How Long Does It Take to Feel the Effects of Testosterone Injections?

Testosterone is the hormone that is responsible for various functions in males. For instance, the formation of male characteristics, muscle formation, red blood cell formation, increase of sex drive as well as the formation of sperm cells in the testis. This hormone is also present in women and is also responsible for sexual organ function […]

Does Masturbation Decrease Testosterone?

Scientific researchers are still engaging on different platforms, arguing about this question. While some believe that it does, a majority believe it does not. Over the years, numerous test programs have suggested that masturbation does have minimal effects on the overall testosterone levels in people. In this article, we will find out whether this is […]

The Best Role Play Ideas That Will Keep Your Marriage Hot

What’s nice about having a long-term sex partner is that there’s no need to second-guess what’s exciting for the other. And yet, that’s the same thing that can make sex boring. When you stick to the same positions and follow the same routine during foreplay, it can make you feel like you’re just having sex […]

Best Ways to Improve Your Sexual Confidence

Sexual confidence is not just about having fantastic sexual skills and know-how. It’s also about knowing that what you bring to the bedroom is valued by your partner and that it can give her satisfaction. Unfortunately, not all men are capable of delivering porn-star performance in the bedroom. Some are just average guys, while others […]

Household Items That Are Dropping Your Testosterone

Sometimes we’re too focused on finding ways to increase our testosterone levels that we tend to forget that there are little things around us that can actually lower our levels of testosterone. And many of these things are found just lying around in the house. You may have already heard about endocrine-disrupting chemicals. These are […]

Does Testosterone Help Fight Obesity?

For decades now, scientists have recognized the fact that testosterone levels are much lower in obese men compared to men whose weights are normal. Since this scientific fact has been established, various studies have consistently shown that both free and total testosterone levels are inversely related to adiposity in men. In short, obesity leads to […]

Exercises That Increase Testosterone Levels

Studies have long established the fact that working out can indeed raise testosterone levels. The question is no longer whether exercise can boost testosterone, but rather which workout routines can help raise your testosterone levels higher. Of course, which type of exercise you should do will largely depend on whatever your workout goals are. For […]

Can Walking Raise Your Testosterone Production?

As an exercise, walking offers plenty of benefits. For one, it really is good for improving your heart health. Because it is an aerobic exercise, walking can make you breathe more deeply as your heart beats faster. This can strengthen your heart, as well as increase oxygen levels in your blood. Aside from the numerous […]

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