Can Testosterone Make You Angry?

Can Testosterone Make You Angry?

Are you having difficulty controlling your anger? Is umbrage taking you over? Do you get fretful easily and want to smash everything around you? If y

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Are you having difficulty controlling your anger? Is umbrage taking you over? Do you get fretful easily and want to smash everything around you? If yes, then you might be having trouble with your testosterone. What is testosterone, and how does it affect the human body and brain?

Well, testosterone is known as the primary male hormone, which also acts as an anabolic steroid. Although it is a male hormone, a small amount of testosterone is found in females too. This hormone is an androgen, which makes it responsible for the development of male characteristics and their physical outlook. It strengthens the muscles, keeps the bones strong and healthy. Testosterone is the key behind the changes occurring in boys during their puberty age (increase in height, facial and body hairs, increased or decreased libido, energy levels, fatigue, exhaustion, change in voice, change in sexual and aggressive behavior).

Testosterone plays a significant role in certain behaviors such as dominance, testiness, and aggression. The central nervous system of the body controls the production of testosterone in an individual. The body signals the brain through hormones and chemicals to release a certain amount of testosterone in the body. According to the research, people involved in violent crimes such as murder, abduction, assault, and robbery often have high amounts of testosterone in their bodies.

7 Reasons Why Testosterone Makes You Angry

1. Testosterone Stimulates ‘Negative Thoughts’

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Negative thoughts are often the cause of suicides, bad behavior, frustration, and anger. Negative thoughts can only lead to negative emotions. Feeling of helplessness, underestimating oneself, (underrating own capabilities, achievements, physical appearance, income, and wealth.) can make you angry, depressed, and disappointed. You may not feel happy about yourself and your surroundings anymore as you start to undervalue yourselves, which causes anger issues.

2. Machismo Perception

Testosterone is called ‘male hormone’ for a reason. Although is it actually responsible for a male growth spurt, and defines the male characteristics, it also creates a feeling of masculine pride if the levels of testosterone increase or decrease above a certain level. This feeling of masculine pride often causes domestic violence, as the male goes through a superiority complex, causing multifarious issues in personal relations or married life. Many cases have been reported where the individuals having high testosterone levels were reportedly a part of female abduction, harassment, and other violent behaviors with women.

3. Anti- Social Animal

Testosterone might make you do things which are generally considered wrong or unacceptable in society such as vandalism, stealing, gambling, smoking, and drinking. Most of these activities are associated with anger and fatigue. Abnormal levels of antisocial instincts make you shut yourself to society as you fear arguments, clash, and anger during interactions with other people. You start to generally dislike people and find yourself difficult to be around people, and any kind of social activity makes you uncomfortable and agitated. You become an introvert and dislike other people which harms your relationships with your friends, family, and colleagues. You tend to avoid public rooms and public platforms.

4. Irritable Male Syndrome

Irritable Male Syndrome (IMS) is a state in which an individual often feels nervous, angry, lethargic, depressed, and crestfallen. The levels of energy in such individuals is very low, and any kind of extra work or excessive physical and mental activity makes them angry and vexed. Any hormonal or chemical change affecting the levels of testosterone leads to an IMS in an individual. When the estrogen levels of the male body increase and testosterone start to decrease the irritable syndrome becomes more aggressive and wracking. During this phase, you become stressed on every minor issue: Why is the tea cold? Why is the bus not on time? Why are the neighbors making noises? Why can’t I find my sock?! See, everything seems displeasing.

5. Difficulty in Sleeping

Men with lower levels of testosterone are often diagnosed with insomnia and sleep apnea. They find it difficult to fall asleep and have lesser sleeping hours, which causes general anxiety and fatigue. Sleep Apnea is a sleeping disorder, which frequently stops and starts the breathing of a person leading to impeded sleeping patterns. Less sleep makes the aggression of a person more severe and acute.

6. Increased Feeling of Jealousy and Rivalry

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Higher levels of testosterone make an individual fiercely competitive. Most of the athletes are on testosterone supplements (anabolic steroid) to build more muscle mass and enhance their athletic performance. This androgen supplement creates feelings of jealousy and rivalry in the players, and they are often seen to depict highly aggressive behavior during the sports. They tend to get very sensitive during the game and start taking it on nerves, and losses can unleash the hidden anger.

7. Feeling of Demotivation

Testosterone is also called happy hormones. Do you know why? Because if you have just the right amounts of these hormones in your body, you feel yourself the luckiest and most happy-go-lucky person on the planet. But if these hormones decrease, you may go from feeling ecstatic to absolutely miserable.


Hence, it is evident that both high and low levels of testosterone are distressing for any individual. It is important to maintain the right amounts of testosterone in the body by exercising regularly, consuming enriched, and nutritious diet (beef-oyster-eggs) and avoiding unnecessary dosage of androgens. Lifestyle changes have shown a considerable impact on testosterone levels in individuals.

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