the incubus and succubus were actually the same demonic entity taking on a different form, depending on the gender of their chosen victim.

Unlike the ugly succubi of medieval legends, the current concept of these entities is that they are beautiful, sexy female ghosts who invade your dreams to give you the best sex you’ve ever had. And according to those who say they’ve had sex with a male ghost or an incubus, the experience is apparently extremely pleasurable.

How Does Ghost Sex Work?

If you believe the reports, and there have actually been celebrities who have confessed that they’ve made love with a supernatural entity, ghost sex is absolutely incredible. They say that you can actually feel someone touching you, caressing you, and making love with you.

woman experiencing orgasm

There are cases when it would feel like you’re just having sex with someone in your dreams, but there are also cases wherein those who experienced it said that they could really feel their ghost lover’s body pressing down on them.

Amethyst Realm, who’s quite famous in the spectrophiliac world, has been reported to have claimed that the orgasms she felt with her spirit lovers were way more intense and deeper than she ever experienced with a human male. She also said that although you don’t see any physical body that you can touch, you can definitely sense the spirit’s touch.

Celebrities Who Had Ghost Sex

If we count the movie Ghost, then Demi Moore would probably top the list of celebrities who have had sexual encounters with spirits. In real life, though, there are actually several celebs who are spectrophiles.

The singer Ke$ha, for one, is known to be very open about her supernatural sexual relations. She apparently found sex with a ghost so special, she even wrote a song about it entitled Supernatural.

Even before Ke$ha became popular, both as a singer and a spectrophile, the actress Lucy Liu reported back in 1999 that she had a blissful sexual encounter with a ghostly being. The late Anna Nicole Smith is perhaps one of the most popular celebrity spectrophile. In an FHM interview, she said that a ghost crawled up her leg and had sex with her.

How to Have Sex with a Ghost

Apparently, there are some people who actually want to have sexual relations with ghosts. There are even numerous online resources that will tell you how you can summon a succubus in supposedly easy steps. Which makes you want to ask why people would actually do such a spooky thing.

However, if you really want to experience having sex with a corporeal being, you might want to try summoning a succubus, an incubus, or whatever supernatural entity you would like to have sex with.

lighted candles for ritual

Depending on which succubus-summoning online resource you’ll follow, you’ll need as few materials as just some candles, a white cord or white chalk, and some incense. Other online resources say you can even summon a succubus or a sex demon just by visualizing it.

Of course, one thing that these online resources have in common is that they always warn you to be prepared for possible consequences. Succubi are generally not gentle creatures. In fact, they’re known to possess demonic characters.

If you do happen to be successful in summoning one and having sex with it, you’ll have to deal with the problem of banishing the sex demon after your intercourse. It may be that the succubus would want to stay with you for a while longer, or it could be up to some other mischief. In any case, you should be prepared to banish the entity once you’re done.

For those who reported that they have had sexual relations with ghosts, however, many of them say that they just suddenly felt the presence of a spirit and that spirit just started touching them. They didn’t need to summon a ghost. If you’re lucky enough, your spirit lover will just come to you.

If you’re concerned that you might not be successful in summoning a spirit lover considering the fact that most reported cases of spectrophilia involve human females, don’t worry. There are actually men who reported that they’ve had had ghost sex and that the experience is truly fantastic.

For instance, there’s Erik Vonroth who’s a self-proclaimed occult master from the United Kingdom. His spiritual lover is Nilahny, and he says sex with her is explosive. Erik is also known to give lessons on how to summon your own spiritual lover. Erik claims to have helped many people to successfully engage in sexual relations with corporeal entities.

According to him, visualization is one technique that you can practice so that you can summon a succubus. If you want to give it a try, you’ll need a private space where you can be comfortable and focus on the image of the ghost, succubus, or incubus that you want to summon.

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