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8 Scenarios When the Lube is Best for You

by Mark Griffin
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Everyone looks forward to an amazing sexual experience. In fact, for those who have always been building sexual fantasies in the air, it would be a dream come true. I bet, even the kind of jolly feeling associated with winning a jackpot can never match this feeling.


Now, part of what spices up the sexual feeling is the ability to be creative. Once these vibes are introduced, sex then tinges on a new level of excitement. One of such freaky strategies that can be employed to augment the process is the use of lubricants.


Let’s have it defined


Simply put, lubes are substances designed to reduce friction between two surfaces. In a freakier manner and relating to sex, lubes are substances applied on the penis or on the vagina to facilitate a free flow of sexual intercourse without pain or friction. Lubes have been used by a whole lot of people. The general testimony attests to the fact that they are quite useful in boosting sexual performance in both men and women.


Sex lubricants exist in four different types which include; silicone-based lube which is usually stickier and thicker in texture; there are also water-based lubricants which as its name implies, are composed of water. The advantage of this kind of lube is that it’s easy to get rid of it from the body unlike the silicone-based which is stickier; there’s also oil-based lubes which possess the thickest viscosity when compared with other types; lastly, there are hybrid types which can be a combination of either the silicone-based and the water-based types.


Here are eight scenarios where it’s just best to use the lube.


When you become less sensitive to erotic touch


It’s just necessary to reach for the lube when your body is gradually becoming dead to erotic touch. This actually might be caused by a lot of factors one of which is aging. Of course, as you begin to grow old, your body may begin to act funny as it begins to lose touch with nature making arousal very difficult. Where this happens, the next point of call should be your lubricants. Another factor might be largely emotional maybe because of anxiety and stress. When some issues hit hard on you sometimes, it might be difficult to get aroused for sexual pleasure, hence, the need for the lube.


When you need to spice up the pleasure


Another scenario where the lube is best needed would be when you have to augment your sexual experience. See the involvement of lubricants in your sexual dealings as some sort of jolly adventure. You don’t have to wait till when things are getting boring, a startup with the lube, and spice up the sexual feeling.


When you want to drill an anal hole


The lube remains your surest bet here. Naturally, the anal hole does not produce any lubricant hence, making the insertion of the penis into this region painful and stressful. It has to be painful, of course, the process is just like trying to force a big candle down a small buttonhole. The lube thus saves the day as it eases the passage of whether the penis or whatever dildo down the anal hole.


When you want to reduce friction during sex


Sometimes due to tightness, there might be friction during sexual intercourse. To avoid this totally, it’s best if you use lubes from the start. Frictions may alter the sexual aura and prompt behavior changes in you or your partner. Of course, when the thrust is no longer smooth, sex may become painful and your partner might just switch off. So, it’s important to use the lube for the do.


When you have to delay the spill


oral sex

Lubes are designed in a way that helps to delay ejaculation. Just like condoms, lubes make it difficult for you to cum faster. So, you have a longer time enjoying sex better and also satisfying your partner.


When she feels dry down there


Go for lubricants when your sexual partner begins to suffer from vagina dryness during sexual intercourse. Vagina fluids serve as grease for your shaft as they make penetration easy and the thrust smooth but when she begins to feel dry down there, there might be friction and when there is friction, she might turn off. To be in a safe area, use a lube.


When you have to feel safe


Sex can be a risky business especially as you can’t tell if your partner has contracted STIs or even HIV. Even when you try to use the condom, there’s the possibility that it can break. So, when you think you have to feel safe, engage the lube as it protects your condoms from breaking.


When you feel the difference


You really can’t tell if all sexual experiences are the same or different. If you’re inquisitive to notice this difference, try having sex with the lube. The difference will always be clear.


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