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Cannabis and You

by Mark Griffin

In some parts of America, Cannabis has been legalized. For many who were already addicted to its intake, it was a welcomed development; the fire of which is expected to be caught across America and all over the world. However, does this connote that Cannabis has been proven to beneficial to human health, or isn’t it ironic that something which had long been viewed as illegal suddenly became legalized by the so-called law which had always sought to prosecute. This contention is not within the purview of this article, it only sought to open up the health benefit that cannabis possesses and whether it is good for humans.


What’s Cannabis?


The controversial name cannabis which has never been devoid of contestation is a psychoactive drug taken to stimulate the psyche and enhance performance. It is obtained from the plant known as Cannabis. It is also known as marijuana


Cannabis is cultivated commercially or grown wild in warm and tropical areas all over the world. It is reputable for its ability to stimulate the mind. No wonder many youths are more addicted to it than anything else. However, it is pertinent to point that cannabis was primarily intended to serve as health and medicinal purpose, only for its abuse by many, the government has to criminalize it.


Cannabis has both positive and negative impact on health; the positive effect of cannabis include the following;


Reduces chronic pain


Because cannabis consists of hundreds of chemical compounds, these compounds have been linked to providing relief for chronic pain.


Help lose weight


obese man

If you take a closer look at those who take cannabis, you will notice that they are not usually overweight because cannabis aids your body in regulating insulin while managing caloric intake efficiently.


It regulates and prevents Diabetes


It helps stabilize blood sugar, lower blood pressure, and improve blood circulation. As such, cannabis regulates diabetes.


For Autism treatment


Cannabis calms ulcers down and controls their mood. It can help children with autism that experience frequent violent mood swings control it.

 Improves lung capacity


Unlike smoking cigarettes, when smoking cannabis, your lungs aren’t harmed. In fact, a study found out that cannabis helps increase lung capacity rather than damage them.

Nevertheless, worthy of note is the fact that different methods of taking cannabis affect your body differently, while many people smoke or vape it, you can also consume marijuana as an ingredient in dishes, brewed tea, or oils. When you inhale cannabis, it travels fast from your lungs into your bloodstream and down to your brain but it takes a little longer to feel the effect if you eat or drink marijuana.


Here are a few of the negative effects of cannabis;


It affects the respiratory system: Cannabis can affect bronchial passage, if you are a regular smoker, you are more likely to cough, sneeze, and produce phlegm.


It increases the risk of depression: Cannabis increases the risk of depression for young people who have a genetic vulnerability to mental illness. It increases depression symptoms.


Users of cannabis often experience intense anxiety, fear distrust, or panic


suffering from migraine

Cannabis users who have taken a large dose of the drug may experience an acute psychosis, which includes hallucination, delusion, and a loss of sense of personal identity


Cannabis users may experience cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome (CHS) which causes some users to experience nausea, vomiting, and abdominal pain. The symptoms stick around as long as you take cannabis.


Having explored the positivity and negative dimensions of cannabis, it’s important to emphasize if it can facilitate healthy living.


There’s no denying the many benefits of cannabis Sativa. Its medicinal capabilities are second to none. It is a terrific drug and supposed to be a breakthrough in the pharmaceutical sciences. However, on the flip side, cannabis is reputable for activating feelings of elation and euphoria in its users. No wonder, most people are addicted to it as it helps them to view the world from another perspective. It can alter behavior. All these make cannabis hazardous to human health. It’s good to feel elated but this something that should come from the mind, not something stimulated by a drug.


Also, the tendency to become addicted to marijuana makes it a no go area for a rational thinker. The argument here is it’s like a snare that would haunt you later, it’s only a matter of time. Devastating health conditions have been associated with excessive consumption of cannabis. Hence, the need to avoid it. And if it’s a must you use it, use it only for medicinal purpose, and reduce its intake to the barest minimum.

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