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High-Calorie Diet for Hulking

by Mark Griffin
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Do you desire to bulk up like the incredible hulk? Or it’s the case that you’ve been hitting the gym so hard with little result to show? Are you getting frustrated thinking bulking up is for special kinds of people?  Or you are beginning to think that it’s only professional bodybuilders who hold the secret to breeding muscles?


Well, hold on right now, have you considered your calorie intake? Because if you haven’t well it’s high time you ditch your frustration. Contained herein this piece are meals that are high in calorie and which are supposed to supply your body with requisite energy and also help achieve your desire for adding weight and breeding muscles eventually.


To bulk up like the hulk, you’d need a whole lot of calories to sustain your body weight. You’d even need a whole lot more if you engage in rigorous exercises and stressful activities. Normally, if you happen to be a farm laborer or a construction worker, your calorie intake will be super explosive as far greater than that of the general public or office workers. It’s usually on the extreme for athletes and sportspersons as they need more because they are always in the business of burning fat.


Again, it is important to point out that a healthy high-calorie diet can come in handy for weight gain. However, the intake of processed food which are also high in calorie can be disastrous as the body begins to absorb and accumulate excess fat.


Now here are healthy high-calorie meals that are perfect for your body




This is a high-calorie grain that is also rich in protein. It belongs to the ancient grain category where you also have farro, amaranth, buckwheat, and chia. Quinoa is quite tasty when properly prepared and it can serve as a good alternative to rice. A single cup of cooked quinoa lies over two hundred and twenty-two (22) calories which are far more than that of brown rice which stands at two hundred and eighteen calories.




By ingesting only a few amounts of raisin, you are gulping down a huge amount of calories. A small box of raisin measuring up to 1.5 ounces contains well over 120 calories. Stemming from this is that raisins are exceptionally loaded with calories. Apart from this, raisins are reputable for boosting hydration as they help the body stay properly hydrated just like water.


Grape Nut Cereal


Apart from being equipped with high sodium content which helps to boost the maintenance of nerves and cell functions in the body, grape nut cereal also contains a heap of calories.  Just imagine, there’s over four hundred-calorie in a bowlful of grape nut cereal.  There’s no doubt that this will help expedite your weight gain process.


Peanut Butter


This particular diet is nutritious, super packed with richness and vitality. It’s a classic as far as high-calorie food is concerned. It’s perfect for hulking. Now see this, for every tablespoon of peanut butter, there’s the presence of about 100 calories. Isn’t this amazing? Imagine splattering over 4 tablespoons of peanut butter on bread, that’s proportional to drowning 400 calories at a go. Also, apart from it being rich in calories, it’s effective for rebuilding worn-out body muscles and also burn fat.


Chia Seeds


These seeds are extremely packed with fiber and also highly rich in protein. Would you believe that each of these seeds contains close to seventy calories? Of course, you heard right! A whopping 70 calories. It’s perfect for hulking up. What’s more, chia seeds also contain omega 3 minerals which is good for the eyes.


Dark Chocolate


Bet you are smiling right now. Of course, you are! Chocolates are one of the best snacks that will ever exist. The fact that it contains a high-calorie value makes it more desirable. Dark chocolates are rich in calories to the extent that a single bar might contain well over five hundred (500) calories.


Whole Wheat Bread


Wheat bread contains a high nutritional value when compared with white bread which is baked with saccharine or sugar. It has an extremely high-calorie value and as such good for you bulking up. It’s also hygienic as there are no fatty nutrients.




This belongs to the nut family. It’s also loaded with calories as a single ounce contains well over one hundred and fifty calories. Pecan also possesses proteins, essential minerals, and vitamin nutrients which are also good for the body.


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