Oysters are one of the most nutritious food on the face of the Earth. Their secret is their high nutritional value packed in too little calories for us to count. One of the reasons why oysters are so popular is the fact that they are considered to be strong aphrodisiacs. But exactly how strong of an aphrodisiac are they and are they able to boost male fertility apart from libido? Can men rely on oysters to treat their low sperm count and low sperm motility issues? These are the questions that we are about to explore in the following article.

The many nutrients that are hiding in the much delicious oysters

Did you know that 100 grams of raw oysters are packed with only around 70 calories? Seems too little, doesn’t it? And did you know that the same amount of oysters is providing 7 grams of clean protein, along with 80% of the recommended daily intake of Vitamin D? Oysters are a great source of many minerals such as zinc, copper, iron, magnesium, manganese, and many others. Not to mention the much-needed Omega-3 fatty acids that you get to introduce to your body as well.

What causes a drop in male fertility?

sad eggs or testiclesThere are a lot of factors that have a certain influence on our health, focusing on our fertility. A lot of negative factors threaten to lower the chances for a man to father a child despite his young age. Of course, we cannot blame the natural aging process, which has a certain negative impact in terms of the male testosterone production and with that, the male fertility.

But other common factors such as an unhealthy diet, lack of exercise, stress, smoking, alcohol, drugs, certain medications, and much more threaten male fertility. Young men are often left hopeless in their search for a solution that will end their suffering and allow the natural life cycle to continue.

Is eating oysters going to boost male fertility?

One of the reasons why oysters are considered to be such powerful aphrodisiacs is their high levels of zinc. Oysters actually contain the highest levels of zinc compared to any other zinc food source. Zinc alone is considered to be an aphrodisiac because of its close relations to the testosterone found in both men and women. Despite the fact that women carry smaller levels of testosterone in their bodies, they are still able to use zinc to increase these levels, thus giving their libido a real increase. But it is not only the high zinc levels in oysters that are responsible for the increase in the male and female libido. Oysters also stimulate dopamine production, which has a certain positive impact on sexual desire.

Scientific research done back in 1981 discovered that oral zinc administration had helped men with low testosterone levels to boost their testosterone production. With the boosted testosterone production, events such as increased sexual desire improved sexual performance, and improved fertility occurred as well. But instead of relying on a multivitamin, why not enjoy the deliciousness that is hiding in each and every oyster to get your zinc for the day?

It has been suggested that only 50 gr oysters daily will do the trick and boost male fertility because of approximately 15 gr of zinc that men will be getting. These numbers are pretty amazing if you think about it and your body will thank you for it. By directly improving the testosterone production, oysters will act to improve your sperm motility and count. And with that, an improvement in male fertility is expected to happen. If you know anything about healthy male fertility, then you know how important it is for you to have normal sperm motility and sperm count. Anything above the normal is affecting your ability to become a father.

How to include more oysters in your diet

fresh oysters with lemonNow that you have learned about the importance of eating more oysters for the purposes of improving your fertility, it is time to share some tips on how to include them in your daily diet.

One of the most important tips is to eat them cooked, rather than raw. Eating raw oysters poses a certain health risk which is why people are encouraged to eat cooked oysters at all times. Cooked oysters are easily incorporated into salads, soups, and stews along with using other types of seafood. Eating fried oysters is also a great idea to put on the daily menu. You can even choose to grill the oysters along with some delicious vegetables to create the lunch of your dreams. The options are endless with all of the recipes that are to be found online.


Are you and your partner experiencing trouble conceiving? Are you worried about the price tag that comes with expensive fertility drugs and exams? So why not rely on Mother Nature for a change? Dive into the deep waters and discover the many health benefits that are to come with the simple consumption of oysters – the world’s number one aphrodisiac. But instead of using them to boost your libido, use them to boost your fertility. Once you have given them a chance, you will never look back to any other fertility-boosting method for sure.

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