Obese men tend to have so many health problems. But the truth is that if you’re obese, it’s not just your health that suffers. Your sex life can also disappear if you don’t get to manage your weight better.

Of course, this is not to say that all obese men have a non-existent sex life. It’s just that having such weight issues can impact your hormonal balance, fertility, and sexual function, such that your libido becomes impaired and your erectile function also declines. Learn about the various ways by which obesity can negatively impact your sex life.

Low Testosterone Levels

Most men are already familiar with how testosterone is crucial for maintaining a healthy sex drive. Unfortunately, when you’re obese, one of the things that go awry is your testosterone production.

Not only are you producing lesser amounts of testosterone, but the testosterone that you actually get to produce becomes converted into other hormones like estrogen. That’s no thanks to the activities of aromatase which is notorious as the testosterone-converting enzyme.

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Obese men tend to be a little heavier around the middle. And that excess belly fat doesn’t just squeeze your internal organs, but it also makes you secrete more aromatase. That means that the heavier you are around the middle, the more aromatase you produce, which then results in the higher conversion of testosterone to estrogen.

It’s no wonder then that many obese men are suffering from obesity-related hypogonadism, which could also help explain why a lot of obese men are suffering from infertility, as well as erectile dysfunction.

Low Sex Drive

While it’s true that your testosterone levels greatly influence your libido, your self-esteem and self-confidence also affect your sex drive. Although not all obese men have concerns about their self-confidence, it can’t be denied that men with weight problems tend to have body image issues.

When you have a poor self-image, it also impacts your sex drive. You tend to feel unattractive, which can then inhibit your sexual desire. In some cases, men who have poor self-image also suffer from sexual performance anxiety, which can also impact their erectile function, cause ejaculation problems, and even make them want to avoid sex altogether.

Obesity-Related Impotence

When you’re either obese or overweight, there are so many things that happen to your body that can contribute to poor sexual function. Not only will your testosterone levels drop, but when you’re obese, your tendency to develop atherosclerosis and diabetes also increase.

When you have atherosclerosis or diabetes, it can lead to damaged blood vessels and nerves. And you already know that your blood vessels are very important for your erectile function. Malfunctioning and stiff blood vessels generally result in impaired penile blood flow, thus impacting your ability to achieve penile tumescence.

Diabetes, on the one hand, damages not only the tiny blood vessels that deliver blood to your genital area, but also the nerves there. This means that you suffer from both impaired genital sensations as well as poor penile blood flow, which explains why a lot of diabetic men have erection troubles.

If you’re already overweight or obese but are not yet experiencing any problems with your erectile function, it doesn’t always mean that you will be spared from erectile dysfunction. If you don’t manage your weight, it’s possible that you will indeed develop erectile dysfunction later on.

The good news is that losing even just a little bit of excess weight can already help improve your erectile function. Even if it’s just gradual like a pound or two every month, you’ll still be able to see significant improvements in your testosterone levels, as well as in your erection quality.

Poor Sexual Stamina

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It’s not just your sex drive or your erection that suffers when you’re obese. Your sexual stamina is also affected. Most men who are obese or overweight tend to become short of breath easily after only a short burst of physical activity.

It’s very seldom that you will find an obese man who can continue engaging in physical activities for an extended period of time. Unfortunately, sex is also a form of activity that requires physical exertion, unless you firmly believe that all you need to do is just lie down and let your partner do all the work.

Limited Sexual Positions

One of the things that make sex really enjoyable is when you can experiment with various sex positions. You don’t really need to be able to do acrobatic positions to enjoy sex, but a little variety can sometimes make sex more fun. However, when you’re obese, your options tend to become limited.

When you’re obese, your mobility is also limited, as well as your flexibility. This means you may not be able to enjoy certain adventurous sex positions. Although it doesn’t mean that your sexual satisfaction will be affected, one can’t deny that being able to engage in various sex positions can add spice to your sex life.

Improving Your Sexual Function

Even if you’re obese, it doesn’t mean that you have to give up on your sexuality. And even if you’re already feeling the effects of your extra physical weight on your sexual function, there are still things that you can do to improve your sex life.

Of course, losing weight would be the best thing. Next to that, you can also try to increase your testosterone levels, either by inhibiting aromatase activities or by increasing testosterone synthesis. And fenugreek would be perfect for you.

It’s not just a culinary herb. Fenugreek is actually widely used by those who want to manage their weight. Since fenugreek is rich in dietary fiber and it increases your fat metabolism, it can be very helpful for those who want to shed some weight.

What’s even better is that fenugreek is able to stop aromatase from converting your testosterone into estrogen. This means that fenugreek is beneficial for your free testosterone levels. And that also translates into improved libido and better erectile function.

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