by Mark Griffin

The fact that working out remains quintessential for maintaining good health cannot be over-flogged especially as the need to always stay fit becomes of paramount importance as one grows older. Bulging stomachs, saggy waistlines, and a bulky appearance are bad signs for one’s healthiness; as such, they are indicators that certain ailments might be kicking in sooner or later, hence the need to work out.


While working outcomes in different versions with each targeted towards the attainment of specified goals; worthy of note is the fact that some of these techniques are a must-do as they come in handy for shedding some pounds or for the development of abs.  Now, whether you want to shed some pounds or you want to grow some muscles, these eight workout styles will always help you stay fit.





Atop the list is the push-up or press-up as it is also called. It’s the first on the list because of its many benefits. Push up is a workout style with an all-encompassing effect on your body.  It impacts the chest, shoulder, back, and abdominal muscles. Ultimately, it helps to build strength.


While the traditional push up is effective, engaging varieties of push up techniques such as the diamond push-ups, incline pushups, wide arm push up and the knee up push up




Cardio exercises or aerobic exercise as it is sometimes called is an amazing workout drill. Amazing in that, it’s good for the heart as it works on breathing. It also helps build strength and endurance too. It’s effective for burning calories and handy if you always want to keep your body weight in check. Facts have it that 200 to 300 calories could be burned during this activity in less than 20 minutes. Cardio exercises comprise a whole series of different exercises such as jumping, hopping, walking, cycling, swimming, and jogging. Isn’t it interesting that these exercises are even what you can easily relate to? In fact, you’ve been indulging in them subconsciously without being aware of the wonders it does to the body.


Imagine, rope jumping as simple as it is helps to improve mental coordination, strengthens the bone, and improves the heart. The risk of injury is also reduced to the barest minimum.  If you have a treadmill, you can use it for your cardio workouts. The treadmill gives room for variations as it can be controlled.




Just like jumping ropes, jumping jacks is also as effective for heart health. Its cardiovascular benefits cannot be overemphasized.  Jumping jack targets all parts of your body. It captures your hands, legs, back, and chest. This exercise also serves as a very good warm-up exercise before you engage in more rigorous exercise.



This exercise helps you to work your triceps and shoulders and chest region. The amazing thing about this workout is that you use your weight to work out your upper and lower body. Thus, it helps to build strength in all of those regions.


To get the best of dips, you can as many variations and techniques as possible. It can be performed on a lower set of bars, you can also use a bench. It depends on what works for you.  Dips are very effective for burning calories and toning up your muscle. Nevertheless, dips overindulge your shoulders. You can be sure you’d experience some ache in that region after every out session.




Weight lifting is a form of strength training exercise that can make you keep fit. There’s even the misconception shared by many that weight lifting is only for those who want to bulk up muscle mass. This is incorrect as beyond breeding muscles all over the body region, its benefit to body fitness is enormous.


It helps to keep the bones strong and healthy; it gives the body an assertive appearance; it helps to boost body metabolism, it reduces the risk of inflammation; it keeps diseases at bay; it helps to get sound sleep; the list just goes on and on.


Nevertheless, on the flip side, it poses some dangers to the body especially when it’s in excess. Such dangers like; it could cause muscle, tissue, and joint damage that might not be repairable; it can tear a heart artery consequently, leading to death and it also makes one prone to spinal injuries. However, if not done in excess, it is perfect for keeping the body fit.


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